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RP chapter 2 part 1

Here comes Chapter 2~ Hot off the press. X3 To those few of you who are reading. ^^;; Please enjoy!

Chapter: 2
Claimer: All characters belong to me and V! Pah!
Rating: R for sexual situations
Warnings: yaoi (real stuff this time. ^^;), scary sadism (XD; ), probably some language

Algernon knew, before the door even opened, that it was Madame Eliana Esparanza. He could tell by the knock, which was loud and forward, and he could tell by the way the knocker didn't wait to be let in before opening the door and shutting it rather forcefully behind themselves. With a small sigh, he set aside the paperwork that he had been filling out and rose with a flourishing bow. "Ah, Madame Esparanza. Welcome. What can I do for you?"

Eliana shifted her weight in her typical manner, crossing her arms and wearing a face that clearly said 'not amused'. "Major General," she replied coldly, nodding. Algernon did not fail to pick up on the wear of her clothing...she must be short on money again. This wasn't going to be any trouble at all.

She paused with a glare before continuing. "I want more information on this plot for which you're planning on using my son." She gave him an icy stare, letting her arms drop to her sides. "I will not allow you to put him in danger."

Algernon allowed his face to melt into a look of sympathetic amazement. "Madame Esparanza, I thought you would have known me better by now. I would never, ever allow your son to be put into a situation where his life was at risk."

Eliana raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "You have told me nothing of your plans and still refuse to even enlighten me on any generalities. I have a right to be suspicious."

"Of course, of course you do," Algernon agreed sweetly, laying it on thick, mostly because he just wanted to be rid of her for the moment. "But, because of the delicate manner of the situation, I cannot reveal any details, even to you, at present." Eliana did not look convinced, so he continued. "I promise to you that, if your son does as he is told, there should be absolutely no risk of any danger to him whatsoever."

Eliana looked about to retort, but Algernon was luckily saved by a knock on the door. This knock was soft and polite and perfectly in order in every way; it had to be Percy. Turning back to Eliana, he said, "I'm sorry, but I have other business to attend to. Please don't hesitate to call again." Then, with a bow, he turned and went to the door, glad for the excuse to be rid of her. Pulling it open, he nodded and smiled to the man he knew was waiting outside. "Do come in."

As Percy followed him inside and went through the formalities, Eliana glared in their general direction, then, with a huff and a swoosh of skirts, she was gone.

Algernon laughed softly, mostly to himself, as the door swung shut. "Independence is a figment of the imagination," he mused aloud, "Those who think themselves to be dependent on no one are the most easily persuaded." He smiled charmingly at the Colonel. "But enough of our most recent guest. Do you have news for me, Percy?"

“Sir,” Perceval bowed again neatly before continuing. “Lieutenant Hirlea and Corporal Christian have retrieved Fillipus Rutgers and delivered him to the authorities.” Perceval chose his words carefully, intentionally insinuating the worthlessness of Rutgers by referring to him as though he were an object. Of course to Perceval, scum such as Fillipus Rutgers could only be considered a worthless item. Perceval had hand selected Rutgers from a list of several other useless members of the Berceuse Malheureuse and intentionally sacrificed him. Only the day before, Perceval himself had planted information with Rutgers, information he intended to give to the Lieutenant and his assistant. Such was Algernon’s plan, and Perceval was delighted to play an important roll; he was the General’s connection to the Berceuse Malheureuse, and he would be calling the shots of the Berceuse Malheureuse investigation team. The tangled intrigue was fascinating, and Perceval was determined to play his part flawlessly. “They will interview Mr. Rutgers promptly tomorrow morning.” Perceval smiled sweetly and concluded his report with another small bow.

"Very good," Algernon praised with a pleased nod. Everything was moving smoothly, and the plan was flowing into action. Of course, there was still a great deal of work to be done, but the Major General was confident that everything would fall into place perfectly. After all, his plan was perfect, and Perceval would never do anything to disobey his orders.

Turning away from his subordinate and wandering across his office, Algernon pulled back the curtains of one of the large windows slightly and looked out into the twilight. On the ground below, he noticed movement, and glanced down to see the Corporal of which they had just been speaking parting ways with his superior and walking towards his automobile. As he did so, he brushed a stray piece of hair out of his face and shifted his weight in such a way the Algernon couldn't help but smile darkly to himself. "Such a beautiful child..." he remarked, then turned to look over his shoulder at the Colonel. "Don't you agree with me, Percy?"

