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14 October 2006 @ 06:59 pm
New RoyEd CoS fic. ^^  
So. Another fic, yes yes. This one has CoS spoilers and is has already spawned as well, so. ^^; Please enjoy.

Title: Once upon a Dream

Disclaimer: I don't own Hagaren, specifically Conqueror of Shamballa.

Rating: PGish

Warnings: Ed/Roy...ish. Movie spoilers.

Author's Note: I dislike CoS. But...I had to write a fic. XD;


Ed and Al were already on the boat to America before Ed started seeing things. He assumed it must just be the stress of looking for this uranium bomb, the excitement of finally having someone who understood him to stand beside him, the soreness of his heart of leaving everything he knew and loved behind, but, whatever the cause, he kept thinking he was seeing people on the ship whom he knew couldn't be there. Namely a certain Roy Mustang.

He knew he shouldn't be thinking about the Colonel now, or ever again, because he was never going to see the other man again, and he needed to move on. He had never been quite sure what their relationship had been, anyway. He knew that Mustang had things that he had to be devoted to, like his subordinates and his goal of becoming Fuhrer, and that he must have been third or fourth on the Colonel's list. And it wasn't like Ed didn't have other things he found more important, like Al and the Philosopher's Stone.

But yet, strangely, there had been some sort of relationship. So much so, in fact, that Ed had selfishly found himself wanting more, even though he knew there couldn't be more. And now, now that he would never see the man again in his life, he felt a longing, like a soreness in his heart, for the Colonel's presence.

So he wandered around the boat with a cloud over his head until late in the third day when he was so focused on the ground and not where he was going that he ran straight into someone else. He was mumbling his not-really-heartfelt apologies when he looked up at who he was talking to and his jaw dropped.

A man with jet black hair and small, dark eyes blinked back at him. A man who Ed had seen so many times in his life and yet never seen before.

Before Ed knew it, "Colonel...?" he slipped out of his mouth in disbelief. The man blinked at him, then shook his head. "I'm Roy Mustang...Have we met?"

Ed grinned. "Maybe...in a dream."
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