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Fic Archive! :D

This is a list of the stories I've posted to date. They're sorted by fandom, then by pairing.

Jun/Aiba: The Little Things, Hardly Romantic [includes Aiba/Nino and Aiba/Toma], Giveaway, All Work and No Play, this is perfect, Repetition, waiting, a simpler variation of ☁ just a little black raincloud remix, serenity {the like an onion remix}
Ohmiya: Times Like These, Sick [side Jun/Aiba], Clean and Honest, People Skills [companion to Giveaway], Bad History
Sho/Aiba: Bad
Nino/Aiba: 愛じゃない?, Always
Juntoshi: The Good Boy
Yama Pair: Somewhere from the Dysfunction
Sho-centric: Well Enough [includes Jun/Aiba and Ohmiya]

Azumanga Daioh
TomoYomi: The Glasses

Bad Boys J
Hiro/Erika: Hindsight, never my love
Jun/Kenjirou: Forgive and Forget

Ganjyu/Hanatarou: Strong
Gin/Hitsugaya: Toy (hints of Aizen/Gin)
Gin/Kira: Broken
Aizen/Gin: Five Games Ichimaru Gin Won, and One He Played to Lose (feat. Gin/many other people)
Hinamori→Aizen: Clutch Tight Her Heart
Byakuya/Renji: Appearances
Kusaka/Hitsugaya: Rule Breakers

Bus Gamer
NakajyoMishiba: Chance Meetings

Cardcaptor Sakura
TouyaYukito: Pink Petals

Fullmetal Alchemist
RoyEd: Surprises, For Better or For Worse, Xing!verse: The Foreigner, The Perfect Match, Taking a Trip
AlWrath: Complementary, Waking Up, His Favourite Things
ScarAl: Human
EdNoa: Saviour

EiriShuichi: Dedication, Tying it Tighter, Shuichi is Quite Possibly the most Immature Person in the World, Music, Closer

Hard to Hold
Shimura→Hiiro: Tangibility [includes Hiiro→Aoshima], 心中, Unloved

Harry Potter
Gen: First Love
GeorgeFred: 5 Small Incidents that Snowballed into Something Rather Significantly Larger
George/Percy: Suspension of Disbelief (implied George/Fred)
Albus Severus/Scorpius: Untitled

Hey! Say! JUMP
YamaChii:もどかしい時だって, Aviophobia, Morning Becomes Electra (contains other various JE talents /Chinen), Glaciers, looks like rain, where my heart belongs, home for the holidays, Let it Go, brilliance,あけまして, Spoiled, Entertainment Value, Prism, Strong, wretched, Presence, Christmas Miracle
Hikanoo: Little White Lies, Honestly, artistic process, もっとみてよ、みつめてよ, romantic, Common Sense, Teacher's Pet, Light, Ready, Gravity, Reprieve, Worth It, Bananas, Birthday Surprise</b>, Advice, effortless, Quiet Little Moments, 恋してタイトいいんじゃない?, Messy, Easy, thaw
Yabu/Takaki: Perfectly Logical, Weird, coīre, Snow Day
Yuto/Keito: Hero, Lucky, Earnest Proposals
Takaki/Chinen: Clueless
Gen: もう戻れないよ (Yamada-centric), Warmth, judgement, unyielding, Attention

House, M.D.
HouseWilson: Looking Up, Un-Miserable, Almost Perfect, Connecting the Dots

