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[report] Hey! Say! JUMP in Yokohama Arena, 2015.10.12

Trying to keep the ball rolling with the really late reports! I'm going to be traveling from Saturday to Monday, and then heading back to Japan early Tuesday morning, but at least I was able to finish up the JUMPing CARnival in Yokohama Arena reports. As in previous entries, this is mostly just specific details from that day, so for more information about the concert, check out the previous reports from Nagoya here and here, as well as the first and second shows I saw in Yokohama here and here.

On Monday morning, the first we heard about goods (as previously mentioned, we had all gotten ours in Nagoya) was that Inoo's had all sold out by 9:30 am! I was really excited and impressed! I'm really glad he has so many fans now that his good all sell out, though I am a little sad that all the people who wanted them weren't able to get them (and I wanted to buy another backup posted but wasn't able to, sadly.

Monday was the only day that we ended up using the seats that we hit for (my friends hit for Saturday and Sunday, but the seats were in the upper stands, so we had sold them and bought better ones, however I hit for Monday and actually got somewhat okay seeming seats). Since we hadn't chosen them, I was expecting them to be pretty mediocre, but it turns out that the area that we were in doesn't start with row 1, so our seats were much closer to the catwalk than expected, and we were also practically right up against the main stage! They turned out to be really good seats, so I was happy about that. Also, as a random aside, the people in front of us were a family of three consisting, as far as I could tell, of a mom, a dad, and a son. The mom had an uchiwa, and at first, we were wondering if the dad and the son got dragged along, but once they got to their seats, they took off their shirts to reveal JUMPing CARnival t-shirts underneath! It was super cute.

We also didn't know this as a fact at the beginning of the show, but it became clear later that, following precedent, this show was the day that they filmed the footage for Wideshows like Zip and Mezamashi TV! So we got to see what was later broadcast on the news~

As usual, the show started off with Weekender, but instead of his usual line, Inoo sang "Ai kara hajimaru mugendai Inoo desu!!" ("I'm the endless Inoo who begins from love") XD; He's so ridiculous. Then, they moved into Come on a My House, and the fanservice was yet again in top form; Yamada and Chinen touched noses and generally looked into one another's eyes lovingly, which was really cute. Meanwhile, in this show (and possibly others? Unsure) Inoo, Hikaru, and Daiki were doing Goroumaru (the famous Japanese rugby player) poses. XD;

After Ride With Me, JUMPing CAR, and Viva 9's Soul, Hikaru was the one left out during Super Delicate. XD; He said something along the lines of, "It's okay if I'm alone, because I have all of you!" (talking about the fans), which caused a lot of squealing. Yamada then hugged Yuto from behind, and Hikaru hugged him from the front, and Yuto looked really unhappy about this. XD; Also, when everyone was pairing off, Inoo hugged Chinen and spun him around, because they're ridiculous and adorable BFFs.

Next came Puppy Boo, and then Pet Shop Love Motion, but for some reason, the center stage didn't properly function during this song on this day, so the guys sort of had to improvise when the stage should have been raising up and it didn't. They handled it well, though-- yomimashou tells me she didn't even notice. At the end, Inoo said, "You probably can't eat it, but I'll give you a koi." XD;;; He's so ridiculous.

Up next was the BEST corner, but randomly halfway through, Inoo hunched his shoulders up so that his neck sort of disappeared and said all his lines in a weird voice, which made all the other members start to crack up even through the beginning of the song. XD; As I said above, he's so ridiculous, but also adorable.

