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[Report] Sexy Zone in Yoyogi Taikukan, 2016.4.24

I'm back from Tokyo for the weekend, and despite the fact that I'm way behind on the reports that I really want to write, I felt like the best way to get through the list was to get this report done literally as soon as possible, so without further ado, here is my report of Sexy Zone's "Welcome to Sexy Zone" tour in Yoyogi Taikukan!

As usual, and especially because I don't really follow Sexy Zone very closely anymore and I wasn't that engaged by most of the setlist other than appreciating how talented the guys are, rather than a full detailed report with the whole setlist, this is just a report of the bits that particularly caught my attention.

This was my first time going to a concert in Yoyogi Taikukan, so it was an exciting experience for me. I have to admit that because I'm a bit of a nerd I had studied it as an important work of Japanese architecture in university, so I was looking forward to seeing the inside. However, I was not expecting for the seating area to be basically open to the front entrance area! That was totally unexpected, and because it was so open, it made me wonder about the acoustics/if you can hear the concert from the outside.

Our seats this time were quite good! It was what we hit for, so just by good luck, we were in the 14th row of the lower stands quite close to the stage. We also had a really clear view of the center stage, and when they came around in carts just behind us, we were also really close to them, so all in all, they were really good tickets.

Our view of the main stage! It was really good.

We also had a great view of the center stage.

As you can see, the only thing that was blocking off the back stage area from the entryway to the building was the black curtainy structure thing. That's totally unusual and I've never seen another venue like that!

The show itself began with Marius doing the opening audio in English. He announced the tour, and then announced the main juniors who were backing, four members of SixTONES (Kouchi, Hokuto, Juri, Shintaro) and Prince. Then, he introduced the names of the members while their photos were displayed on the big screen. His English really is so good! I was amused at how he's clearly cultivated an American accent over the past few years since that's what's most common in Japan; the way he said "Shori," "Kento," "Fuma," and "Sou" was so American-sounding, and somehow, because it was Marius, it was super cute.

They opened with Colorful Eyes in very interesting silver and black costumes. Fuma looked like he had fallen directly out of an old KAT-TUN performance complete with the very odd military-esque style hat that's popular in Japanese costuming and a long ruffly coat-dress. Kento also had an odd hat; it was sort of like a wide-brimmed fedora? But all the costumes seemed pretty fair and the same, so that was nice (especially compared to last year's tour, of which I was not a huge fan). Through the first few numbers, I really noticed how good Marius has gotten at dancing in just the past four and a half years since debut; it's amazing how he really keeps up with the rest of them now and you would never guess he used to struggle. As usual, Sou's dancing was really strong, but I feel like it's gotten sexier than before too. He's grown up so much.

After a few songs, they did a Japanese-style "wa" corner, where Fuma did a dance with a fan, Marius danced with wysteria flowers, and Sou did a mask dance. All of them were really cool, but Sou's was especially well executed and looked awesome. This led into Kento and Shori's duet, New Day. Kento and Shori played taiko for the first bit, then did swordfighting wearing Japanese-style costumes in blue and red. I really enjoyed this number a lot-- I usually feel pretty meh/neutral about the all-too-common taiko corners of Johnny's concerts and stage shows, but I feel like Kento and Shori really pulled it off well. In my opinion, Kento and Shori really compliment one another well in a lot of performance and personality aspects, so I enjoyed this a lot!

After that came If You Wanna Dance and Ghost, both of which I was really happy to see them do! If You Wanna Dance was so nostalgic and made me remember my very first Sexy Zone concert. I really like Fuma's rap in that song, too. The performance and choreography for Ghost is always really fun, though there was a part where KFS were on the top tier of the stage while SouMari were below that was a bit off-putting to me.

Up next was Sweety Girl, which was really cute, and Marius and Sou were adorable, but the thing that really jumped out to me was Kouchi being the "fourth member" of Prince as a backdancer lol. Prince was backing for Marius and Sou, but they needed an even number, so Kouchi was also in this number, and he was clearly loving every second of it. It was super cute. Marius and Sou also did some serious fanservice including cheek-kissing, which I enjoyed.

After that came Mujaki na Jikan wa Sugiyasuku, for which KFS were on carts behind the last row of the lower stands so that they were at the level of the upper stands. Since there were only a few rows behind us in the lower stands, we had a really good view! Shori was near us, in particular. He's so tiny!

They finished out the first half with a really odd and choppy medley of some of their older singles. It started with the intro music and first line ("sora ni kazashita te no hira") of Sexy Zone, but then went into King and Queen and Joker. After that came Otoko Never Give Up (and can I just say, all five of them seemed to be making a pretty unhappy facial expression when that song started), and then the intro music for Lady Diamond before going into Real Sexy and THEN Lady Diamond. I'm not sure why all the fake-outs were necessary, lol. The medley finished with Sexy Zone, which wrapped up the first half.

