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Gekijouban Kamen Teacher Summary!

So, due to a variety of obligations and plain forgetfulness, I totally failed to write a plot summary for the Kamen Teacher movie when it was still in theatres. Oops. >__>;; So now, very belated, in case anyone is still interested, here it is! I'm really sorry if I forget some things or if this isn't 100% accurate; I'm doing it based off my notes since the movie was a long time ago.

The movie opens showing an older man in a small Japanese-style home office all by himself sitting in front of a floor desk. The room is filled with calligraphy of Japanese says about belief and self-betterment, as well as signboards (like the one from the Kamen Teacher drama making-of documentary that they give to Fujigaya at the end) addressed to "Ramon-sensei," thanking him for being an amazing teacher. The room is dark and ominous looking.

The movie then cuts to the opening sequence, reviewing the whole series and introducing brief scenes and images with the pivotal characters. At the end of the overview, the view is informed, "One day, Kinzo disappeared from school, and half a year has passed." Then, the audience sees Araki's homeroom as Araki begins class, peppy as usual, announcing, "Okay! Everyone's here!" He walks to Kinzo's desk and puts a hand on it, sadly adding, "Except Kinzo…" Just as he says it, Kinzo appears in the doorway, slouchy and grumpy like always, and replies, "Don't just decide who's not here on your own." Shishimaru stands, crying, "Kin-chan!" happily, while Araki seems overjoyed at the sight of Kinzo after six months and hugs him. Kinzo punches Araki and calls him gross.

Later, Araki chats with Ichimura in the staff room, still seeming as happy and peppy as can be, He eagerly tells her that today is going great, and Ichimura, as well as the other teachers, agree. The vice principal happily sighs that the school has been safe for six whole months and everything seems great. The teacher who used to teach Araki's class who'd become mentally unstable even came back to school, though he doesn't really seem fully recovered.

Meanwhile, Kinzo and Kusanagi are on the roof. Kinzo asks Kusanagi why he's so interested in what Kinzo's been doing, and Kusanagi replies that Kinzo loves this school and it makes no sense that he disappeared for half a year. Kinzo jokingly (?) says it's because Kusanagi is in love with him, and Kusanagi just sort of stares for a moment before replying "…that's not it." He looks at Kinzo for another moment before Kinzo shifts uncomfortably and says, "Stop looking at me like that!" to which Kusanagi repeats, "I said it's not like that!" XD;;

Later in the day, Ichimura is trying to get students to fill out a worksheet about what college they want to attend, and most students sigh and throw out the paper, or hand it back to her with nothing written. One student, a girl, hands the paper back to Ichimura politely with a very prestigious college written. Ichimura notices that her nails are painted (which is almost universally against school rules at any high school in Japan), and the girl withdraws her hands quickly, hurrying out of the room.

Ichimura is worried by the experience, because the girl, Enatsu Chikage, is a good student who never breaks the rules. She asks Araki about it, and just as they're discussing it, Kanako happens to walk by, and says she had a weird experience with Enatsu the other day. Late in the evening, she ran into Enatsu on her way home, and noticed that even though Enatsu's family is poor and Enatsu usually focuses on school, her hair was done up really fancy, and she was wearing a lot of makeup. Kanako postulates that Enatsu might have a dangerous part time job in her usual hysterical fashion, and Araki and Ichimura worry, trying to figure out what to do. Araki pokes his head into M4's hideout and asks Bon to look into Enatsu for him.

That evening, Ichimura is still worried as she and Araki sit together in the cafe and watch Sannen C-gumi Kinpatsu-sensei Part Two together. The episode takes place outside rather than in a classroom, and Araki gets really excited when Kinpatsu-sensei starts the class by saying "Let's begin the extracurricular class" (kagai jugyou wo hajimeyou, what Araki always says as Kamen Teacher). Ichimura says she's conflicted, because she knows that it's a sensitive issue that isn't black and white, and she doesn't want to just tell Enatsu "stop doing that job" and leave it there, but wants to actually help her. Then, Bon shows up all agitated and tells Araki and Ichimura that Enatsu is really poor but wants to go to a fancy college that she can't afford, and so she has a part time job at a really dangerous cabaret club, and the movie shows Enatsu there, getting sexually harassed by creepy older men. Then, it cuts to Araki putting on his Kamen Teacher outfit (slower than molasses, because no one's in a hurry here, right? XD) We also see Kinzo asking Bon what Araki asked, looking concerned.

