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28 August 2017 @ 06:24 pm
Belated ho_summer fic 2!  
And here's the second one. ^^; My first ever pinch hit! I feel bad I wasn't able to do more in the time constraints, but I hope it was enjoyable anyway!

title: Anniversary
rating: nc-17
pairing: Matsumura Hokuto x Kouchi Yugo
warnings: pwp
word count: 3,400
beta: yomimashou
author’s note: Written for mousapelli in the ho_summer exchange on dreamwidth!
summary: His goofy sappiness is something Kouchi loves about Hokuto, and honestly, if it’s an excuse for more sex on their lazy day off together, Kouchi definitely isn’t complaining.

“Happy anniversary,” Hokuto suddenly says from surprisingly close, his arms wrapping around Kouchi from behind, his breath warm and welcome on the back of Kouchi’s neck. Kouchi can’t help but shiver a little even as he leans back into Hokuto’s embrace, tilting his head slightly to look up at him with a grin. They’d been spending the day relaxing at Hokuto’s place— his family was out of town, and they had a rare day off from rehearsals, which had worked out nicely all around— but while he’d been thinking that eventually surely they’d have sex, maybe even once in the afternoon and once before bed, they’d been discussing ordering delivery for lunch and maybe watching a DVD, and he certainly hadn’t been expecting for Hokuto to start anything now. And on top of that, he doesn’t have any idea what Hokuto is talking about, so he supposes he ought to sort that out first.

“Anniversary of what?” he asks good-naturedly with a laugh, trying to turn slightly to be able to make eye contact with Hokuto easier. Hokuto, for his part, doesn’t seem to want to help; at Kouchi’s words, he tightens his arms slightly, leaning closer and pressing kisses to the side of Kouchi’s neck, just below his ear. Kouchi gives up on trying to look at Hokuto; he knows that Hokuto has his own way of communicating through touches and embraces anyway, but sometimes, he really wishes that Hokuto would learn to use his words. Still, he can’t exactly complain about his boyfriend wanting to cuddle up on their day off, and so he sighs a little, a smile on his lips as he tilts his head slightly in the other direction to give Hokuto a better angle.

“That feels nice~” he comments as Hokuto makes a pleased noise, pressing closer against Kouchi’s back and trailing kisses along the side of his neck to his jawline, “but I still don’t know what you mean by anniversary… I’m absolutely positive that we just celebrated our anniversary a couple months ago, and our group’s anniversary isn’t for a while yet.” It’s a little bit hard to make complete sentences with the sensation of Hokuto’s lips against his skin threatening to overwhelm his brain, but Kouchi has a lot of years of practice, and while he’s tempted to just forget about the comment and let Hokuto have his way with him, he’s just a little too curious to let it go.

Hokuto, for his part, seems much more interested in continuing to kiss Kouchi than answer the question, but after a few more kisses, he draws back a few centimeters, nuzzling a little against the side of Kouchi’s head before asking, “Don’t you remember?” Obviously, I don’t, Kouchi wants to say, but then Hokuto kisses his ear and distracts him long enough that he loses his will to tease in favor of enjoying the affection being showered upon him. But then Hokuto is pulling back again, just enough to speak softly into Kouchi’s ear, and Kouchi can practically hear the smile in his voice as he says, “Today is the eight year anniversary of the day we met.”

It’s so stupid and sappy, but heartwarming at the same time, and above all else, it’s so Hokuto, to remember that day and think of it as something so important that he wants to celebrate it, and Kouchi can’t help but smile as well. He wants to tease Hokuto, or at least call him a few doofy names, but when he manages to twist around in Hokuto’s arms to face him, Hokuto’s expression is so soft and genuine and full of love that Kouchi can’t bring himself to do anything but kiss him.

One moment, he’s sitting on the floor kissing Hokuto firmly but gently on the lips, but the next moment, he’s suddenly on his back, with Hokuto on top of him, kissing him anything but gently. He knows that things escalate quickly when it comes to Hokuto and physical signs of affection, but somehow, it still knocks the breath out of him a little every time Hokuto pushes him down and pins him to the floor that way, as if he needs him desperately and doesn’t want to let him get away. Over the years, Kouchi has gotten used to the fact that Hokuto is extremely physically affectionate, but he thinks, he doesn’t want to ever get used to this, because the rush of adrenaline and arousal every time Hokuto straddles him this way and kisses him desperately feels amazing.

Kouchi entangles his fingers in Hokuto’s hair as Hokuto’s mouth moves from his lips to his neck, giving more attention to the same spots as before but this time surely leaving marks that will get Kouchi shit from the rehearsal director tomorrow. But right now, he can’t bring himself to care; he loves being with Hokuto this way, and he wraps his free arm around Hokuto’s shoulders, wanting him closer, wanting more.

