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[report] JUMPing CARnival in Nippon Gaishi Hall, 2015.8.18

On August 18th I got up ass early to head into Nagoya for the two days of the JUMP concert! Nagoya is pretty far from where I live (or rather… because I live in the middle of nowhere, I have to take a really indirect route because my train options are limited) so it took me more than four hours to get there, but it was so worth it!

I love seeing things in Nippon Gaishi because it's really intimate-feeling. There are distinct advantages to Yokohama Arena (one of the main ones being that because of the size and layout, there's room for a full arena outer catwalk, which there really isn't in Nippon Gaishi), but despite being twice the seating capacity of Nagano Big Hat, Nippon Gaishi feels almost as small, and even if you're higher up in the stands, you still have a pretty great view. Luckily for me, though, on the 18th, I was in the 5th row of the stands very close to the back stage.

(Sorry for the bad photo; it's always a challenge to take one stealthily without getting caught… XD)

Before the show started, they were showing clips of Yamada's 24 Hour TV drama, which looked highly traumatizing, and computer animated clips of Sabonen and Yuujikku teaching the penlight dance for Yowamushi Shooter. But then the venue went dark and the screens lit up with the usual little introduction video at the beginning of the show~

The video seemed to be Harry Potter themed? The guys were wearing long hooded vinyl (yes, they were shiny) cloaks, and when their names appeared on the screen, it was in the lightning bolt Harry Potter font. It was really cute, and the "magic" that they were doing extended past the screen into the lighting and such on the stage… for example, when Hikaru turned on a flashlight, a spotlight appeared seemingly extending from the video. The only odd thing was that their names were written in the old colours OTL oh Johnny's… why do you do this. I'm not really sure why Harry Potter was chosen as the theme but it was adorably dorky. XD

They came out wearing costumes in their correct colours! Yamada had cut his hair really short, and had the bangs sort of spiked up to look similar to Keito's usual hairstyle. It was really odd, and I didn't really like it. Even though it was the first show of the location, he seemed to be really tired and off, and his voice was cracking and he couldn't sing well. These poor guys were so busy this summer ;__; Meanwhile, Takaki had an adorable pollyanna/half ponytail hairstyle and it was cute.

The first songs they performed were Weekender, Kamona, and Ride With Me on the main stage. Yuto and Keito got really into the fanservice at the very beginning and and were very touchy feely, looking lovingly into one another's eyes. Chinen and Yamada were cute as well, but Yamada seemed so tired and Chinen looked worried about him. Sadly, Takaki and Yabu were on the opposite side of the stage from Hikaru, Daiki, and Inoo, so they couldn't troll them like they usually do in that song. XD Yabu and Takaki were also cute as usual, Yabu leaning on Takaki and Takaki looking surprised.

After that, they took off their jackets and went to go get their props for JUMPing CAR! Some of them were wearing vests or suspenders, and they all still had items in their colour on. When everyone went to go dump their jackets and get their props, Ino-chan just sort of twirled around for a moment before realizing he was late and running off to put his jacket offstage and get his prop too. XD; The props were all different parts of a car in their colours!! It was so freaking cute. Yamada was the steering wheel, Takaki and Inoo were the headlights, Hikaru, Keito, Daiki, and Yabu were the wheels, Yuto was the horn, and Chinen held a flag XD It was adorable. The performance was really super cute, too!

During JUMPing CAR, they "drove" (so cute) off the main stage and down the cat walk to the center stage, and when the song was done, they gave the props to staff and then performed Viva 9's Soul! The performance was great, and it was really fun doing the call and response… but Chinen's is way too fast |D;;; Yabu looked embarrassed after he had to do the part where he sings falsetto XD; Inoo and Hikaru stood really close together during the part where Inoo introduces Hikaru, and then poor Daiki at the end being like "Please introduce me too!!" |D;;; They were closer to us at this point, so I could see that they all looked really exhausted, but they were still putting out a lot of energy and the song was really fun.

Up next was Super Delicate, and during the part where Yuto and Yamada usually do fanservice, everyone paired off, leaving Inoo alone in the center. He looked sad and was like, "Let me join in too!" before trying to get Yuto and Yamada to let him join in. They told him no, and he ended up dramatically doing the dance in the center with them. XD: It was hilarious.

