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[report] Hey! Say! JUMP "DEAR." tour in Yokohama Arena, 2016.8.13

Today is Gunma Kenmin no Hi, which means I have no classes and the kids didn't come to school, so I'm trying to stay in my current rhythm and keep from getting too far behind in reports!

All my reports are going to rely heavily on the report of the first show I saw, on August 12th, so that I don't have to list out every song and describe every costume each time. From now on, I'm going to focus on the things that were unique to each show, so if you're curious about the setlist and costumes and things like that, please check back to that report!

I saw the afternoon show on August 13th, so I got up bright and early to head over to Yokohama Arena! This time, I was in the D block, so that means I was pretty close to the center stage, and lucky for me, I was very close to one of the side stages, too!

View of the main stage

View of the center stage

View of the side stage

It was a really great spot, and generally, I had a much better view than I had had the day before!

Once again, the show started with the opening video and "Invitation," before moving in the Masquerade! It was really good to get the see the choreography from the front, since from the side, we weren't really able to see any of the formations or anything. The dance looked really cool, though I still think it looked better in the setting of the PV than onstage. I was excited to see that Yamada had two rows of braids down the side of his head because I love Yamada with that hairstyle; I also really enjoyed that he had two lines of English text and a star temporary tattoo on his neck. He also had drawn on a mole under his eye and was wearing blue colored contacts. Inoo had smooth hair; it hadn't been curled or styled, which I always think looks goofy, but also cute. Hikaru had a feather temporary tattoo on his cheek that day, and Yuto had his slicked-back hair that I really didn't like. When they took off their masks, Yabu and Hikaru both winked. XD;

Run de BOO was as cute as ever, and I appreciated the silly dance with some cute butt-shaking more from the front. Up next was Kimi Attraction, in which all the members said "Ore wa number 1" rather than "Kimi ga number 1" XD; During the part at the beginning after Inoo's solo line, Chinen, Inoo, and Yabu did something goofy together and then all laughed at themselves, which was really cute. Also, during Chinen and Inoo's duo line in the chorus, Chinen tried to make a heart, but Inoo went to put his hand up against Chinen's, so it ended up as half a heart |D;;; Luckily, the second time they did it, they managed to make a heart.

After that came Viva! 9's SOUL, and I admired the super cute member colored vests that they had when they stripped off their jackets again. Previous times, we had been worried that Yuto and Keito would hurt themselves or one another while they were headbanging during Keito's intro part, so we were glad to see that they sort of headbanged at a distance this time. XD; Inoo did a weird dance during his section (as usual? XD) and Hikaru managed not to make any mistakes in his rapping (the way I have this in my notes makes me wonder if he did make a mistake the day before but I forgot to write it in my notes for the 12th? unsure D:). According to my friends, Yuto apparently did an unflattering imitation of Yamada during Yamada's section, but I missed it. XD; In the end, Yuto picked up Daiki again while he was complaining about not having a real section. XD;

Next came Weekender, where Yuto and Keito flirtily touched their fingers together again, and this time, Yamada and Chinen also came very close to kissing! I greatly enjoyed both of these things. XD; Then came Speed it Up, which was much better from the front, and also I realized that Inochan had the lines that are in a really deep voice and I was very surprised. The mood of the song really reminded me of KAT-TUN after seeing it from the front, which was pretty surprising considering how goofy BEST usually are! But I really liked it. XD; After that was Party Monster, and we were very close to the shirtlessness, which wasn't really my cup of tea, but I'm sure a lot of people around me enjoyed it XD;

Konya Anata wo Kudokimasu came next, and I was lucky enough to have an amazing view this time! I feel like on the second day, more people were doing the call and response parts, like saying the lines of the watch and the sponge, and stuff like that. When Inoo went to flip his mic stand, he struggled, and he accidentally let his face get far enough away from the mic that he couldn't be heard! XD So the line became "Migi kara... dakishime..." because we couldn't hear the "ru" at the end. XD; It was cutely faily. XD

For Keito's English segment before order, it was mostly the same (and of course, I enjoyed his British English~), but before, when he had said "We are H-E-Y-S-A-Y-J-U-M-P, Hey! Say! JUMP," this time, he didn't spell it out, and just said "Hey! Say! JUMP." After that, order was much much better from the front! The choreography was really nice, and I really enjoyed the chair dance. Also, somehow, from the side view, I didn't notice how prominent Inoo's solo line was!

