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[report] NEWS in Tokyo Dome, 2016.6.11

Finally, I'm getting around to writing my report from NEWS's Quartetto concert in Tokyo Dome. Better late than never? I'm sorry I'm awful about doing these things on time T__T;

At any rate, I really enjoyed this concert tour, but I had some hesitations about seeing it in Tokyo Dome. I've had very few really good experiences in Tokyo Dome; because it's so huge and hard to see something from any view and anything from some views, I feel like the best view I've ever had there is mediocre. From the arena, you can sort of see the closest stage and catwalk area but nothing else; from the lower stands you can what what's close to you okay but everything else is a tiny speck and you can't even tell who is who from how small their faces seem. From the front few rows of the fourth floor, you can see sort of a good overview but it's hard to get super into it because you're so removed; from the back of the fourth floor stands, you can see an even tinier view of the whole show, but you're so far back that the sound takes too long to travel to your ears and everything is slightly off. And don't even get me started on the lower stand outfield seats-- Gate 25 stands are the absolute worst. You're behind the main stage, so the "best" view that you have is of their backs, and the biggest screen, the one behind the main stage, is at an angle such that you can't really watch it, so there's not a good screen, either.

Based on my past experiences with all of these views of Tokyo Dome, and after having an amazing time in the tiny Nagoya venue where, even in our seats pretty far away from the stage, we were able to see them up close, I was trepidatious about how the show would be in Tokyo Dome. But luckily, it was much, much better than I had expected!

My friends my and my seats for this show were in the third floor balcony, in which I'd never sat before, so I had hopes that it would be a good view. We were all the way off to one side, but not at Gate 25-range, so we were looking at the main stage from about the side, and could still see some of the large screens. We had a good view of both the main stage and the center stage, too, and there was a spoke out from the center stage almost directly in front of us, so all in all, I think we did well!

However, we noticed right away that unlike in Nagoya, there was no outer catwalk around the perimeter, but instead a set of tracks seemingly for automated carts or something where normally an outer catwalk would be. There were four spokes coming out from the center stage like you might expect, but nothing connected the back stage, the main stage, and the two side spokes around the perimeter, so that struck me as a bit odd.

The show started again with juniors doing a dance to the Quartetto theme, and then the video of the Quartetto theme. While the lights were down for the video, the guys came out onto the ends of the four spokes, so someone was on the back stage, someone was on the front stage, someone was opposite of where we were, and someone was right by us. I didn't notice until the lights came up and they were already walking towards the center stage that it had been Shige near us T__T;;

The guys met at the center stage to sing Quartetto. I don't really know if I noticed this in Nagoya, but I appreciated the choreography that made their drapey costumes swish around. I also noticed that the costumes had "Quartetto 2016" written on them in a discreet place on the hem, which I thought was cute, and way more tasteful than the way it was written on the sleeve of the horrible highlighter yellow costumes. =__=;

Next they performed Anthem, and then moved to the main stage for Chankapaana, where there were mic stands waiting for them. It was pretty funny to watch Chankapaana in the drapey costumes that my friends and I affectionately call "the carpets." XD; As an aside, Matsushima Sou from Sexy Zone was in the audience, and according to what was said on the radio, when Massu says "Yakusoku suru yo, Chankapaana," ("I promise you, Chankapaana"), Sou shouted back "Yakusoku shite!" ("Promise me!") |D;; He's a really big NEWS fan, so I thought that was really cute.

Next was Kibou ~Yell~, before which they did the normal greetings and asked if we were excited. I have to say, I really love when Shige does the stupid rap in that song >__>;;; It's super adorable, okay. Next was Chumu Chumu, which was very highlighter yellow. They've worn those costumes on TV a few times now, and they're really awful. XD I just don't like them at all. Though I did appreciate that during the FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri on Monday, you could see Shige's stomach peeking out at times. |D;

At the end of Chumu Chumu, they all jumped down inside the stage, and then a moment later, they appeared on the back stage for Kaguya. I was pretty impressed with this trick in Tokyo Dome, since the distance between the front stage and the back stage isn't negligible, and I assume they must have been taken by some sort of car or golf cart type thing underneath the stage, since there's no way they could run that distance in that time, and unlike the usual Johnny's body double gimmick, I couldn't think of a time that they could have switched out so that body doubles were performing on the main stage while the members moved to the back stage. During Kaguya, the same video played as in Nagoya (I learned that Shige directed it ♥ No wonder I liked it!), which was more fitting than the highlighter yellow costumes, but they were still super cute performing it. My notes say "Shige was cute with the umbrella doing the hip rolls," so I'll take my word for it about that. XD;

At the end of Kaguya, red confetti is sprayed around the guys, and then when they transitioned into Taiyo no Namiga, Tego got a piece of the red confetti stuck to his neck. XD My friends got confused and were afraid it was blood and that Tego had injured himself, oops. |D; Then, for Happy Birthday, they got onto carts that took them around the tracks rather than walking around an outer catwalk, which is what they'd done in Nagoya. Unfortunately, this meant that they were separated-- each member on his own cart-- so there was no member interaction like there had been in Nagoya.

