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24 May 2016 @ 04:03 pm
[report] NEWS in Nippon Gaishi Hall, 2016.5.7  
On May 7th, I went down to Nagoya to see NEWS in Nippon Gaishi Hall! Unfortunately, I had a fever that day, which really sucked, but I was still able to enjoy the show! I'm going again in June, but before that, I wanted to share my experience from May, so I've written up a little report here!

I really love Gaishi as a venue for how tiny and intimate it feels; no matter where your seats are, they're good! Our seats were pretty far up in the stands, but yet we still had a really clear view of the whole place, and we weren't too far from any of the stages.

We were in the middle part of the stands, but it really wasn't a bad view at all!

The show opened with Juniors doing sort of a rhythm dance onstage, followed by a video in the theme of the album, with the different members doing different tasks to make a rhythm. Unrelated to the tour, but the girls behind me were making hilarious commentary the whole time, and announced, "They must have practiced this a lot!" Indeed, they must have XD; The whole thing was really cool and well put together, and ended with the lights coming up on the guys on the center stage where they started off with Quartetto. Their costumes were sort of like they they had sparkly carpets draped on them XD But I thought they were cute, for Johnny's costumes. They then performed Anthem, Chankapaana, and Kibou Yell on the center and main stage wearing these costumes while Juniors appeared behind them on the main stage wearing suspiciously "India" themed costumes.

NEWS took off the huge drapey costumes for Chumu Chumu, and instead were wearing highlighter neon yellow… skirt… things? I was really not a fan XD; They wore them for Chumu Chumu on the mainstage, and then moved back to the center stage for Kaguya, which was accompanied by a video of them wearing more fittingly Japanese-themed costumes (I honestly don't remember if they were the actual Kaguya costumes or not?) and holding umbrellas in the rain. The opening of Kaguya was horribly off-key XD But the rest sounded good!

Following that, the guys started moving around the catwalk for Taiyo no Namida, and then Happy Birthday! Koyama said in the middle of the song that this was his first concert since turning 32, which was really cute~ Then, they got onto carts that were on top of the catwalk? It was very strange and I can't recall having seen anything like it before. They sang Cherish while Shige ~mysteriously disappeared offstage.

Unsurprisingly, Hoshi no Oujisama was next! I had really been looking forward to this because I really like pretty much everything Shige makes, weird as it often is, and I even bought and read The Little Prince specifically for this. Our penlights all turned off before the song started; they were radio controlled, so the guys were able to plan stuff like that. The solo started with Shige, wearing a striped suit and glasses (my notes read "stupid" glasses, which means I probably liked them), reading from the book in Japanese. He trailed off before the line which in English would read, "What is essential is invisible to the eyes," at which time the intro music started, so essentially the first line, "Invisible to the eye," picked up where Shige left off. The juniors were wearing full-body tights covering even their heads, and had hats for either The Little Prince, the Fox, or the Rose from the story. Partway through the song, he moved from the main stage down to the center stage, and then blew a kiss, at which point all the penlights turned on, which was a major mune-kyun moment for me~ ♥___♥ The solo ended with him reading from the book again, and there was a note on the screens saying it was dedicated to the author of the Little Prince, "From Shigeaki Kato" in English XD; I wonder what he'd think if he was alive to see it.

Up next was LIS'N, for which my notes say, "Massu is hip." XD; His costume and the juniors' costumes were baggy hip hop style clothes, and according to my notes, the camera zoomed in on his crotch, though this must have been so alarming to me that I blocked it out of my memory. XD;

Following Massu's solo was Touch, and the guys came out wearing full denim costumes. The other three had really cute ones, but I was not a real fan of Shige's strange long trench coat-esque denim coat. Apparently Koyama was wearing cute glasses, but I didn't notice them in my distress over Shige's unfortunate costum. XD; The back of Koyama's jacket said "News," Tego's said "Encore," and Massu's outfit had tulip-shaped cut glass embroidered on it? XD After Touch, they performed NEWSKOOL, for which the juniors had really "kool" costumes XD; And then Weeeek, and finally, they finished on Departure before the MC.