After that came Puppy Boo, and everyone danced with canes along the catwalk to the back stage. The dance was cute (and they were soooo close to me!) but Inoo, Yuto, Chinen, and Takaki left partway through… I wonder why… ^__~

I wasn't kept waiting in anticipation for long, because soon Inoo, Chinen, Takaki, and Yuto appeared on the center stage in their absolutely adorable pet costumes for Pet Shop Love Motion. I'm sure everyone has seen paparazzi photos, but they were even cuter and fluffier in person. The dance was really freaking cute too… they all did a little butt wiggle when the lyrics say "I'm wagging my tail for you," and I just about died. It was the cutest thing! Every day, Inoo changed what sort of fish he had, and that day he said, "I'll give you this katsuo that was left to me by my mother." (Katsuo is skipjack tuna? I'm not sure how to translate it into English. It looks like this.) All four are lowered down beneath the stage on an elevator platform type thing, and before they disappeared, Inoo left the fish sitting on the stage.

At that point all the lights went out and a VTR began to play on the main screen of BEST doing various jobs. Takaki was a carpenter, Yabu was a novelist (who was clearly really bad at writing), Inoo was fishing (and had a really beautiful perm), Hikaru was an adventurer catching a giant plush snake on a kids' playground, and Daiki was a sleepy security guard. At a break one day during his boring job, Daiki sent a text message on an old-style flip phone to all the members of BEST saying he wanted to meet up. Then the lights came up and Daiki appeared on the main stage, saying how much he was looking forward to meeting with the rest of BEST. He showed a map of the stage with a fish drawn on the center stage and was saying they would meet up at the place with the fish XD;; Once he found it, the others began to show up, but Inoo wasn't there. They greeted one another as if they hadn't met for a long time, and Hikaru said, "Wow, you… haven't gotten bigger!" XD;; He was using this odd deep "adventurer" voice the whole time, too, which was extremely silly. They decide to wait inside the "restaurant" for him, but "inside" they find that Inoo is the sushi chef! He said he became a chef after he caught that big fish. XD They talked about their jobs, and Daiki said he was working at Nippon Gaishi Hall that day, and there was a JUMP concert. He commented that all of JUMP were so cute, and particularly Arioka was an angel. |D;;; Hikaru threw the snake to Inoo and Inoo pretended to choke it to death and them made paella with it… XD;; but then Daiki started crying because all of BEST had gotten separated after high school, and this predictably led to Hikaru getting violent and attacking Daiki, and Yabu and Takaki had to pull him off, while Inoo yelled to take it outside and not fight inside his restaurant. XD; Then Daiki finally admitted his secret dream of all of BEST working at the same company wearing matching suits… to which Inoo replied that they should go to Izu in suits… which confused everyone until they repeated the phrase over and realized the pun. "In Izu in suits" is "Suits de Izu" in Japanese, which is basically the same as "Suits Deizu" or "Suits Days"… which is the song they performed after that. XD They were all trying to get to a single suit "in Izu", and "raced" to the back stage, where there was indeed a suit on a headless dress form. They took turns standing behind it to show how they would look in a suit, but Daiki was too short and you couldn't see him over the mannequin body. |D;;; At the end, they all said they would go find their own suits.

Up next was the 7 corner, which started with photos of them as small children on the screen. The video then zoomed in on Yamada's as Yamada came onstage and began to sing Moonlight while a video of him at maybe 14 or 15 performing Moonlight showed on the screen behind him. It then switched to Yuto's video while Yuto sang Uruwashi no Bad Girl, then Keito's video while Keito played guiter and sang HIGHER. Up last was Chinen's video while Chinen sang "Ookiku Nare Boku," and ended with him saying "Look how big I got!" Ahahaha. Then, all the members came to the center stage to perform Tada Mae E while a slideshow of recent photos showed in the background. It was really sweet and moving and they all looked in one another's eyes and it was so touching ;~~~;

After that was Wo I Need You (WHICH I JUST REALIZED IS A PUN ON CHINESE I'M SO SLOW T__T), for which everyone reappeared in adorable member-coloured plaid outfits with their names on the backs of the jackets. It was super cute, and they were at the back stage again, so they were really close to me! Then, they finished up the first half with Asu e no Yell, and they had us get out our towels and do towel twirling again.

