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[report] Hey! Say! JUMP "DEAR." tour in Yokohama Arena, 2016.10.8

Up next in my very late reports, it's the first show of DEAR. I went to in Yokohama in October! I'm really sorry for how late these all are, but I'm trying to catch up. At any rate, here's the report!

On October 8th, my friend yomimashou hit for arena seats for the 12:30 show, which was the second show for the second round of Yokohama Arena shows. Before we headed to the venue, there was a lot of drama on twitter about ID checking and invalidated tickets, and sure enough, when we got in, there were two little tables off to the side where Johnny's personnel were talking to various girls. You can read more details about this on twitter, so I won't bother to get dragged down with the stressful stuff here, but needless to say, having never seen an ID check before in my 5 years of going to Johnny's concerts, I was pretty shocked.

Since we were in the arena, I don't have a photo of my view (it's quite hard to take one considering how many staff there are in the arena), but we were on the house-right hand side behind the center catwalk, decently close to the center stage. We also were in the front row of our section, which meant an unobstructed view, and a clear path that the guys might walk in front of us! It was a really good view, and I feel really lucky that we hit for them!

As usual, the show opened with Masquerade, but since it was the first show I had seen since August, this was the first chance I got to observe everyone's changes in hairstyles and what have you. The biggest change was Yamada, whose hair was dyed dark again after being yellow for Fullmetal Alchemist for so long, and slicked back, which... I was not a fan of. XD; He was wearing the same blue contacts, and had a mole drawn under his eye as he sometimes does, as well as 4 lines of English on his neck. I didn't know this at the time, but after New Year's, when we were quite close to the main stage, yomimashou managed to read them and realized they were an English translation of Eternal, which means that they were custom made for Yamada. He's adorable. XD;

After that came RUN de Boo!, for which I always enjoyed doing the ridiculous dance, and then the guys came to the center stage for Kimi Attraction! During their duo-lines in the chorus, Chinen and Inoo had been doing something goofy and cute each time by putting their hands together, but this time, when Chinen went to make a heart, Inoo went for a high five, so they ended up with... a half heart? XD It was cute and they both laughed adorable. Inochan started off the spoken lines this time with "Omae ga ichiban da ze!" which means the same thing, essentially, as "Kimi ga number one," only in rough / delinquent-speak. XD;;; I love him.

Next came Viva!9’s SOUL and Weekender, and as usual, BEST left halfway through and Yuto/Keito and Chinen/Yamada did a lot of fanservice XD Sadly, we were on the opposite side of the arena from where those happened, so we didn't get to see them up close. During Speed it Up, Takaki said something along the lines of, "Want me to let you feel it~?" (it sounds sexier in Japanese...) and Hikaru didn't say anything, but blew a kiss during the second verse.

I don't seem to have any major notes for the next seven songs until the MC; if I recall correctly, people were better about the call and response in order than they had been in previous shows because it was so much later in the tour. But at any rate, for posterity's sake, Party Monster, Konya Anata wo Kudokimasu, order, Ai no Shubiduba, We are otoko no ko, Wo I Need You, and Maji SUNSHINE were the songs before the MC.

At the MC, the talked about how Uchimura was a guest, and they talked about Kin Medal Otoko for a while, including how Uchimura had darkened and emphasized his eyebrows for the movie so that he would look like Chinen XD; Adorable.

Next, Hikaru asked how "Ain to Kabel" was going, and Yamada corrected him, telling him his way of introducing it sucked. XD; They all talked about the Cain and Able poster, where Yamada and Kiritani Kenta are surrounded by leaves and the weird tree-hands, and the other members asked, "What's with the posters, anyway? What even are the hands?" To which Yamada, with a very earnest expression, replied, "I'm not sure, but I think they're made out of sponge." The other members burst out laughing, teasing him about his "tennen" (airheaded?) and literal response, and saying that they weren't asking technically what they were made of, but what the point of having them in the poster was. Yamada got embarrassed, and blamed the way the question was asked, but eventually answered that they symbolized entangled interpersonal relationships, to which Yabu replied, "You actually had a good answer!" Inoo, at this point, decided to add that he had always thought that the hands were there to give Kiritani and Yamada a face massage. What a weirdo, I love him. |D;

Yabu then said that if Hikaru had said something airheaded like that, the fans wouldn't scream like they did for Yamada, and speculated that it was because Hikaru was always saying "tennen" things. Yamada replied that it was probably because Hikaru wasn't just airheaded, he was an idiot. XD;

Next, Hikaru's hair color came up, and Hikaru said that he'd dyed it white to be the color of xiaolongbao (shoronpo in Japanese; I've heard them called "soup dumplings" in English?), because Yokohama is known for its Chinatown. Hikaru said that he'd wanted to actually go a shade lighter, so that his hair was truly white, rather than a very pale bleach blonde, but his hair stylist told him he had to stop or else he'd go bald. XD; Yamada jokingly replied, "On School Kakumei, you're always saying to stop it with the bald jokes, but actually, you're trying to go bald yourself!" XD; Chinen joined in with him in the teasing. Hikaru defensively said that the Yaotome family isn't bald-- his grandpa and his grandpa's twin still have hair. But then Takaki replied, "When your dad came, wasn't he bald?" and Inoo totally cracked up, hitting Takaki on the shoulder playfully.

