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[report] Hey! Say! JUMP "DEAR." tour in Yokohama Arena, 2016.8.12

I know this is crazy late, but I'm finally getting around to writing up my reports for the DEAR. tour this summer and fall. I'm really sorry!

This is the report of the first day in August, so if you're interested, please check out below the cut!

August 12th was the first day of the shows in Yokohama Arena (after Arashi vacated the space… for some reason, that fact amuses me), which means that I had no idea exactly what the setup was going to be like in the venue. Upon arriving the logistics were mostly the same as JUMPing CARnival had been, with a center stage, a back stage, and two side stages, but no outer catwalk, and the stage was made up to look sort of like an opera house, with balconies along the sides, and even a red carpet extending to the center stage.

Our seats, we were surprised to find, were right up along the stage left (house right) side of the stage, on the aisle. There were about 5 rows of seats on the other side of the aisle closer to the stage, but besides that, we were the closest you could get to the main stage from the sides. Additionally, a glance around the venue made me realize that when the guys went up into the upper stands in carts for the for the encore, they would be coming down the steps in the aisle that I was right next to. That meant that I would probably be able to touch them. I promptly freaked out a little. XD;

Unfortunately, seats that close to the stage at such a strong angle made it almost impossible to actually enjoy the performance aspect of anything close to the stage. When the guys came over to the side of the stage and waved at us, or when Inochan was on our side of the stage, they were amazing seats, but when it came to watching any of the dances or performances on the main stage, it kind of sucked. We couldn’t see the formation at all, and the lights on the side of the stage were sort of shining directly into our eyes. The backstage was really far away, so basically, the center stage was the main place we could see them in a way that we could enjoy their performance and dancing. So in that way, they were really good seats, but they were also pretty bad seats. Also, because they were so close to the stage, there were staff all around, and I couldn’t get a picture of our view, sadly.

Reports said that Matsushima Sou, Nikaido Takashi, and Sakamoto Masayuki were in the audience, but we weren’t able to see them from our seats, sadly.

The show opened with the opening video, as usual, which led into the instrumental track Invitation from the album. The video was in black and white, and it showed the guys writing, sealing, and distributing invitations and the mask penlights as if inviting us to a masquerade ball. Daiki wrote the letters, Chinen stamped them with a wax seal, Takaki sorted them by last name, Hikaru put them into boxes, Keito delivered the boxes outside, Inochan was possibly supposed to be doing the same but he was sleeping on a bench outside instead, Yabu put the invitations into a car, Yuto drove the car, and Yamada handed out the invitations to… somewhat creepy seeming doll-like caucasian children? The end was a bit weird. XD; But then there was a little intro in English inviting us to join JUMP while staff members standing in the audience and holding the penlights in front of their faces were shown on the screen. The stage was hidden with a drapey curtain and fog, but because of our placement so far on the side, we were able to see JUMP sneaking out onto the stage behind the curtain! XD; Specifically, Yabu was the closest to us, so we could see him getting ready to start.

After the intro was done, the curtain was dropped, and the show began with Masquerade! The guys were on the main stage wearing gold pants and red jackets, with masks with the member color feather on them (these outfits have appeared on TV during Mezamashi TV and other wide shows). As seen on TV, they took off their masks dramatically one by one, which was very cool, althought Inochan made a weird face. |D; We discovered that Hikaru had a temporary tattoo on his face that looked like the symbol on the tracks in Mario Kart, as well two gold stick-on earrings. Yamada had his yellow Fullmetal Alchemist hair still, and had a mole drawn under his eye, as well as black English words (temporary tattoo?) on his neck, and greyish blue color contacts. We were surprised by Daiki’s short black hair, which sort of made him look even younger than his round, youthful face already makes him look. XD; During Masquerage, when Hikaru says “miwaku no party” he did some very exciting hip rolls that took us by surprise, but sadly, we weren’t really able to see the dance that well from the side angle.