Then it was time for the press conference. For whatever reason, the last day afternoon show for every Sexy Zone Yokohama/Tokyo location is alway the press conference, and I've somehow ended up at this show for almost every Sexy Zone tour I've been to. I was pretty bummed when I realized (we watched all the press people walk into the kankeisha area) before the show started, because the press conference is usually long and boring and it means no MC. There were some amusing bits though; at one point they were talking about how Shori had done a lot of the planning for the tour, and Kento said, "Yeah, he did about 20%" to which Shori glared at him and was like, "I think you mean 80%!!" Shori getting aggravated at Kento tickles me a lot. XD; They also asked about how the guys felt growing into their name (to which many of them were kind of like fml why did we get stuck with this name XD), and last, they asked Marius about being the youngest and if he felt like he had reached a point where he fit the name "Sexy," to which Marius responded, "Well… my height has reached that point!" XD; Also, I didn't miss how they answered every possible question with "There's five members!" "All five of us are here!" "FIVE FIVE FIVE!!!!!!1!1!one!" I'm happy for the members because I know they want to be five, but I know that it's also the management's party line now, and the more it feels like the whole 3-member fiasco was a marketing ploy for them to get people to buy a shit ton of copies of CDs once they got back to five, the more I roll my eyes. Just let the boys be together as five without acting like it's a selling point that they're not broken up. That should be a given.

After the press conference ended, Sexy Zone called SixTONES out onto the stage, and to our surprised, Jesse and Taiga also also appeared onstage! Apparently, they had come before going to Takizawa Kabuki. The guys talked about how Jesse was the same age as Shori but looked 25, and they commented on how he was super stylish and his shoes looked expensive. They also teased Taiga about his shirt having a barcode on it, saying he looked like a robot, and Taiga replied that he was Doraemon. Jesse and Kouchi were standing next to one another, and they were giggling and talking to one another off-mic, which was super cute. But then Sexy Zone announced that SixTONES would perform Be Crazy as 6, which was exciting! The performance was really good.

When Sexy Zone came back out, they were wearing the costumes for their new single, Shori no Hi Made, and they asked us to sit down again and said they'd be doing another MC. That was pretty exciting, since I thought we weren't going to get an MC due to the press conference. Shori had already remarked multiple times that it was so early and he was surprised everyone was so excited to be here so early, and he brought it up again, and they all started talking about what time they woke up. They all were saying they woke up around 7:30 or 7; I forget who woke up when, but Fuma suddenly announced that he had won. They started saying "Which is winning? Waking up the earliest or the latest?" and then ended up competing over bedtime XD Most of them had gone to bed at 3 am, but Marius, who can't be on NHK Radirer Saturday due to being underage, had gotten to bed at 12:30. He acted surprised when they mentioned a guest who was going to be on Radirer the next week, and they all started harassing him for not listening. He said he had listened to the first half, but then he had to do his homework and get to bed, so then they started teasing him that there wasn't enough time before 12:30 and he must have either not done his homework or not taken a bath. XD; Poor Marius. But then while Marius was being teased, Kento defended him, saying Marius had given him a really expensive and fancy pen with his name engraved in it for his birthday. So cute!

Then somehow the conversation went to Yugioh? There's a new Yugioh movie with the old characters coming out, and it came up that their senpai, Kazama Shunsuke, is the voice of Yugi, so everyone should go see the movie, but then Kento started talking about how he loves Yugioh and has 36 Blue Eyes White Dragon cards on display in his room?? Sou was like what the heck even is this conversation, and Fuma was laughing so hard that he couldn't get a word out. |D; Then they were like, Marius, why aren't you talking more, and Marius was like "I can't follow the conversation at all…" To which they talked about how Yugioh had started before Marius was born. Marius, why are you so young?! XD;

