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05 January 2016 @ 07:08 pm
2015 writing meme!  
I always do the same 3 memes at the beginning of every year, so here's the first! This is the writing meme, where I link and talk about all my fics from 2015. It's always interesting me to look over all my work from one year together, so hopefully it's interesting to people who are not me, too. ^^;; So without further ado:

Fics this year (oldest to newest):
Do you want to build a snow man? [Sexy Zone/SixTONES; Hokuto/Fuma]
遥かな約束 [SixTONES; Yugo-centric]
best laid plans [Juniors; Jinguji/Reia]

Ready [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo; Americaverse]
brilliance [JUMP; Yamada/Chinen]
あけまして [JUMP; Yamada/Chinen; Americaverse]

Lucky [JUMP; Yuto/Keito; Americaverse]
Warmth [JUMP; Daiki-centric; idolverse]
gravity [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo; idolverse]

Spoiled [JUMP; YamaChii]
reprieve [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo]
Worth It [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo]

Bananas [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo]
Weird [JUMP; Yabu + Tackey]
赤いスイートピー [Karafuto Ojisan; Tohru + Hitomi]

Entertainment Value [JUMP; Yuto + Yamada]
Birthday Surprise [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo; idolverse]
Advice [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo]

Prism [JUMP; Yamada/Chinen; Americaverse]
such a pretty pair [Juniors; Jinguji/Reia]
Effortless [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo; KQJ-verse]

Strong [JUMP; Yamada/Chinen]
quiet little moments [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo]

coīre [JUMP; Takaki/Yabu]
wretched [JUMP; Yamada + Yuto/Chinen]
恋してタイトいいんじゃない? [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo]
Earnest Proposals [JUMP; Yuto/Keito; Americaverse]

judgement [JUMP; Yamada-centric; idolverse]
Messy [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo]

unyielding [JUMP; Best-centric]
Attention [JUMP; Yuto + Chinen; idolverse]
Presence [JUMP; Yamada/Chinen]

Easy [JUMP; Hikaru/Inoo]
Christmas Miracle [JUMP; Yamada/Chinen; Americaverse]

Total: 34

Total word count this year
61,737 words. This year had a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of stressful and busy periods, and in the end I wrote 9 less fics than last year, and 28,197 words less. I'm trying not to be too rough on myself about it, though, and just do my best in 2016.

Looking back, did you write more fics than you thought you would this year, less than you thought, or about what you predicted?
I wrote less than I thought, based on what I was able to accomplish in the past few years, but I'm trying to give myself some slack. I traveled internationally more this year, and had more work and personal obligations, as well, so rather than stress and have regrets, I want to face forward and do my best this year.

Where did you publish/archive your stories?
My JE fic archive and my AO3 account, though AO3 is painfully out of date >_>;

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2010?
Unsurprisingly, Hikaru and Inoo was my big pairing! Out of my total 34 fics, 12 were Hikaru and Inoo, which is more than 1/3. In terms of fandom, I think it show pretty clearly that JUMP is where my heart belongs right now, since 30 of my 34 fics were either JUMP or JUMP-related. While I might not be happy with how little I wrote, I'm happy with who and what I wrote, so I hope this year I have less reason to be inspired by angst and worry, like I did with Juniors and Sexy Zone, and more reason to be inspired by happy and fun things, like I did with JUMP. ♥

What’s your favorite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.
This is always a really difficult question, but I think this year it's 赤いスイートピー. Actually, not that I really have "popular" fics, but the fics I like the most tend to not be the popular ones. |D; At any rate, Karafuto Ojisan both enveloped and totally destroyed my heart for a good chunk of this year, and I feel like I was really able to get a lot of my feelings out in this fic. I'm also really happy with the way the imagery and themes all worked out in it, and… I just love Tohru, okay. T__T;

Okay, NOW your most popular story.
None of my stories are popular, but… I think probably 恋してタイトいいんじゃない?, which I'm also really proud of, so yay. I'm really happy with how many people seemed excited to see ABO for Johnny's, and that I was able to write porn that people enjoyed. I'm pretty self conscious of my porn writing abilities, or lack thereof, so I'm always glad to get comments on those fics. I also got a lot of comments on how I'd developed the verse, which really made me happy as well, because I pride myself on the details of these sorts of things, and I'm glad when it makes it more enjoyable for other people, too.

Story most under appreciated by the universe?
I guess 赤いスイートピー, but it's totally understandable because pretty much no one saw the play in foreign fandom. XD; I really wish there had been a DVD, though, so everyone could see how amazing it was ;__; and then hopefully read my fic. |D;

Story that could have been better?
I wrote a lot of drabbles with less than 1,000 words for Shiritori this year that probably could have been better if they were longer and more fleshed out, but I procrastinated too long and ended up in a time crunch ><

Sexiest story?
I wrote a record-breaking four NC-17 rated fics this year!! I think maybe Worth It is my favourite, because that photo was perfect and I feel like I was really inspired to write something good from it.

Most fun story?
Pretty much any story from Americaverse is really fun to write! I know it's silly, but write JUMP as people who grew up in America is really fun and comes easily to me~

Story with single sweetest moment?
Maybe unyielding? I'm not sure if that sort of thing is what this question meant, but I like to think of BEST coming together and supporting one another ;; Alternately, 赤いスイートピー, in a family way. I guess I didn't write enough romantic fics this year. |D;

The story that made you cry?
Both of those ones above made me cry while writing them ;__; I'm pretty lame and cry about my own fics too often.