After Masquerade came RUN de Boo, which had really cute and easy to pick up choreography that could be done with the penlight. There was a lot of goofy and cute dancing that I really enjoyed, and more of the guys came over to the side of the stage to wave to us at times, so that was nice! Following RUN de Boo was Kimi Attraction, during which the guys moved to the center stage. During their duo lines in the chorus, Inoo and Chinen did a cute thing where they put their hands together to form a heart.

Next, for Viva! 9’s SOUL, they took off the red jackets to reveal member color vests! These outfits were very cute, and I was sad how short a time they wore them for. The lyrics of Viva! 9’s SOUL had been altered to reflect member’s currect activities and other running jokes like Yabu always winning JUMQ and Takaki acting like an onee. Daiki got slightly more of an introduction than before, where instead of only saying “DJ!” they said things about him before “Daiki!”

Following Viva! 9’s SOUL was Weekender, for which they went off of the center stage and stood along the middle catwalk out to the side stages. Yuto and Keito were all the way on the stage right/house left stage, and started enthusiastically doing the dance, but opposite one another, sort of like they were partners in a ballroom dance rather than doing the same choreography (so if normally, they’d go to the left, Keito would go to the left but Yuto would go to the right to mirror him, or something). At the point where they reach out in front but sort of to the side with one finger (sorry this is a crappy description), they did it so that their fingers met, and then Yuto tapped Keito on the nose, and it was super cute. At the start of the chorus, BEST ran up the catwalk to the main stage and disappeared right after Inoo’s solo line, while 7 moved to spread out along the horizontal middle catwalk. During the part right before the final chorus, when he sings “futari mitsumeau me wo,” Yamada got really close to Chinen and looked into his eyes, and they came really close to kissing ♥ During the final chorus, since BEST was no longer onstage, it sounded really weird without Daiki’s rapping over the chorus! I joked that it needed “robot Daiki” like in karaoke (where if you sing a song with a secondary part like that, often, there will be a computer-generated background voice).

After Weekender, 7 left the stage and BEST appeared on the mainstage for Speed it Up. They were wearing purple and lime green sort of futuristic hip-hop costumes, but my favorite aspect was Inochan’s bandana skirt. It was the same bandana skirt he had as a part of his FOREVER costume in 2014 (which first appeared at Live with Me in Tokyo Dome, and was also in the s3art tour), but before, it had been basically two bandanas in front and behind of him not connected on the sides, worn overtop of jeans. This time, it had been given a lime green trim and connected partway down the sides to be an actual skirt with slits up both sides to mid-thigh, and he was only wearing tights under it. Wow! I was in shock, but I sort of loved it, ahaha. Unlike BEST’s usual corners, there was no skit or any sort of comedic bit, which really depressed my friends and I on the first day, and because we were watching from such a side angle, I couldn’t really enjoy the dance focus, either. It was really good, but I hadn’t realized that yet on the first day. XD;

Once BEST left the stage, it was time for 7 with Party Monster, for which they wore tight ripped jeans and gold shiny leather jackets. Because I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really get into B-sides until I hear them in concert, I had actually never listened to Party Monster before this, and I was surprised and unexpectedly delighted by Keito’s long dirty English solo at the beginning (particularly “Baby, if you’re down with it, we can do it right now” ahahaha…) but my friend who’s a Keito-tan was deeply embarrassed. |D;;; I liked the song, and 7 trying to be badass and hardcore with leather jackets and headbanging was cute, but I wasn’t a big fan of when they ripped open their leather jackets to reveal their bare chests, especially because wearing those jackets while dancing under those lights, they must have been super hot, and so their chests were pretty gross and sweaty. XD;

At the end of Party Monster, each member of 7 jumped down into the center of the center stage, which had been lowered beneat the stage, and last, Keito said “We’re Party Monsters” in English before jumping down. There was a thudding sound, and Hikaru could be heard beneath the stage saying “OW!!” as if Keito had landed on him. Inochan replied something along the lines of “Oh no, are you alright, sir?” XD Which led into them saying tonight they were going to seduce us… as in, introducing the title of the song, Konya Anatta wo Kudokimasu~ Apparently, my friends thought the “ow” was an actual mishap the first time… I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing |D;;

