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02 July 2016 @ 11:23 pm
The Music Day!  
I spent all today watching The Music Day, and I have no regrets! It was enjoyable from beginning to end, and I felt like ever during the day when the show is obviously geared towards an older audience, the enka didn't outweigh the parts that were interesting to me. I enjoyed all the little Arashi segments, and while I don't really follow AKB anymore (not that I ever really followed them hardcore, but I used to follow them more than I do now), I appreciated Milky getting to sing her graduation single.

But the most exciting part of the afternoon segment was most definitely the really long and unexpected segment about NEWS!! I guess it's because they're doing 24 hour TV, but there was a long segment about their history in terms of going from 9 to 4, and it even included a reenactment with actors to play the four members (most notably Koyama) acting out various struggles during the period when they went from 6 to 4. The actors were hilarious just on their own (really only Koyama's actor, who looked absolutely nothing like Koyama, had lines, but there was a scene with the four of them together, and while Shige was maa maa and you never saw Massu's actor's face, they just took an actor, dyed his hair bleach blonde, and put him in a leopard print matching top and bottom, and voila… Tego. I laughed really hard at that… but the segment, which included surprise footage from the Utsukushii Koi concert of everyone ugly-crying, was really moving, and it made me, my friends, and some of the announcers on the show cry. I don't know why the media loves surprising me with ugly-crying Shige, but I'm really happy that they were able to have that moving segment on such a major show as The Music Day, and I was really happy when my friend told me that Full Swing was trending on Twitter after they performed it. It was so wonderful, and I'm really happy for them.

They stayed on after their performance to watch Aiba's Shiyagare segment and have their reactions shown on the bottom of the screen, and I laughed when it turned out Aiba's segment was about making a chorus of entirely tone-deaf people. He used an app to test if people were tone-deaf or not; the app tested if you were singing the right notes and the right rhythm, and then it gave a number score. If that number score was under 40, the person was considered tone-deaf… and I really want to see Shige try the app, lol. Poor baby. I love you even though you can't sing!

And then in the evening came the medley, which was just as fun as usual, complete with Inochan flirting with many V6 members! He was in the same segment as Inocchi, and when the next group came on singing a V6 song, Inocchi jokingly tried to stay onstage dancing while Inoo tried to drag him offstage. Cute! And then during the finale, Inochan and Okada had their arms around one another and were dancing cutely together! Also, random bonus for the fact that Hikaru has once again bleached his hair out and it's no longer all-over pink, just blonde with pink highlights. To me this is much preferable. XD;

Apparently after this, Hikaru and Inoo did Radirer and then came back for the JUMP performance XD In the interim, however (if I recall correctly?), NEWS performed again, this time a medley of NYARO and their new song, Koi wo Shiranai Kimi e. I really enjoyed them having fun and playing around during NYARO, and I liked the new song and performance a lot too. I especially liked the aesthetic at the end when they stood holding their mics in both hands, which I thought was really… I don't know. Pretty? Fitting? It was nice. However, I'm pretty bitter that the first line of the song is Tego's solo line? I mean… I know Shige is never going to be the best singer, but because of that, he usually doesn't have prominent solo lines in any other songs. It would be nice if he could at least have them when it was a theme song for his drama :P I guess Hikari no Shizuku just got my hopes up, but. I'm still bitter about it.

And then last in the line of things that were my top priority to see was JUMP's performance! I sort of wish they'd start doing stuff from the new album already, but I know this performance was supposed to be summer themed. When they came out, they had a cute interaction with Sho where he called Inoo "Iio," and Inoo got to say "It's Inoo!!" I'm really glad that that joke is still running. XD Sho even called it a "teiban," if I recall correctly, or like… a standard/staple? gag, so I'm glad that everyone still enjoys it. Also! Inochan had his hair tucked behind his ears, which surprisingly didn't look stupid, and allowed me to see his earpiece for the first time ever! It was hard to tell if it was light blue or white, due to the lighting, but it had a K written on it, seemingly matching Daiki's that have a D on one side and an A on the other. Cute! The performance itself was adorable, too, so all in all, it was great.

I'm really glad this year was such an enjoyable The Music Day. Tomorrow is going to suck, but I'm happy I was able to watch this today!
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Current Music: NEWS//Full Swing
britkit27: hey say 7britkit27 on July 7th, 2016 12:31 pm (UTC)
Music day~ I'm sad I missed it. But yay for NEWS getting so much focus, and getting to perform twice <3 It's so funny that all you need to make a stock actor Tego is leopard print and blonde hair |D;; But I'm sorry the new song doesn't feature Shige as much, that's really not cool :/ it's for his damn drama, and they did it well for Hikari no Shizuku. Stuff like this is what autotune is for, dammit.

The medley was so cute XD and it's so great that Sho brought back the Iio joke!! I'm glad everyone else is still enjoying it too because I sure as hell am |D Inoo's earpieces sound cute! yay for finally being able to see them for once XD
ミランダ (大丈夫): Shige: glancefaded_lace on July 11th, 2016 05:06 am (UTC)
I saw that there's now a full download of the whole show available somewhere if you want to download it and skip through to the parts that interest you. The actors for NEWS were so funny. I'm annoyed about the song, though :/ Oh well, I guess.

Yeah, I really was glad about that. XD Iio will live on forever.
S: Inoo: pretty :)yomimashou on July 18th, 2016 01:50 pm (UTC)
Never forget nise-NEWS XDD So great. But that whole VTR was really great ;~~~; Thank you Music Day for including that ♥

And ahaha Inochan flirting with V6 members was beautiful XD And yay for Sho saying Iio, and finally getting to see Inochan's ear things XD

And yeah, idek why Shige couldn't get that first line >__< But I agree, I like the part with them holding the mics~
ミランダ (大丈夫): Inoo: Pretty princess ♥faded_lace on July 19th, 2016 12:40 am (UTC)
Nise-NEWS was a work of art tbh. XD; But yeah, I'm so glad that they got that emotional segment on something as widely watched a The Music Day ;____; So wonderful.

It really was |D;; I'm glad that V6 still loves him. And yes, I'm glad "Iio" is considered a teiban. XD;; And his ear things are so cute! I'm glad I finally got to see them. XD;

>__< Come on people, that's what auto tune was invented for. But yeah, I'm a little sad that choreo didn't make it into the PV. It's really cute, in my opinion.