Up next was the MC! At the beginning, they told Inoo to do something to make everyone laugh, and he said he couldn't, and they said it didn't have to be funny, but he still said he couldn't. Eventually he gave in and proposed to everyone XD;; Yabu commented that the Nagoya city hall was going to be crowded with everyone showing up for marriage licenses |D; Then, they told a story of how Takaki was stopped by a security guard trying to get backstage. Takaki sort of acted out the conversation between himself and the guard. The guard asked if Takaki had a backstage pass, to which he said he was never given one. The guard said that if he didn't have a pass, he couldn't come backstage, to which Takaki sheepishly replied, "I think it's oay if I come in…" Yabu said that actually he had been stopped too, but the guard realized halfway through who it was and let him in. They asked if Takaki had been wearing a staff T-shirt, and he replied that he hadn't, he'd just been wearing jeans, a T-shirt, a hat, and sandals. This led to a discussion of how Hikaru came in that day wearing 100% Hawaiian print, both his shirt and his short-pants. Hikaru said it was Yabu's fault, because he had worn it for a magazine shoot and Yabu said it suited him, so he bought it. Oh Hikaru and his fashion. |D;;

After that, Yamada talked about his 24 Hour TV drama, and the way he talked about it, and how tired and thin he seemed was so worrying ;; He said it made him reevaluate his life or something along those lines, which was really upsetting after knowing how depressed and unhappy Yamada had been in the past. I really hate seeing him so skinny after his really disordered eating period in 2012, too. ;___;

Then they started talking about the various promotions they were doing for 24 Hour TV, and how Inoo had been on Zip just that morning (and Hikaru and Daiki had had to go into Tokyo for Hiru Nan Desu, too), and Chinen was going to be on Pon in the near future. Chinen asked if Pon played in Nagoya (TV broadcasting is extremely regional in Japan), and Yamada was like "How can you ask that?! Don't offend them!!"… I'm not sure why he thought asking about TV channels was offensive. XD; Chinen and Inoo then talked about how Okada had grabbed their butts and pushed them on TV…?? You can kind of see it here. It's like he grabs the back of their underwear and pushes them forward that way. XD;

After that, Yuto started talking about Pink & Grey, and how he had become close with Shige from NEWS because he was starring in the movie, and about how he and Shige shared an interest in photography. But then he was continuing to talk, but Hikaru thought he was done and started talking about 24 Hour TV, and Yuto got extremely offended and started acting all angry and annoyed. When the others asked him what he was going to say, he offendedly huffed, "Nothing!" They finally coaxed him to keep talking, but then whenever it seemed like someone wasn't paying attention he called their name and asked why they weren't listening and generally acting like a kid. It was a pretty impressively embarrassing bitchfit, to be honest, but they were all really tired, and everyone just sort of tried to move on after that.

Yamada also announced his movie that's coming out soon, and mentioned again that it was a scary movie small children shouldn't come to see XD Daiki's new drama was also announced, and he talked a bit about his character.

After the MC, it was Yamada and Keito's segment. Before they started, they talked about Yamada's hair, and Yamada said he had cut it too short. Keito said he liked it, sort of implying that it was good because it looked like Keito's hair XD But Yamada said he didn't like showing his forehead. Saisho no Tokei itself was pretty awkward since it was basically a Yamada solo that Keito was playing the guitar for… they didn't zoom in much on Keito at all with the cameras the whole time, and it seemed like Yamada was supposed to act all emotional even though it felt sort of cheesy and like overkill. On the bright side, they zoomed in on Yamada's face a lot and you could see his cute greyish brown circle lenses! I love that he has the confidence now to do what he likes with his makeup and wear things like circle lenses.

