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04 August 2016 @ 07:45 pm
[report] Hey! Say! JUMP in Yokohama Arena, 2015.10.11  
I'm trying to keep getting out all these reports I haven't done yet, so up next, we have the Sunday afternoon show of JUMPing CARnival in Yokohama! This is mostly just specific details from that day, so for more information about the concert, check out the previous reports from Nagoya here and here, as well as the first show I saw in Yokohama here.

We discovered before the show on Sunday that all of Inochan's goods had sold out! This was exciting news (since I had already gotten all my goods, so it didn't affect me >_>), since no one else had sold out yet at that point.

Our seats were in the very back, similar to our first show in Nagoya, near the back stage. We were in the 10th row, which is pretty close, so they were good seats, in my opinion! We also saw DVD filming cameras for the DVD filming that night, which was sort of annoying, since it wasn't actually the DVD performance, but the cameras were still blocking our view.

The opening bits were the same as past days; they started with Weekender, then did Come on a My House, where there was a lot of fanservice. It really felt like they were upping the fanservice with each show XD; After Ride With Me, JUMPing CAR, and Viva 9's Soul came Super Delicate, during which Inoo was the one left out XD; When the music paused and spotlight came up showing he was alone, he asked, "Won't someone be my partner?" Then he pestered both Yamada and Yuto (somewhat like the DVD) to get them to let him join, but they both rejected him. XD Yamada seemed to be cuddling up to Yuto as much as he could to make Yuto uncomfortable XD

Then came Puppy Boo and Pet Shop Love Motion, which was as adorable as usual. However, at the beginning of the best corner, when Inoo first popped out of the center stage to welcome the others to his sushi shop, he forgot to put on his mic, and his headset was sitting around his shoulders. He was super embarrassed, but the rest of the members just walked away and started over from Hikaru's line about waiting inside the sushi shop XD;; It was cute and Inochan was laughing really hard at his own mistake.

Next was the 7 corner, and this time Yamada managed to sing his line in Tada Mae E without laughing, and all the members looked really happy and cute ♥ And then came Wo I Need You and Asu e no Yell, and then the MC!

The first thing they ended up talking about was Inoo's mic incident, which he was super embarrassed and giggly about XD; He said, "I'm such an idiot!" which was adorable. Yabu said that at first he'd thought something was wrong with his own earphone XD; They then joked about the animal park show again, wondering how two idiots like Inoo and Takaki fared on a quiz show.

The guest on that day was Kitayama! When they were going to show him on the screens, the cameras couldn't find him at first, and Yabu said it was probably because he was too short. |D; They finally found him and showed him on the big screen, and he showed that he had a Yabu uchiwa with a unibrow drawn on XD;;; Apparently the Junior Okamoto Kauan was sitting next to him, and then Takahashi Fu was next to him. Also, it came out that Kitayama had thought the show was at 1, rather than 12:30, so he'd showed up at 12:15, and then had to eat really fast in the BEST dressing room. XD;;

They all promoted their various dramas and movies again, and then left the stage for Keito and Yamada to do Saisho no Tokei. This time, Keito did his quiz again, similar to in Nagoya. He asked the audience, "What color was the car in the opening video?" and gave three options before everyone answered. XD Then he asked Yamada, "What did Yabu do in the opening video?" and Yamada got it right, so he didn't have to do the batsu game. Yamada asked Keito what the batsu game was going to be, meaning Keito basically had to do it XD;;; He apparently was going to make Yamada say something along the lines of "If you were a cucumber, I want to be the nori and rice to wrap around you... let's be together forever as kappa maki." XD;

After Saisho no Tokei came Korosensations, Kimi Attraction, Chau#, UNION, Yowamushi Shooter, Yuto Mania, and Beat Line. I was glad that I got a much better view of Ai yo, Boku wo Michibiite Yuke this time XD; And then during Boys Don't Stop, Yuto seemed to be getting revenge on Yamada for the way Yamada cuddled up him during Super Delicate by pressing up close to him here. XD;;

Then it was time for the last spurt, and when they all came to the back stage during Aino Arika, Yabu did sort of a terrifying leap off his cart and onto the stage, and we really thought he might fall off. |D;; Be careful! Yabu also got made to do the rap in Ultra Music Power, and he was really horrible at it XD; Hikaru seemed to think this was hilarious, and laughed at him a lot. XD;

They finished off the main show with Very Very happy again, and then the encore of Kira Kira Hikare and Aisureba Motto Happy Life. While they were throwing sign balls, fans really close to us caught Daiki's ball, so that was exciting! Also, Takaki was cutely trying really hard to throw his balls to the upper stands.

Finally, when they all left at the end, Chinen said "yappari boku ga number one," which was adorable. XD
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britkit27: Keito smilebritkit27 on August 5th, 2016 08:41 am (UTC)
Woo Inoo's goods being the first to sell out~ I'm so glad we were able to get everything in Nagoya |D

Poor Inochan forgetting his mic |D;; They all handled it so well, and it was really cute and funny XD And Keito's quiz corner was the best he's so ridiculous |D;; And of course he did the batsu game himself when Yamada got them right |D;; And I'd forgotten Chinen said that at the end! Oh Chinen XD;;
ミランダ (大丈夫): Daiki: ♡faded_lace on September 14th, 2016 12:33 am (UTC)
Me too! Though I wanted another poster, sob.

Yeah |D;;; It was really cute, so I'm glad it happened at a show we were at. XD; And ahaha yeah, Keito's quiz game. |D;

And of course Chinen is number one. |D;;;