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first fic of the new shiritori round~

I've been moved to a new team in shiritori, and it's a new round, so he's my ~starting out~ fic! More Americaverse, because I enjoy writing about them being silly Americans. XD; I hope it's enjoyable!

title: あけまして
rating: g
pairing: Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri
word count: 1,005
beta: yomimashou
author's note: This is set in my and yomimashou's "Americaverse" again, this time focusing on Yamada and Chinen, who are wealthy economics majors at Columbia University! Written for the new round at Shiritori @ writetomyheart~ The prompt for starting this round was Lunar New Year, and the title is part of the Japanese New Year's greeting, "Akemashite omedetou." It means "to dawn" or "to become light" and is also a homophone with the word for "to open." It seemed like a good theme for starting out a new Lunar year and a new shiritori round!
summary: Even if he drives Yamada up a wall sometimes, at the end of the day Yuri is so thoughtful, so aware of others, so considerate that Yamada couldn't help falling in love with him despite his annoyance a year ago, and it feels as if his heart is still swelling with love even now.

Previous Americaverse fics: Ready (Hikaru/Inoo), The Start of Something New (Takaki/Yabu), Engaged (Takaki/Yabu)

"Chinese New Year is a real holiday!" Yamada proclaims indignantly, looking at Yuri with an expression of horror. He's sure that Yuri was trying to goad a reaction out of him-- it seems like Yuri always is, always has been ever since they first met in their sophomore economics seminar-- but Yamada is floored nonetheless even as Yuri looks up at him with that mischievous, playful grin on his lips. "You can't just say stuff like that! That's, like, totally racist, or something! And you're Asian, anyway!"

"Japanese people don't celebrate Chinese New Year," Yuri replies with nonchalant self-assurance, raising an eyebrow at Yamada from where he lays curled up amongst the blankets in Yamada's dorm bed. "Who's being racist now, Ryosuke?"

"How do you know?" Yamada counters with a pout, crossing his arms across his chest and sitting into one hip. He knows that Yuri prefers to stay in rather than go out; it's something he's had a hard time accepting in the year that they've been dating, especially when Yamada feels like he's practically been to every major party on campus ever since his freshman year here at Columbia University, but while he tries to respect that and compromise as much as possible, sometimes, he just wants to physically drag Yuri out of the building. But that isn't exactly possible (and he wouldn't exactly want to be seen out with Yuri in his oversized Barnard Dance Program T-shirt and pyjama pants, anyway) and so for the time being, he sighs heavily. "Just because we call it Chinese New Year in America doesn't mean they don't celebrate it in other countries too, you know. I, like, heard from my Vietnamese lab partner freshman year that they celebrate it there, and--"

"Hikaru told me they don't in Japan," Yuri replies before Yamada can even finish, and Yamada's pout grows. Despite the fact that somehow, their entire mutual group of friends is first or second or third generation Japanese (for some reason, Yuri isn't especially fond of Yamada's entirely female group of friends from his freshman hall; Yamada can't understand for the life of him what there's not to enjoy about sitting around in a group and talking shit about classmates and acquaintances while watching America's Next Top Model but Yuri always seems to be busy when Yamada invites him), Hikaru is the only one of them who's ever been to Japan, so Yamada has no choice but bow to his authority. And when, "Besides, what's so great about going to a parade? It's going to to be super crowded with tourists and the trains are going to be crazy," Yuri continues, Yamada can't help but frown more, because… well, he can't exactly argue with that.

"But you haven't left here, like, since you got here after class yesterday afternoon!" Yamada whines, flipping his hair out of his face and hoping that his pouting is having some sort of effect on Yuri-- it doesn't usually, but he always hopes, anyway. "Don't you want to do anything?"

"Oh, so you want me to get out~?" Yuri counters, and while Yamada knows he's teasing, he stomps his foot in annoyance anyway.

"That's not what I meant and you know it!" he proclaims, fighting the urge to flounce out and leave Yuri behind, partly because that's stupid and immature, and partly because he doesn't want to leave Yuri alone in the suite, though whether for Yuri's own sake or for his friends', he's not sure. "Come on, don't you want to, like, go out together? It feels like forever since we went on a date, and…" And that sounds sad and pathetic, but as much as Yuri seems to sleep through all his classes and still get straight As, Yamada feels as if he's spent one hundred percent of the past month since the beginning of second term in the library.

He's a little embarrassed, even still, about the pathetic whiny tone his voice has taken on, but for some reason, of all things, that seems to be what gets Yuri's attention. He looks at Ryosuke for a moment before crawling out from under the covers with that surprising grace of his and taking the few steps to cross the room and close the distance between them. His body is warm when he wraps his arms slowly, easily around Yamada, and his head always fits so perfectly into the crook of Yamada's neck, and somehow, Yamada can already feel his body relaxing, as if Yuri is a sponge, soaking away all his stress. He isn't sure what to say, but perhaps because Yuri is like a magical calming drug to him, he doesn't feel pressured to say anything, either, and so he simply wraps his arms around Yuri as well, clasping his hands in the small of Yuri's back and hoping that Yuri doesn't want to let go any time soon.

They stay that way for a while, Yuri's breath warm and regular against Yamada's neck, but then, finally, Yuri speaks, his voice much softer than earlier. "You really wanna go out, huh?" he asks, and his voice is so soothing that Yamada is almost lulled into such a calm state that he forgets to respond. But he manages a nod, Yuri's hair tickling his face as he moves, because even if he doesn't really ever want to let go, he'd still trade off for going out together, if he could.

Yuri hums in response before nodding as well. "Okay," he replies at length, and somehow, even despite the fact that he can't see Yuri's face, Yamada knows that he's smiling. Even if he drives Yamada up a wall sometimes, at the end of the day Yuri is so thoughtful, so aware of others, so considerate that Yamada couldn't help falling in love with him despite his annoyance a year ago, and it feels as if his heart is still swelling with love even now as Yuri adds, "Just give me a few minutes to get dressed."
Tags: americaverse, bl, hey! say! jump, one-shot

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