After that little intro, the music for Konya Anata wo Kudokimasu started, and inoo and Hikaru appeared out of the center stage wearing the white sequin suits from Reload in the s3art tour, with the initials H.y and K.i on the back. For this, however, they had added gold accents to Inoo’s costume and silver aspects to Hikaru’s, and they wore them overtop of gold (Inoo) and silver (Hikaru) vests. They wore large white feather boats with either gold or silver tinsel in them, and they wore gold or silver tiaras on their heads. Inoo had heart-shaped sunglasses with blue lenses, and Hikaru had aviator sunglasses with yellow lenses, and all in all, their costumes were fantastic in my opinion. XD; The song was just as wonderfully ridiculous performed live as it is recorded, and during the part where Inoo seduced a sponge, Hikaru pretended to rub his back, while during Hikaru seducing the wristwatch, Inoo pretended to be a clock behind him. There was silly choreography to go along with the chorus, and then when it got to the “migi kara kudoku” lines, they turned their mic stands to face one another. For “migi kara dakishimeru,” Inoo flipped his mic stand upside down, almost as if it was a girl and he was dipping it? And then Hikaru did the same thing on his line, but (naturally? XD) from the left. At this point, I noticed that the mic stands had tinsel in gold for Inoo and silver for Hikaru on the bottom. Then, after the spoken line at the bridge of the song, they put on the sunglasses dramatically with a sound effect, and they couldn’t keep a straight face because they thought they were so funny. It was pretty great altogether, and I feel so lucky that Inochan had such a great subgroup song (with Hikaru ♥) this time!

Up next, the lights went down on the center stage and came up on the main stage, where the other members came back out wearing the costumes that had been designed by Massu, which have also appeared on TV. Keito welcomed us to the 2016 Live Tour “DEAR.” in English, and then began to do a sort of broadway-esque monologue in English using each letter of Hey! Say! JUMP as a sort of theme (so for example, “S” stood for Sing, “P” stood for “Power,” etc.), and the letters would come up on the screen in the color of the member who was wearing the costume with those letters. Inoo’s “U” and Hikaru’s “H” were presented last, so I was sort of annoyed, since Keito basically just said them in passing, together in one sentence, since they needed the time to change from Konya. But from there, they lined up by letter just as Keito said “We are Hey! Say! JUMP,” for a really cool effect of spelling out the group name. Then, they all sat in chairs and the intro played for order!

The chair dance for order was really cool, and I really enjoyed it, but sadly, it was hard to see from the side angle we were at. It was also sadly hard to tell who was singing from that angle. Still, I really liked the costumes that Massu made for them, though some of them (Takaki, Chinen, Inoo) were really cool and subtle, while others (Yuto, Yamada) had the letter just printed on them, which was a bit obvious to me.

After order came Ai no Shubiduba, for which the guys used the mask penlight! It was cute to see them dancing with it and using it as a mask, but there were also parts where they turned the lights out so we could see the guys’ penlights glowing! It was really cute, and fun to do the penlight dance along with them. They moved from the mainstage to the center stage, and then the back stage during this song.

When they arrived at the back stage, mic stands with tambourines on them had been set up! The guys traded out their penlights for tambourines and the music for We are Otoko no Ko started up! I think out of the full group songs that weren’t in previous concerts, We are Otoko no Ko is my favorite, and this performance probably had a hand in that. The tambourine dance was adorable and beautiful and everything I didn’t know I needed, and included butt-shaking and hitting the tambourines on each other’s butts and putting the tambourines around their necks and just was generally perfect and made me very happy. XD

After We are Otoko no Ko, they moved into Wo I Need You with a similar performance to how they did it in JUMPing CARnival, and then last before the MC was Maji Sunshine! Gold confetti fell around the center stage, where the guys gathered to sing the first verse. During the chorus, they ran along the center catwalk back to the main stage, and Yuto grabbed a selfie stick and took a photo of all the guys together with their backs to the audience, so all the fans got into the photo too, in a sense. It was really cute! However, just as the song was ending, Chinen sneakily left the stage.