Hardest story to write?
For some reason I always struggle with idolverse, so I had trouble with gravity. I guess it's just that I want idolverse to be perfect, so I end up agonizing over the detail.

Easiest story to write?
I think most Americaverse fics come pretty easily. |D; I was born in America and lived there for all of my youth, so it's fun and amusing to me to put elements of that into the fics in that AU. I have no idea if Americaverse is funny to anyone who hasn't ever lived in America (or even anyone who hasn't lived on the east coast of America), but I really enjoy writing it. |D;

Most overdue story?
Every year, I say I don't know what this means, and… I still don't. XD Maybe 恋してタイトいいんじゃない?? Because Johnny's fandom needs more ABO!

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
I don't know if it really counts as a risk, but I think the biggest thing that I did this year was continue writing my AUs. I tend to be kind of embarrassed about that sort of thing, and also worry that I won't be able to write enough to make it worthwhile, so it's sort of a big deal that I built up 3 AUs this year (King & Queen & Joker verse, Americaverse, and idolverse), as well as writing two other AUs with Do you want to build a snow man? and 恋してタイトいいんじゃない?.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?
I guess… take it easy and enjoy writing. I think after I was able to be so prolific in 2014, I sort of put more pressure on myself that the number of fics I wrote was more important than what those fics were about, or if I was enjoying the process, and I think that sort of wore me down in 2015. I know I could have written more, but I also had a lot going on, and the pressure I was putting on myself to produce more fic actually probably just made me more stressed in the end. So I'd like to try to write 3 fics a month again, for a total of 36 fics in a year, but I really want to try to enjoy the process.

Leitmotif of the year:
As I've said in previous years… XD; "Um... feelings? XD As always, I write fics in which not much happens but people feel a lot of feelings and think a lot of thoughts, so... yeah. Oops? XD;"

Story with the single sexiest moment:
I don't really know how to judge the sexiness of my own fics, but I do like the intimate feeling at the beginning of Messy.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
My personal preferences aside, I try to keep my fics socially acceptable, so that a wider audience can enjoy them.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
赤いスイートピー was really interesting for me to write, because the play only gives you so much to work with, and I had so many feelings about the characters that I needed to resolve and did resolve in this fic. I often talk my feelings out with yomimashou, which has a lot of benefits, but there's a satisfying feeling of… actualization? when I work through my feelings and ideas on my own in a fic.

Biggest surprise:
Maybe that I was able to write four porn fics this year! I'm really not confident in my abilities to write porn, so the fact that I managed to finish Worth It, wretched, 恋してタイトいいんじゃない?, and Messy is impressive to me!

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to:
I have a particular WIP that I'm working on, and I'm really looking forward to getting it done. I don't want to spill too much or jinx myself, but… well, it probably won't be exciting for anyone els, but it's exciting for me. |D;

While fic writing in 2015 had its ups and downs, I wrote some things I really like this past year. ♥ Here's to hoping I can continue to produce works I'm proud of in 2016, too!
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S: Hikanoo :oyomimashou on January 24th, 2016 11:41 am (UTC)
It's always interesting to look back on your fics! And it always reminds me of things I want to go back and reread XD

赤いスイートピー was definitely one of my favorites too! Tohru ♥

I'm really happy that 恋してタイトいいんじゃない? was appreciated by other people too, because it was seriously so good, and it's nice to see other people enjoying ABO too |D

Also yes to Worth It, that was so good *___* It's awesome that you wrote more porn this year! I think they all came out really good :3

unyielding is one that's on my to-reread list, but it definitely made me cry the first time ;__; BEST supporting each other ;~~~;

Looking forward to what you write in 2016, too! ♥
ミランダ (大丈夫): Inoo&Hikaru: upwardfaded_lace on February 1st, 2016 01:29 am (UTC)
I'm glad there are things you want to reread. ^^;

Tohru is so cute. ;__; I really want to find a way to continue his universe, though it does feel like I ought to just let it be now that I gave him a real happy ending. Either way, I miss him so much and I'm glad I was able to write a good fic about him. ;__;

Ahaha yes! I was actually quite surprised at the good response I got. I'm glad everyone appreciated the worldbuilding, because it was really quite fun for me to work out all the little differences in Johnny's due to the ABO setup.

Ahaha I'm glad. |D;;; Inoo just lends himself to porn, I guess. |D;;;; I'm really glad that I was able to write so much this year, though!

Aww, I'm glad ;; I had a lot of feelings after Best Artist so I'm glad I was able to get them out well in that fic.

Thank you! I'll do my best not to disappoint ;;
S: Inoo: pretty :)yomimashou on February 4th, 2016 11:54 am (UTC)
Yeah, Tohru is the cutest ;~~~; And I feel you on that. Maybe we'll continue it sometime (because he's always adorable to talk about), but if not you gave him a really good ending ♥

Ahaha Inoo does lend himself to porn XD And I love how you write him~
ミランダ (大丈夫): Inoo: intimatefaded_lace on February 5th, 2016 01:41 am (UTC)
He really is though. ;___; I do want to continue with him, but it sort of feels like in terms of fic… I ended his story well and I don't want to be that person who makes a low-budget, straight to DVD sequel.

I'm glad. |D;