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Sooooo I bring you ficcage today. :D It's completely ignoring Conqueror of Shamballa canon...because the end of the movie sucks. XP; Hope y'all like...:D

Title: Surprises

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and Conqueror of Shamballa are not mine.

Rating: PG for...teh gheyness. XD;

Warnings: Shounen-ai/BL, post movie AU (yes, this means spoilers, and it also means complete ignoring of CoS canon;), fluff :D

Author's Note: I read a whole bunch of these and I couldn't resist writing my own...even though it's not as good as the others...XD; maybe you'll get a sequal~ &hearts


Ed had been surprised at his own soft feeling of disappointment when he learned that Roy would never have a chance to be Fuhrer. The title, it seemed, had been dissolved in the three years he had been gone, replaced by a parliament and a prime minister. Ed was generally unperturbed by these changes, however, since his first line of business in the aftermath of the attack from Munich was to get some rest. Al showed him to a nearby hotel, and that was where they spent the night, Ed's first night back home. He never slept more soundly, and he didn't give the government another thought.

When he awoke the next morning to find most of the damage was already in the process of being repaired, he couldn't help but storm into Roy's office, only partially feux-angry that he wasn't asked for help. He was somewhat surprised to find that the office now belonged to Hawkeye and that the former Colonel was stuck as a corporal for a few more days, until they would have time to hold a ceremony promoting him back to Colonel for his efforts in the fight against the German soldiers, but brushed that fact aside and addressed his complaints to Roy, anyway.

He didn't know what he had been expecting, but he certainly wasn't ready for the kiss Roy pulled him into, explaining that they were no longer in the same chain of command. After three years, Ed couldn't help but melt into his arms, even if only for a moment before the two both set out to help with the reconstruction of Central, gaining Al in tow along the way.

Ed was surprised for the second time that day when, after a toiling day of alchemizing buildings back into one piece, Roy asked if he, instead of returning to Risembool, would like to stay in Central, with him. After his initial reaction of nearly fainting, Ed had given Al a hesitant glance only to receive enthusiastic permission from his younger brother.

It took almost a full year for Ed to get accustomed to city living. Though Al came up to visit every-other weekend and Winry still called and made the occasional automail checkup, it was fundamentally different from living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. For the first time in his life, he had shopping malls, phone booths, an automobile all at his disposal! And, since he had chosen against reinstating in the military in order to try to pursue a relatively normal life, he had plenty of time to explore the his new home, try things he never had time for when he was living for someone else. But, yet, it never crossed him mind to check up on the legal changes that had been made during his three year absence.

The fact came up in a dinner conversation one day with Roy. The two had been discussing upcoming elections, and it became quite obvious that Ed had absolutely no idea how a parliamentary system worked. When Roy had hit the nail on the head, Ed embarassedly admitted that he had not bothered to catch up with all of the new laws that had come about with the new government (he had other things to be doing, after all!), and Roy had volunteered to bring home a book the next day for him to look at.

Ed knew he was becoming overly housewify when he made dinner and left it out for Roy, who sometimes returned home from work after Ed had gone to bed. He guessed it couldn't be helped, living like this for so long, and decided he wouldn't worry about it unless someone brought it up, and besides, it was lonely going to bed like this without Roy here, and he had to do something to show the other man that he cared. He drifted off to sleep resolving to give Roy a hard time for working too hard the next morning.

Unfortunately, Ed's plan failed miserably when he awoke the next morning to find Roy already gone and only a book left at his place in bed. Upon closer inspection, the book was what Roy had promised him, detailing all of the new laws in the parliamentary Amestresian government. Ed found some of it interesting and some of it quite dull, but one passage struck him the most.

It was a passage detailing the law of marriage and surrounding matters, which, in and of itself was not outstandingly interesting. But one sentence out of the passage was underlined, as if someone had been making note of it.

No couple, regardless of race, religious affiliation, or sexual preference shall be denied a legal marriage.

Ed's lips curled into a small grin, that law definitely had not existed before he left. He supposed the underline was some sort of joke, Roy playing with him, and thought nothing else of it when he set the book aside and went about his morning routine.

In fact, he didn't think of the book at all again until late that evening, when Roy finally returned home from work and the two sat down to dinner. Ed had been chastising him for working too hard and never spending any time at home when Roy had brought up the topic.

"Ah, yes, Fullmetal, did you find the book I left you?"

Ed tried to hide his nostalgic smile at being called his old nickname, even though it technically no longer applied. "Yeah, I looked at it."

"I see." Ed could tell Roy was choosing his words carefully even though he was acting nonchalant, going about eating his dinner as if he wasn't up to something and wondered why. "Did you find it interesting?"

"I guess," Ed replied with a shrug. "Some of it was kind of boring, but some of it was interesting..." he trailed, remembering the underlined sentence. After a brief deliberation, he decided to take a risk and bring it up in conversation. "I did notice that one section was underlined....did that mean something?"

Roy cleared his throat and looked up at Ed, and Ed couldn't help but stare back, wondering what was about to happen. Roy hesitated another moment, then nodded. "Ah, yes. That brings me to something else." He put on one of his most charming smiles, and, even though Ed could tell he was nervous, the younger alchemist was nonetheless transfixed.

"Fullmetal, will you marry me?"

Ed felt his jaw drop and his eyes widen. He knew his face was turning pink, and he subconsciously put a hand to his mouth. "Roy....I...."

Roy appeared to be holding his breath, he looked as if nothing in his life would ever be more important than Ed's answer to this question. At that, Ed felt some sort of happy feeling bubble up in his stomach, and he broke into a grin.

"Of course I'll marry you, bastard!"

Roy looked so relieved and overjoyed at this comment, that Ed couldn't help but melt into a full-fledged smile. After all, of all the surprises he had recieved since he returned Amestris, this we definitely the best of all.
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