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[report] Sexy Zone in Yokohama Arena, 5/5 @ 4 pm

Okay, trying to keep up my productive streak! I managed to write about the first show yesterday, only one day after getting back from my trip, which is pretty much a record for me XD;; I'm trying not to let the momentum die, so here's the report third day and 5th show!

If you haven't already, I recommend that you read the report from the first day here first! I reference it quite a bit in this report.

As a random aside, I felt like it was worth note that on May 5th, we saw two girls in cosplay on the way to the venue. I'd seen one girl earlier in the train station and thought to myself, man, that guy looks a lot like Yamada. But then it turned out later that it was actually a girl cosplaying Yamada (quite well)-- when I saw her closer I realized it was a wig and she was heavily made up to look like Yamada. That was amusing enough, but then further along the way, I noticed a girl cosplaying Jinguji, as well! She had a wig on that was seriously huge XD;; And was making that weird sort of grimace-pout that he makes all the time. It was generally great. XD;

But in terms of the concert, it was raining on May 5th, boo. yomimashou and I struggled to get our CDs reserved in the rain, and got a million postcards and plastic bags. They were doing a lottery to win a hoodie again, this time for Sexy Second, but sadly, I didn't win one. Oh well. I did get a cute clearfile as a consolation prize!

Our seats for Monday were the ones we'd bought on ticket.co.jp, which was in the second row of the A-block all the way off to the right. We lucked out, because the A block was right in front of the back stage, but sadly, we were so far off to the right that we didn't get that good of a view of the dancing or anything, just the catwalk. Reia was positioned on the left through basically the entire performance, so it was frustrating that I'd been on the right for both shows, sigh. But still, we were pretty damn close, so that was definitely a plus! We also happened to sit next to fans whose eyes practically bulged out of their heads when they saw yomimashou pull out her Amu uchiwa and we ended up chatting with them a bit, so that was nice! XD

The intro video with Marius's voiceover and the random English stayed the same this time, but then, instead of introducing Sexy Zone straight away, Marius appeared onstage with Jinguji and Genki, introducing the three of them as "Sexy Boyz." Then he called Sou, Matsuda Genta, and Matsukura Kaito onstage and introduced them as a new unit, "Sexy 松," which is to be pronounced "Sexy Show," apparently. We'd read on twitter that the six of them are supposedly having a show together in EX Theatre in the summer, so… I guess we'll have to see where this goes XD;; Personally, if I have more chances to see MariSou, Genki, and Gengen, I'm not really complaining XD;; Mostly, I'm really confused, because up until last week, Jinguji, Genki, Abe Aran, Miyachika, and Kishi were supposedly Sexy Boyz, but I've learned by this point in my Sexy Girl career (and Junior fan career) that I've just got to roll with the punches. XD;;

After that, it went back to the same as before, with Marius's recorded English voiceover introducing the members of Sexy Zone. The first few numbers were essentially the same-- they danced on the car and on the stage, introduced the same eleven Juniors, and then went around the catwalk. However, this time, since I was so close, the catwalk part was the exciting (and distracting XD) part, and I was lucky enough to have Reia see me pretty soon~ It seemed from his expression when we made eye contact that he remembered me from Johnny's World, and he waved back at me, yay~ ♥ The happiness was dampened somewhat when Okamoto Kauan saw me again and pointed, continuing the streak of his unwanted attention :| But hey, it's an improvement on the kiss-blowing from last year's Sexy Zone tour and the way he winked at me really uncomfortably at Johnny's World. I was also aggravated to discover that this time, Hirano Sho and Nagase Ren appeared much earlier and rode around in the carts during this first bit of the concert, bumping Reia and Takahashi Kaito off the carts altogether and leaving them on the catwalk. I was really pissed, but I don't think anyone in the carts saw me anyway, so life goes on.

Before A My Girlfriend, Shori called out the Juniors to show the penlights, but he didn't explain the method or ask us to practice at all, unlike on the first day. Kento was at the piano again, and made us chant "Shori" and "Kenty" again, but not "Chinatown" XD; He and Shori were really lovey-dovey again, giggling at one another and making googly eyes, and this time, I noticed Jinguji sort of glaring at them from where he stood on the catwalk. XD Kishi managed to distract him and they goofed off a bit, but Reia also noticed, and for the whole song, he was sort of looking at Jinguji wistfully and singing along to A My Girlfriend. Twice, he was so engaged in thinking about/looking at Jinguji that he messed up the penlight movements, the first time getting out of time with the rest of the Juniors and the second time just doing the wrong movement at the wrong time altogether. ;___; Poor sweetheart. Again, about halfway through, Fuma appeared in the audience and there were more screams distracting everyone from what was going on before the lights even came up on him XD;

There was no explanation at all before Four Seasons either, unlike before; they just threw the graphic up on the screens and asked us to watch and change our penlights. They also cut out the skits afterwords, which I thought was a real shame, because they had been cute and funny. Instead, it went straight to Paraiso, with Marius in his costume from Four Seasons rather than the new costume he'd been in before. Kento, Fuma, and Shori changed during Paraiso, and had the same costumes as they'd had on the 3rd during Kimi wo Hanasanai Kimi wo Hanarenai. Kento and Shori hugged again as they passed on another in the carts, and it was cute ♥ After that, all five members came down and ran around the catwalks for a bit during Young and Beautiful, but for some reason, Shout!! was cut (despite Shout!! being the song on the new album, not Young and Beautiful? Idk man). Sometime around this time, Kento came down the aisle right by where we were and touched yomimashou's hand! Sadly, I was too far away and too slow, so I missed it.