However… even as they were announcing the beginning of the MC, Massu randomly kept singing Departure? And Koyama just sort of talked over it, announcing the group and that it was time for the MC, and no one tsukkomi'd Massu at all, which was odd. XD; But then they moved into talk of Koyama's birthday! Koyama mentioned how Shige gave him a really expensive-seeming ionizing water bottle? I wasn't totally clear on what it did, but apparently Koyama was looking it up afterwards and accidentally saw the price. My friends looked it up too, and apparently it was almost ¥60,000… wow. Massu kept saying trolly things this whole time XD; And then Koyama talked about how he had gotten a card from a mutual friend of Tego's and his, and Tego had signed it. He asked Tego if Tego remembered what he wrote, and Tego said he forgot. Then Koyama said, "He wrote, 'Not just as a member, I like you as a person.'" Tego got extremely embarrassed and off-mic, you could just barely hear him say "DON'T SAY THAT!!" Koyama made a weird baby voice to tease him, and the other two joined in, being like "What about us? Do you like us as people, too?"

They then asked why there was a blood spot in Tego's eye (it was a burst blood vessel), and Tego said he'd been playing soccer (at which point, Massu interjected, "Here it is, the talk of soccer, of course!") and got hit in the face with a ball. He insisted it didn't hurt at all, but the other three were yelling at him to take care of himself. XD He also talked about how he'd had a fever and was playing soccer anyway! The others were yelling at him more to take care of himself, and it came up that when he'd messaged the LINE chat about having a fever, Koyama started looking up nearby hospitals and was ready to take him to the doctor in the middle of the night, so cute. XD Tego explained that ever since he was a kid, when he got a fever, he'd play soccer and then he'd get better, but the others insisted that playing soccer sick was a burden to the rest of his team. XD;

Then the conversation turned to who's the most girly in terms of their beauty routine, and Massu and Tego talked about how when they do shoots for Biteki, they often get asked for the magazine about their beauty routine and have to awkwardly answer, "Um, actually, nothing." XD; However, they talked about how Shige and Koyama both have good beauty routines and are good at girl skills like that. XD;

Last, the conversation turned to how they're hosting 24 hour TV, and how last time they did it, Yamapi, Nishikido, and Tego all had the flu. Tego referred to Yamapi as "P-san," which amused me. Massu was really excited to talk about how they'd spread the flu to various famous people who had attended 24 hour TV. Everyone else was sort of like… Massu that's not a good thing XD;;

Next, the guys walked down the catwalk to the center stage to see a gigantic prop version of the music box on the stage. They wound it up and it "played" Aikotoba, and they asked us all to sing along, which was really cute and sweet. Then the guys sang Aikotoba before leaving the stage while the overture played. The juniors lined up across the front of the stage and danced more, before the curtain finally opened to reveal the guys in black sparkly outfits with hats. Shige had changed his hair from his normal style to the side-parted hair that shows his under-cut part on the left side of his head; it's now way bigger than it was for White. I'm not a fan of undercuts, but T__T Shige is beautiful no matter what. The guys performed Yonjuushi while dancing, then sat down on the set to sing Hoshi wo Mezashite before leaving again.

Koyama came out for his solo next, wearing a Japanese-style open-shirt outfit. There were lanterns along the catwalk, also, giving it a Japanese feel, despite the music for Ai no Elegy not really sounding like it goes with that aesthetic. XD; Up next, Tego just sat on the stage to sing Encore, and when they zoomed in you could see the bloody spot in his eye. He did a dramatic little bit about taking off a wedding ring… why are all of Tego and Koyama's solos some sort of breakup/relationship ending song??