Hokuto is always happy to oblige when it comes to more physical closeness, but he pauses in his kissing, fumbling a little to tug off his T-shirt and toss it across the room. Kouchi follows suit, but when Hokuto leans back in for another kiss, he can’t help but pause, looking into Hokuto’s eyes warmly and saying, “Happy anniversary~” Because maybe sometimes Hokuto’s sappiness is silly, and maybe sometimes Hokuto is weird and embarrassing in how much he loves everyone in his life, but sometimes, Kouchi feels like the luckiest guy on earth to be the object of such intense affection, and when he kisses Hokuto again, wrapping his arms around Hokuto’s bare shoulders, he can’t help but think that this is definitely one of those times.

Hokuto’s skin is smooth beneath his fingers, and it feels warm and wonderful against his own bare chest, but as Hokuto presses close to kiss him again, Kouchi is already eager for more. He arches his hips up against Hokuto’s, hoping to draw a reaction, and he can’t help but grin against Hokuto’s lips as Hokuto breaks the kiss to moan, grinding his hips back against Kouchi’s in response. “Hokuto—” Kouchi gasps out, rocking his hips up for more, but Hokuto draws back slightly, looking down at Kouchi from where he’s braced on his arms above him. His face is flushed and his lips parted, his breaths coming quickly and his eyes cloudy with desire, but beneath it all, the smile on his face is so warm and so loving that Kouchi can’t help but feel like he’s falling in love all over again. “I want you,” he says, reaching out to Hokuto, and Hokuto nods in that way that Kouchi knows means he’s too overwhelmed with emotion for words.

But then, “Not here,” he says after a moment, and Kouchi furrows his brow, confused, as Hokuto sits back onto his heels before reaching out to offer Kouchi a hand. Kouchi accepts it, and is surprised when Hokuto pulls him up only to push him gently onto the sofa and clamber on top of him. “Aww, I kinda like doing it on the floor~” Kouchi teases, but Hokuto only shakes his head, leaning in to kiss Kouchi again before replying, “We have a long day of rehearsals tomorrow, and I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Come on, you’re making my teeth rot~” Kouchi teases, but in truth, he can feel his face heating up a little in embarrassment about how much Hokuto is clearly thinking about him. Still, Hokuto wipes it away a second later when he kisses Kouchi with that same white-hot intensity, grabbing him by the shoulders and shoving him down against the couch cushions and reminding him that he can and most definitely will make things exciting even without being on the floor. But Kouchi most certainly isn’t complaining, and he moans gratefully into the kiss and rocks his hips up again as Hokuto gets a knee between his legs. “More—” gasps as Hokuto’s mouth moves to nip at his neck, his collarbone, but even as he seems to find a spot he likes, teasing bites melting into longer kisses against Kouchi’s skin, his hands are suddenly at the waist of Kouchi’s pants, tugging at the button of his jeans, and Kouchi groans his appreciation in response, fumbling with Hokuto’s zipper in turn.

He’s distracted a moment later, however, when Hokuto manages to get his pants undone and starts tugging them very determinedly from Kouchi’s hips; Kouchi struggles to let go of Hokuto’s jeans fast enough to brace himself and lift his hips before Hokuto practically rips his pants off his body. In a different situation, Kouchi might be annoyed, but now, as Hokuto tosses the pants to the floor without a second thought before moving to pull at Kouchi’s boxers, as well, his impatience, as well as the dark look in his eyes that meet Kouchi’s for a second as Kouchi struggles to help him pull the stretchy fabric from his body, only turn Kouchi on even more.

Eventually, Kouchi manages to shed his boxers as well, and when he looks up at Hokuto from disentangling them from his ankles and tossing them aside, he’s surprised to see Hokuto rifling through his pockets as if he’s searching for something. His confusion is cleared up a second later, however, when Hokuto withdraws a condom and a small bottle of hand lotion that Kouchi recognizes all too well. “What, you were planning for this~?” Kouchi teases, despite the fact that his voice is a little husky takes away from the joking tone somewhat, “You think I’m easy, huh~” But Hokuto, who has dropped the bottle and the condom onto the couch in favor of attempting to remove his own pants and boxers, only finishes what he’s doing, tossing his remaining clothes away as well, before turning back to look down at Kouchi with those dark eyes. It sends shivers down Kouchi’s spine, to know that, at least right now, at least for a while now, he’s the only one who gets to see Hokuto this way, who gets to have those eyes cast on him, and he wants to reach out to Hokuto, wants to find some way to say you’re beautiful or you’re amazing or anything along those lines. But before he can work out what he wants to say in his hormone-addled mind, Hokuto is suddenly straddling him again, pinning him down on the couch and growling, “I don’t think you’re easy… For me, I know you are,” and Kouchi thinks, if he weren’t already painfully hard, that would definitely do the trick as Hokuto crushes any possible response in a burning kiss that takes Kouchi’s breath away.