Then, just as the song ended, all the lights went out, and then when they came up again a second later, Chinen was pushing a cart with a cake on it onto the stage and everyone was singing happy birthday to Yuto! We were lucky enough to be there for the celebration of Yuto’s birthday, even if it was a little late. Yuto said he didn’t notice Chinen leaving the stage at all, or realize that they had been planning a surprise, and Yabu talked about how hard it was to secretly have a meeting to plan the surprise and order the cake without Yuto catching on. XD Takaki asked Yuto how old he was turning, and Yuto said “23~” in a baby voice |D; And then, before moving on with the MC, Yuto ate a strawberry off the cake, and Yamada stole one, too.

Next, they pointed to Hikaru’s face and asked him about the “MarioKart” temporary tattoo. Hikaru said he justed wanted to have some fun for the concerts, and they all sort of made fun of him for being weird. Yabu talked about how he had been extremely shocked to see that Hikaru was wearing earrings, and thought that they had been real piercings… and was, for some reason, really angry at the idea that Hikaru had gotten piercings in his ear at the age of 25. XD; They all then revealed that they weren’t real piercings, but actually nail stickers that Hikaru had stuck to his ear. What a loveable weirdo. |D;;; Hikaru also teasingly pulled up his shirt to reveal that he had stickers around his belly button, too! XD; Inoo, who had seemed kind of tired and withdrawn (he was still filming Soshite Dare mo Inaku Natta at this time), stepped forward and teased Hikaru that if he continued at this rate, by the last show he’d be a clown. XD;

While joking with Hikaru, they called out that he accidentally had said Osaka instead of Yokohama in the opening! I didn’t actually hear it myself, but during (I think?) RUN de Boo, apparently Hikaru meant to say “Are you excited, Yokohama??” but because this was the first Yokohama show and the venue before it was Osaka, Osaka had apparently slipped out instead! He apologized and said that he’d said Yokohama correctly later during Weekender, and we all forgave him. XD;

Next, Keito talked about how he had recently taken a trip to New York. Apparently, he went by himself for several days to see Broadway shows (so I enjoyed the mental image of Keito perplexedly watching Hamilton without a good grasp of American history XD;), and texted photos to Yamada every single day. |D; Yamada made fun of him for some of the ridiculous selfies that he had sent, and that he didn’t include text in some of the messages, just a photo. XD; He brought back “I ♥ NY” shirts for everyone as souvenirs, but in trying to buy people’s member colors, somehow Chinen’s pink one was huge, but Yuto’s light blue one was children’s sized. |D;;;

Somehow, after that, Takaki’s “3 minute series” came up. XD; When the staff called that the members have 3 minutes until the start of the show, Takaki apparently had commented that when you think about 3 minutes, it seems amazing for Ultraman to fight in that amount of time. XD; The other members made fun of him for such a silly and childlike train of thought. Then, it came up that Takaki had put hot water in his instant ramen and then put on music and said it would be done after one song. However, he got really into the music and was dancing around and stuff, and then he forgot about the ramen, and when he finally remembered it, it was really soft and gross. XD;

They then talked a bit about the audience, and Yabu mentioned that he had seen a guy in the audience holding up a towel with “yancha bouzu” (it’s sort of hard to translate this, but something like “shaved-headed rascal”? It draws to mind a certain sort of young person, like, a trouble-making kid) and Yabu was wondering if that meant the fan thought that Yabu was this sort of person, or if the fan meant that they themself was that sort of person. XD;

Somewhere in here, Yamada called Keito’s hair gross and tried to fix Keito’s bangs where they were all sweaty, but then acted grossed out by the sweat and wiped his hand on a towel. But then Chinen was like “AHH THAT’S MY TOWEL DDD:” and jokingly acted really horrified. XD;

The guys talked about the costumes and how Massu had made them for them, and wanted to point out some of the more subtle ones, like Yabu’s P when he put his hand on his hip and Takaki’s M with his arms and jacket and shirt. They asked Chinen to demonstrate his J, and also the face that he did along with it. XD; Next, Hikaru directed Inoo to show off making the U with his arms… then told him to show that he can also make V and X. XD;;; It was cute with Hikaru and Inoo sort of goofing off together.

