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[report] Gamushara Sexy Natsu Matsuri, August 9th at 6 pm

First and unrelated to everything else, this is super cute~ It's referencing this past weekend's Gamushara, where Team Mu had those shirts. ^^; I highly enjoyed it. XD

But now, FINALLY, for my last report on the Gamushara Sexy Natsu Matsuri! Before reading this, I'd suggest checking out my reports from August 3rd and August 4th. I'm not going to talk about the complete setlist and things I already covered in detail, so feel free to check on those things over there! This is mostly going to just be the things of importance from the 9th, because there were a lot of them~

August 9th
The 9th was the last show for Team Sha, so things were really tense. I went to the show with yomimashou, 9kinds, and britkit27, and went spent all the time beforehand checking the scores on twitter. We were really addicted to checking twitter for the scores at that point; it was all really tense.

When we got to the venue two hours before the show, it was windy and drizzling, so approximately as gross as we were feeling with anxiety. They were warning to not drop your ticket over the loudspeakers because it would be blown away by the wind, and girls were all huddling under the very little cover there was from the rain. It was a bit hectic, but we made it into the 1-150 line easily enough, and got in in our places, 100 and 101 (we were separated into two groups of two). Going into the venue that early was a new and exciting experience, and we got a good view of how people had chosen to pick spots. The catwalk served its purpose of creating more surface area for the stage, and we were able to sneak in comfortably in the third row on the far house-left side of the stage. We were smack in the middle of a cluster of Reia fans, because the closer you get to the stage the more Reia fans there are around you, but this was particularly exciting, because there was a male Reia fan in front of me XD He sort of reminded me of an AKB fan… I'm telling you, Reia could be an amazing girl idol |D; Unfortunately, he was tall =___=;; sigh. It's a hard life being short. Being in the cluster of Reia's fans also made it hard to tell who he was waving to throughout the show |D; But I got my fair share of waves. ♥

The show opened the same as before, and almost straight away, Marius saw us and got excited to have foreign fans~ I also think Vasayegh Hikaru saw us again, so woo for half people seeing us. |D;;; After Gamushara came the introduction of the teams, and then the senpai medley again, during which Reia was shinme with Hanzawa this time, rather than Juri or Takaito. It was awesome as before, though Team Sha, especially, seemed really tense, because it was their last show. However, by the time they got to Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana, Jinguji and Genki apparently had planned their fanservice, because Genki said "se no" ("ready, go" in Japanese) before Genki jumped into Jinguji's arms bridal-style (ohime-sama dakko), which seemed like a real struggle for Jinguji |D;; It looked like he was in danger of dropping Genki for the one second or so he was holding him, but he managed somehow XD;;

The rest of the show progressed pretty much as before, besides Team Sha's obvious nervousness, up until Fight All Night. As the shows progressed, I think the guys got more comfortable and daring with their fanservice, because everyone was really, really into it, especially Jinguji and Gengen. XD; In this show in particular, they were stroking one another's faces back and forth while standing within centimeters of one another… it was pretty great. XD; Also, we noticed that at one point, when they passed one another on the stairs, Sou grabbed Gengen's hand and held onto it for a moment as he passed. So cute ♥ Those two were just so icha-icha during this whole run. Sou did some pretty great fanservice with Marius, though, too~

Then came Bad Boys, and it was all pretty much the same, though again, with less ~insulting one another than Mu vs Sha, since those two teams know one another really well. When they were yelling that they'd win, however, Jesse claimed that Matsukura wasn't saying "ohh!!" with the others, and teased him.

Up next was the long-awaited performance battle corner… but before that, Marius and Yasui (not sure why not Sou) came out for an important announcement: Kento, Fuma, and Shori were there! They were just sitting in the lower-seated area! Fans were beside and behind them. Crazy. I'd kill to have been able to listen to what they were saying! I was ecstatic that they were there (and Fuma had a crazy adorable ponytail ♥) But for the time being, they just sat and watched.

Up first was team Ga, who performed well enough, but it wasn't stunning. They weren't that together, and I didn't feel that their routine was that cohesive. They did their dunk thing without any problems, though. ^^

Then Team Sha. They all looked practically sick with nervousness, but they did amazing. Reia tossing the drumsticks was really awesome, and the only mistake was Jinguji not getting his stick in the trash can, sadly. XD; But everything else was perfect, and I'm really happy for them that they got to end on their best performance.

And then it was time to vote. By this point, I was pretty good at telling where the juniors were putting their balls, but there was no clear winner just by that, though I did see that Vasayegh Hikaru put his ball in Team Ga's side… traitor! XD;;; Luckily, team Sha's support was amazing, and they won by a lot in the decibels, at which point I almost fainted x__x; Luckily yomimashou held me up, or else I might have collapsed. Then came the ball-counting, and Reia looked like he, too, was about to pass out as they began counting the Junior votes. But luckily, the balls were even between the two teams, and so Team Sha won! Reia looked like he was about to cry, and he kept meeting Jinguji's eyes and looking happy and relieved and overwhelmed.