Then it was time for the MC! I think I was braindead from being so all over the place what with the guys running really close to us and Reia seeing me and all the juniors on the catwalk and stuff, so I feel like I just forget so much of what happened. I'm sorry >__<; But eventually, they started talking about how they were going to be on Utage with Nakai that evening, and the topic of conversation drifted to Busaiku. Kento and Fuma mentioned how it felt disrespectful to refer to senpai as "busaiku" (in case this still requires explanation, the group name is written with much more flattering kanji, but "busaiku" just as a word means like, fail-tastic, or abnormally odd-looking and ugly) and Kento talked about how once he greeted KisuMai's manager and asked who would be there, and she responded "Kitayama-san and the four Busaiku guys." Kento said he was shocked at first before remembering it was the group name, not that their own manager was calling them ugly. XD; The members then all sort of unanimously added, "they're not really busaiku anyway. They're all cool, right?" Kento said that he thought Senga was really cool in particular. XD;

Then, somehow, Marius got on the topic of it being Kodomo no Hi, or Children's Day (a Japanese national holiday) and said that meant he (as the child of the group) should receive otoshidama, the money traditionally given as a gift on New Year's Day. He sort of fumbled on the words and the others were sort of all like "lol what, you get otoshidama on New Year's, not Kodomo no Hi." This prompted Fuma to again say "You messed up, go back to Germany!" This time, however, Marius replied, "But if I went back to Germany, you'd be lonely, right?" Before Fuma could answer, however, Sou replied, "Actually, I think I'd be the one who was in trouble the most!" He seemed a little embarrassed about saying it afterwards, but it was really cute, and it seemed like it made Marius happy.

Marius tried to announce his movie again, but again, Fuma interrupted, launching into Let it Go from Frozen. This time, he got Sou to sing along some before finally letting Marius talk. Unlike last time, this time, Marius tried to give a little one-line synopsis and tagline for the movie, but he clearly hadn't really gathered his thoughts beforehand, because when he started speaking, it just made no sense and was impossible to follow. Fuma interrupted him after a moment, saying, "You're taking too long! Just gather your thoughts and say what it is you really want to say." Marius got a little frustrated and pouty, but managed to get out, "Well, it's about the dreams you dream at night, and the dreams you dream during the day, and the dreams that you have for the future, so with those two things…" but of course Fuma interrupted again, saying, "Wait, dreams at night, dreams during the day and dreams for the future? You said two things, but no matter how you look at it, that's three things!" At this point, Marius was getting really upset and frustrated, and Sou tried to get Fuma to quiet down so that Marius could finish. It was nice seeing Sou be on Marius's side after seeming pretty irritated at him for the past year, but I don't know what's up with Fuma since he'd always been Marius's advocate in the past. It's really frustrating for me, but I suppose, comparing Sexy Zone Channel to D no Arashi, that this is just how it goes for 5 member groups. I hope that things get easier in the future!

After Marius managed to say a little something, Fuma mentioned that Marius had given them all presale tickets on the first day. He didn't miss the opportunity to say "Well, I accidentally left mine in the dressing room, but…" because he just has to be a troll about everything. =___=; But then he gave himself away, saying, "But you know what that means… you might go to the theatre and see a member of Sexy Zone there!" Even if he had to be an ass about it, I'm glad he's planning on going to see the movie and encouraging fans to go by saying that he'd be going too.

This somehow led to a conversation of Kento's Gin no Saji movie being screened in Taiwan. I honestly forget how the conversation went, but somehow, this led to Kento saying
"Sexy thank you!" (this is alliterative in Japan because "thank you" is said with a "sa" sound; he didn't say "arigatou," he said "sekushii sankyuu!" lol) which confused Shori XD Kento explained that it was "thank you" between members of the Sexy Family (which seems to include Sexy Zone, all the Sexy Juniors groups like Sexy Boyz, Sexy Show, Sexy Jr, Sexy Champ, and Sexy Age, and the Sexy Girls/Boys? I'm unclear XD). Kento, why do you just keep getting cooler and cooler with your "sexy this" and "sexy that." You need to stop XD Someone should stage an intervention.