After the 7 corner, Wo I Need You, and Asu e no Yell came the MC, and the guys asked what was up with Inoo's weird voice during the BEST corner. Inoo replied that it was the last day and he just felt like doing it. XD;; His answer sounded really tekito and like he hadn't thought it all the way through... oh Inochan. XD;

Somehow, then, the subject changed to Super Delicate, and Hikaru complained about Takaki... I forget what exactly, but maybe making a face or something? And then Yabu said that Inoo always puts his arms up too high in the ending pose... to which Inoo was unapologetic and just said it felt good to do it. |D Then Yuto said that Daiki always turned around in the ending pose, and Chinen teasingly said he always felt like, because Daiki turned to face him, he always felt like he should kiss him. |D Yabu commented that since he's in the back during that part, he sees all of these things, and then complained that his arms don't show behind Inoo's during the part where they all have their arms out at different angles while standing in a line. So then Hikaru directed them to do it right then... and it became clear that Yuto and Keito were the ones at fault. |D;;; They had way too much difference in angle between how high they had their arms... but the whole group took it as a chance to tease Inoo, anyway. XD;

Next, Yuto talked about how Yamada had helped him learn Korean phrases for when he went to the film festival in Korea for Pink and Gray. He said Yamada made him a recording of himself speaking Korean, and his voice was sexy. |D;;; Hikaru responded all surprised, like, "Whaaaat Yamada is sexy even in private?" And then someone was like, "Um, you're the one who says 'dou saretai ka oshiete yo' in Yes" (from the s3art album, "Tell me how you want me to do it to you") and Hikaru was like "I don't remember saying that >__>" |D;;;; Inoo also mentioned the male Korean fan who wrote into Rajira two nights before about the film festival.

After the regular drama and movie promotions, the MC wrapped up, and then it was time for Saisho no Tokei. Yamada was really excited about a comedian that he likes winning the King of Conto contest on TV (I'm not familiar with many comedians, so I'm not sure who it was), and he did an imitation of it. It was really cute how excited he was about it~ Also, his makeup was much darker than it had been in previous days; it was a more bold brown on Monday rather than paler shades of shimmery pink, gold, or tan. It looked good on him~

Sensations directly followed Saisho no Tokei as usual, and then it was time for them to do Kimi Attraction, but since it was the press show, they dropped "JUMPuusen," or special balloons made for the concert, from the ceiling during the song! I wasn't able to get one, but luckily, one of my friends grabbed one for me, and in dark blue to boot! I'm super lucky that I was able to get one in Ino-chan's color ♥

After Kimi Attraction came Chau#, and then UNION. yomimashou would like me to tell you that during UNION every day, Yabu was holding his mic stand and spinning around during a part where he doesn't sing, but on Monday she noticed that he was grinning in extremely not badass way while doing it. XD; She thought this was very cute. I was watching Hikaru, so I missed it, oops!

Yowamushi Shooter, Yuto Mania, Beat Line, Ai yo, Boku wo Michibiite Yuke, and Boys Don't Stop were mostly the same as they had been the whole time, and then the last spurt started the same as always with Aino Arika. During Ultra Music Power, Hikaru made Takaki do the rap, and while it seemed like Takaki didn't know the words and Hikaru was saying them into Takaki's ear, Takaki actually rapped them quite well! It was impressive.

The guys sang Very Very Happy and then left briefly before the encore. It turned out that during all the afternoon shows, Yamada, Yabu, Yuto, Hikaru, and Keito were up in carts in the upper stands, and Chinen, Inoo, Takaki, and Daiki were in carts in the arena, so that was the arrangement every time we went. Also, it turns out several Travis Japan members (Miyachika, Kajiyama, Yoshizawa, and Nakada) came to see the show, and while they didn't get announced or introduced during the MC, when Yamada, Yabu, Yuto, Hikaru, and Keito went up in the stands, some of the members called out to them. According to yomimashou, my Yabu expect, Yabu was especially excited to see Miyachika. XD;;

Finally, after Kira Kira Hikare and Aisureba Motto Happy Life, the guys said goodbye and left! And that, sadly, ended my experience with the JUMPing CAR concert tour. It was a lot of fun, and the guys were amazing, and I feel truly lucky to have been able to attend 5 times. ♥

Whew, I'm glad I was able to get these reports done. I know I still have a few left before I'm totally up to date, but I'm working on it. XD;; Tomorrow and the next day I'll probably be a little busy, so I'm sorry if I go MIA! But for now, I hope these reports are at least enjoyable, even though they're late. XD;
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