Up next the arena went dark and the screen showed a flashing red warning, while JUMP's voices, talking in sort of a deep "dangerous" way, said they were taking over this concert. A video showed on the screen of JUMP all under a net while Keito and Yamada had their arms chained together having just come offstage from Saisho no Tokei. They asked what was going on and begged to be let go (Inoo even pulled tape off his mouth to talk, then put it back on afterwards |D;;), but the voices of "Sensations" told them that now they were going to make the crowd even more excited than JUMP could. The screen went dark, and then "Sensations" came onstage in their costumes from the PV and performed Korosensations! It was really beautiful XD Afterwards, it cut back to the video, with "Sensations" saying "Did you hear those screams? We made them more excited than you!" JUMP acted hurt and defeated, but then Sensations let them go XD;

Having been "let free," JUMP came back onto the stage as the lights came back up wearing their Chau# costumes. As they walked down the catwalk to the center stage, Inoo said, "Is it okay for us to enjoy ourselves?" which in Japanese literally ends in "ii no?" So of course we all responded "OKAY!!" They then did Kira Kira Hikare in the center stage, and Yabu and Takaki ran into one another fucking up the choreography. |D;;

After that was Chau#, but instead of doing the choreography, they went on carts, which I thought was an odd way to do their most recent single. Inoo's mic was turned off for his line through a mistake on the part of the crew (I assume?), so no one could hear his solo line the first time, OTL. The UNION members disappeared partway through, which I also thought was weird for a recent single. It seemed like they were treating it like an old single, even though it hadn't been performed in concert before. At any rate, it was amusing to see various people sing Daiki's solo line. Inoo saw my uchiwa while he was on the back stage somewhere around here, but he looked pretty put out from having his mic not turned on during his solo line, understandably.

In the words of yomimashou, our resident Yabu lover, "UNION was pretty boring even as a Yabu fan." XD; It was pretty much just them standing on the stage with Daiki doing the DJ thing and Yabu singing into a standing mic and Hikaru playing bass? It was really not visually interesting at all. But they sounded good?

After that evryone else came back onto the main stage for Yowamushi Shooter. They were wearing the pants from the member colour letterman jacket outfits from s3art along with different coloured tops, and they had their instruments for JUMP band. Hikaru went and stood right by Inoo at the piano and made eyes at him the whole time, which was really cute. They also showed the CG JUMP Characters video and did the penlight dance along with us.

The next segment is known by me as Yuto Has A Drum Solo That Was Way Too Long. I'm really unsure why Yuto had a solo at all when no other members did, but one doesn't ask questions in Johnny's. Yuujikku on the screen praised Yuto's drumming and asked him to play some senpai songs (Happiness by Arashi, Love You Only by TOKIO, and Knife by Kanjani8). The screen showed a fake video game similar to Guitar Hero, and he played the songs, earning a good score, before ending in JUMP's Romeo and Juliet. It was pretty random, in my opinion. Yuto is really good at the drums, but it was just odd for him to get a long solo when no one else did.

After that, the guys came onto the center stage in their dark cloaks, but then they brought the lights all the way down and the guys turned on some sort of colourful lights or glowsticks or something. They did choreography making interesting configurations and shapes with the lights before the lights came up and they did Beat Line… during which Yuto had another drum solo. It was just the usual one, but still. So much Yuto. XD;

After that, the guys pulled red cloths? Ribbons? out of their sleeves. They were like long pieces of cloth that flowed sort of like rhythmic gymnastics ribbons that they danced with. They used them during Ai yo Boku wo Michibiite Yuke, which was really nice. I hadn't realized how many important solo lines Ino-chan had on this album! ♥

They then moved onto the main stage to do Boys Don't Stop, and they played a video in the background where the guys had bits of their faces painted with phosphorescent paint. They showed them in black light so that the paint was glowing. They were also wearing shuttershades and it was generally a quality video. XD; Inochan had "don't stop" written on one hand, and it was super cute.

Up next was the last spurt, which consisted of AinoArika and Ultra Music Power, before the ballad, Very Very Happy. I don't really love it as a ballad, but they performed it well. The show ended with one encore, where Inoo, Chinen, Takaki, Yamada, and Daiki were on carts and Yuto, Keito, Yabu, and Yabu were on carts in the Arena. All of them had three balls each, but for some reason, by the end, Yabu and Takaki still had one ball each. |D;; The encore consisted of Dreams Come True and Aisureba Motto Happy Life, and then that was the end!

It was a really fun concert, even if the guys were clearly really tired from all their 24 Hour TV promotions. I'm glad that I got to see it twice! I'll try to get my report from the 19th up soon!
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Recent Posts from This Journal

  • Winter vacation

    It's kind of depressing that this is always what I end up posting to LJ for, but the past few months have been really busy for me, so... that's life,…

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