Next, the guys asked us who had bought the album, and mentioned that the track “From.” is only on the regular edition. They encouraged us to buy the RE as well, and that they wanted us to hear the song… so they did it right then, sort of awkwardly in the middle of the MC. XD The guys all sat on the steps as they sang the song, with Hikaru standing in front of them “conducting” with his fingers, but he kept being really trolly and trying to kiss Yamada while Yamada shoved him away. XD;

After From., they came back to talk a bit more, but it was annoying because we were stuck standing this whole time. I don’t even really recall what they chatted about, but they didn’t mention the members who were in dramas (Inoo and Yuto), nor did they bring up upcoming movies (Chinen). It was weird when usually in the MC they call attention to the members’ accomplishments. But during this part, Yamada and Daiki went backstage to change into their costumes, and eventually, we moved into the second half, starting with My Girl.

Daiki and Yamada did the entirety of My Girl on the upper part of the main stage with a video playing behind them. It was basically 100% dance or movement choreographed to go along with the video, which was sand art of Daiki and Yamada and a girl (which was sort of weird to me— I’m all for any sort of relationship that makes the people in that relationship happy, but I was surprised if that was the message that Daiki and Yamada were trying to send XD At any rate, it was confusing). The song was very autotuned and they lip synced the whole time, but the dance was cool and I really like the way that Yamada’s pants fit him. XD;

Next came Boku to Keito, which started with Keito and Chinen on the center stage with Keito standing behind Chinen. Before the lights came up, the sound of a phone ringing played (which made me think of Over |D), and then they proceded to have a fake phone conversation before “meeting up” and singing the opening lines of the song. The performance was really cute, and there was a little dance that they taught us in the middle, which we did along with them for a while. At the end they said something along the lines of “Let’s continue to be friends!” which was cute.

Up next, the lights went down, and then came up on the main stage, where Inoo sat at a piano! He began to play the piano solo that he played at New Year’s in Osaka, and it was so cute ;~~; It was really clear that he was nervous, but he did a great job, and I was so proud of him ;~~~; He played the whole intro-solo thing, which led into the actual intro of ChikuTaku as recorded, starting with the high notes going down to lower notes (if you’ve listened to the song you know what I mean), and then the lights came up on one of the side stages where Yamada was! He sang the opening lines rather than Hikaru, and then the light came up on the other side stage and Yabu was there as well. The reason Hikaru wasn’t there became clear a moment later, when Keito, Yuto, and Hikaru all appeared on the main stage with their instruments! However, after the intro part was done, Inoo left the piano and came down to the center catwalk between the two side stages and joined Yabu, Yamada, Takaki, Chinen, and Daiki to dance. It was a little sad that there was never a whole “jump band” song, since Inoo playing the piano and the other three playing their instruments didn’t overlap, but I was so, so happy that Inoo’s piano solo got included in this tour. Also, it was exciting that we finally got to see the new bass that Hikaru had been talking about having custom made for a while until now! It was white with a sparkly dark blue section in the middle, and it looked really nice. I also really liked that he wore glasses for this song, and he looked really cool. I was also a fan of how, once he was done with his piano solo, Inoo sort of model-walked down the catwalk to the center stage. XD;

After ChikuTaku came eve, which was, in my opinion, pretty boring. The members stood at various places around the stage, with Inoo and Daiki in the little side balconies built into the stage, and they just stood there and sang without really anything visually interesting. It sounded nice, but it wasn’t very exciting to watch.

Following eve came Mr. Flawless, for which they wore the same black and gold glitter suits that they wore for ChikuTaku. They sang and danced for the beginning of the song, then pretended to throw darts at the big screen behind the main stage, which turned into a map of the arena. Each member-colored dart hit an area of the arena, and the guys went down into the arena to give roses to fans… but I think all three of them weren’t able to find their own fans, and ended up giving the roses to fans of other members. XD; To basically anyone but people in those areas in the arena, I think it was a pretty uninteresting staging, but at least afterwards they came back up on the center stage and sang and danced a little more before leaving.