Next, the guys did Izanaizuki wearing cool phosphorescent costumes, where the lights went out and black lights were shown on them so all you could see was their costumes, and then the lights came back and you could see all of them. Massu came out first, so after Tego and Koyama's solos, I thought Shige would appear next… but he appeared last. OTL.

Up next they sang Wonder, then went back onto the mainstage amidst a lot of fog for the beginning of Sirius! When the fog cleared, we were able to see… they were on hoverboards! This part was really cool, but also nervewracking, especially after Shige and Massu collided. They went down the catwalk on the hoverboards, then showed off some tricks on them. Apparently, at previous venues, they had made a hoverboard train, but at Nagoya, only Koyama got pulled around XD; At the end of the song, Massu called out, "It was Shige-chan's fault!!" XD;;;

The last spurt consisted of NEWSNippon, Sayaendou, Koi no ABO, Teppen, and Nyaro! At some point in here, they got on the carts in the stands, possibly around Sayaendou or Koi no ABO, but I honestly don't remember well. They came pretty close to us considering where our seats were, which was nice! Shige sadly looked pretty dazed and didn't see my uchiwa, but I can imagine he was exhausted. ;__;

Before Hikaru no Shizuku, Shige gave a short speech (where he stumbled over his words, which was cute), and then they went up into the raised small platforms. I really like how they always use the member colors lighting up around the base of the platform when each member sings solo lines during the ballad.

Finally, the encore! Koyama was wearing the bandana as a headband, the T-shirt, and the parka, as well as two of the bandana as a sort of skirt, Tego was wearing the T-shirt and had the bandana dangling from his pants, Massu had cut the sleeves off a parka and was wearing the bandana as a headband tied over his forehead, and Shige was, according to my notes, "the cutest ever." There's no description besides that in my notes, lol, but I recall him having the bandana around his wrist and wearing the T-shirt and parka, with sequins over the white writing on the front and back of the parka. They sang ONE, and then Sakura Girl, where Koyama and Shige's mics were turned down and Tego and Massu's were turned up. This is pretty normal in my experienced for Johnny's groups where some members sing significantly better than others, but because both Massu and Tego were singing different harmonies, all you could hear was the harmony, and it sounded really weird. XD They rounded up with Koi Matsuri, and that was the end!

The show was seriously amazing. *___* I can't wait to see it again in Tokyo!
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>:(: NEWS9kinds on May 27th, 2016 01:51 am (UTC)
I'm glad you were able to enjoy the concert despite being sick!

Seriously though why didn't anyone tsukkomi Massu, he did it the next day too but at least the other members said something then. haha

All the birthday stories and and the story of Tego being sick were so cute though.
ミランダ (大丈夫): NEWS: colors ♥faded_lace on May 29th, 2016 09:01 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I was really afraid I wouldn't be able to, but they were so amazing that it distracted me from my sickness. XD

It was so odd! From reading other reports it seems like he did it at other venues and they tsukkomi'd him there, too…? XD; So why did no one do it in the show we saw together… XD

Yeah, they really were! ♥
Syomimashou on May 31st, 2016 04:29 am (UTC)
I'm sorry you got sick before this T__T But I'm glad everything worked out okay for the concert, and our view was so good! And those girls behind us were so great lmao.

I agree that the penlights in Shige's solo was really cool! And I can assure you that the zoom in on Massu's crotch was unfortunate |D;;;

Koyama teasing Tego was so cute~ And wanting to take Tego to the hospital XD

And I loved the hoverboards |D They were so cute on them, and also impressive... but yeah, I'm glad no one fell off the stage |D;;; And the bandannas in the encore were so cute too~ And Shige's bedazzled parka ♥

Looking forward to seeing this again in Tokyo!
ミランダ (大丈夫): Shige: smilefaded_lace on June 6th, 2016 11:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah! T__T I'm so sad that it's over the concert was so amazing. T___T And the girls behind us were hilarious |D;

Shige's solo was the best okay T__T him and his stupid glasses. And ahaha I'm glad you agree |D;;;

It really was adorable ;__; Tego's note to Koyama was so cute, too.

