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Conqueror of Shamballa

So. I watched it. I didn't dislike it as much as I thought I would, actually. *shrug* I think I'll continue to disreguard it when I wrote post-anime fics, but it was definitely better than I expected.

As promised, on to my thoughts about it. Cut for spoilers, please don't read if you haven't seen Conqueror of Shamballa!

So. The opening scene was cute, it almost made me cry because of the nostalgia, and I love Al's tin-can voice! XD; When it got to the part in Germany...the part where Ed was driving kind of amused me because Ed doesn't seem like much of a driver to me. Then, when it got to the opening theme....I almost cried again. XD;;

There is one things that really bothered me: Heidrich's personality. It seemed to fluxuate immensely throughout the film, and it was rather nonexistant as it was. I was really expecting more out of him (he's so cute, too!) but he didn't really show up that often. His attitude of "I don't care what people do, I just want to do my thing" really irked me, and I think, had it been the anime of Hagaren, it would have been addressed, as people's attitudes and goals are a really big part of the anime. It also seemed at the beginning as if he really loved and cared about Ed, and then he got all made and pushed him later! So I was like "....okay, so he obviously doesn't think that highly of Ed" which makes sense because Ed was like "I'm distant from you, rawr!" But then at the end, he ended up dying to help Ed! So....was he just PMSing that one time? I think it makes sense that he really did care about Ed, but they didn't seem to put very much time into his character or his ambitions, and as a result, I wasn't sad when he died. And usually, I'm crushed when people die.

I also think they spent a little too much time in Munich before going back to Amestris. When they finally went back I was like "FINALLY. geez." But that was when the waterworks started...XD; When Roy first appeared, I couldn't help but break down...I really don't think his comical first entrance was appropriate, but I cried nonetheless...and when he was sitting there, fumbling with the match....oh my god, it was too much. ;_; And then, when they were talking about Izumi being dead...I couldn't help but break down again, and that part with Wrath, at the grave...my goodness. That part was well done. And how Havoc was like "Roy's not really waiting for Riza..." SQUEE! It made me think about relationships....I'll get to that in a minute.

Something that bothered me about the movie, though, was the total lack of reguard for other countries around Amestris. That lady, Eckert or whatever her name was (...>_> I forget all of the characters names besides Noa and Heid...) said (and I quote), "This must be the captial of this world." CENTRAL IS SO NOT THE CAPTIAL OF THE WORLD. Central is the capital of the country. Of Amestris. I think the Xingese and Dramchans and the Cretians and the Aerugish and even maybe the Ishballans would be upset by that remark. I guess it may just be a problem that I have with the anime itself, but that one comment really bothered me.

Another thing that didn't seem right to me was the lack of character interaction surrounding Al. As al was partially wiped clean when he got his body back, it seems he would have forged some new sort of relationships with people. I understand that he would be very centred around Ed, but some of his decisions don't make sense to me. For example, leaving without telling Winry. It seems to me that he would have to reguard Winry as very close to family now, since she's most of what he has left. Also, Wrath. His interactions with Wrath really bothered me. It seems in the 3 years that they would have been living together, they would have formed so sort of interaction. I understand that they would all be wary of him, since he's a homunculus, but in 3 years, I think especailly Al would become very accepting. Al, by nature, is very trusting and kind, and, having his memories of any homunculi wiped clean, it seems to me that he would be accepting and try to form a friendship with Wrath. But he barely speaks to Wrath at all, and barely hesitates to off Wrath for the chance to bring back Ed. In my mind, Al, no matter how much he loves Ed, he would at least feel a little turnoil at the thought of killing another in order to acheive his goal.

One thing though: Hoho amazed me. Like, I wasn't expecting much out of him, but his one line made a huge amount of sense and was just as it should be to me. For all of the things that characters did or said or didn't do or say that didn't make sense to me, Hoho's one bit was good. Yes.

It also amazed me how much Fritz Lang was in the movie. Like, I don't know...I didn't feel one way or another about him. He was just kind of there more than I thought he would be.

And then, when Ed arrived first back in Amestris...That part I had some major problems with, too. having Winry be the first one to see him...it wasn't right at all. It should have been Al. And Al barely said hello. He just freaked out and ran off. That isn't the way it should be! It seems to be that the Elric brothers have too strong of a bond for that! I don't think Even Winry would come between them.

Oh, and skipping out of chronological order, the part where Al's soul was in Munich was really cute and sad. It made me fill with nostalgia and cry again ;;

Anyway, when Roy appeared on the front line and burned the bad guys, I cried again. I love Roy so much...And when he started giving orders again..it seemed like everything was the way it should be! Waugh!!

Noa...I was neither here nor there about her. I didn't really get her, or why she sort of gave up on Ed and helped the Thule people willingly. She wanted to go to "Shamballa"...but...I didn't really get it. :x She was all right, and I sort of want to get that song and actually choreograph a dance like the one she did at the end. Haha. XD;

So. Finally, the long awaited notes on pairings! To me, it seemed this way in the movie: Heid loved Ed, to a point. Winry also loved Ed, but was getting on without him. Roy also loved Ed, and thus was being all "anjsbavnas". Riza loved Roy, but he really didn't seem to like her all that much back... Anyway, Al was also all over Ed...but, romanticly, I don't know how much he was leaning towards anyone. XD; It's like "everyone loves Ed yay!" But the question is, who does Ed love? I couldn't really say from the movie...(I must admit, I didn't see much of the HeidxEd that everyone is talking about...) Reguardless of his feelings throughout the movie, I think that, in the Ed, Elricest is going to happen. I know that seems a bit weird, but, in the end, Ed and Al gave up everything to be together travelling. They're guys...and, in the end, hormones are going to take over at some point. They obviously care about eachother more than anything else, and, much as I dislike to say, that seems as if it's what will happen to me. The people who made the movie didn't push EdxNoa as much as I expected or enough for me to believe he hd any interest in her besides being nice and saving her...as a matter of fact, as I look back, she was indeed the catalyst of the movie. But....like I said...they didn't give you very much insight into her personality.

...T^T Al cut his hair off in the end. That made me sad. XD; I know that's really petty, but.

Oh, and as to Noa: is she supposed to be like alter!Rose, or just a random person? They look similar, but no mention is ever made...and I cant help but think they would have put an alter!Rose in the car of gypsies if she hadn't been Noa....I don't know. @_@;

Oh! And something I really liked but is a bit trivial: the ending song, "Lost Heaven" was really good and appropriate. And I liked how it shared a lot of imagery with Ready, Steady, Go! but in a not-hopeful sort of fashion. I think it was really good and...yeah. XD;

Oh, and one thing I didn't get: they were like "Hitler failed yay." But....is this historically accurate? I mean, I don't know, but they made it seem like Hitler died or something. Which we all know isn't right...I don't know. I was confused.

And, in the end, it bothered me that it was a "neither here nor there" ending. Not so much as the anime, because it was less non-commital, but I do wish it would either end happy or sad, not somewhere in-between. I guess it was all right....but....whatever. >_>;

Anyway, I probably had more to say, but I forget some of it now....that's the general feeling. XD; But, again, I didn't dislike it as much as I thought I would, and I think it might be fun to meddle, fandom wise, in the smaller details and corners of it...like, more Alter!people. X3 who knows?

And, as a final note to S-chan and Ami, who are the only people who will understand this: Tory makes a surprise appearance! XD; he shows up for like 2 seconds in the part in Liore. Yay! XD;

Anyway, for those who have seen it, tell me what you think! :D
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