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10 September 2006 @ 11:26 am
Saiyuki once again  
Hah. I knew before I even read about him that I was going to dislike Hazel. What now, fools. Though it makes me laugh that he totally semes that other guy...whose name I forget... He called Hakkai's monocle "spectacles" and it's totally not. Sheesh! Poor Hakkai, overworking himself like that...what a martyr. ♥

But, one question. The art at the end of the book, after the 58 picture, there was a picture of a girl with a long braid wearing Hakkai's shirt and sash draped over her, and she was naked otherwise. Who was that? Was it Kanan? The eyes threw me, but, come to think, I don't know if you ever see Kanan with her eyes open in the flashbacks, because she's always either laughing with Gonou or about to kill herslef, for which she has her eyes closed, too. So...I assumed it was her. But I couldn't really tell. *shrug*
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