Johnny's Junior
Bakaleya-kumi: Sometimes (Jesse/Yugo), sweet victory, the best gift (Kento/Yugo; Jesse/Yugo), the cutest (Yuma/Shintaro), Stupid (Kamenashi Kazuya/Yugo), just right (Jesse/Yugo), 遥かな約束 (Yugo-centric)
B.I.Shadow-centric: Certainly (Hokuto/Fuma; Kento/Yugo), 慣れた (Hokuto/Fuma), From Now On (Hokuto/Fuma), Resolution (Hokuto/Fuma), daitai daijoubu (Yugo/Kento), there will be time (Hokuto/ Fuma), Support Line (Hokuto/Fuma), Clear Blue (Jesse/Yugo, Kento/Yugo), nightlight (Hokuto/Fuma), deuce (Hokuto/Fuma), forward (Kento/Yugo friendship), at the beginning with you (Hokuto/Fuma), 悟られたくない Friday night, Tonight (>_<) (Hokuto/Fuma), Do you want to build a snowman?(Hokuto/Fuma)
Sexy Boyz: clouds in his coffee (Jinguji/Reia), Clueless(Haniuda Amu→Nakamura Reia), to the freedom (Jinguji/Reia), 'Tis the Season (Fu/Kishi), words like those (Jinguji/Reia), no matter (Jinguji-centric), falling (Genki→Miyachika), only you (Jinguji/Reia), 愛及屋烏 (Fu/Kishi), It's hard to dance with a devil on your back (Genki→Miyachika), The Best Medicine (Miyachika/Genki), 相変わらず (Jinguji/Reia), intensity (Jinguji/ Reia), pocketful of starlight (Jinguji/Reia), (third time's the) charm (Jinguji/Reia), Roméo et Juliette (Kishi/Fu), Nice (Jinguji/Reia), Ego-booster (Jinguji/Reia), getting better (Jinguji/Reia), infirmity (Miyachika/Genki), Happiness (MatsuMatsu friendship), slow but steady (Genki-centric), White Knight (Kishi/Fu), Threshold (Genki-centric), Hold (Jinguji/Reia), a dream is a wish your heart makes (Sou/Genta), closer (Jinguji/Reia), Comfort (Jinguji/Reia), Flurries (MatsuMatsu), best laid plans (Jinguji/Reia), such a pretty pair

Kamen Teacher
Kinzo/Shishimaru: Belief, pretty words like love, brave new world, Hold On
Satoshi/Bon: Courage
Kusanagi brothers: just love

Karafuto Ojisan
gen: 赤いスイートピー

M/T, 2/S, T/K: public affair, the on and on and on remix
T/K: Independence Day
M/T: (kiss and) makeup

Maharaja Mode
Vishnu/Parvati: Durga Puja
Pasupata/Shiva: Like (Implied one-sided Pasupata/Nataraja)
Niganda/Adis: Want
Shiva/Shusai: Positive Procrastination
Shiva/Parvati: Reality (includes Vishnu/Parvati)

Serizawa/Naruse: trading tomorrows

Ouran High School Host Club
MoriHoney: Happy
KyouyaTamaki: Phone Tag

Panic Age
Eiji/Jay: Hate and its companions, Between the Cracks, All or Nothing, Growth, and Everything's Okay, plus epilogue Ever After
Eiji/Daiki: Everything, Parental Responsibility
Tuti/Nagayan: Staying Strong
Wasshi/Mizuki: The Better Pursuit

Ping Pong
SmilePeco: Night Sky

*pnish* skits
Ki-chan/Nocchi [On5 Schoolgirl skit]: Confidence

Prince of Tennis
Golden Pair: Nice, The First Date, Warmer, Unexpected Interlude, Given Name, Shorts, Sacrifice, Unexpected Happiness (contains m-preg!)
Royal Pair: Gold Digger, Spoiled, Ended Up, Thank Goodness
Dirty Pair: Fear (this contains Sakaki/Gakuto non-con), The Winner, Being Civil, Worth It, Twenty Factors that Shaped Mukahi Gakuto and its followup, A Day in the Life of Mukahi Gakuto, Pressed Flowers, Hot and Cold
Yuuta/Mizuki: Giving In, No Shame, Beautiful
Echizen/Dan: Strong
Sakaki/Atobe: Responsibility
Katsuo/Kachiro: Blush
Silver Pair: Snow Day, What Actually Happened
InuiKaidoh: Baby
Taka/Fuji: Ai Ai Gasa, 20 Steps Towards Humanity and its sequel, Tenderness, Self-Deprecation
Platinum Pair: Switch, Love
Pillar Pair: Tired, Discipline, Rules, A Chance Meeting, Understanding, Support and its companion, Gift, Ever After, Communication, Something Like Love, Hatsuyume, Hashira (includes Imperial Pair)
Hiyoshi/Gakuto: Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned (one-sided; Dirty Pair), So Dawn Goes (includes ShishiGaku and Dirty Pair)
Chapter Fics
[WIP] Untitled (one sided Momo/Eiji; Golden Pair; Momo/Sengoku): All That Glitters, Tanoshimi, Forgiveness, Doubles
[WIP] Untitled (one sided Hiyoshi/Gakuto; Dirty Pair): A Dilemma, Uncertainty, A Bad Situation and its side-story, Mukahi Gakuto's 10 Easy Steps to Getting Laid (feat. Silver Pair)

