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belated ho_summer fic 1!

What with moving, I keep forgetting that I hadn't posted these! Here's the first of the two fics I wrote for the Ho! Summer over at dreamwidth~

title: Lunch Break
rating: nc-17
pairing: Takaki Yuya x Chinen Yuri
warnings: sex in a semi-public place
word count: 3,075
beta: yomimashou
author’s note: Written for the ho_summer exchange on dreamwidth!
summary: Not that Takaki was known for his amazingly sound judgement even when Chinen wasn’t involved, but, well… could anyone ever say no to Chinen?

“Hey, Yuya,” Chinen says casually, not looking up from the magazine he’s been flipping through since the director called for a meal break ten minutes ago, “I bet I can get you off before the others get back.”

Takaki, who had been staring into space, lost in thought about drama filmings and upcoming CD recordings and various other things like he tended to, blinked for a moment before his head snapped around to look at Chinen in surprise. “Wait, what?”

“You heard me,” Chinen says, long lashes fluttering as his eyes pass dispassionately over the glossy photos of models and clothes and shoes before him. His gaze is impassive, but Takaki can see just the hint of an impish grin tugging up at the corners of his cute little lips, and he can’t help the shiver of excitement that runs down his spine. He knows that Chinen is mischievous, but somehow, he always manages to come up with new and exciting ways to surprise Takaki that Takaki would never have imagined, and especially when it came to things that were, well, intimate, Takaki knew that he couldn’t resist. Not that Takaki was known for his amazingly sound judgement even when Chinen wasn’t involved, but, well… could anyone ever say no to Chinen?

Still, he has to at least try to appeal to the logical side of things, and so, after a moment of dumb silence, he laughs embarrassedly, asking, “Aren’t we starting the photoshoot again in an hour?”

“Yup,” Chinen replies, flipping to the next page of his magazine and taking a moment to gaze at the words and photos in front of him before looking up at Takaki. There’s a twinkle in his eye that Takaki knows means trouble, but rather than worry, Takaki can feel his heart rate pick up with excitement and anticipation, and he can’t keep a stupid grin off his face as Chinen adds, “But I think we can have a good time and still have a few minutes to spare~”

At times like this, Takaki always wants to say something cool, something dashing and sexy and like a romance drama lead or an action movie star, but his brain functions a lot slower than Chinen’s, and his good intentions are never enough to make up for it. And so he flounders, shifting his weight and looking around the set. They’re here for the regular idol magazine photoshoots, making the rounds of the various studios over the course of the day, but lunch break has fallen neatly in the middle of the Wink Up shoot, and so they’ve been given an hour to find food before they start up again. Most of the other members have dispersed, sitting in the break room on a different floor of the building to eat food brought from home or relying on their managers to bring them a bento from a nearby convenience store, but Takaki and Chinen, who had both had a break in the photoshoot only a little earlier, have already eaten. And so here they are, still dressed up in the suits and ties from the magazine costuming department on the fake-office set being used for this month’s article, likely to be titled, Do one’s job or some other equally unintelligible English (to Takaki, at least). It’s business as usual when it comes to magazine shoots, and Takaki is used to having to wear all sorts of things for work, but for some reason, when Chinen looks at him that way, it makes his collar feel a little tight, and so he fiddles with his tie for a few moments before asking, “Uh, so, what did you have in mind?”

Chinen’s devilish grin grows as he flips the magazine shut, but he remains silent as he begins to walk slowly towards Takaki, a darkly enticing look in his eye. Takaki swallows hard; he can tell from his gaze when Chinen wants something, and he knows that Chinen always gets what he wants.

But all the thoughts are wiped from Takaki’s mind as Chinen comes closer and closer, until his small body is pressed up against Takaki’s, his weight against Takaki’s chest as he stands on his toes to be closer to eye level. “Chinen—?” Takaki manages to squeak, sounding distinctly unmanly and unsexy, but unable to think about that, or anything other than the warmth of Chinen’s body against his own. But Chinen only smirks and leans closer, his lips practically touching Takaki’s cheek as he murmurs, “Haven’t you always wondered what it’d be like to have sex in the office after hours~?”

“Eh—?” Takaki says, finding it significantly more difficult to focus on Chinen’s words than the feeling of his mouth so close to Takaki’s skin, but Chinen only laughs, tilting his face down a little as his fingers move up to finger the knot of Takaki’s tie. Takaki is a little sad to lose the sensation of him so close, but seeing as their bodies are still touching, it doesn’t make a huge difference, and it clears his brain just enough to process what Chinen had asked. “In the office…?” he asks, looking down at Chinen with a perplexed expression, “But… we don’t work in an office…?”

Chinen laughs again as he deftly slips his fingers between the folds of the tie, slipping the end free and unraveling the knot in a matter of seconds. It’s amazing to watch Chinen do just about anything, Takaki thinks vaguely with what little brain power he has left; he’s impossibly perfect at everything he does, and Takaki knows that Chinen can make him come undone just about as swiftly and easily as the tie knot. But he’s brought out of his thoughts when Chinen moves on to the buttons of his collar, his fingertips teasingly close to Takaki’s skin as he slowly pops the first button of his shirt undone. “But just imagine if we did~” he replies smoothly, and Takaki is transfixed by his words, his touches, his everything.