Up next was Cherish, and after having seen the show in Nagoya and knowing the setlist, I was very concerned when Shige didn't disappear by the halfway point of the song. In Nagoya, my feeling is that he missed most of Cherish to change for his solo, so when he casually rolled by around the middle of the song, I was a little concerned. XD I remember thinking, "You're going to miss your own solo!!" He must have given himself only like a minute or so to change, which seems tight, but he made it back out in time, so I guess that's what matters XD;

My notes about Hoshi no Oujisama are, "Shige is stupid and I hate his face." XD; I don't recall it being terribly different than in Nagoya, but I feel like maybe he spent longer on the catwalk because it was longer than in Nagoya. I seem to have felt that he looked stupid doing it, and also looked stupid being carried by the juniors (they pick him up by his arms and he pretends to walk on air), so it seems like, all in all, I enjoyed it. XD; As I mentioned in my Nagoya report, there's one part where he blows a kiss and the remote-control penlights all turn on, which is a really cool effect, and from where we were, we could see a lot of the Dome, so it was really cool to see all the penlights light up. All in all, it was a really good performance ♥

LIS'N was about the same as in Nagoya? They uncomfortably zoomed in on Massu's crotch again at one point, OTL. I missed it again, but yomimashou, who's a Massu fan, was alarmed again.

Up next was Touch, and this time I noticed that they were wearing the same jeans from the encore, which meant that a lot of them had details with the bandana from the tour goods. I also noticed Koyama's cute glasses this time! Following Touch was NEWSKOOL, which was just as cool as before. XD; At the end of this son, all the members jump and they do a 360-degree photo of the guys mid-air, but this time, during that jump, they all tried to make their body into the shape of the letters N, E, W, and S, so they spelled out NEWS! It was cute.

Next was Weeeek, then last up before the MC was Departure. I'm not sure if they did this at other locations? But during the song, they played essentially fake fan comments across the screen like the ones that sometimes play across the screen on various video streaming platforms? I'm not really how to describe it, but it was cute to see all the messages, even though I assume they were fake and made up by staff, like "Kato-kun is so cute!" "Kyaaa! Tegoshi-kun!!" "Kei-chan is the coolest!" or "Massuuuuuu!!" XD;

Like in previous shows, the MC started with Massu continuing to sing Departure once the MC started, and again, no one said anything about it, so he eventually stopped. It was so awkward. |D Why did no one ever mention it in the shows I watched? But then, once we all sat down for the MC, they talked about how there were more male fans than in the past, and had the male fans yell XD; It went something like this:
Koyama: There are a lot of guys fans who came to this tour, huh! Guys!"
Male Fans: YAY!
Koyama: Guys!!
Male fans: YAY!!!
Koyama: Shige!
Shige: YAY!!!
They then proceeded to talk about Shige's uvula, which in Japanese is (no lie) called "throat dick" colloquially, so everyone thinks this is funny. |D;

This then segued into stories about different kinds of fans, and Tego said he wanted to act out various types of male fans. XD; The first was the embarrassed male fan trying to play it cool, but then getting more excited as tim goes on, acting like "yeah, whatever" at first but then getting excited when one of the guys goes by. Next, talked about the awkward boyfriend who had been brought to the concert by his girlfriend, and Tego made Massu be the boyfriend, Tego was the girlfriend, and then turned to Koyama and said, "you play the role of the star." Koyama got fake-offended, jokingly saying, "What?? Am I not a star in real life?!" So Koyama walked by waving and acting like he normally would doing a concert, and Tego acted really excited and screaming for Koyama and stuff, while Massu just stood there awkwardly and nodded along, sort of trying to point to Tego, like "Look at my girlfriend, not me."

