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[report] Hey! Say! JUMP in Yokohama Arena, 2015.10.10

I think this is the latest I've ever posted a report, but coming in at 10 months late, here's the report for the first of three shows of JUMPing CARnival that I saw in Yokohama Arena. I'm sure that pretty much no one cares anymore considering that the DVD has already come out, but I wanted to both share the little things that didn't get onto the DVD and write this for posterity and just for my own memory, so here it is.

I don't go into that much detail since a lot of things were really similar to the show I reported about in Nagoya, so if you want to refer back to those reports, they're here and here!

And with no further ado, onto the report!

On Saturday the 10th, we had bought seats for the "center" (arena in Yokohama Arena), which turned out to be close to the stage. They were great for seeing the main stage, but unfortunately not so great for seeing the center and back stages. Still, we were also close to the house-left catwalk, which was also nice, and there was a track for a cart to come by pretty near us!

Even from the beginning of the show, the guys seemed so much more well-rested than they had in Nagoya, which was a relief. When I had seen them in Nagoya, they all seemed totally exhausted, since they were in the middle of 24-hour TV preparations, and especially Yamada, who was coming off filming the heart-wrenching drama where he died of a horrible illness, seemed like he was kind of falling apart. However, in Yokohama, he seemed back to his normal self, and also thankfully like he'd gained a lot of weight back, which made me really relieved.

The show opened with Weekender again, and then came Come on a My House, during which Yamachii ramped up the fanservice since Nagoya. XD Yamada almost kissed Chinen (their mouths came really close to one another), and we jokingly hypothesized that Yamada didn't want to lose out to Yuto. XD; Yuto and Keito, meanwhile, "eskimo kissed" / touched their noses together, which was really cute. Sadly, the guys were spread out apart from one another, so when Daiki, Inoo, and Hikaru did their bit, it wasn't in front of Yabu and Takaki, but they were cute goofing around together, and then last up,Yabu awkwardly rubbed his face against Takaki's cheek. XD;

We had a really good view for those songs, as well as Ride with Me, which was on the main stage, too. Then came JUMPing CAR, where the guys moved down the catwalk towards the center stage, which unfortunately meant that we didn't have as good a view. Next was Viva 9's Soul, where they were cute as usual, but Yuto was maybe even more crazy and over the top than usual when he was rapping about Keito. XD Following Viva 9's Soul was Super Delicate, where Daiki was the one left out, and Yamada hugged Yuto from behind, which seemed to startle Yuto... which seemed to please Yamada. XD;

Up next was Puppy Boo, and just like in Nagoya, the Pet Shop members left in the middle in order to change costumes. Up next was Pet Shop Love Motion, but sadly, since I didn't have a great view of the center stage, I didn't have a great view of this, either. It broke my heart, seeing as this was definitely one of the (if not the) best parts of the show for me, but I had to lean at a weird angle to be able to watch Inochan be adorable and shake his butt.

Just like in Nagoya, the BEST corner and Suits Days followed, and it was the same as Nagoya. XD; First the video showed, and then they all came out and did the skit, and then they sang Suits Days. Ino-chan's pun of "Izu in Suits" / "Suits de Izu" is still funny to me |D Then came the 7 corner, which was also the same as Nagoya, but during Tada Mae E, Chinen and Yuto stuck their legs out in front of them in a weird dance, which made Yamada laugh and not be able to sing his solo line. XD;

After that was Wo I Need You and Asu e no Yell, and then the MC! When they all said, "Once again, we're Hey! Say! JUMP!" as groups often do at the beginning of the MC, everyone began to sit down, and Yabu scolded us for sitting down before they said "Please sit down." XD; After we all stood back up for them, they then told us to sit down. XD;;

First up in the MC, they talked about Nagano, from V6, coming to see them, and showed him in the audience. Then, they talked about Yuto's "bed scene" in Pink and Gray, which wasn't out at the time, so none of us in the audience were sure just how risque it was. XD Hikaru and Daiki joked that Yuto had once been a tiny child back in his junior days, but now he was all grown up and filming sex scenes in movies. XD Yabu said that he was jealous (having also once been a child star), and Yuto responded by saying that he could do a "bed scene" with Yabu in the dressing room. However, Yabu got distressed and insisted that he wasn't gay. XD;

Next, they talked about Inoo and Takaki's appearance on the Animal Park show that they were on around that time. I don't think it had aired yet, so none of us knew what to expect, but Takaki said that Chihara Junior kept saying that Inoo was cute. Hikaru seemed to get agitated and jealous, and mumbled something to Inoo, but all I caught was Chihara Junior's name. Then Takaki said that after the filming, another comedian came up to him and told him that he preferred Takaki, as if trying to make Takaki feel better. XD But then someone said that that guy liking Takaki was something different from the way Chihara Junior liked Inoo |D;;;