They really were impressive XD And idc what Massu said, it was not Shige's fault! |D;; And Shige was adorable T______T

I'm looking forward to Tokyo, but I'm already dreading that it's going to be a letdown after Nagoya, too…
britkit27: arashi groupbritkit27 on June 13th, 2016 09:29 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry you were sick for the concert T___T but I'm glad it was great and you were able to enjoy it anyway! And especially that Shige's solo was so amazing~

Oh man the MC sounds like it was hilarious |D;; Tego, please don't play soccer when you're sick, and Massu being the reason a chunk of the entertainment industry gets the flu is really not a good thing!! Also lol at Koyama and Shige being the ones with thought out beauty routines |D And Koyama all ready to take Tego to the hospital in the middle of the night! Adorable XD

The hoverboards bit was so nerve wracking |D also really cool! But definitely nerve wracking, especially so after a collision I bet XD

Thanks for writing up the report! It's interesting to hear the things that were different from dome, and the MC and stuff XD
ミランダ (大丈夫): NEWS: colors ♥faded_lace on June 14th, 2016 09:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it was rough T__T But I'm glad I was okay on the day of, even if I felt like shit the next day.

Shige's solo was more than amazing, okay, it was perfection, I mean, did you see his stupid suit and his stupid glasses and the way he was holding the book and the way he made all the lights turn on when he blew a kiss???? What, why are you looking at me like that >__> I'm not crying you're crying.

The MC was hilarious |D; I'm not sure why Massu was so proud of getting everyone sick, but he was. |D; It was probably Nishikido and Yamapi's fault to be honest, since them and Tego were the ones with the flu… lol. I wonder if they got Jin sick, too.

I forgot that you hadn't read this report, so when you acted really surprised about the hoverboards in Tokyo Dome, I was surprised. XD I hope you enjoyed the effect, I thought it was really cool. But yeah, it was scary |D;; I was really afraid Shige was going to fall off the stage after he collided with Massu. |D;;

Thanks for reading!
britkit27: Keito smilebritkit27 on June 16th, 2016 08:51 am (UTC)
Awww, yaaaaay :D I'm so glad it lived up to all your expectations~ Hopefully the DVD won't take forever and a day to come out this time.

Ahaha, seriously, Massu, why XD But yeah I wonder |D it seems likely they gave it to Jin as well |D;;

Lol I was so surprised XD;; I was not expecting anything like the hoverboards at all. It was like five seconds of wtf shock and woah that's cool... and then a lot of oh shit guys please don't fall or crash XD;; I'm sure I would have been much more distracted and concerned if they actually had collided, though |D;; But I did enjoy it! The tricks they did were pretty impressive~ and they seemed to be having fun on them too |D
ミランダ (大丈夫): Shige: smilefaded_lace on June 16th, 2016 09:31 pm (UTC)
I hope so T__T; Idk what my expectations were but he was amazing okay.

Ahahaha I hope they gave it to Jin |D;;; I feel bad that Tego had it, though.

Yeah, for both Sarah and I, our immediate thought was "roller skates???" haha. I sort of wish it had been roller skates, but the hoverboards were really awesome. I'm glad there weren't really any issues this time, unlike in Nagoya |D; And Shige and Tego's tricks were impressive!
britkit27: daiki grinbritkit27 on June 17th, 2016 11:53 pm (UTC)
Haha, roller skates would have been cool too. Return of roller skating Massu!! XD The hoverboards were pretty awesome though. And yeah I guess they got more used to them |D yay for no issues~
ミランダ (大丈夫): Shige: smilefaded_lace on June 23rd, 2016 12:48 am (UTC)
Yeah, exactly |D;; I'm glad there weren't any collisions in Tokyo Dome |D;;