Then they moved on to female fans, saying they'd noticed large groups of fans coming together where each woman likes a different member. Tego started to say "three women, one of them likes Koyama, one of them…" but then realized he made it super awkward and was like, "Okay, I mean four fans…" and then said one of them liked each of them. XD;; They thought it was funny that when one of them would walk by, all of them would point at the one member who was a fan, but actually, Massu commented that conversely, the frantic pointing made them notice the pointing fans more. XD; During this reenactment, all four of them were pretending to be fans, but when Tego directed, "the star is walking by," Koyama went to go walk by again, pretending to be himself. XD And they all were like, "You're a fan this time!! You can't be both a fan and yourself!!" XD;

Then, suddenly, Massu was like, "Speaking of Sazae-san… 24 hour TV." I'm really sure if Sazae-san got mentioned at all (I didn't catch it if it did), or if Massu was just being totally weird, but Koyama commented, "Well that's a clumsy transition!" about it. XD; But from there, they started talking about promoting 24 hour TV, and how Koyama and Tego had gone on several shows in a row to reveal the T-shirt the day previous. Koyama and Tego had done two live morning shows (Zip! and Sukkiri, I believe) in a row, and then Tego had done a third (Hiru Nan Desu) while Koyama went to a different job, and from there went straight to magazine shoots for Winkup, Duet, and Potato. From there, he went to another job (he didn't mention what it was, so I assume it was something that hadn't been revealed yet at the time), and then he played soccer, and then he finally went home, really tired XD Meanwhile, Massu claimed he had watched all the other members' TV appearances (Shige had been on TV for Bibitto, also), but then said he had gotten up at 10 am… It was something like:
Massu: (while laughing) On that day, Masuda Takahisa went shopping. … Wait, let me adjust that. I properly watched the other three members TV appearances. ♡ First, I got up at 10 am…
Shige: 10 am?! That's after I already had said "UmaShige"!!

After that, Shige also brought up that Massu had been fixing the costumes for the show late at night XD; He had been in bed on Thursday night because the next day he had to be up early for Bibitto, but Massu had been sending updates to the NEWS group LINE chat until about 2 am. XD; Massu replied that h really wanted everyone to see the updates, so there was nothing he could do. XD;

They also brought out a mannequin to show off the 24 hour TV shirt design, but while Shige was talking about it, Koyama and Tego seemed to be having a side conversation XD Shige got annoyed and finally called at them, "Oi! Are you listening?!" but they both said that they were. XD;

Next, they talked about Hen Lab, asking us if we were watching it. They brought up Massu's character and mentioned how, to fans and other Johnny's, Massu's character was actually very strong, and it was hard to believe that people didn't have the impression that Massu had a distinct character. XD

Somehow, this led into Koyama mentioning that Kihara, the weather reporter from News Every, was there, and Tego got really excited about this, since he's a huge fan. XD They made Tego greet him, so Tego called out, "Kiharacchi, I'm your fan! I watch you every day! I love you the most of all!" XD;;; Complete with cutesy nickname.

After that, Shige talked about his drama with Fuma, and how he didn't really have any experience talking with Fuma, and didn't know that much about him. But he'd heard that Fuma was shy and not good at talking to people he didn't know at first (hitomishiri), just like Shige, so Shige said that since he was the senpai, he'd do his best to make conversation with Fuma. XD

This led to Tego talking about Itte Q, and how his passport stamp pages are almost full. XD Also, apparently, he's been in Wisconsin, in America |D; He said the most amazing places he's been to far are Pulau Sumbawa in Indonesia, Wisconsin in America, and the Republic of Guyana. XD;

That ended the MC, so next, they started the little skit that they did with the music box leading into Aikotoba. Like in Nagoya, they moved down towards the center stage, where a gigantic version of the music box had been set up. This time, however, when they said their lines about the music box, they said them in weird high-pitched cutesy voices? Shige jokingly commented that such a large music box must be hard to buy and take home. XD; They also said things like "I wonder what it plays!" and "Oh! Aikotoba!" in the voices. But they couldn't stop from laughing at themselves when they did the weird voices, and it was really cute. Then, like in Nagoya, they had us sing Aikotoba before telling us we did a really good job and singing the song themselves. They each had a penlight, and waved them back and forth for us to follow along, and the sea of penlights was really cool to see!

Next there was another run of the overture while Juniors danced and the guys changed costumes. However, while I expected the music to begin for Yonjuushi as the curtain opened, instead, there was a loud buzzing noise, and then we saw a live orchestra start to play! They had gotten the orchestra and conductor from the actual Yonjuushi PV to come play in the concert, which was super cool! The orchestra played Yonjuushi while the guys performed in a much smaller area than in Nagoya, since the orchestra was taking up most of the stage, and then the orchestra also played Hoshi wo Mezashite before the guys left the stage and the orchestra began to pack up. It was pretty funny… the orchestra left and the the staff cleared away the chairs and stuff while we could see them; they didn't put the curtain down again or anything.