Now, bodies pressed close without any fabric in the way, Kouchi feels like he wants to kiss Hokuto like this forever, but all too soon, Hokuto is pulling away to pick up the bottle of lube from where he’d dumped it earlier. Kouchi whines at the loss of physical contact, and the look Hokuto gives him as he shushes him, applying a liberal amount of lube to his fingers, somehow only makes Kouchi more impatient. But soon enough, Hokuto’s attention is back on him, nudging Kouchi’s legs apart before settling between them. Kouchi is only too eager to spread his legs for Hokuto, which maybe ought to be a little embarrassing, but when Hokuto asks, “Ready?” and Kouchi nods his response, Hokuto wastes exactly zero time pressing one, and then two fingers inside him, Kouchi is pleased that Hokuto is just as eager as he is.

Hokuto’s fingers inside of him is a pleasantly teasing sensation anymore; they’ve done this enough times now that it’s simply a sign of what’s to come, hinting at what Kouchi has been waiting for. At first, any touch feels good, but after a few moments, the anticipation gets to be too much, and when Hokuto presses a third finger into him tantalizingly slowly, Kouchi groans, “Hurry up already…!”

Usually, Hokuto ignores him, occasionally going on about how he’s just trying to be safe and he doesn’t want to hurt Kouchi because he loves him, and all that, but today, Kouchi is surprised when Hokuto draws his hand away without a word. He gasps a little in surprise at the sensation when Hokuto’s fingers suddenly leave him empty, but the sound of the condom package tearing is comforting, as is the sound of bottle cap being snapped open and then shut again a few moments later, and despite that he’s flushed and panting, he smiles up at Hokuto as he returns to his spot between Kouchi’s legs.

“Ready to go?” Hokuto asks, leaning in to press a few more kisses along Kouchi’s jawline and to the side of his mouth, and Kouchi nods. “I want you,” he says in return, leaning up to catch Hokuto’s lips in one more kiss before Hokuto draws back again, spreading Kouchi’s thighs a little more before gripping his hip and lining himself up.

Kouchi can’t help but let out a groan of pleasure as Hokuto presses inside him; he knows that the best is yet to come, but somehow, just being together this way, feeling Hokuto’s cock sliding farther and farther inside of him is amazing, and he chokes out Hokuto’s name as he spreads his legs wider, anything to welcome Hokuto farther inside of him. Hokuto moans in response, eyes squeezed shut, mouth open as ragged breaths fall from his lips, and there’s something romantic about the fact that they’ve done this so many times that Hokuto is comfortable even with his eyes closed. “You feel amazing—” he gasps after a moment, but Kouchi is too overwhelmed by the feeling to respond; he’s been in this position a thousand times before, but somehow, every time, just when he thinks his been totally filled up, when he feels like he can’t take any more, he’s blown away when Hokuto pushes just a little bit farther, any mild discomfort completely washed away by the knowledge that he trusts Hokuto with his body more than anyone, and the anticipation of the pleasure he knows is only a few moments away.

“Can I move—?” Hokuto asks, and Kouchi nods eagerly in response, bracing himself as Hokuto pulls out slightly before rocking back into him, hissing at the sensation, his fingers digging into Kouchi’s hips in a way he knows means things are only going to get better from here. “Kouchi—” he gasps out, his voice low and throaty with arousal, and the knowledge that he’s making Hokuto feel so good is at once amazing and aggravatingly teasing. “Hokuto—” he whines in response, spreading his legs more and rocking his hips a little, anything to get Hokuto farther inside of him, but luckily, Hokuto can take a hint, and it’s a matter of minutes before he’s building up a rhythm. His gasps and moans as well as the look on his face, brow furrowed in concentration as he tries to find just the right spot, are extremely hot, and Kouchi is beginning to feel as if he’d be satisfied just being able to watch Hokuto this way forever when suddenly, one of Hokuto’s thrusts hits home, and Kouchi finds himself crying out Hokuto’s name so loud he thinks the rehearsal director is probably going to scold him for being hoarse tomorrow. But it doesn’t matter— nothing matters besides the sensation of Hokuto’s cock inside him, and Kouchi rocks his hips up to meet Hokuto’s thrusts, desperate for more.

