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[report] Gamushara J's Party Vol. 7, 2015.1.24 @ 1 pm

I'm finally getting around to writing up my experience at Gamushara J's Party Vol 7… only 5 months too late. I'm so sorry T___T; I'm not even sure this is interesting to anyone anymore, but I want to save them for my own memory, if nothing else. As always, it's just things that stuck out to me, not a complete setlist or anything like that! But I hope it's still enjoyable~

Saturday started with the expected crowd, a variety of 6Tones (they didn't have the name back then, of course) member fans. We were in the center section of the balcony, and thanks to yomimashou we were running late =__=; so we got to our seats only 15 minutes before the show started. The balcony has a great view in EX Theatre, though, so despite being about halfway back, we could still see everything really well.

The show opened with Gamushara, predictably, and then FIREBEAT and Haruka na Yakusoku. Then, the next song was… Otoko never give up. No one seemed particularly thrilled by this, but Yugo, in particular, was doing the dance really half-heartedly, and looked unhappy. After ongu was a brief talk, with them thanking us for coming and all, and then Yugo went off to the side of the stage while the others all started joking about wondering who would perform next. Yugo reappeared with a jacket and put it on Hokuto, who was just standing there awkwardly waiting for them to "realize" that he would perform next. Oh Hokuto, so cutely awkward. |D;

Hokuto performed Himawari and Plastic Tears for his solo, and then Juri came on and did I don't miss you. After his solo, he said, "I'm going to go drink water and then come back! And Taiga, who was coming on for his solo, replied, "Okay, take a break!" and it was really cute. Taiga came out with a guitar and performed Kimi to Ita, which he apparently specifically asked Tottsu if it was okay for him to cover. It was his first time performing with the guitar, he said, and he talked about learning it, too. After those three solos, the whole group came back and they performed a variety of KisuMai songs before it was time for the Ippatsu Kimetaru J section.

The shamisen number was pretty cool, but they messed up a lot XD; Afterwards, Juri kept walking around being like I'm cool right? Aren't I cool? XD; They all wanted to tell us how hard it was to learn to play the shamisen, and how much it hurt, and stuff like that. XD; At one point, Hokuto went off on a totally unrelated topic, and then when everyone was like ?? he was like oh, sorry… I wasn't listening at all. |D;; Also, at one point they zoomed in too far on Juri and he was like STOP you can see my acne!! |D;

Next up they did video messages from various other juniors. First up was Jesse with a message for Yugo. He did a card trick, and Yugo commented that he seemed nervous, but then was like, wait, what about a message for me!? Then Jesse said Kouchi! and Yugo replied to the video, saying , "Yes, it's Yugo!" Jesse said that recently, Yugo told him a good proposal line, so he should tell the fans. Hokuto postulated that because the day before, he had done a confession, the next step was proposal. XD; Isn't that a bit fast, Hokuto? Yugo's proposal line was "Ba~ka! It's okay for you become my wife, so come along with me!" (「ばーか!お前は俺の嫁になればいいんだよ、俺についてこい」) I sort of made an idiot of myself kyaing too loudly when I heard this
|D;; I couldn't believe that I got to hear him say "baka!" live!! He was really cutely embarrassed afterwards, and then Hokuto started explaining that it was an old Shokura reference |D;; And everyone in the audience was sort of like we know…

Up next was Shoki sending a message to Juri. Shoki was in the bath and asked Juri to guess what part of him he dried first. Juri guessed his face/nose, which was actually somehow the right answer. XD; This led to a discussion of how Juri had talked to Shoki the day before on the phone for an hour and a half, and Juri told the audience to make sure to tweet about it |D; It alway tickles me when the guys talk about twitter.

Next up was Yasui with a message for Hokuto. The VTR started with Yasui drinking juice in a cafe. He told Hokuto to hula hoop 10 times while making a cool face. XD; They said they'd prepared a special light-up hula hoop just for this |D;; Hokuto was surprisingly good at hula-hooping, and did it way more than 10 times. After he finished, Taiga wanted to try, too, but struggled because of his long jacket. Shintaro also wanted to try but really, really couldn't do it |D;; They talked about how Hokuto was ~so good at hip thrusting, with many unnecessary demonstrations |D;; When Shintaro was bad at it he said that he was stiff, and Juri laughed and was like oh yeah, that part of Shintaro is so stiff… and they started making dick jokes. |D;;;; Awkward.

At the end of the MC, Taiga didn't know how to end it, and Juri said he'd help him out and teach him the right way to do it after the show in the dressing room, which was cute. ♥ Then Hokuto and Juri were really surprised when Shintaro read between the lines and helped clean up after the shamisen stuff XD; Everyone still thinks of him as a little kid still, apparently. After that came Taiga's second solo, Murasaki, an then Shintaro's solo, which was hilariously still the same old recording of him singing Back to Back from 2012, so the voice was really high |D;;;

Up next was Yugo's solo… only instead of a solo, he decided to talk XD He got topics from a different member each time (I forget which it was, though, sorry!), and this time he talked about how he got chosen to announce Junior's names in the 2012 Junior concert, but he thought he couldn't be funny at all, so he watched a bunch of comedians on variety shows and decided to make jokes about some of the people, but the only person he could think of something funny to say about was Masuda Ryo. So then he said it, and the audience laughed, and they couldn't hear his name, and Yugo felt bad |D;;;

Hokuto then had another solo to fill up the time when Sexy Show would be there later, and it was highly traumatizing to me. |D; He was trying too hard to be sexy and it was really unappealing in my opinion, especially the part where he grinded with Juri as if it was a music video or something |D; I'm sure some people enjoyed it, but I found it really gross XD;

They then did a bunch of KAT-TUN and KisuMai songs for the last spurt, including Luv Sick, and Yugo got to say "Are you luv sick" and it was super cool ♥ He did a great job~ Near the end they did Shake It Up, and it looked like Hokuto was going to cry ;; This was before 6Tones was formed, and I feel like that song made them all really emotional. They wrapped up and did one encore, and that was it!

I'm going to write up Sunday's afternoon performance too, but I ran out of time tonight. Sorry about that! I'll try to get it done tomorrow. ^^;
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