In Nagoya, Ai no Elegy had started on the stage, but since they were still cleaning up after the orchestra up there, it was flipped around so that Koyama started on the back stage again and then went to the center stage down the catwalk with lanterns put up on either side. They lit the lanterns one by one as he made his way down the catwalk, and then at the end, he dramatically flopped down on the stage and threw down the mic stand as well… but it rolled and almost hit him in the head! Be careful, Koyama. XD;

Then, the lights came up on Tego on the main stage for Encore. He does a whole silent bit at the beginning where he contemplates a wedding ring on his hand for a long time and starts to take it off, but then leaves it on, but before that, one of the male fans in the audience rudely yelled "TEGO-NYAAAAAAN" and a bunch of people laughed… which made other people start yelling. Tego seemed pretty annoyed by these inconsiderate outbursts, but was a professional about it and kept going. For some reason, he wasn't wearing color contacts for this show, despite the fact that he had worn them for most other stops on the tour. The performance was the same as Nagoya; he sang his whole solo sitting in a chair and then tossed the wedding ring in the end. XD Why are all of Tego and Koyama's songs about breakups??

The next thing that happened totally broke my friends and I for some reason, and it still cracks me up to think back to it, honestly. Up after Tego's solo was IZANAIZUKI, where they turn the lights off for part of the time and the costumes, which look white in regular light, glow in patterns in black light. The effect worked better in Tokyo Dome than they had in Nagoya, because in Nagoya, we were close enough that we could see their features when the lights were off, but in Tokyo, we were farther away, so it looked like their faces/bodies disappeared and only the colorful costumes were left when the lights went out. However, I was in for a shock when the lights came up and Shige's head was revealed… because instead of his usual second-half side-swept hair, he'd sort of piled all his hair on the top of his head, like a sort of mohawk, but just like, pinned up there in a messy updo rather than sprayed? And then the sides were bare… but we were in total disbelief that there was undercut on both sides… because he looks totally normal with his hair down?! I hate undercuts, so two of my friends were laughing at my suffering. |D; At any rate, we couldn't figure out what was up with his hair, and it seemed like they never zoomed in on him so we couldn't get a good look at it. We spent all of IZANAIZUKI and Wonder looking for Shige. |D; And then, as my friend summarized it, "We were like, there's no way it'd look normal down if it was [undercut on both sides]?? and then like, shit Shige, you have so much hair!" XD;;; He really does, though. You can't tell at all when he has his hair down!

My apologies for the long Shige's hair report… |D But I got myself together for Sirius! I really like the hoverboards for this, and I was pleased when Shige and Massu did not, in fact, have a collision this time. XD; Tego did fall off his hoverboard once briefly at the beginning, but it wasn't a catastrophic issue, and I think some of my friends didn't notice. Then, in NEWS Nippon, Shige and Tego did the same tricks on the hoverboards that they had done in Nagoya.

After that, Life was added to the setlist for Dome, and then Sayaendou followed. They were on the moving carts, so sadly, they were all separated. Then came Koi no ABO< where Tego dicked around and didn't actually sing his lines, and Koyama scolded him, saying, "Sing already!!" at him. XD; Next was TEPPEN… and somewhere around here, Shige's moving stage thing came up us on the tracks, and somehow, even up on the third floor, he saw me and waved at me!! ♥ I feel so lucky. He definitely really looks for his fans and tries to make us happy!

Up next was NYARO, which was cute as usual, and they came and did their heart formation on the center stage. Then, Shige gave his speech while the others got into their positions for Hikaru no Shizuku. In Tokyo Dome, the rising platforms were in a line down the center, so from stage left/the farthest from us to stage right/the nearest to us, they were lined up Koyama → Massu → Tego → Shige. In other words, Shige was really close to us! I watched him through binoculars and appreciated just how well the pants of the brown costumes fit him. |D; Also, I know I've said this before, but I really enjoy how their platforms light up in their member color when they sing their solo lines in the ballad.

After that, they all thanked us for coming and went offstage while we waited for the encore! They came back soon with ONE-for the win-, and we noticed that Massu's costume had changed slightly. This time he was wearing the hoodie with sleeves, and rather than tying the bandana around his head, he had it in his pocket. Next was Sakura Girl, where, again, Tego and Massu singing the harmony totally overpowered Koyama and Shige singing the melody, so all you could hear was the harmony. XD;

Last was Koi Matsuri, and then they introduced the Juniors. At one point, Tego laid down on his moving stage, and Shige was also sitting at one point. XD I guess they were exhausted!

And then they thanked us again, and that was the end! I had a really great time at this tour, and honestly, I regret not going more than twice. It was so much fun, and I'm already anticipating next year!

I'll leave you with this photo of my and my friend's Shige and Tego stuffed animals. XD;

Whew. I'm glad I finally got that done! It was a really great show, so I want to share it with everyone. ♥
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