Next up, they performed Fantastic Time! This was the first new time I saw Fantastic Time performed live, so I was really excited! I have to say, the costumes designed by Massu, which were what they wore for the MC, were really not suited to the mood of Fantastic Time. XD; but it was still really good to see it! Keito mentioned that he was excited that he had a moment in the center of the stage during the chorus, so that was nice for him. Afterwards, Yabu and Takaki were leaning on one another and panting exaggeratedly, and Yuto pointed them out, asking, "What's up with the 'oniichan-tachi' (older brothers; he's emphasizing they're the oldest in the group)?" XD Hikaru added, "Oi, Takaki! Don't we go to the pool together?" to which Takaki replied, "I haven't been going recently..." XD and he and Yabu were panting and dying from dancing hard. |D;;

After the MC, My girl, Boku to Keito, Inochan's piano solo, ChikuTaku, and eve were all the same as before, but then it was time for Mr. Flawless... and we realized that we were right where the guys walk by to give out the roses!! Yuto and Takaki came to the side we were on, and Takaki came close, but Yuto walked right past us! Seriously, if I wasn't creeped out by the idea of just touching them without permission (them putting their hand out to be touched or something), I could have just touched him, easily. He's so handsome close up, seriously. He walked sort of out of our view to give his rose to a girl, but Takaki gave his to a girl in the the last row of the block in front of us, so we could easily see. After he handed it to her, she opened her arms, and he actually hugged her! Takaki, you're not supposed to do that sort of thing, sheesh.

After that excitement, the video, SUPERMAN, and Tasty U were mostly the same, but sadly (?), while before, there was a part in Tasty U where all the members kneeled down and did hip thrusting, they changed the choreo such that only half the members were doing it now, and the others were sort of doing hip rolls while standing. Inochan had been kneeling before, but I think he was really too shy to do the hip thrusting properly, so it wasn't a big loss to me to have him standing this time around.

After that came the Ride With Me remix and Kira Kira Hikare, where (I think?) the guys came by on the carts. When Yamada came by, he was looking down and waving at the crowd, and he actually saw me! He waved at me, and then as he was moving away, he looked back over in my direction and pointed. He seemed really happy to see foreign fans, and I feel really lucky that he looked at me! I think Yabu also saw yomimashou at this point, which was especially nice, since she's a Yabu-tan. Kira Kira Hikare was followed by Come on a my house. As usual, Inoo made jokes right before Chinen's solo line, this time saying, "Yokohama! Do you want to go to Chinen's house? Chinen-san, it's impossible to have this huge amount of people in your house, right?" To which Chinen of course said, "Come on a my house~" with a smug expression, and Inoo replied, "No way...!" XD; It was really cute how they joked around like that each time.

After Kamona came Asu e no YELL and then finally Dear., before the guys thanked us for coming, waved, and left, and there was a brief wait before the encore.

When the guys came back for the encore, Inoo, Hikaru, Chine, Yabu, and Yamada were up in the carts, which meant that the divide of who was up and who was down in the afternoon or the evening was different than in August. Daiki, Yuto, Takaki, and Keito were in the area carts. The first song of the encore was Magic Power, and before getting onto his cart, Inoo was showed on the screen singing with an overdramatic face, while Hikaru watched with sort of a transfixed smirk, and then they made eye contact and smiled, which was really cute. ♥ I feel like there were a lot of times in this tour where Hikaru was just watching Inoo, and I love the expression that he always makes when he's looking at Inoo. ♥

And then up last was Aisureba Motto Happy life, during which my friends told me that supposedly Takaki hugged another girl in the upper stands? Idek but Takaki, your manager is probably being driven to drink. Stop that! XD; But at any rate, that rounded out the show, and the guys came back to the center stage to do their regular closing chant and cue the gintape. Then they all waved and went backstage, and the show was over!

As a final note, I don't remember when I saw, but I remember looking up and seeing not only Uchimura but also Kitayama from Kis-My-Ft2 in the guest seats.

As I always say in these things... I'm going to try to keep going and posting these in a timely manner, and as always, I'm sorry for the wait!
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