Samurai Mode
Shisui/Saiga: Love, Change, Burnt Out, Out of Line, Talented

3993 (SanzoGoku): Chu, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Role-Reversal, Still and Quiet, Hohoemi, The Birds and the Bees
5885 (GojyoHakkai): Tightrope, Mechanism, Nyctophobia, Snow Day, Redemption, Mr. Brightside, Lady Macbeth, Numbers, Dearly Beloved, Happy Ending, Make it Feel Better, Shower Habits, Sweet Dreams, Not Alone
58 and 39: Loveless, The Damned and the Doomed
Hazel/Sanzo: Mind, Body, Soul
Ukoku/Hazel: The Promise

Secret Box
Haru/Izumi: Holding On, Pull Through, 歩き始めた日, Something Special

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou
Yuuki/Makoto: do not disturb, Illumination
Sayuri/Fumie: Gift
Tetsuya/Tatsuya: bring out the best (mentions of Tetsuya→Fumie)
Satoshi/Maya: strong inside but you don't know it
Ren/Kenji: Alike in Dignity

Sexy Zone
Gen: Grown Up, Family (Fuma-centric), sticks and stones (Marius-centric)
Shori→Kento: 勝利また勝利 and its companion Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, comfortable silence, and night will be no more

Tenimyu/Small Japanese Theatre RPS
ShirotaYanagi: Pretty Darling, Do Not Cry, Serenade, Morning Coffee
TutiNagayan: Forgetfulness, Yokatta (Kimeru's point of view), Spend the Night (feat. Eiji/Daiki)
DaiMao: Vietnam
KonomiKimeru: Silence, Letters
Kimeru/Nagayan: Mirai wa Bacchiri (one sided; contains Tuti/Nagayan), Late
SaiRui: Fifteen
Tuti/Eiji: Waking Up
Wasshi/Mizuki: Not Much of Anything, 3 Kisses That Don't Really Count, and One that Does, Generation Gap [includes Oota Motohiro→Wasshi], An Understanding

Tokyo Mew Mew
RyouKeiichiro: I Promise, Doki-doki

Trenchcoat Mode
Tako-chan: Something Right, Pillow Talk, Backstage Intermission

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
KuroganeFye: Blue Skies
AshuraFye: Echo

Western Mode
♣/♥ (Wanizuka/Avery): (in)comprehensible, Irresponsibility
♦/♠ (Cress/Harry): Survive

Wild Adapter
Kubota/Tokitoh: Home, End of Summer and its companion, Without Moving On, Photographs and Memories

DoumekiWatanuki: Pretty in Pink

Ya-ya-yah Variety Show Spinoff
Kusao/Shigeko: くさ夫くん物語, Presents
Koyama/Yabuko: Slideshow

NoaMokuba: Tanabata, Kaiten-Mokuba, Sleep Cycle
SetoMokuba (or gen...interperate them as you wish.): Illusions of Grandeur, Checkmate, Past Eleven, Just as Good as Yesterday
All Kaibas/Mokuba: So This is Love
Yami Yuugi/Yuugi: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Yu Yu Hakusho
HieiKurama: A Little Fun, Happiness

Fics marked with a strikethrough are considered outdated (works I don't consider an example of my current writing skills). They remain on this list for posterity's sake, and I advise you not to read them.
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