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10 September 2006 @ 04:15 pm
Um, wow.  
So, I didn't ever really think about this after Go-chan stopped going on about it, besides the occassional bad joke from my dad, but at the end of Sign of Four, there's like, a crazy Holmes/Watson moment. XD; The lady that they just solved a case for is leaving, and Watson's all "What a beautiful woman!" And Holmes is like "Pfft. Was she? I didn't notice." And Watson just looks at him with a half-smile. XD;

That was a pointless update. XD;

Hahah. In the show I'm watching now, this guy who's a police officer who's really young for a seargent. And this guy comes in to report a murder and he's like "Nuuu...I have too much paperwork already. >3>" And he reminded me of Roy. XD;
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