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[report] Gamushara Sexy Natsu Matsuri, August 4th at 1:30 pm

Next Gamushara Sexy Natsu Matsuri report! The second day that I went was the day after my first show, Monday the fourth, which was Sha vs. Ra. It was the first time these two teams competed, as well, so it was all very exciting.

This report relies on my 8/3 report pretty heavily, so I'd suggest reading that one before this one!

Sha vs. Ra
For this show, we had gotten balcony seats to be able to really take in the whole thing more as audience members than fans. We leisurely waited around outside the venue, and eventually got to enter before the 900s. There's pretty much nothing good about being in the 900s and up in EX Theatre XD;; You don't even get to go in before the balcony seats.

We were in the fourth row, dead center, and had a really good view. We could see the whole stage and catwalk really clearly, and it was great to get a real idea of how the stage was setup and where people were for each number. Unfortunately for me and my Reia uchiwa, I was completely surrounded either by MariSou or Team Ra fans (including yomimashou… XD), but luckily, none of them seemed to be judging me. There's nothing worse than being judged by the girls around you for your uchiwa XD;

At the beginning of the show, Marius announced it the same as the day previous, but it was slightly different, because Marius seriously never plans any speaking parts in advance |D;;; Then the show opened with the Gamushara theme, the same as before, with Sexy Boyz and Sexy Show + ten juniors, but the juniors were different this time than last time. There were more young kids; it seems like there were "day juniors" and "night juniors" based on my experience. Cutely enough, while the day prior, Gengen's hair had been styled up for the Team Mu performance, for this show, it was its usually floppy bouncy self. Adorable ♥

The same as before, before the last chorus of the song, the teams came out on the side balconies. Reia was on the house right side this time, opposite of before, while team Ra was on the left, but Reia was clearly too nervous to see or wave to anyone in the balcony. Then, they went into the senpai medley, which was largely the same as the previous day. For Suki Ya Nen Osaka, Juri was opposite Reia, since Takaito wasn't there, and he continued to be opposite Reia for the whole show. During NYC, Hokuto looked like he was having feels ;; it must have been hard for him to perform that after being in the original recorded version. ;___; Somewhere around Love You Only, Reia and Juri were coming down the stairs together, and Reia like… randomly stroked Juri's chest? XD; Reia flirting with Juri has happened before on Shounen Club, but it was still pretty surprising XD;; And then, in Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana, Genki made the funniest "don't touch me :|" face when Jinguji did the fanservice XD;;

Up next was the Sengoku Jidai bit again, which was still really awesome. On this day, Gengen was back! It was even better seeing it the way it was supposed to go, with all three members of each group. Marius and Sou's fanservice was still really amazing even from the balcony, too! It was followed up by Tokyo Boogie Woogie again (and Jinguji was still silly and thinks he's sexy again), and then Tokyo Sinfonita again, which was still really awesome, and then after Yasui explained the whole historical tie-in thing, they moved on to the team corners.

First up was the Team Ra corner, which was Kaizoku, and apparently supposed to be from England? Juri's rapping was awesome as usually, and they were all generally really cute and into it. However, there was a part in which Hokuto rapped, and let me tell you, I love that boy to death, but he was not cut out to be a rapper. XD; Then, Sha's corner was A to Z just the same as before.

After that came Paraiso, but this time, when Marius came onto the side balcony, he was still putting on his jacket. XD I don't know what he was doing the whole time Ra and Sha were performing, but he only barely got his jacket on in time XD; Everything else was mostly the same… Jinguji's English pronunciation still sucks. Kareha no Kage was much the same as before, too; Jinguji still was watching Reia for the choreography, and Reia was opposite Juri again.

Then came Fight All Night, and the fanservice was still seriously awesome. BAD BOYS was equally awesome, but sadly, there was no replacement to the Fu and Reia part. XD Also, Hokuto ad Jinguji are too awkward to be that sexy when they're doing the challenging bit at the end. XD; But it was still a really great number, and Marius and Sou were still amazing.

And then it was time for the Performance Battle! Yasui gave us the same warning about flying drumsticks, but he didn't have the falling-apart scoreboard this time. XD; The flow was the same, with a VTR and then the performance. First up was Team Sha, whose performance was once again totally amazing. Unfortunately, Jinguji didn't get the stick into the can that afternoon, but that was the only mistake. Team Ra came next, and unfortunately, it just wasn't their show. Juri messed up his footwork, Morohoshi got caught up in the jumpropes, and Shintaro messed up once, as well. This was sadly before they added in his backflip from the stage, so I didn't get to see that either. Oh well.

