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25 September 2018 @ 09:16 pm
Old shiritori drabble  
I realized there are a few fics I posted to shiritori that I didn't ever put on my journal; this is one of them. It's just a short goofy drabble, but... here it is for posterity.

title: Snack
rating: g
pairing: Yamada/Chinen if you like; Hey! Say! 7 centric
warning: This does center around dieting, albeit in a lighthearted, silly way, so if that might be stressful to you, please read with caution!
word count: 607
beta: yomimashou
author's note: I wrote this for Shiritori @ writetomyheart a while back. Just a really brief, goofy drabble, though I enjoyed using the ending words I got!
summary Yamada can't resist temptation, but Chinen helps.

He cracks under the pressure of his desire— he can’t help it, not with the temptation right there in front of him. His hands are already twitching from trying to hold himself back, and after what feels like hours of waiting, he can’t contain himself anymore. With a stealthy glance in both directions to see if he’ll be noticed, he reaches out, greedy fingers wrapping hurriedly around his prize. Hopefully, he thinks, no one will see a thing, and he’ll just be able to enjoy a brief moment of pleasurable indulgence without it becoming a big deal…

But then, suddenly, all of Yamada’s hopes come shattering down as he hears Yuto’s boisterous voice suddenly echo across the dressing room. “Oi~!” Yuto calls out, bounding in his direction, “Caught red-handed!”

Yamada freezes, eyes wide, face red, pilfered treasure already shoved halfway into his mouth. Yuto is already bounding across the room in his direction, almost comically quickly, like a manga detective or else some sort of large watch dog, and while Yamada knows he’s being ridiculous, somehow, he can’t stifle his natural reaction, which is to shove the chocolate-covered strawberry he’d grabbed into his mouth as fast as possible, before Yuto can stop him.

“Come on…” Yuto whines as he slows to a stop beside Yamada, gesticulating at the bowl of strawberries, left as a present from the staff, in exasperation. “You told us all to stop you from breaking your diet…”

Yamada looks from Yuto to Keito, who looks as if he’s unsure whether or not to step in or stay out of this, to Chinen, who’s been asleep on the sofa for the past hour or so, before shifting his gaze to the floor guiltily. “It’s been a long day, okay…” he mumbles, licking the reamining chocolate from his lips. “And if we just leave them here, they’ll get thrown out!”

“Well I don’t know why you bothered to tell us all about your diet if you’re not going to follow it,” Yuto huffs, crossing his arms. “The rest of us would eat the strawberries to keep them from going to waste!”

“Well… you weren’t eating them!” Yamada splutters, pouting. “And strawberries are fruits, anyway! They’re basically healthy!”

“Chocolate is not a fruit,” Yuto replies skeptically. “I mean, it’s none of my business, but that’s what you said earlier!”

“Shut up,” Yamada pouts, reaching for another strawberry in stubbornness. He’d known he was going to regret asking Yuto for help with his diet, but several hours ago, the strawberries hadn’t seemed nearly so tempting, and…

But his train of thought is interrupted when his hand impacts the table, and he looks at the place where the bowl of strawberries, startled and baffled. When he looks up in confusion, he’s surprised to see Chinen awake and halfway across the room holding the bowl of strawberries, which he had somehow woken up and snatched from the table while Yamada wasn’t looking. He’s humming to himself as he empties the bowl into a large tupperware container that he seems to have produced from his bag.

Yamada struggles for words, but before he manages to get anything out, as if on cue, Chinen smiles that sweet, innocent smile of his and says, “This way they won’t go to waste, right?”

And as Yuto splutters that they’re for everyone and this isn’t fair, Yamada can’t help but grin. Leave it to Chinen to come up with a solution on the spot— and Yamada’s not complaining that his solution most likely includes a midnight snack for Yamada later, either.
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