“Good—?” Hokuto gasps out, and Kouchi squeezes his eyes shut, nodding quickly, and focusing all his energy on rolling his hips in time with Hokuto’s thrusts and allowing Hokuto to fuck him as hard as physically possible. It feels amazing, and the sounds of Hokuto’s heavy breaths and low moans only make it all the better, along with the knowledge that he’s making Hokuto feel just as good. But then suddenly, he feels a gentle hand on the side of his face, and he opens his eyes again to see that Hokuto has repositioned himself overtop of him, leaning in close to caress Kouchi’s cheek softly. “I love you,” he says, meeting Kouchi’s eyes, and despite the fact that his voice is ragged and breathy, despite the fact that they’re in the middle of sex, Kouchi feels like his heart is flip-flopping in his chest.

He wants to say something romantic in return, or at the very least to tease Hokuto for being sappy, but in the heat of the moment, overwhelmed by desire and the sensation of Hokuto’s cock thrusting into him, driving him crazy with pleasure, all he can manage is to grab Hokuto by the hair and pull him in for a kiss. Kouchi hasn’t ever really felt that he was very good with words, but he knows Hokuto isn’t either, and he thinks that after how long they’ve been together, Hokuto ought to know that right now, this is the best way that Kouchi has to say I love you in return.

Hokuto’s mouth is hot and wet and so good against his own, but after a moment, Kouchi can’t handle it anymore and has to break away to gasp for breath as he struggles to keep control of himself, Hokuto’s thrusts making it impossible to bite back the gasps and moans of pleasure. But Kouchi has always been a little bit of a masochist, and he knows Hokuto likes it that way, too, and so “Harder— please—” he whimpers, crying out again when Hokuto doesn’t hesitate to oblige.

Kouchi knows it’s too good to go on much longer, too intense to last, but he doesn’t want it to end, doesn’t want to stop being together this way as Hokuto leans in for another kiss. It’s not just the pleasure, although that’s amazing too, but the sense of trusting Hokuto, of opening up to him in every way that Kouchi loves. They’ve been together for a long time now, and while they’ve both fooled around a fair share, Kouchi knows that there’s no one he opens up to the way he does with Hokuto, and he has a feeling that Hokuto feels the same way. Of course, the sex in its own right is amazing too, and right now, Kouchi wants nothing more than to revel in the last few moments of the amazing sensation.

But then suddenly, Hokuto’s hand on his cock draws another yelp from his lips, and, “Oh god, Hokuto—” he cries out, rocking his hips up and clinging to Hokuto’s shoulders helplessly as his entire body is once again overwhelmed with pleasure. He wants to hold on, but the combined feeling of Hokuto’s cock thrusting into him as hard as possible and his hand stroking in time with his thrusts is too much, and it’s a matter of moments before Kouchi is coming, crying out Hokuto’s name so loudly he’s going to be lucky if he has any voice left tomorrow at all.

He falls limp onto the sofa as Hokuto follows suit, moaning Kouchi’s name as he comes with one final thrust before collapsing on top of him. You’re squishing me, he wants to teasingly complain, but honestly, the feeling of Hokuto’s body on top of his, sweaty and kind of gross as it may be, is also familiar and pleasant and welcome, and so instead, he throws an arm around Hokuto’s shoulders lazily and smiles down at him.

He’s not at a good angle to see Hokuto’s expression, but from the looks of it, he’s smiling too, and maybe it’s just the afterglow of the orgasm, but Kouchi feels warm and tingly all over. Sure, maybe calling today their anniversary is a bit goofy, but his goofy sappiness is something Kouchi loves about Hokuto, and honestly, if it’s an excuse for more sex on their lazy day off together, Kouchi definitely isn’t complaining. And so, “You’re a sap,” he says, grinning down at Hokuto, but before Hokuto has a chance to pout at him, Kouchi leans in to press a kiss to his cheek and adds, “Happy anniversary.”
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S: Hokuto & Yugo: cool peopleyomimashou on December 23rd, 2017 01:35 pm (UTC)
This is so sweet~ I really love the whole beginning part with Hokuto being all over Yugo and excessively cuddly XD And the porn is so good, and made even better by the way you can see their intense feelings for each other the whole time ♥

(And I even have an icon of this pairing, lol XD)
ミランダ (大丈夫): Yugo: goldenfaded_lace on December 31st, 2017 03:07 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you. I enjoy both Hokuto and Yugo a lot in their respective goofiness, so I'm glad that came through here. And I'm glad you have an icon of it lol.