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06 January 2016 @ 03:00 pm
New Year's Meme!  
In an all-time actually not all time (I did this meme on January 13 in 2008) record of lateness, here is my regular New Year's meme! It's always interesting to look back on the year, and to compare to the year previous, so I always enjoy doing this. ♥

In your archive, find the first post for every month of 2015, and copy and paste the first sentence here.

January: Happy new year, flist!! I'm finally back home for good after all my travels over the winter holiday season, so I just got around to this meme!
[As usual, my first post was this meme. XD;]

February: Okay, I'm finally getting around to my last France post! I really suck x__x but at long last, Versailles and my flight home!
[It took me a long time to get all my France photos posted, clearly. |D;]

March: DI assume by now pretty much everyone has seen the Crea schedule, but I figured I'd translate it just in case. busy right now. But I like writing and thinking about these sorts of things! So...
[This was a translation of this year's super weird Crea schedule… sigh.]

April:Only an hour until Reia turns 18! ;___; I can't believe how much he's grown!
[Aww, it was a post for Reia's birthday! It was a bit early because my vacation started on his actual birthday, but I'm glad I was able to post for him. ♥]

May: This is extremely late, but I'm here with a brief report of the Sexy Zone concert when I saw it in Yokohama in March. The tour isn't done; they still have Osaka and Nagoya dates left, so some things might change before then, but I'm not exactly hopeful.
[This was a report of the worst Sexy Zone concert ever. =__=;]

June:It's been getting warmer and warmer recently, but this week really feels unfortunately like summer. It's gotten hot, and worse, crazy humid. The rainy season is going to start soon, which also sucks. And I have to go to a full-day work conference on Friday. Gross all around!
[I seem to have posted this just to complain. XD;]

July: After a fun English event on Monday and going to the immigration office yesterday, today was technically my first day of work this week! It was rough |D; I'm tired |D; Isn't the week done already?!
[More complaining |D;]

August: Drive-by post to say: ① I got my computer back, it seems to be functioning, and I hope it continues to function. ② I was crazy busy during my time in the USA with 10 doctor visits and a lot of family visits, also. ③ I'm going to be crazy busy once I get back with unpacking, orienting new JET ALTs in my town, and then the Gamushara Summer Station Sha vs. Ra show on Friday. ④ But either way, I'll be back in Japan in about 30 hours.
[I was in America for the end of July and beginning of August this year, so this post was made in America!]

September: Today was a really rough day for a lot of reasons, so I'm just going to take this chance to show off my penlight collection, because it's something small and easy to talk about it and I'm happy with it.
[This was a post of my penlight collection!]

October: So, now that my LJ has hit its 10 year anniversary, I decided it might be fun to look back at what I did on this date each year for the past ten years! I've never really done any of those thematic "throwback thursday" type posts, but I figured I may as well give it a try!
[This is when I started doing Throwback Thursday! I should go back to that, ahaha. Being on vacation made me totally forget!]

November: Yesterday, I went into Tokyo for a day trip to do some shopping with yomimashou and britkit27~ We didn't really do anything exciting; we bought some clothes, some makeup, and some shop photos, and did our best not to get caught up in Halloween craziness, but I liked my outfit, and I have a few photos, so I figured I'd share them.
[This was a fun shopping day that we had in Tokyo!]

December: I've been really busy the past two days with work obligations (so many events at different schools @__@), but Disney was really fun! We somehow managed to ride 5 rides, and while we did wait almost 2 hours for Journey to the Center of the Earth, after that, the longest we waited for a ride was 25 minutes. It was crazy uncrowded for Disney, and we even got into the Duffy store with no line at all.
[Wow, compared to my pot from the year previous, this post was so positive. ♥ This fall was stressful, but I still think I'm moving upward.]

Despite that there were ups and downs this year just like any other year, I'm really glad to see that my posts were largely positive. I'm going to try to keep doing my best to make 2016 as positive as possible, too!
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S: Yamada: happyyomimashou on January 20th, 2016 09:48 pm (UTC)
It's always interesting looking back at the year this way! It's definitely nice to see how things have gotten better since the previous December ♥ There were ups and downs with life and with Johnny's, but I hope things keep getting better~ 今年もよろしく!
ミランダ (大丈夫): Inoo: intimatefaded_lace on January 31st, 2016 10:45 pm (UTC)
Yes! Let's keep being positive and being happy with JUMP this year, too ♥