Then it came time for voting! From the angle on the balcony, I could see pretty well where the balls were going, and so I could tell even before the voting happened that Ra had more Junior votes than Sha. However, since the Juniors were so tiny, all of Team Ra lied down on the stage to let them be seen |D;;; It was cute to see them lounging about… even if Hokuto sprawled in the most awkward fashion XD;; In the cheering, Team Sha won-- they won all their audience votes against Ra except one, which was a tie. Then it came time for them to check the boxes, but it became only clearly when Reia looked into the box and then let his face fall into his hands. My poor, sweet baby. ;___; Sure enough, Team Ra won the Junior vote, and therefore they won the show. There was some grumbling of dissension in the audience, to which Yasui responded that they had to have the Juniors vote, because we were swayed by who we thought were cool, whereas the Juniors were totally impartial. NOT. Thanks Yasui :P

Then was the MC, so Jinguji and Matsukura left and everyone else talked. Juri went and stood by team Sha to make the stage more even, I assume, but he just said, "I felt like standing over here" XD; Hokuto tried to get Inoue Mizuki to come over to him, but Mizuki said being hugged by Hokuto was "somehow unappealing." XDD This cracked everyone up before the conversation moved to the Kamen Teacher movie and special. Yasui talked about watching he making-of video even though it wasn't out yet XD Also Taiga compared Yasui's character from the special and Bon, and there was a bit of competitive tension between them XDD They also talked about Tajima's teddybear in Kin Kyori Renai, and Hokuto wistfully said Aran was so lucky for getting to play Yamapi's character. XD They went on about that drama and how Tajima had carried around a teddybear to build his character offscreen, and how Genki also loves teddy bears, before it was time for the Sexy Zone medley.

I'm not sure it was here, but I'm sure it happened at some point and I'm not sure when else it could be, but there was a time when Jinguji and Hokuto walked onstage holding hands… not once, but twice in a row. XD; Hokuto looked really content, but Jinguji looked awkward, as if Hokuto might have done it without asking first. XD;;

The rest of the medley was about the same; Marius and Sou singing the solo lines were amazing as expected, and during BaiBai Dubai, they were really cute. During the circle (of which they're STILL on the outside, rather than the inside with Jinguji, Genki, Matsukura, and Gengen), they were sort of touchy-feely about linking arms, and giggling and grinning at one another, which was really adorable. For King and Queen and Joker, they did the solo lines the same again, and were awesome again. ♥ It's sad that Marius didn't get to be the queen, though XD;

After that was the Ra corner! It started with a duet between Taiga and Juri where Juri was rapping and Taiga was singing that was really, really sweet. Taiga was at the top of the platform, while Juri waited for him at the bottom, and they sang to one another while Taiga walked down to him, then sang the last bit while facing one another and looking into one another's eyes. Adorable ♥ Next was "MoroTaro," Shintaro and Morohoshi's comedy duo, and they did a skit where Morohoshi was a monster, but decided not to destroy EX Theatre, and Shintaro said he was too nice. XD; Last they did Plastic Tears and Hadashi no Cinderella Boy as a group, and at some point during these, Shintaro and Juri were chatting and giggling in the back. XD Also, thank god Hokuto left his clothes on.

The Sha corner was much the same as it was before; Sorafune was still Jinguji's bad lip-syncing, and then Sexy Honey Bunny and Tension. Reia and Jinguji's duet in Tension was still totally adorable, and Reia's showcasing Jinguji during Jinguji's solo bit was still the sweetest thing. The way Reia always wants to showcase Jinguji and draw attention to him and his successes is too cute

Next was Rock U; Shintaro and Reia was backdancing close to one another, and at one point, it seemed like they were chitchatting. The kept giggling and looking at one another, adorable~ I'm so glad they're still friends from Snow Prince.

Then came the Boyz and Show corners, which were also quite similar to the 3rd. I don't really have any particular new notes about them, so please check that report! Gengen really did seem to be in less pain than the day prior, though, which was really good to see.

Then it was time for the very short last spurt! During With You, Team Sha was up on the house left hand side balcony, while Ra was on the house right. Finally, Reia saw me! At first, he pointed, but then noticed me waving (what else does one do at an idol besides wave?) and sort of smiled and waved back. I promise I'm not some sort of weirdo who just loves waving, Reia |D;;; I'm just awkward. Then came Epilogue, and luckily, Gengen didn't cry this time. He really seemed like he was doing a lot better, thankfully. ♥

Finally, before the encore, it was Hokuto who went with Yasui and told him to wait, maybe they should do something else. They decided they wanted to do "the ehhh thing," which meant that they would say "actually, nope, we're done," and the audience has to go "ehhhhh???" and then they say they're just kidding and do an encore. When we all said ehhhhhh to them, they said "that feels awesome!" before coming back to do Yuuki 100%.

Like before, Boyz and Show were in the side balconies, while everyone else was onstage. At some point, Tajima was trying to point something out in the audience to Shintaro but we're not sure what it was; Shintaro seemed confused by it, too XD; Yasui did an exceedingly slutty version of Yuuki 100% with many hip rolls, and also had his t-shirt cut to reveal his shoulders XD; Morohoshi and Shintaro conferred for a moment before doing a ridiculous dance together, and when Boyz and Show came back to the stage, Sou and Gengen had their arms around one another, awww ♥ Jinchan once again came back and stood really, really close to Reia for the end. And as a last good thing, Reia pointed to me one last time!

Whew. Two down and one to go! The matsuri was really amazing, though, so I'm glad for the opportunity to share~
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