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09 July 2014 @ 10:19 pm
I went out in the rain, suddenly everything changed  
In an update from yesterday, I'm feeling physically slightly better; the medicine from the doctor seems to be helping and I taught today with no problems. My day was really stressful because I missed last Wednesday and had my schedule changed to not teach elementary last Friday, and apparently a few teachers tried to teach English without me. This is even worse than not having English for a week, because they taught really inconsistently, somewhat not what I had planned, and I have no idea how well they taught it, because their English isn't exactly amazing. Plus, no one told me, so I was scrambling to prepare the next lesson for today when I thought I'd just be teaching what I already had planned. But… I think it turned out fine, and everyone was asking about my health and telling me to take it easy, so that was nice. They called me a hatarakimono, which is probably one of the best compliments I've received in a long time.

And on the bright side, Reia got to talk on Jr ni Q this week, and was featured on Shokura Blog last week, as well, and was generally perfect on Shokura. I'm really happy for him and that I got to see him strut his stuff. ♥

And, yomimashou and I finally got all of our ticket-buying for Sexy Natsu Matsuri taken care of. We'll be seeing it three times: From the low 300s to high 200s with yararanger on the 3rd, from the 4th row of the balcony just the two of us on the 4th, and from the low 100s or possibly the 90s on the 9th with britkit27 and 9kinds! I'm really excited. Not only will I be seeing all 4 teams, but I'll be seeing Reia essentially from the front! I've never been that close in EX Theatre before, so hopefully it's a good experience~
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>:(: sou9kinds on July 9th, 2014 11:37 am (UTC)
I'm glad you're feeling better!

I'm so excited to see the teams compete! My first junior event! Haha I have a feeling I'm going to be overwhelmed trying watch everyone and not get jostled too badly.
ミランダ (大丈夫): Reia: cutefaded_lace on July 9th, 2014 07:29 pm (UTC)
Me too ;___; I'm still not feeling super great… I woke up this morning and my throat hurts >__<; but I think I'm on the mend finally, anyway.

Me too! And I'm excited for you XD On one hand, it's a shame that your first junior thing is going to be a crazy standing live in EX Theatre, but on the other hand, before Gamushara, the only reliable Junior event had been Crea once a year, so I'm glad you're getting to go at all. ♥
chynnawitchchynnawitch on July 9th, 2014 01:59 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you're feeling better! <3
And I hope we'll be getting your reports on Sexy Natsumatsuri full of shiny Reia moments on their Funcussion performance.
ミランダ (大丈夫)faded_lace on July 9th, 2014 07:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you. As always, I'll do my best to write as thorough a report as possible.
S: Amu/Reia: >3>yomimashou on July 9th, 2014 11:13 pm (UTC)
I hope you keep feeling better, and I'm really glad that your coworkers at elementary appreciate your hard work, despite all the other problems. ♥

And this month's Shokura episodes were so great~ I guess last month's got my expectations way down, but. XD

And so excited for the Sexy Matsuri!
ミランダ (大丈夫): Reia: cutefaded_lace on July 10th, 2014 09:19 am (UTC)
Thanks ;___;

It really was! I was surprised but happy. ♥ Reia!

Yes! It's going to be awesome (> w <)
britkit27: genki sweetiebritkit27 on July 10th, 2014 08:22 am (UTC)
Oh, man, ES teachers teaching on their own is so stressful @.@ Last year they had classes scheduled without me and even with my handing them a specific, explained plan beforehand it was still kind of a shit show to come back to, I can't imagine how it would've been without. I'm glad everything went ok! And you are seriously the hataraki-est mono to ever mono, your ES has it right.

Wooo, tickets~ :D I'm excited! And a little terrified of EX Theatre |D;; but mostly excited. And waffling something awful over my outfit, my highest heels are pink...
ミランダ (大丈夫): Genki: warmfaded_lace on July 10th, 2014 09:21 am (UTC)
Well, they supposedly did the plan that I gave them, but some of them, um, interpreted it more loosely than others. But… thanks xD

What wrong with pink heels? XD
britkit27: aiba perplexed by foodbritkit27 on July 10th, 2014 09:48 am (UTC)
|D Oh dear...

Absolutely nothing! I'm just at a bit of a loss as to what to wear with them |D;;
ミランダ (大丈夫): Kishi: (o u o)faded_lace on July 10th, 2014 08:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, idek. I think some of them realized there's more to the DVD than I use (like the chants and weird mouth videos) and got distracted…

Aw XD Ganbatte.
xanithofdragonsxanithofdragons on July 10th, 2014 11:11 am (UTC)
It's good you're feeling better!

Reia was really cute in Shokura Blog. ^^
ミランダ (大丈夫): Reia: love me?faded_lace on July 10th, 2014 08:32 pm (UTC)
Yes! I'm hoping that I'll be able to be back to 100% after resting for the weekend.

He was~ I'm glad even non-Reia-fans think so XDD