Then, we go back to Enatsu at the club. The boss tells the creepy old man customer that his time is up and Enatsu has her next customer… who turns out to be Ichimura. Enatsu tries to run away, but Ichimura says she paid for this time so Enatsu should stay. As it turns out, Ichimura has brought with her information on student loans so that Enatsu can go to college without having to do a sketchy part time job. Enatsu seems nervous about trying to quit, but agrees when Ichimura says she'll help her and do the talking. Ichimura talks to the boss, saying Enatsu is only a high school student and it's illegal for her to work her, and then walking off briskly without waiting for a response, gathering her things and taking Enatsu by the arm. However, the boss clears out the club and gets his muscle men bouncers to attack Ichimura, saying that he can't let Enatsu quit.

Just as they're about to hurt Ichimura, who should appear but Kinzo. He tries to act cool, saying "Saving people isn't my hobby or anything," but he defends Ichimura and Enatsu, defeating the two bouncers. However, after that, the boss calls out an even bigger, stronger guy, and Kinzo is no match for him. Kinzo is losing badly when suddenly, Araki as Kamen Teacher appears, and of course saves the day. He defeats the muscle guy and the boss, turning to Enatsu and giving his usual kernel of wisdom, telling her something along the lines of "follow your dreams and trust your teachers to help you." Afterwards, he goes back to his closet to put the clothes away and has ~manpain for reasons I don't really understand.

The next day, Ichimura and Araki are again talking in the staff room. Araki praises Ichimura, saying she's an amazing teacher and she really was able to help Enatsu, and her students are lucky to have such a homeroom teacher. He tells her a story about his homeroom teacher in high school who changed his life. Back in high school, Araki was a delinquent who didn't care about anything, but his teacher taught that students could make anything of their lives if their teachers believed in them and they believed in themselves. He saw each student as an individual and tried to reach them in their own way, and for Araki, that was punching him and knocking him over to show he was serious, then telling Araki that he believed in him. Araki tells Ichimura that that punch really saved him, and he's always respected his old teacher since then. Ichimura replies that that was an amazing story, but she's not really the one to credit for saving Enatsu. She says that the one who really saved them was…

The movie cuts to Kinzo muttering, "Kamen Teacher…" under his breath. Kusanagi appears, asking Kinzo questions about the other night, and the two face off yet again.

Meanwhile, at the government education offices, Iikura (the guy who founded the Kamen Teacher program, played by Saitou Takumi), plans to show his Kamen Teacher report to the head of his department, Midou, the report he was preparing in the last episode of the series. His plan is to give some power back to teachers to allow them to better help students, and eventually to end the necessity for Kamen Teachers. However, Midou just laughs at him and rips up his report. He shows Iikura the newspaper report about the Kamen Teacher saving Enatsu at the cabaret club, and says it's not Kamen Teacher's job to save students, but to punish them for breaking rules, as Enatsu did with her part time job. Midou says he's in charge of Kakuu Gakuin now and he's going to institute some big changes.

The scene cuts to Ramon in his room passionately writing about his experience as a teacher when the phone rings. He answers it, and the scene then cuts to an athletic young woman working out in a gym, punching and kicking a punching bag. She also receives a phone call on her cell phone. The scene then cuts back to Midou in his dark meeting room laughing evilly. XD;

The next day, Araki, the science teacher (Bon and Satoshi's first-year homeroom teacher), Ichimura, and the vice principal are talking about how it's been announced that there's a new teacher coming, which is really odd in the third semester (right before the end of the Japanese school year). Just then, the door is thrown open and Ramon and the woman who got the phone call come in. Araki gets very excited as he introduces himself as Ramon Kyouhei, the new head disciplinary teacher* and the woman introduces herself as Anan Touko, his administrative assistant. After the self-introduction, Araki runs up to Ramon excitedly, asking Ramon if he remembers him and telling him he became a teacher because he admired Ramon. Ramon's response is a little weird, just sort of saying "That's great!" and not much else, but it doesn't bother Araki.

