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01 September 2006 @ 10:56 pm
Had this convo with S-chan's Imouto. We were talking about how her girlfriend dumping her made her sad. XD;;

briser chan: well, don't like become Hakkai or something!
BoscoTheRat: i won't. i wasn't related to her. and she didn't kill herself.
BoscoTheRat: and i have no attraction to scary, strong men with long hair and antene
briser chan: XDDDDDD
briser chan: Gojyo is not scary.
BoscoTheRat: if I was in the same inn/bar as him, I'd be afraid
briser chan: XD; why?
BoscoTheRat: three words
BoscoTheRat: drunk
BoscoTheRat: horny
BoscoTheRat: man
briser chan: XD @ all three
briser chan: Ok.
briser chan: if he was a girl, would it be ok?
BoscoTheRat: no. he's too seme-ish. I wouldn't be scared, though.
briser chan: .........XD;

In other news, V, WHERE ARE YOU??
Current Mood: amusedamused