The same as before, they got the penlights next, but during Ai no Shubiduba, Yuto's penlight died, and he had to get a replacement from staff XD; It seemed like less people in the audience changed their penlights along with the guys, I'm not sure why. It was still early in the run, so I guess people were still getting used to it?

Next, We are Otoko no Ko was as cute as it had been before, and during Wo I Need You... my notes say "Inochan was close to me doing the noodly dance looking proud of himself," ahaha. The way he does the movements is always a little like... limp and silly, but he looked self-satisfied XD; I love him.

And then in Maji Sunshine, the guys were being really goofy. Yamada did something really cute going beneath the camera and then popping up in front of Takaki at one point. Inoo did a weird voice for the second time he said "My sweet honey honey yuitsu muni" But then at the end, some people forgot to gather around Daiki to put their hands over his head on the last line, and came running at the last minute. XD It was really cute.

Next came the MC, and Hikaru talked about the weather, and how it effected his bangs. XD; his led to jokes about how Hikaru is balding (thanks to School Kakumei XD), and how Hikaru's dad came to see him, and he was balding. XD; They all joked that Hikaru really was going to go bald, and Hikaru was very offended XD And said he even saw uchiwa with photos of his balding picture from School Kakumei.

This led to them talking about whether or not they knew when their parents were coming, and they decided to raise their hand if they wanted to know beforehand if their parents were coming or not. Takaki didn't raise his hand, but Yabu called him out and said he was lying XD; Yabu teased Takaki, saying he asked like, "Mama, are you coming? Is Papa coming too?" and Takaki laughed and agreed that he said something like that. Yabu said that his dad was there, and Takaki said that his niece came and she was a big fan of JUMP. They asked who she liked, and Takaki replied that she used to like Yuto, but now she likes Yamada XD Yamada acted really happy about this and goaded Yuto playfully, but Takaki bemoaned that it was the worst for him, since his own niece liked others better than him! XD Yabu also said his niece was coming that evening, and they asked who she liked. Yabu replied that she's only two years old, so she can't even tell the difference between JUMP and Arashi XD; He told a cute story where he had been out with Daiki and his niece video-called and he said he was out with his friend. Daiki said that they were members, not just friends, but Yabu was like, she's two, she doesn't understand the difference between coworkers and friends. If he said something like "nakama" she would think of the anime One Piece. XD Also, it came up that his niece calls him "Kou-chan," which was cute.

Somewhere in here, they also talked about Keito's hair and how he was keeping it long to do the part where he pushes it back during Maji Sunshine. He demonstrated pushing it back, and Yuto got really excited and was like, of course Keito is really cool! Or something along those lines. XD

Someone asked Inoo about how his hair was smooth today, and asked him what was the inspiration for his style. He replied that today he was a rotting mushroom |D; And said that the leopard print on his pants was the mold XD;;; They said that that was rude to Massu, and Inoo asked us not to tell Massu that he said that. XD;; I noticed that there were little tassles at the bottoms of his pants, which was super cute! Also, that his nose was read, and his skin was really bad with a lot of acne ;__; Inoo didn't even have much acne when he was a teenager, so I felt bad for him that he must have been so busy and stressed. He also wasn't wearing any makeup and just looked really tired, poor boy!