Meanwhile, in the principal's office, the vice principal, who seems off-put by someone who might have more authority than him, asks the principal what the heck is going on. The principal replies that he didn't have a choice and asks the vice principal to go along with it.

Walking together in the hall, Ichimura asks Araki if Ramon was the teacher he was talking about before, and Araki replies that he is. Ichimura says it's a nice coincidence, and Araki agrees, praising Ramon more for the way he changed Araki's life. Just then, Araki hears a scuffle, and goes outside to see two bigger boys bullying a smaller boy. Just as Araki is about to intercede, Ramon shows up, roughly grabbing all the bullies and dragging them away. Meanwhile, Kusanagi sees some bullies sexually harassing a timid girl, and just as he's about to step in, Anan shows up, taking down all three bullies and dragging them away roughly, as well. Just as she's about to walk off, she catches Kusanagi watching and the two meet eyes before she leaves. Anan and Ramon lock the bullies in a room, and then turn to look out the window into the school yard together. They agree with one another that "guidance" (which they seem to use to mean disciplinary action) is the most important thing in education, and justify their actions with, "everything is for the sake of education."

Meanwhile, Kinzo and Shishimaru are displeased with the situation with Ramon. Shishimaru seems worried, and Kinzo has his constantly enigmatic serious face on. However, things only get worse rather than better when, the next morning, Ramon introduces a new disciplinary point system to the other teachers in the teachers' room. Students get points for everything from not doing well in class to minor uniform infractions, and ten points means a student gets expelled. Ichimura stands up, saying that the new rules are way too strict, but Ramon yells at her, saying it's for the sake of education. All the other teachers are too terrified to Ramon to argue.

Once the new system is instituted, the old teacher from Araki's homeroom (I totally forget his name, I'm sorry x__x) is checking uniforms and taking off points when some students get angry about the system and yell back at him. This sends him into a breakdown, and Ramon takes him aside, into an empty room. He says that he's heard that that teacher tried hard to be friendly and understanding and engage with his students, and the students didn't care and were awful to him. He tells the other teacher that the way isn't through being soft, but through "guidance" and gets that teacher on his side, as well.

Ramon's new system seems to be making the whole school go crazy. Later, Kanako runs up to Araki hysterical because she got called a delinquent by Ramon for being stupid, and tries to explain that no matter how much she studies, she's still stupid, it's not because she doesn't care. Araki and Ichimura try to comfort her before Araki gets a call from Iikura and goes to meet him privately at the education building. Araki asks Iikura what the meaning of sending Ramon and Anan was; Iikura explains that it wasn't his choice and asks Araki to try to defend Kakuu Gakuin.

That night, the students who were frustrated and angry about the dress code are hanging out in a tunnel complaining about the new system. Suddenly, three masked figures come up and beat up the male students while the female students run screaming. Afterwards, the masked figures meet in a darkened room at Kakuu Gakuin, and take off their masks to reveal that they're Ramon, Anan, and the other teacher. They discuss their "guidance" plan, saying that it's going well but not perfect. Anan suggests that they introduce a group of students to help them control other students, and Ramon likes the idea. They then form the "New Student Counsel," who are allowed to use force on other students and walk around chanting "guidance… guidance… guidance…" like robots.

Back in the staff room, Araki, the science teacher, and Ichimura are talking about the New Student Counsel, concerned and upset by how violent it seems. Ramon says it's okay that they're using violence because they're giving "guidance," but Araki insists that it's "just plain violence." Ramon looks at Araki serious and asks, "When I punched you, was that wrong?" Araki is conflicted, but says it was different, because there was love behind the punch. Ramon shakes his head and says love isn't the important thing, it's guidance.