Then they announced that Nikaido from Kis-My-Ft2 and Kawai from ABC-Z had come to the show! They put a spotlight on them and asked them to talk from the kankeisha seats. Kawai said that Nika had come to the venue and showered there, and then done his hair |D;; And they teased Nika about his blonde hair, but Nika said he really likes it this way currently. They teased Sou for not returning a mail to Nika, to which Sou replied "I did!!" in informal Japanese, but then quickly corrected himself to a more formal form. Everyone was like wow, you're so close that you use casual language? And then Nika and Sou started joking that they were dating, and soon they were going to move in together. Nika just kept repeating, "We're moving in near Setagaya," despite Kawai saying "Don't tell the fans your address!!" They also made a joke, saying, "We have an announcement… the two of us are releasing a single together! …Just kidding!" Kawai was also wearing a stylish wide-brimmed hat, and said, "Don't I look like KimuTaku when I wear it like this?" Marius replied, "No," bluntly, but luckily, he mostly got talked over and I don't think Kawai heard him. XD; Nika started talking about how they watched the juniors because he had waved to Sou and Sou didn't wave back (Sou said he was embarrassed), and then somehow Nika was saying he got obsessed with Vasayegh, and just kept repeating his name over and over |D; This went on and on with Nika and Kawai talking about really pointless things until Sexy Zone was trying really hard to get them to shut up and leave, and at one point, trying to wrap up the segment, Fuma said, "Thanks so much for coming despite your busy schedules…" to which Kawai said, "Don't worry, we're not busy, we can keep talking!" XD;;; Finally, Sexy Zone got us audience members to clap for them to make them sit back down again, and were asking the staff to turn off the spotlight. |D; It was hilarious, but it did go on for a really long time.

After that, they performed the new single, and I noticed Marius was wearing all the difference venue hairbands on his wrist. After that, Marius, Sou, and Fuma went offstage to change for their trio, and Kento and Shori brought Prince on the stage and talked to them until Marius, Sou, and Fuma were ready to perform You're the Only One. After that, Kento did Mr. Jealousy, which was sadly not as amusing to me as his previous solos have been (nothing will ever beat the English skit before Love Kaze |D;) After Mr. Jealousy, Hi Hi JET performed, and then Marius announced in English that Sexy Zone were modeling the latest fashion, and each of them did a model walk down the catwalk to the center stage, where they performed Love Confusion with fedoras that were on wires, so they could throw them and have them spin around in the air and come back, which was pretty cool. Then they did Easy Come, Easy Go, Easy Love, which I hadn't heard before, and the lyrics made me laugh. XD; After that was Electric Shock, and then Shori's Solo, Last Winter's Night, for which he played the guitar, and I was impressed with his performance, even if I'm not super into ballads.

After that was Fuma's Solo, But, which was super super cute. It opened with a "voice mail" from Fuma saying he was breaking up with someone in English, and then the song was in Fuma's typical style. I'm always so impressed with the lyrics he writes, and his English is seriously so good. I'm so impressed with Fuma as both a person and an artist, because he's so talented in so many areas. Also, SixTONES were the backup dancers for But, which was cute since I know they're all Fuma's friends in real life, too. I'm always happy getting to see him (and Kento) perform with Kouchi and Hokuto after so long ♥

After that, Prince performed Kanashimi Blue and Katsunda Win, and then Sexy Zone came back and did a few more songs before going into the last spurt with We Gotta Go, Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu, Kimi ni HITOMEBORE, and Cha-Cha-Cha Champion. Sometime during these four songs, Jinguji was running around the catwalk, tripped, and faceplanted. XD; It was very graceful, but he was cutely embarrassed afterwards. There was also a time when Kouchi ran to the center stage, where there was snow? or flower petals? from Shori's solo, and he cutely gathered them up and threw them into the audience. At one point, Kento and Kouchi were coming face-to-face on the catwalk, and before passing one another, they started doing the choreography really silly and goofing around and grinning at one another before bumping shoulders and passing one another, which was really cute ;___; I'm so glad B.I.Shadow still get along so well. Then, the last song was Congratulations, and they had rearranged some of the solo lines such that Marius and Sou got solo lines, which was really nice.

The guys all came back out in the tour shirt for the encore as usual, and Sou had put his bangs into a ponytail with his green tour hairband. Marius and now also Fuma had all five hairbands on their wrists, and Marius's outfit in general, with his shirt cut at the bottom into a fringe, skinny jeans, and boots, was really cute. At one point, Hokuto was passing Sou, and they hugged, but then Sou tried to walk away, and Hokuto sort of clung to him, which was cute and just so Hokuto. XD; He loves hugs. They did Maware Miracle, and then Bad Boys, and for Bad Boys, Shori played the guitar again! However, they were all using hand mics, and Shori wasn't mic'd, so he couldn't sing, and during the bridge part, Kento forgot he was supposed to sing Shori's solo line and no one sang for the first half of the line before Kento realized. XD; The last song was Power of Run, and then they all bid us goodbye and that was the end!

All in all, I had a pretty good time, and I'm glad that I went! Even though I don't really follow Sexy Zone very strongly now, they're all so talented and they've grown up so much and they work so hard, so I'm glad I got to be able to see the fruit of their efforts.
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