“If we worked in an office together… you’d be my sexy, irresistible senpai…” Chinen continues as he makes his way to the next button, letting his fingers trail lightly against Takaki’s skin along the way, and Takaki can imagine it all too easily despite the fact that he’s never really been any good at following along with anything. It’s just another way that Chinen really is good at everything, and Takaki can’t help but swallow thickly as Chinen smirks before popping the next button open. He knows that Chinen is building up to something, and while he doesn’t know what it is, he can already feel his body beginning to react in anticipation, his heart beating quickly in his chest, his cheeks hot, his pants starting to feel just a little too tight for comfort. It would be embarrassing, except that he’s used to it— Chinen is good and he knows it, and at this point in their relationship, he knows exactly what he’s capable of doing to Takaki just with a few sweet words and pointed touches.

The anticipation is killer, but when Chinen speaks again, Takaki knows that his wait is almost over. “And if no one was around…” Chinen adds, suddenly pausing in his efforts to look up at Takaki with that devilish, enticing smile, “…would you really be able to resist having your way with your cute little kouhai?”

Maybe it’s not much, but the look in his eye and the quirk of his lips combined with his words are enough to push Takaki past the last of his reservations, and before he even knows what he’s doing, he’s grabbing Chinen by the hips and flipping him around so that he’s pinned between Takaki and one of the prop desks that they’ve been using for the photoshoot, face down. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you~?” Takaki practically growls, pressing flush against Chinen’s back to kiss the side of Chinen’s neck. It’s amazing how much Chinen can draw Takaki into any fantasy, he thinks; he doesn’t know how Chinen is so good at using just the right words to get Takaki all worked up. But however he does it, Takaki knows he enjoys it, and right now, he’s more than happy to take advantage of the atmosphere that Chinen has created for them. Pressing more kisses down Chinen’s jaw and neck, he relishes in the feeling of Chinen squirming beneath him, in the sound of Chinen’s breaths coming more quickly now.

But then suddenly, Chinen is rocking his hips back to grind his ass against Takaki’s crotch, that smug smirk finding its way back onto his lips, and Takaki can’t help but moan as he grinds back, already more turned on than he’d care to admit. He’s never been able to resist Chinen’s ass and he knows Chinen knows it, and so after catching Chinen’s lips in a brief kiss, he struggles to find the button of Chinen’s pants.

“Better hurry, wouldn’t want the boss to catch us~” Chinen chimes, sounding infuriatingly calm, and Takaki only growls again, fumbling Chinen’s zipper down and pulling back slightly to tug the pants from his body. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows that he really shouldn’t toss the magazine’s wardrobe pants to the floor quite so carelessly, but right now, all he can think about is getting inside Chinen as fast as possible.

He struggles with his own pants next; the wardrobe director had put him in a stupidly difficult belt, and he mutters his annoyance as he finally manages to yank it free, tugging off his own slacks and boxers as fast as possible. He hopes that Chinen is doing the same, but when he looks up, Chinen has lost his suit jacket and loosened his tie, but he’s still exactly where he was before, bent over the desk with his cute, round ass pointed in Takaki’s direction, still covered with his boxers. Takaki frowns, impatient, but before he can say or do anything, Chinen, as if reading his mind, chimes, “Don’t you want to unwrap it yourself~?” and, well… Takaki can’t really argue with that.

His hands are shaking as he places them on Chinen’s hips, but before he can get to the task at hand, Chinen’s lips, flushed a deep pink and curled up just so and more enticing than Takaki can even understand, distract him, and he’s leaning in for another kiss as his fingers curl around the elastic of Chinen’s waistband. Chinen is pliant and willing beneath him, his lips parting willingly to let Takaki in, but after a few moments, he pulls back, grinning at Takaki from beneath those long eyelashes. Takaki opens his mouth to ask what’s wrong, but before he can speak, Chinen simply says, “I want you before we run out of time,” and suddenly, Takaki remembers that they have a limited amount of time, and he wants Chinen badly, too.

And so, pulling back slightly again, he slides Chinen’s boxers over his hips, admiring the smooth skin of his ass as it’s revealed. But he can’t take too long, and “hurry up~” Chinen bids again, wiggling his hips to aid the process, and Takaki doesn’t need prompting twice. Deftly tugging Chinen’s boxers all the way off, he tosses them to the floor before realizing that he wasn’t exactly planning on having sex during this photoshoot, and as such, is totally unprepared.

“Do you have—” he starts to ask Chinen, but before he can even finish his sentence, Chinen is pressing a packet of lube and a condom into his hand with that smile still on his face, and Takaki can’t help but grin back as he accepts them gratefully. He really is lucky to have Chinen, he thinks, in more ways than he can even count.

