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Neverland fic

Neverland was on my mind since I'm going to see the show again tomorrow in Nagoya (so... I'll be away yet again... just for the weekend, though), and somehow this happened! It's sort of weird, so read at your own risk, but... I hope it's enjoyable anyway XD

title: Brightest
rating: nc-17
pairing: Kusano Hironori x Kato Shigeaki
warnings: porn!
word count: 1,250
beta: yomimashou
author’s note: This is set in an AU based on NEWS’s Neverland album and tour. In the album, it’s explained that there are seven elements that make up “Neverland,” one of which is “ray” or “hikari” (which I would translate as light, but, it’s their album! XD). In the tour, Shige’s “area” is refered to as the “Ray area,” so… in this fantasy AU based on the album, that translated to Shige being from the Ray country and having the power to control light. The title is from the song “Brightest” on the alum!  Written for shiritori @ writetomyheart!
summary: Shige looks even more beautiful than Kusano can comprehend all lit up by the lights around them; he practically glows, as if he’s a star, a supernova, a source of light all of his own.

It’s late, and all around town, lights are out. The sun has set hours ago, and the last lingering streaks of red and golden orange that had trailed behind it in dusk have faded away now, leaving only stars sprinkled across the deep darkness of the night sky. In the heart of the city, the capital of their country, the sun had been temporarily replaced by the brilliance of artificial lights, twinkling in the street lamps that line the streets and radiating from the windows of homes and businesses for miles around. Here in the Ray country, the view of the city at night, lit up by the fundamental element on which their country is based, is a source of pride and joy— after all, most of the indoor lighting associated with day-to-day life is generated by the residents’ elemental powers to control and create light, rather than electricity or gas or any more mundane method of illumination.

But now it’s past one in the morning, and by now, most residents have put out their lights in favor for turning in for the night. Even on the campus of the city’s major university, most students are exhausted mid-week, choosing rest over the late-night studying that might have taken place on Monday or the partying that will certainly light up the little cluster of dormitories that weekend. All around campus, curtains are drawn and lights have been extinguished, and a sense of calm and tranquility— another pride of their country, where conflict is rare— has settled even on this usually bustling hub of activity.

The lights are out in Kusano’s dorm room, too, but calm and tranquility are still somewhere in the distance; the air is hot and thick and punctuated by soft gasps and moans that melt away as Kusano’s lips meet Shige’s for probably the hundredth time that evening. While they’re no longer hot-breathed high school students trying to steal some time alone where neither teachers nor their parents will walk in on them, it’s a little hard to exercise restraint now that they have the privacy of Kusano’s room whenever they like. And so here they are again, and despite the fact that Kusano knows he’s going to regret it in his eight thirty lecture tomorrow morning, the warmth of Shige’s body against his own is enough to completely wipe that from his mind.

“Hiro—” Shige gasps as they break apart slightly for air, his fingertips burning into Kusano’s shoulders where they curl against his skin, holding on tight. Kusano wants to respond, but can’t find the words, can’t find any sort of thought at all as he presses inside Shige for the second time that evening. You’re amazing, he wants to say, or else, I love you, but all he can manage is a throaty groan as Shige spreads his legs and welcomes him inside, moaning in response. All around them, bursts of light twinkle like silent fireworks, and more than any words, Kusano can tell from the display that Shige is feeling just as good as he is.

They’ve done this a thousand times before, but, “…okay—?” Kusano manages to ask, trembling with the restraint that it takes to stay still now that he’s all the way in. Shige responds by kissing him again, the lights around them strengthening in intensity, and so Kusano doesn’t hold back, rolling his hips in a way that, sure enough, makes Shige cry out his name again.

“Shige—” Kusano chokes out in response, groping around with one hand to try to find Shige’s to hold as they build up a rhythm together, Shige rocking his hips in response to Kusano’s thrusts in just the right way. They know one another’s bodies, one another’s desires probably about as well as they know their own after so many years together, but, “Feels good—” Kusano gasps all the same. He’s a part of the approximately one-third of the population that doesn’t have any sort of light powers whatsoever, so while Kusano can experience Shige’s pleasure through the brilliant bursts of light all around them, he’s left to do his best with words.

But even if Kusano isn’t the most eloquent, Shige seems appreciative if his moans in response are any indication, and as Kusano picks up his pace, he’s delighted when suddenly, Shige practically screams as the room lights up brighter than during the daytime. Shige’s face, cheeks flushed and eyes half-lidded in pleasure, looks even more beautiful than Kusano can comprehend lit up by the light; he practically glows, as if he’s a star, a supernova, a source of light all of his own.

It feels almost as if the light makes everything all the more intense, all the more intimate, but whether or not he’s imagining it, Kusano can’t help but gasp Shige’s name again as he tries his hardest to make Shige feel just as good with every thrust. Between the lights and the warmth of Shige’s heavy breathing against his lips and the way Shige is whimpering his name over and over, Kusano feels as if he’s going to explode, but it’s Shige who comes first, lighting up the room in the brightest burst of light yet as he squeezes Kusano’s hand tight.

He’s so beautiful, he’s so perfect, he’s so wonderful that Kusano is overwhelmed, and the knowledge that he’s the one making Shige feel so good that he can’t control his powers is enough to push Kusano over the edge, coming much less dramatically with a strangled moan of Shige’s name. He collapses on top of Shige, letting his eyes fall shut as the good feelings wash over his body, but somewhere in the back of his brain, he’s aware of Shige shifting under him a little, letting go of his hand in favor of putting his arms around Kusano’s shoulders once more.

“I love you,” Shige murmurs, and though Kusano is still struggling to catch his breath, he’s so full of feelings that he forces himself to try to find a way to express himself in response. But when he opens his eyes, he’s met with Shige’s gaze, his eyes twinkling in reflection of the little flecks of light scattered around the room now, like their own private night sky, and Kusano loses any ability to form words again.

But Shige only smiles and kisses him gently, and so Kusano tries to show his feelings through that instead, wrapping his arms around Shige as well. And when they break apart, he tries to pull his brain together to express just how much Shige means to him, but Shige beats him to the punch again, murmuring, “I’m so lucky to have you,” against his lips before pressing closer again in another kiss.

Kusano can’t fathom how Shige could possibly feel lucky to have him when Shige is the one who’s so amazing, but he doesn’t want to argue, not when he’s so happy to be here, with Shige in his arms, Shige in his bed. His brain is full of silly romantic metaphors, like you’re my sun or you’re like a star, but somehow, when they break apart again, the only thing that comes out of his mouth is, “You are my brightest.”

But when Shige’s face lights up totally unrelated to the twinkling lights around them, Kusano thinks, maybe that’s the most accurate thing he could have possibly said.
Tags: bl, news, one-shot

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