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[report] Hey! Say! JUMP "DEAR." tour in Yokohama Arena, 2016.8.14

I'm sorry for the lateness... again. Things have been extremely crazy in my life, but I'm slowly but surely trying to get all these reports done, even if they're not relevant anymore. T__T;

Again, this will rely heavily on my August 12th report, since I don't feel the need to be really repetitive in describing every song and dance over and over again, so if you want the most detail, please read that report first!

I saw the afternoon show again on the 14th, but sadly, this time my tickets were for almost the last row of the stands. Luckily, Yokohama arena is tiny, so my view was still quite good!

Unfortunately, I was behind a foreign fan who kept raising her arms / penlight above her head, totally blocking my view sometimes. I could hear Japanese fans around me complaining about her, too. I know it's hard for foreign fans to know all the rules that Japanese fans follow, especially if they don't speak Japanese, but please, if you go to a Johnny's concert, look around you and see what other fans are doing so that you don't give foreign fans a bad name!

At any rate, once again, the show started off with the regular video, and then the boys came out to do Masquerade! This time, Inochan had his hair tucked behind his right ear, so we got to see one of his ears for once! I was really excited, because recently I had been noticing how I've almost never seen his ears or what his earpiece looks like. I love his hair the way it is (was... T__T), but it was cute tucked behind one ear, too.

After Masquerade came RUN de Boo!, Kimi Attraction (during which Inoo and Chinen did the regular fanservice), and then Viva! 9's SOUL. During Weekender, Yuto and Keito did the same fanservice as before, but this time, Yamada held out his arm to Chinen while he was singing his part before the last chorus ("futari mitsumeau me wo;" "Our eyes meeting," loosely, in English) and looked into his eyes while coming closer to him. Chinen looked back into Yamada's eyes, and they sang to one another from very close, which was very exciting. XD;

Next was Speed it Up, where the members were saying different ~sexy lines every time. This time, Takaki said "Motto ugoke yo" ("Move more") like in the actual song, but in the second verse Inoo said "Issho ni ugoko?♡" ("Let's move together?"), which, of course, resulted in lots of screaming from the crowd... perhaps including me, ahaha.

The rest of the first half proceeded pretty much as it had in previous concerts; Party Monster was next, followed by Konya Anata wo Kudokimasu, and then Keito's English lead-in to order. People still had difficulty with the "When I say Hey! Say!, you say JUMP," part; I guess maybe they didn't read the subtitles fast enough, and since he was speaking English, it was hard to follow? Unsure. XD Next up was Ai no Shubiduba, We are otoko no ko, Wo I need you, and then Maji SUNSHINE before the MC!

Hikaru had begun starting the MCs with a call and response, and this time, he decided to play around with us a little bit:
Hikaru: Yay!
Fans: Yay!
Hikaru: Yahoo!
Fans: Yahoo!
Hikaru: Yabu!
Fans: Yabu!
Hikaru: Kota!
Fans: Kota!
This was followed by Yabu being shown on the screen looking perplexed. XD; Yabu was like "Well that surprised me! I mean, it's not wrong, though." Lol Of course we know what your name is Yabu. XD;

Then, Yabu showed us that he had forgotten to take off an extra pair of socks? He was wearing these ridiculous tube socks and looked really dorky. XD; He tried rolling them down into giant rolls around his ankle, and it looked even worse, and all the members were making fun of him this whole time. XD; He was like, "Didn't everyone do this when we were kids and call it 'prince socks'?" Seeing as I wasn't a small child in Japan, I had no idea what he was talking about (or maybe Yabu just makes no sense |D;), but Takaki was like "So cute~ So cute~♡" about Yabu, lol.

They then talked about when Hikaru insults Yabu in Ai no Shubiduba again (this apparently became a recurring thing XD;), and Hikaru said that today, he said "Your face is gross." Yabu looked sad when Hikaru revealed that, and Hikaru asked what Yabu thought he said. Yabu replied that since Hikaru had been smiling when he said it, he thought it was something positive, like "you're cute" or something |D;;;;

Then, Chinen talked about how usually Yamada doesn't carry much stuff when he comes to the venue; apparently he brings everything on the very first day of rehearsals and then doesn't even bring a bag, just his wallet, every day after that. But that day, Chinen say Yamada coming in to the venue with his wallet and a pair of underwear in his hands. Chinen wondered if it was a change of underwear, or if Yamada had forgotten to put them on that morning. |D;;; Yamada got defensive (jokingly, of course), and said that he wanted to change underwear between shows because he got sweaty. Inoo speculated that maybe the underwear were to throw to the audience with the sign balls at the end of the show. XD; Yamada made an (old) joke based on the comedian Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura, saying, "Anshin shite kudasai, haitemasu yo!" ("Don't worry, I'm wearing underwear!")