Next, all the lights went down and a video played similar in feel to the video that played behind Forever in 2014 (the video is an extra on the s3art DVD disc 2, along with the Live with Me footage), with the guys looking cool and mysterious in what seems to be some sort of parking garage? I really enjoyed the video, and while it played, the giant chandeliers that were a part of the set lit up and moved around. When the video ended, suddenly, curtains that I hadn’t even realized were there were pulled away inside the chandeliers, and JUMP were inside the chandeliers, elevated up in the air! It was really cool, but for this show, the three members I most wanted to watch (Inoo, Hikaru, and Chinen) were on the opposite side of the stage from me, sob. I really loved the costumes for this part, thoughl Inoo was wearing really tight pants with sparkly stars sewn onto the back, and a cap that suited him really well. He wears hats really well, and he looked adorable! My friend yomimashou wanted me to include that Yabu had a fluffy jacket that she really liked, as well. XD;

After Superman came Tasty U, which also mostly featured a lot of cool/sexy dancing, and then they came to the center stage to do Ride With Me, which was the remix version that they did on the Music Station special a while back. After that, the started off the last spurt with Kira Kira Hikare, which was very different in mood than the previous cool songs XD They moved to the back stage and ended up doing the end choreography, where they make a line and kick their legs, and as usual, Yuto kicked really high. XD;

Next came Come on a my house, and it was really weird, seeing people around me who hadn’t been around in 2013 to watch the “how to” dance video and learn the choreography by heart— it’s really wonderful how many new fans the guys have gotten over the past few years! When it got to the part where Chinen is about to say his line, Inoo called to the audience, “Do you want to go to Chinen’s house~? Do you want to go to Chinen’s home~?!” then turned to Chinen and said, “No, Chinen, there’s no way you could fit this many people, right?” to which, of course, Chinen said his line, “Come on a my house~” and Inoo acted really surprised XD; It was really cute!

They rounded out the last spurt with Asu e no Yell, then put on the usual long feathery costumes (this time in pink) to sing Dear., the closing ballad. After that, Yamada thanked us all for coming, and said, “Who loves JUMP?” We all raised our hands and said “yes!” He asked again, “Who loves JUMP?” and we responded “yes!” again. Then finally, he turned to the members and asked, “Who loves the people who came here today?” and JUMP all raised their hands and said “yes!” and it was really cute. Then, as usual, they all waved goodbye to us and disappeared behind the stage.

The encore started with Magic Power, which was really nostalgic! Magic Power is the first JUMP CD that I ever bought, so it has a special place in my heart~ Daiki, Keito, Takaki, Yuto, and Yamada were up in the carts in the upper stands, while Inoo, Chinen, Hikaru, and Yabu were down in the arena. They were wearing the T-shirt, and some of them were wearing the bandana in some way or another, too! There have been many photos online, but I have to comment that Inoo’s bunny-ears bandana was so cute ♥

After Magic Power came the usual Aisureba Motto Happy Life, and near the end, the five members that were up in the carts came down using the staircase right next to me! They were literally only a few centimeters away from me, but I didn’t want to touch them if they didn’t hold out their hands (since it seems really creepy to me to touch them if they aren’t asking to be touched), so I touched Keito and Takaki. Still, that was really amazing (♥____♥) They’re all really cool and handsome up close!

Finally, at the end of Aisureba Motto Happy Life, they did the usual call (“Ore-tachi wa… Hey! Say! JUMP!”) and the gintape came out… but we were so far off to the side that we weren’t able to get any, sigh. Last but not least, after everyone else had left and said goodbye, Chinen was the only one on the stage, and before leaving, he cutely teasingly said, “When the gintape was falling, all your mouths were hanging open~” before leaving!

Our seats weren't ideal for that show, but it was still a really good performance! All in all, while DEAR. is really different than JUMPing CARnival was, I really liked it a lot, and I'm looking forward to writing up the other shows, too!
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  • きせつはめぐる...

    Well, I'm going back to school again. I guess that warrants a post... I feel like it does, since I posted about it last year. I don't have as much to…

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