Chinen helpfully spreads his legs as Takaki sheds his jacket and stuffs the condom in his shirt pocket for the time being before ripping open the packet and spreading a generous amount of lube on his fingers. “Are you ready?” he asks, and when Chinen nods eagerly, he smirks and gets to work. Chinen has always been easy to prep; perhaps it’s because he’s experienced, or perhaps it’s because he’s just magically good at everything he does, but no matter the reason, Takaki’s grateful as he slides one, and then two fingers inside of him. Chinen does his best to make it easy, moving his hips to give Takaki better access and giving him verbal cues to keep going, and Takaki feels like he’s barely gotten the third finger into Chinen before Chinen is telling him, “Hurry up already, I just want you~”

Takaki has always been a little worried about hurting Chinen, especially when Chinen is so small, but he knows that Chinen knows his own body best, and so he doesn’t argue. Besides, it’s not as if Takaki doesn’t feel more than ready to go, too, and so he makes quick work of the condom and the rest of the lube before gripping Chinen’s hips again and lining himself up. “You ready?” he asks, his voice a little shaky from lust and anticipation, and when Chinen nods in response, Takaki doesn’t hold back.

Chinen is so hot and so tight that no matter how many times they do this, Takaki feels like it’s the first time, and he can’t bite back a moan as he tries to press in slowly and gently enough to give Chinen time to adjust. Chinen whimpers a little in response, a breathy, “Yuya—” falling from his lips between heaving breaths, and more than anything, Takaki wants to hear that again. But for now, he knows he needs to focus, and so he does his best not to rush, pushing as far as he can before asking, “How is it…?”

“Good,” Chinen replies without missing a beat, turning his head a little to smile at Takaki, his cheeks pink, his lips parted, “I want more,” and that’s all Takaki needs. “Chinen—” he gasps out as he rolls his hips, thrusting back in a little harder, a little further than before, and when Chinen moans in response, he knows he’s on the right track. Building up a rhythm, he can’t hold back the little groans of pleasure that form in his throat as he thrusts deeper into Chinen’s body; Chinen feels amazing, and when, after a few moments, Chinen suddenly yelps and cries out, “more—!” in that voice that Takaki knows only he gets to hear, he can’t hold back anymore. “Chinen—” he moans again, losing himself to the sensations as he rocks into Chinen again and again, and hearing Chinen moan in response every time Takaki thrusts into him makes him feel as if the pleasure is doubled.

“More— please—” Chinen gasps again, and Takaki loves how Chinen isn’t shy when it comes to asking for what he wants. Takaki wants to give it to him, and so he doesn’t hesitate, thrusting harder still in response to Chinen’s request and leaning in to press a brief kiss to the back of Chinen’s neck. “Yuya…” Chinen whimpers in response in a tone that makes Takaki feel as if his heart is on fire as well as the rest of him, and he kisses the same spot again, wanting to make Chinen feel the same way.

Takaki wishes they could go on this way forever, but at the same time, he wants to push Chinen over the edge, wants to make him feel as good as physically possible, and so when Chinen whimpers out, “Yuya… touch me, please…” Takaki is quick to acquiesce. Chinen’s moans grow even louder as Takaki wraps a hand around his cock and does his best to stroke in time with his thrusts, though it’s hard when Chinen spreads his legs a little more and starts to rock his hips into Takaki’s thrusts with such intensity that Takaki feels like he’s going to lose control right then and there. He manages to hold it together for another minute, though, and that’s all it takes; after a moment, Chinen is coming, spilling himself over Takaki’s hand with a strangled cry, and then Takaki is following suit, moaning Chinen’s name as he comes deep inside Chinen’s body.

It feels good, Takaki thinks vaguely, in the moments afterwards, to lay like this, as well, cuddled up against Chinen, but after a moment, Chinen elbows him in the side, clearly thinking otherwise. “You’re squishing me,” he complains, squirming, and “Oh— crap— sorry!” Takaki responds, taking a step back on wobbly legs and tossing the condom into a nearby trash can before collapsing next to Chinen against the surface of the desk. He probably looks stupid, but he doesn’t care; everything feels pleasant right now, and he smiles at Chinen beside him. Chinen grins back, and for a moment, everything feels perfect in the world.

But then, “We’d better get cleaned up before the others get back~” Chinen hums, and Takaki’s eyes widen. In the heat of the moment, he’d totally forgotten that they’re basically in a public place, and he looks at the clock in a panic, trying to remember what time the photoshoot was supposed to start again. But from beside him, he hears Chinen laugh, and he turns to look at him in surprise.

“You’re cute~” Chinen says, standing up and brushing off the front of his shirt. “Don’t worry, I kept my eye on the clock. We still have plenty of time.”

Takaki lets out an audible sigh of relief before standing up as well, feeling hot and popping open another button of his shirt absentmindedly. But he can feel Chinen’s eyes on him, and when he turns to look at Chinen again, Chinen is grinning that same devilish grin at him.

“Unless you want to go again~?” Chinen asks with a wink, and Takaki’s eyes widen again and he swallows hard.

“D-do we have time…??” he asks nervously, but when Chinen on looks back at him with that same playful smirk and Takaki feels all his willpower flying out the window, all he can think is that he’s definitely incapable of saying no to Chinen.
Tags: bl, hey! say! jump, one-shot

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