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28 April 2015 @ 10:25 am
[translation] Inoo Sakubun 2015.4.25  
So now that Inoo's play has started, it seems like he doesn't have much time to update Jweb, but I've translated the two short entries he posted this weekend. For the sake of consistency, I'm going to post them in two different entries, but they're both super short. XD; He continues to be a weird troll, but what's new.

You can read the previous issues here:

Translator's note: Inoo has a really particular way of writing J-web (pretty similarly to the way he talks; I don't know how noticeable it is to non-Japanese speakers, but he slurs his words together and uses a lot of slang); he doesn't use very much punctuation, uses a lot of slang, and generally doesn't write very 'formally.' I've done my best to capture the feeling of that here, but I'm not a professional translator or anything of the sort, so I'm sorry it's a bit rough around the edges!

Inoo Kei's short-term central serialization.
From a uniquely 'Inoo' point of view, he'll share various information about his activities and current state, as well as behind-the-scenes stories!

April 25th

It's been 10 days! Karafuto Ojisan starts today!

I'll do my best

I have to update JUMPaper too!

Note that he still hasn't updated JUMPaper, 3 days later |D; At any rate, I'm going to go see Karafuto Ojisan tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to seeing him!
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