From talking about Inoo's hair, they asked about Yuto's slicked back hair, and someone jokingly said that it was rotted bean sprouts |D;; Yuto got annoyed and said it wasn't. This moved to Daiki's look, and they said with the "Y" on his costume, it looked like he was Simba from the Lion King. XD; They all started singing the Lion King, and they pointed out that when Yuto lifted Daiki in Viva! 9's SOUL it's like the beginning of the Lion King. XD;

This turned the conversation to Viva! 9's SOUL, and Hikaru said that he was acting like a zombie during it? Then during From., he also pretended to be a zombie. XD;;; This made Takaki crack up. Meanwhile, during Chinen's line, Inoo, sitting behind him, did spirit fingers behind his head XD and then Hikaru tried to kiss Yamada again and Yamada fell off the step trying to get away from him and laughing. At the end of From., Yamada grabbed the base of the Y on Daiki's costume, and pretended to use it as a leash, lol. Also, at some point during From., Inoo and Takaki put their arms around one another and sang together, which was cute.

I'm not sure if it was before or after From., but somehow during the MC, it came up that during a song (maybe Ai no Shubiduba? I don't remember), Hikaru and Yabu made eye contact, and Hikaru insulted Yabu, but Yabu didn't understand him and just smiled, so they teasingly said that Yabu was really DoM. XD; They talked about how Hikaru had tried to kiss Yamada, and he tried to demonstrate on Yabu, who was like no! no! stop! and tried to get Hikaru to stop attempting to kiss him. |D;; This somehow led to Hikaru showing off the "Pii" that was written in katakana on the back of Yabu's fluffy jacket that Massu made.

This led into talking about the costumes that Massu had made for him, and when they had Chinen do his "J" pose, the face that he made was different this time XD The first show, he had smiled, but this time, he made a really goofy face XD; They also talked about how before, Keito's costume had used all real metal chains, and it was really heavy, about 6 kilograms. XD;;; They joked that if he wore it for a while and then took it off, it would be like Dragonball, and he'd be so light and strong without it weighing him down XD; Inoo said that he wanted to see Keito try doing the choreography and stuff with the 6 kilogram one. XD;;

My Girl and Boku to Keito were pretty much the same as before, and then Inoo's piano solo came! I think he seemed less nervous this time than before, so I was happy for him ♥ ChikuTaku and eve were also the same, but this time around, during Mr. Flawless, the girl Yabu gave his flower to
started to cry. |D;;;

The rest of the show was much the same until the last spurt; I watched Superman and Tasty U through my binoculars from the front, and I enjoyed it much more from that angle! What I basically realized was, being really close to the stage isn't a good place to be in the very first show, because you can't really get an idea of what anything looks like, so everything is just jumbled and confusing. XD;

During Come on a My House, Yuto messed up his line XD; During their duo lines, Yabu and Takaki did the cute cuddling that they usually do, and Inoo and Hikaru were also really cute together, which made me really happy! Again, Inoo asked if we wanted to come to Chinen's house, but said his house was too small to fit all of us, and acted surprised when Chinen said "Come on a My House!" XD;

Asu e no Yell was the same as before, and then after Dear., Yamada forgot the speech he was going to make and said, "...the inside of my head just became totally white." XD;; Keito said calm down! and Yamada replied back, I am calm. XD;;;

Interestingly, while usually the crowd calls "encore!" to get JUMP to come back for the encore, in this particular show, fans started calling "jump!" instead. This time, Keito, Takaki, Daiki, and Yuto were down, while Inoo, Chinen, Yabu, Hikaru, and Yamada were up. Keito was wearing his hair in a ponytail with the bandana tied around his forehead, and looked sort of... 80s? XD It looked really good on him, though!

As before, the guys did Magic Power and Aisureba Motto Happy life for the encore, and then that was the end of the show! Luckily for me, I was able to get gintape this time, so I was a happy camper. It was really good to see the show from the front, and I was able to enjoy it a lot from that view!

Sorry again for how late this was... but I'll try to keep writing these reports and get them out before it gets to be too late >___> Hopefully it was still an enjoyable read, even though the concert is almost done!
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