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24 January 2016 @ 08:46 am
This weekend, I started on this year's chocolate adventures. Last year, I was rushed and way too ambitious with my designs (placing individual sprinkles on each one probably takes like 2-3 minutes, so that means when doing a batch of 36, since things tend to come in 6 or 12, just the decoration itself takes more than an hour, sometimes almost two hours, not including the time it takes to make the chocolate itself!) so it was sort of stressful. So this year, I decided to do something simple, and I got the first batch (about 1/5 of the total work maybe?) done in a couple hours. I'm not in love with them since the design is so simple, but I figured I'd post them here to try to feel proud of them. XD

This box happened to be mostly white/pink, but as you can see, they're half and half of the two varieties, pink hearts with blue pearl sprinkles, and white hearts with pink pearl sprinkles. They're milk chocolate peanut butter cups, so at the very least, hopefully they'll taste good!

At the very least, I got started really early, so hopefully I can get everything done well in time to hand them out at work on February 12th and 15th at my two schools and February 29th for the ALTs. Especially since next weekend I'm going to Tokyo… time to finally get my hands on the new JUMP shop photos and paparazzi photos of the countdown con!
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S: Yamada: happyyomimashou on January 26th, 2016 11:50 pm (UTC)
They look really cute! And the peanut butter cups will definitely taste good :3 Yay for getting started early...and I can't wait to get those photos~~
ミランダ (大丈夫): Chinen: captivatedfaded_lace on January 31st, 2016 10:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
hazellexkiss: Yellow Fumahazellexkiss on January 27th, 2016 02:25 am (UTC)
They look really good!!!
ミランダ (大丈夫): Fuma: laughfaded_lace on January 31st, 2016 10:10 pm (UTC)
britkit27: yugo shy smilebritkit27 on February 6th, 2016 03:29 am (UTC)
So cute! It's so impressive that you've made chocolates for all your coworkers every year XD otsukare~

Peanut butter cups sounds so good :3
ミランダ (大丈夫): Yugo: goldenfaded_lace on February 8th, 2016 09:51 am (UTC)
Thank you! I really hope people appreciate and enjoy them ;__;