Team Sha then got to have a short greeting since it was their last time. They talked about how the Funcussion people had been really nice and supportive the whole time, and how they'd given them cakes with personalized messages (these were posted on the Funcussion twitter, I believe, if you're curious.) Jinguji said he'd been nervous about the team when it was chosen because he didn't know some of the members well, but they had all worked well together by the end. Then Reia said that before the last show, the Funcussion people told them it wasn't about win or lose, but about giving their best performance, which seemed really sweet. He then said, "Sorry, Team Ga, but please forgive us, nyan~" while doing a cute cate pose, ahhh. So cute. ♥ After Reia, Inoue Mizuki tries to talk, but everyone was shouting kawaii~ XD; Yasui yelled at them to stop cooing for a second so that Mizuki could talk. Yasui also mentioned that Team Ga was being really quiet, to which Fukasawa asked, "Should we talk a lot?" Yasui said that was okay, but then Fukasawa admitted he didn't have anything to say, and everyone laughed.

Up next was the Sexy Zone medley (sadly, Genki seemed really tense and not himself due to Team Mu's last show being the next day), and then the Ga corner. Jesse's pants were really, really tight during this, almost as if they were a little too small for him, and it looked pretty uncomfortable o__o The Snowmen were really good dancers, as expected, though~

Then came the Team Sha corner, and what a glorious corner it was. During his solo for Sorafune, Jinguji couldn't help but be smiley, despite how hard he was trying to be serious, which was really cute. XD Then, during Reia and Jinguji's duet part during Tension, Reia was really bouncy-- he seemed pretty high off of their victory and was really cutely peppy. He put his arm around Jinguji and was just beaming, and Jinguji seemed surprised but grinned too, and ugh, it was just so cute! Then, when they went up the stairs, and Jinguji was sitting and had his solo, Reia came up to him as usual, but instead of just showing him off, he started ruffling Jinguji's hair. It was really nice to see him be natural around Jinguji rather than ~professional, and the whole thing was just really super adorable.

The Sexy Boyz and Sexy Show corners were pretty much the same as they had been, and soon it was time for With You. We had been glancing back at Kento, Fuma, and Shori every once in a while, and Kento and Shori were dancing along in their seats during this number. |D;; Meanwhile, on the stage, Matsukura and Hanzawa were flirting on the stage, giggling and bumping shoulders and stuff XDD

Then it was time for Epilogue, and luckily for me, Reia literally stood right in front of me. He was practically in arm's reach o___o; But not so luckily… he cried a lot, more than I've ever seen Reia cry, and it broke my heart. ;___; Jinguji looked like he felt awkward about it and wanted to comfort him but didn't know how, and so he stood awkwardly closer, with their shoulders almost touching. As much as the TV broadcast only wanted to focus on Inoue Mizuki crying, I just want to testify that in Sha's last show, Reia was really teary, too, and Jinguji seemed like he was trying to comfort him. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the room, my friends saw Yasui trying to cover up his crying with coughing, but eventually was crying so hard that he had to leave the stage o___o

As in the other shows, someone (this time Jesse) followed Yasui to stop him from leaving and cue the encore, but this time, I was much more preoccupied trying to see if Fuma, Kento, and Shori would be brought to the stage, and didn't hear what they said. Sure enough, they did come on stage, and upon seeing Marius and Sou on the stage, Shori cried out "Finally, all of Sexy Zone is together!" ;_____; All of Fuma's junior friends on Team Ga wanted to talk to him, and meanwhile, Jinguji was looking at/talking to his bff Shori. Kento had his wallet in his jeans pocket and it looked silly. |D; They had each of them say something, and Fuma said that he was really moved by seeing Marius and Sou's performances, and then jokingly that he wanted to try Jinguji and Genki's ohime-sama dakko with Kento. XD;; Kento then came up and said "…I'll think about it." XD;; Most importantly, though, all of Sexy Zone formed a cluster at the center of the stage to do the last chorus together, but when Sou tried to get out of the way for someone else to stand in the center, they kept him there, and everyone looked so happy. Marius's smile was so big, and Sou shone so much, and ahh ;___;

…however, because Reia was smack in front of me, mostly, I was watching Reia. >__>;;; He was trying really hard to keep his tears in check, but then he looked at our little cluster of fans and smiled. I'm happy that we could give him strength here, too. ♥

…and then the show was done! Our last Matsuri ;___; I'm really, really glad that we got to see this one, for a lot of reasons, though! ♥

Whew, all reports are up to date!! I hope these have been amusing/useful~ The shows were amazing, so I really wanted to share some of it with the world. ♥
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