Out in the hallway, Araki and Ichimura run into Kanako again, who looks dazed and lost. She starts rattling off random words in English, trying to prove that she's not an idiot, but can't remember how to say "refrigerator" and runs away screaming in frustration. Araki and Ichimura are very concerned about the students' mental and physical health, but aren't sure what to do.

Meanwhile, Ramon, Anan, and the other teacher watch the New Student Counsel at work and say that they've done well; all that's left is Kinzo and M4. That night, dressed in their masked outfits, they individually take out Shishimaru, Bon, and Koutaro and Ryouta.

The next day, Kusanagi and Araki meet on the roof of the school, and Kusanagi tells Araki that someone wearing a mask beat up M4 and now they're in the hospital. Araki is horrified when they establish it was obviously neither of them. Kinzo then shows up, and Kusanagi warns him that he's next. Kinzo says good, he'll fight them because they put "Shishimaru and the others" (yes, he doesn't say M4, he says "Shishimaru and the others" XD) in the hospital. Araki and Kusanagi seem to think this is a bad idea, but Kinzo doesn't listen and goes after them.

He finds them at some sort of industrial plant, and as he's about to find them, Kusanagi appears as well-- it seems as if he followed Kinzo. The two fight against the three masked figures, but are out-numbered and overpowered. Just when things are looking bad, Araki appears in his Kamen Teacher gear. Kusanagi makes a lovestruck expression at him (lol) as Araki fights against the masked figures. However, things still don't go well. Kusanagi fights Anan and she said she knows about his past and doesn't understand why he isn't on their side after his mom got pushed over the edge by students. He realizes it's her from the incident with the bullies, but still loses. Kinzo also loses to the crazy teacher, and Ramon beats Araki. Araki realizes that it's Ramon before passing out on the ground.

Somewhere in here, we learn Ramon's backstory; after Araki, he tried to continue using the same methods; believing in students and leveling with them individually. However, over time, students became indifferent and didn't care that he believed in them. He tried to level with a delinquent kid like he did with Araki, but when he punched him, the student told his parents, who took it up with the school and got Ramon fired. When he was fired, he was told, "It's just the changing of the times," and after that, he didn't know what to do and became depressed.

Eventually, Araki wakes up in a hospital bed with Saeko and her father, as well as Ichimura, there watching over him. Araki becomes depressed remembering that it was Ramon who was the masked guy who beat him up, and says "there was someone who I respected and then it disappeared' or something along those lines. Back at school, Kinzo and Kusanagi, who somehow were not anywhere near as injured as Araki in the fight, are cornered by the New Student Counsel. They go outside to the area where Bon held his death match in episode one to fight. Kusanagi and Kinzo struggle a little with the hundreds of students fighting them at once, but then M4 shows up, fighting the New Student Counsel and telling Kinzo and Kusanagi to go ahead when suddenly, two of the three masked figures (Anan and the crazy teacher) appear. They follow them to an abandoned factory or something like that while Bon, Koutarou, Ryouta, and Shishimaru handle the New Student Counsel.

Meanwhile, Araki limps to his Kamen closet in an attempt to help; Ichimura goes to the hospital to visit him and sees that he's not there.

At the factory, Kinzo manages to defeat the crazy teacher, but gets defeated by Ramon. Kusanagi continues his fight with Anan, and at some point changes into his Kamen Teacher outfit. He tells her that Araki changed his mind and now he believes in students too. He eventually defeats her, and she reflects on her own backstory, where she tried to get a student to stop smoking and he framed her for sexual assault and got her fired.