Then they called on Sexy Age again, and this time, they clearly announced them as Sexy Age. They made them both do ippatsu gei (how do you translate that? one-line joke? XD), which I didn't really get-- like I said before, I don't really get Japanese humour like 85% of the time. They also called on Takahashi Kaito and had him do an ippatsu gei as well, and then Fuma added that someone from Sexy Zone would also do one… then made Sou do it. XD Sou did an impression of Funasshi, saying "Matsushii" rather than "Funasshii." It was cute. XDD Sexy Age then performed Kimi no Mikata before the MC portion ended.

Next up was King & Queen & Joker, and I must have completely forgotten about this, because when we watched Shounen Club last night, yomimashou told me that Shori and Kento did intense fanservice in the concert too. So apparently Shori and Kento were cute! But I totally forgot. XD They moved on to a few more songs, including BaiBai Dubai, in which Jinguji messed up even more spectacularly than he had before, breaking the circle irreparably during one of the parts where they all hold hands and go around in a circle. It was pretty amusing watching him frantically trying to reconnect, but he failed. XD At some point, they did one of the B-sides to King & Queen & Joker and threw some balls into the audience; no one threw anything in our direction, but Reia did see me and wave again ♥

Up next was the Junior corner, and this time I delightfully got to see Genki and Jinguji's fanservice up close and personal during $10. The same as before, they then returned to the stage to do Kiss Umai with Sexy Jr, and Reia skateboarded again. This time, when Reia skated past Jinguji, they cutely waved at one another~ ♥ After Masuda, Anderson, Morita, and Hanzawa performed, Marius, Sou, Jinguji, Genki, Matsuda Genta, and Matsukura Kaito returned, but this time, rather than "New Sexy Boyz," they announced them as "Sexy Boyz and Sexy Show." The screen in the background, which had just been scrolling "Sexy Boyz" before, now was scrolling "Sexy Boyz" and "Sexy Show," alternating. Apparently, this change was first made in the afternoon show on the 5th, according to twitter. The dance and song were the same as the 3rd, however. Last up was the Sexy Jr and Sexy Age number, which was up close and personal for me, but sadly, Reia was on the opposite side of the stage. However, Kaneda Yosei was right in front of me, and when I glanced at him, I realized he was looking at me. I smiled at him, and he seemed excited by this, and smiled back and waved. He waved at me first! It was cute.

After the Junior corner was Congratulations, and then Butskacchau Yo. Reia was still adorable during the intro music with his little hip wiggles. Also, right at the beginning of the song, Genki and Miyachika were being a bit flirty, grinning at one another and touching one another's arms. Meanwhile, Anderson was seemingly flirting with Reia, first putting an arm around him and then later making eye contact and giggling. Jinguji continued to not know the dance at all. XD;

The "crash," If You Wanna Dance, and Ghost happened the same as before, and again, Shori and Kento did a lot of fanservice in Ghost. They really were all over one another throughout this whole concert, in ways that felt a lot more natural, or at least like they were enjoying it than anything else. There was almost no FumaKen fanservice or interaction. After that was Bad Boys, and again, Shori and Kento's shirt-grabbing part was quite enjoyable ♥

While I can't swear to it, I'm pretty sure this next part is different from before, too. After Bad Boys, Kento and Fuma called out for Marius and Sou… but Marius and Sou didn't come onstage. Kento seemed to hear something in his earpiece and then laughed some, so I don't know what happened there XD The three of them did a song that I didn't recognize (I'm really perplexed by this XD) and then Marius and Sou came back for the last spurt. There were no Juniors or other Johnny's guys in the kankeisha, and annoyingly, just as Reia was about to go by me on the catwalk, Kento's cart went right in front of me, blocking him from seeing me and me from seeing him. THANKS KENTO.

Kento did the last speech the same, but instead of asking us to be their Sexy Family, he just informed us that we were members of the Sexy Family, lol. The ballad was the same, the Junior introduction was the same, and the weird bad English at the end with bad Japanese translations was the same. They only did one encore again, though girls were even more intent on getting a second one and only shut up when the staff stood on the stage telling them to leave for a good five minutes or so. I don't really remember anything that happened in the encore because I was so distracted waving and screaming at people who went by, but at the end, when all the juniors held hands and bowed, I noticed Hanzawa was next to Reia, holding his hand, and he used his leverage to sort of pull Reia up close to his side XD Reia seems popular with the older guys too. And then the staff kicked us out, SIGH. XD

And… then that was it! I was sad that everything was all over and I don't have any time to see them live again soon to look forward to-- last year, they were appearing in JUMP's concert, so I could look forward to that, but this year, I got nothing. Hopefully, the thing with with Sexy Boyz and Sexy Show in EX Theatre will pan out, and/or hopefully some of the guys will guest or come see Crea!

Woooo got both reports done in record time. Sadly, there's no way I'm going to get completely caught up before I go to Tokyo this weekend for JUMP. >__<; Oh well.
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