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28 August 2017 @ 05:58 pm
24 Hour TV  
This weekend was stupidly busy, and I'm exhausted already on Monday afternoon, but it was also exciting! 24 hour TV started on Saturday, and I was excited to watch the drama since it was starring Kame and also had Shige in it, as well! Weirdly (since the 24 hour TV drama tends to be extremely emotionally charged?), it was more of a docu-drama about Aku Yu, a famous Japanese lyricist, and didn't have very much actual plot, but... I was fine with that XD; I don't really enjoy the normal genre of 24 hour TV dramas, so while this was sort of bland, I like non-fiction TV, and I enjoyed it. Sadly, Shige's part was way smaller than expected and he was only on screen a couple times, but he was suuuper cute the whole time! His hair was adorable. XD; So it could have been better, but... it definitely could have been worse. XD;

The Arashi ni Shiyagare special was amusing also, especially the "This is MJ" special with Kame, Koyama, Sho, and Ohno. XD; They were supposed to use a bar to swing in through a window over a locked door to save a damsel in distress, but after Koyama flailingly broke most of the door, Sho seemed to want to outdo the level of doM, and just ran straight through the door. XD;; It was so funny that all the female talents and athletes on the show, who were asked to vote, chose Sho as the winner! Playing on the common Japanese turn of phrase "to pass over a wall" meaning to overcome hardship, Sho joked, "There's no wall that I can't bust through!" XD;

I went to bed after the first segment on Shabekuri (where there was a strange segment about how Kame supposedly acts "gay" when drunk), which was already probably later than I should, because the next day I had a work commitment... but when I woke up, I put on the morning segments while I was getting ready XD; Koyama encouraging the high school girl who's aiming for the Paralympics was cute, and I was glad I caught NEWS singing U R not alone before I had to head out!

But then I had to head out to my new job's anniversary gala, which was as exciting as it seems XD But before this entry gets to long, I think I'll leave off and save the story of the gala for next time. XD; At any rate, I enjoyed 24 Hour TV this year... and I'm hoping that certain people host again next year XD;
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