Meanwhile, Ichimura somehow figured out where to come and shows up as Kusanagi is beaten by Ramon. Ramon approaches her threateningly, but just then, Araki shows up in Kamen Teacher gear, and he and Kusanagi face Ramon together. However, first Kusanagi gets injured, and then Ramon gets the upper hand on Araki, who is struggling with the fact that his enemy is his teenage hero. Eventually, Ramon gets him on the ground and continuously punches his face until his mask breaks off and reveals him as Araki. Ichimura is shocked by this discover and tries to help him, remembering all the times that Araki saved her. M4 also appears and are all shocked that Araki is Kamen Teacher. Somehow, Araki gets his strength back and fights Ramon again, and they argue about whether "guidance" or love is more important. Naturally, Araki, on the side of ~love, wins in the end, and M4 all cry out his name and run to support him. Araki and Kusanagi exchange loving looks, as well.

Just when everything is looking good, suddenly, the crazy teacher reappears, and this time, he has a knife. He charges at Araki when suddenly, a figure dressed all in white with a white mask and a familiar golden mullet appears and defeats him. Everyone looks shocked as they're saved by yet a new Kamen Teacher (whose identity is seriously the least secret of all).

The next day, Araki goes to the principal's office and is told that Ramon and Anan will no longer be teaching at the school. Araki says he also needs to leave, and hands in his resignation, saying that because students found out his identity, he can't continue. He then goes back to his homeroom, passing Kinzo in the hall and asking Kinzo to watch over the school as Kamen Teacher now that Araki has to leave. When he walks into his homeroom, however, Kanako asks him why he seems so sad. He tries to shake her off, but then Koutarou stands up and asks "Hey… who the heck is Kamen Teacher, anyway??" Ryouta stands as well, saying "I have no idea!" Other students begin to stand as well, saying things like "Me neither!" and "I don't know!" and Araki is overwhelmed with love and joy at his students wanting him to stay. He shouts "I love you all!" and everyone laughs at him good-naturedly before Kinzo tells him to hurry up and begin homeroom.

Back at the education building, Midou expresses defeat, and Iikura asks if he doesn't want to turn over a new leaf together.

Later that day, Araki catches Ramon as he's leaving the school. Ramon says he's going to consider his life and his actions, and Araki still insists that Ramon's punch changed his life.

The movie ends with a scene a few days later. The school is surrounded by delinquents trying to challenge Kakuu Gakuin's students to a fight. Kusanagi, Kinzo, and Araki all run out and look at one another knowingly before changing into Kamen Teachers to defend their school yet again.


*Translation note: The guy from the series who's referred to as the vice principal (the one who's always whining and stuff) is the school's 教頭 (kyoutou), which literally translates as "head of education." In Japanese schools, the kyoutou is basically the head of school affairs. He is in charge of the teachers' schedules and the school schedule, including things like assemblies, health checks, and school trips. The principal, 校長 (kouchou), which literally translates as chief of the school, handles mostly administrative duties and isn't that involved in the daily activities of the school. Ramon's position is 副校長 (fuku-kouchou), which literally translates as "vice-chief of the school" or "assistant chief of the school." Just in terms of language, it's what you'd translate as "vice principal." However, in my experience, "kyoutou" is a necessary position to a school, whereas "fuku-kouchou" is not; I've never taught at a school with a "fuku-kouchou" and I only know of one person who has. Therefore, normally, "kyoutou" is translated as "vice-principal." I'm translating "fuku-kouchou" as "head disciplinary teacher" because that's basically Ramon's role in the movie; he doesn't seem to handle daily affairs the way the kyoutou vice-principal does, and instead focuses entirely on the school's policies surrounding discipline.

The movie was pretty crazy, but I enjoyed it. I don't really get what they were trying to say about hitting students being okay (because it's definitely not) but the whole message was pretty muddled, anyway. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it focused more on the students and less on Araki-- I feel like it didn't do as well as the series in that regard. But all in all, it was still a lot of fun and I still love Kamen Teacher!

WHEW!! Totally done with reports and summaries and write-ups for the next few days! And then Monday I'll have two new things to report on. DAMMIT! XD
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  • Happy Birthday, love

    Here's your birthday art~ Percy is stylin' XD; That's all. Hope you're having a great birthday~

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