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21 November 2015 @ 10:33 pm
Kuji goods!  
As promised, I come bearing photos of kuji goods! I don't want to think about how much I spent on this kuji in total, but it's so worth it! The goods were all so cute, and I'm really happy with them. ♥

The kuji goods! Going top to bottom from left to right, we have the badge, the socks, the handkerchief towel, one of the two combs, the other comb, the pouch, the hair elastic, and the pen!

And of course the best thing… my Inochan hanger. ♥ My friends still have a few other hangers that are coming my way, as well, but I haven't seen them in person. I think in the end I should end up with two more Inoos, a Chinen, and a Hikaru. :3

We also got two mirrors (the best prize, of which there was only one per 7-11) and one cushion (the "last one" prize, which means if you buy the last kuji ticket you'll get it, also) to divide among me and two friends, so that works out nicely~

The mirror is really cute! It reminds me of Sailor Moon. The inner circle is 7's colours and the outer one is BEST's colours, so cute~

Here are most of the non-My Melody 7-11 goods that I got~ Cookie tin, notebook, temporary tattoos, clearfile, deck of playing cards~

The individually packaged cookies are so cute~

There were also JUMP potato chips~

There were no pictures of JUMP on them or anything, but the JUMP-coloured bears were super cute.

Lastly, the My Melo Collab goods! I forgot to take a photo of the plush in its package, but the packaging wasn't very exciting anyway.

All done up with member colours! I love how much member colour stuff there was for this. ♥

I'm so grateful that JUMP finally got a 7-11 Kuji. ;____; It's all finally ended and they took down all the banners, sadly, but it was so wonderful while it lasted. I hope that eventually they'll have another!
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ficreader_02ficreader_02 on November 24th, 2015 04:06 am (UTC)
2 Inoo hangers? Wow... Envy you...

ミランダ (大丈夫)faded_lace on November 24th, 2015 12:22 pm (UTC)
Haha, yeah, I'm really lucky! I'm super grateful to my friends who won them for me.
ceresechizen_patrice on November 24th, 2015 12:19 pm (UTC)
You're so lucky you were able to get the trump cards! I tried a lot of services that buy 7-11 goods since I'm not in Japan and nobody was able to buy it :( Is the mirror worth it? I found a seller that sells it for 9800yen
ミランダ (大丈夫): Chinen: musingfaded_lace on November 24th, 2015 12:26 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry, that's too bad :( Not all 7-11 stores stocked everything, so we got lucky. I haven't opened the mirror yet since I haven't worked out with my friends who will get what item (mirror or cushion), but I don't think I'd pay that much for it. The lottery tickets were 600 yen, so you're paying 16 times as much as the original price, and it doesn't have the member's faces on it, or anything, as far a I know. But that's just my opinion! What matters is if it's worth it to you. ^_^;
ceresechizen_patrice on November 24th, 2015 12:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think so too. It's too expensive. I really wanted the trump cards though! I tried a lot of services and everybody said that it was already sold out. I tried searching for it in Yahoo Auction JP and it's quite expensive as well. Not to mention I have to pay for shipping fee...
:( The hanger looks nice though! I initially thought, Hanger? What am I going to do with it! But then I saw the pictures online and it's very creative! I would love a Nakajima Yuto hanger haha!
ミランダ (大丈夫): Inoo: Pretty princess ♥faded_lace on November 24th, 2015 01:11 pm (UTC)
Sadly, it was hard for everyone, even people who live here. I wasn't able to get the pushpins or the banner or a few other things, either.

Yeah XD The hangers are pretty cute and I love the things fans are doing with them.
S: Yamada: happyyomimashou on November 26th, 2015 05:58 am (UTC)
These goods were so cute, I can still barely believe it ;~~~; All the cute designs, so many goods with their faces, and My Melo member color goods, we really couldn't ask for anything more XD I hope they have another 7-11 collab too~
ミランダ (大丈夫): Yamachii: cuddlesfaded_lace on December 5th, 2015 02:11 am (UTC)
I know ;~~; This kuji and collab was really amazing. We're lucky Tobikko ;__;