Having to eat weird things on Little Tokyo Life came up, and Inoo didn't want to say what it was that he and Yabu had had to eat (cow penis), so Yabu helpfully gestured to his crotch. |D; Inoo was like stop, I'll start hating you, which somehow led to Yabu saying, "Relatively, I like Inoo, but I also relatively hate him, depending," several times, idek. XD

Then, they asked Chinen to talk about his Hissatsu Shigotonin drama special, and Chinen said he was "an ally to women," to which Inoo jokingly interjected, "I'm their enemy!" XD; However, they forgot about Daiki's drama until the end of the MC, poor Daiki |D at the end he finally got to announce Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku. XD;

At that point, all the others left the stage, and Yamada and Keito were left to get ready for Saisho no Tokei. Yamada complained that no one had stood up and started cheering "JUMP! JUMP!" before the show that day. This led into Keito trying to get people excited, and this happened:
Keito: Do you like JUMP?
Fans: Yaaaay!
Keito: Do you like Yama-chan?
Fans: Yaaaay!
Keito: Do you dislike Keito?
Fans: Yaaay!
Keito: Hey!! (laughing)
Yamada: I dislike him, too! (laughing)

I have to admit that I'm not the hugest fan of Saisho no Tokei, but I really enjoyed looking at Yamada's gorgeous makeup during the performance when the camera was zoomed in on his face. For this show, he was wearing sparkly pink eyeshadow and he had drawn his eyebrows sort of tilting upwards, which is a trend currently with women. It was totally adorable. XD

Next up was the Sensations video, which was different since it had to be changed to reflect the backstage area in Yokohama Arena. This time, Yamada and Keito's weird bit got even kinkier, with Yamada's wrists being chained to something around Keito's neck, so when, in the skit, Keito was blubbering and crying, Yamada tugged on the chain and Keito reacted by being tugged back as if it was a leash, whimpering. |D; This time, when Inochan pulled back the tape gag over his mouth to talk, you could see makeup on the tape, so I was reassured that he was, indeed, wearing makeup. XD; Korosensations was really good as usual, and Inochan was wearing the same extremely low-cut V-neck that he wore in Nagoya; I realized that it was visible here but not in the music video because his jacket was zipped up high in the music video.

After the Sensations corner, they came out in the PV costumes and did Kimi Attraction! It was the first time I had really heard the song, so I didn't have much of an impression at the time, but I was happy to get to see it. Next came Chau#, and Inoo and Chinen continued to sing one another's names in their lines, just like in Nagoya. XD; However, new to YokoAri was a bit of fanservice between Yamada and Inoo! Inoo came around on a cart, and Yamada waited for him on the catwalk, kneeling down and holding his arm out to him as if to escort him, and Inoo took his hand before jumping down onto the catwalk. It was super cute! InoHika is my favorite Inoo pairing, but I'm a sucker for InoYama, too~

Next was UNION, which I honestly found pretty boring, and then Yowamushi Shooter. According to my friend, Hikaru stood on Yuto's drum set with his bass, but I was so focused on Inochan that I didn't notice. Then came Yuto Mania, which was largely the same as before, and then Beat Line, which also stayed the same as in Nagoya. Ai yo, Boku wo Michibiite Yuke was also the same as Nagoya, and I was sad that I didn't have a good view of the center stage, because I really liked the performance of that song. Boys Don't Stop was also the same, but because we were close to the main stage, we were able to watch the choreography and stuff more up close. My friend really liked watching Yuto stroking his own face when they say "Boys Don't Stop" at the end of the first chorus, but because the video that played behind them showed Inoo at that point, so I was always watching the video. XD;

After that was the last spurt, which included Aino Arika and Ultra Music Power before Very Very Happy. There was a brief pause before the encore, but then Yamada, Yabu, Yuto, Hikaru, and Keito were up in carts in the upper stands, and Chinen, Inoo, Takaki, and Daiki were in carts in the arena. Inoo and Chinen went by us, but I don't think either of them saw me, sadly. Still, it was really nice to see them up close! First they did Kira Kira Hikare, and then for Aisureba Motto Happy Life, they all came down to the catwalks and started throwing sign balls into the crowd. Surprisingly, Yabu almost managed to throw it into the upper stands, but the people in the front row weren't able to catch it, and it bounced back down to the lower stands.

But then the guys said goodbye to us, and that was the end! It wasn't really too different from in Nagoya, but I enjoyed getting to see the show from the arena!
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