The topic changed to a discussion of Takaki being an onee (I'm not totally sure how to translate "onee," it's a running joke on Itadaki High JUMP so I'm sure everyone already knows what it is? Like a crossdressing gay personality) during Viva! 9's SOUL. The conversation went something like:
Takaki: Even though I asked you guys to cut it out... (laughing)
Yabu: Nope, you can't take it back now, huh!
Takaki: I was too embarrassed to ask my parents how the concert was!!
Inoo: But Takaki, recently you started doing the "kousan" surrender pose during the rap, right?
Takaki: I mean, I can't do anything but surrender...
Inoo: I guess because you're really an onee, right? ♡
Takaki: Yeah, I guess so ♡
Again, not totally sure how to translate this since it's a running joke on Itadaki High JUMP, but "kousan," which means surrender, refers to the pose that Takaki did during the "Aching Muscles Sports Day" episode. Everyone made fun of the silly and "gay-seeming" way that he did it, so it's been a joke since that.

After that, Keito mentioned that at the end of order, Daiki accidentally sat on his lap! Sadly, my friends and I all totally missed this, but Daiki said he was like a person who lost at musical chairs XD;;

Hikaru brought up Inoo hugging Fujiwara Tatsuya during SoshiDare, calling him "Tacchan," as if making fun of Inoo for being so close to a famous actor. Are you jealous, Hikaru?! XD; Inoo confirmed that he did indeed hug Fujiwara Tatsuya. Daiki replied, "Sorry, but... I have to say it. When you say 'migi kara dakishimeru' ('hugging from the right') in Konya Anata wo Kudokimasu, all I can think of is that scene in the drama!" XD;;; Inoo replied, "That's totally different!!" XD;

After that, they got into a long discussion of magazine photographers, and how they way they took photos was different at each magazine, complete with imitations of how various photographers act during photo shoots at magazines such as Myojo and Wink Up. They eventually were like sorry, this is probably so boring for the audience, since, you know, we don't go to Myojo and Wink Up photoshoots, but honestly, seeing them all talk candidly about it was really cute.

Next they did From. during the MC again, and then talked some more so that Yamada and Daiki had time to change for My Girl. I had noticed this before, but I wasn't sure if I was right until I checked what other fans were saying; according to reports, Yamada swapped out his grey contacts at the MC for blue ones for the second half. He's so cute. ♥ After My Girl was Boku to Keito, and then Inochan's beautiful piano solo leading into ChikuTaku. After that came eve, and then Mr. Flawless, but this time, the guys managed to find some of their own fans (or at least, girls holding up their uchiwa) to give their roses to, at least.

Next was the very nice video, and then SUPERMAN, Tasty U, and Ride With Me, leading into the last spurt starting with Kira Kira Hikare and then Come on a my house. This time, before Chinen's line, Inoo asked if everyone wanted to hear Chinen speak English, and then said, "Chinen is Japanese, so he can't speak English, right?" And then Chinen said, "Come on a my house!" to which Inoo acted very shocked and yelled, "HE DID IT!!?!??!!?" XD;;;; What a weirdo, I love him. ♥

The concert finished up with Asu e no Yell and Dear, and for the encore, since it was an afternoon show, Keito, Takaki, Daiki, and Yuto were down, while Inoo, Chinen, Yabu, Hikaru, and Yamada were up. Since Yamada was wearing a T-shirt, we were able to get a good view of his arm, and see that he had a temporary tattoo of the ouroboros symbol from Fullmetal Alchemist on his arm! The guys sang Magic Power and Aisureba Motto Happy Life before the show ended!

Sorry again for the lateness! I'm going to do my best to keep getting these reports done, as soon as I can...
Tags: report, ultra music power!, yuri is a girls name..., いいの?

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