Perceval followed Algernon to the window and stopped at a respectable distance. Leaning slightly with perfect grace, Perceval managed to catch a glimpse of the Corporal before he disappeared out of view. Nodding graciously, Perceval agreed, “Yes, of course, sir.” His voice was listless; he was focusing more of his energy on enjoying the way the moonlight looked reflected over Algernon’s skin and hair then on imbuing his speech with any charm or energy. “Although,” Perceval continued after a moment’s time snapping out of his trance slightly, “I must say the primary reason I find to call him even remotely beautiful would have to be his resemblance to you, sir.” Perceval smiled charmingly, tilting his head in such away that he knew the light would play favorably across his features. “Otherwise, I’d have to say that Christian makes me sick. He is a loathsome, insufferable dolt with no talents to speak of and completely lacking in any areas a refined gentleman may have developed.” Perceval’s eyes narrowed and he glared fiercely at the window for an instant before his features relaxed and he returned his gaze to Algernon; the look of disgust in his eyes had vanished completely. “A very beautiful child…” Perceval murmured, falling again into the altered state of absolute adoration for his superior.

Algernon let a smirk slide across his face. The Colonel was just too beautiful, with that perfect body quivering with undying affection; he was just asking to be ruined. Stepping away from the window, he moved towards Perceval, wearing a vaguely predatory expression. "But surely," he replied, his voice dripping with faux concern, "My close consanguinity with the Corporal makes us significantly similar?" He took a few steps closer, causing Perceval to take a few steps backwards until he was back to back with Algernon's desk. "Tell me, Percy, certainly you also find me 'loathsome and insufferable'?" He raised an eyebrow and leaned a little closer, as if in suspense for an answer.

Perceval looked down as a slight smirk crossed his lips. He knew Algernon was baiting him. Correcting the expression to a sad little smile, he looked up again at the General. “Hardly.” Perceval breathed. “In appearance only do you vaguely resemble that bumbling fool.” Perceval said softly as he pushed a lock of hair behind his ear. His hand remained idly just behind his neck and he smiled contentedly at Algernon. “You, sir, are so far removed from the teeming masses of despicable and insignificant masses that even the slightest comparison drawn becomes null.” Perceval sighed audibly, his eyes becoming half lid as he admired the way Algernon’s form was framed so beautifully by the moonlight streaming in though the window.

The smirk returned to Algernon's face, and he wrapped an arm around Perceval's back, practically draping himself over the other man. "Flattery will get you everywhere," he murmured against the Colonel's lips before kissing him hard. He felt the other man melt in his arms, and ended the kiss after only a few seconds, moving instead to suck at his neck. He bit a little more than softly, forming a dark mark on that pale, delicate skin. Running his hands down Perceval's chest, he pushed him back so that he was seated on the desk and moved to straddle his lap, giving himself a better angle. He licked at the Colonel's neck again briefly before returning to his lips, nipping just enough to draw blood. Licking it away, he met Perceval's eyes once more and let the same smile creep across his face. "What could I have been talking about earlier?" he murmured. "You are the beautiful one."

Perceval quivered as a new line of blood slid over his lip, his heart pounding hard against his chest as the intense feeling of complete ecstasy flowed through his veins. He wasn’t sure if he could speak he was so thoroughly overcome, and when he opened his mouth to reply, all that he could manage was a slight moan of pure pleasure which escaped his lips between ragged breaths. Whenever Algernon touched him, Perceval felt like he was on fire; and as the General did as he pleased, Perceval could feel everything else simply melting away, reducing him to a feeble creature of flesh which readily bent to Algernon’s every whim.

"Hm..." Algernon continued, wrapping his arms tightly around Perceval's neck. He rocked his hips forward, grinding them against the other man's to watch him writhe. "I'm not sure that you want this, enough, Percy," he said under his breath, murmuring into the Colonel's ear. Then, with another pleased smirk, he pushed the other man all the way back onto the desk and moved forward on his hips. Leaning forward to prop himself only slightly over Perceval, he bit at his neck again briefly before pulling away. "What is it that you want, Percy? Tell me." He kept his voice low, predatory.

Perceval gasped, his breath coming quick shallow breaths. He could hardly take the tease, but he knew that the buildup only added to the final thrill and he was willing to endure as much as it took. Grasping senselessly, he wound his fingers through Algernon’s hair and the ribbon that held it back slipped, releasing a cascade of pale blond that fell beautifully over Algernon’s slender shoulders. “Please…” Perceval whined piteously, his voice barley audible. He was perfectly willing to beg, and he knew Algernon would like it.

Algernon shivered with delight at the man moaning and writhing beneath him. "As you wish," he replied, dragging his nails down Perceval's cheek and forming red marks. Kissing and biting at his neck once more, Algernon began to finger the Colonel's collar, pulling away the layers of clothing, revealing more pale skin just asking to be marred. He smirked to himself. "As you wish."


Niles awoke the next morning late; he had, apparently, gone back to sleep after being awoken the first time. He hurried to dress and prepare, tying his hair back as he ran out the door. Traffic was bad, on top of everything else, and so he arrived almost fifteen minutes late to work. He hurried to the office, knocking and waiting to be let in, hoping he wasn't in too much trouble. He was nervous about the interrogation he would have to help conduct that morning, and this was just making it worse.

Dragomir was pleased to see that he wasn’t the only one running a little behind schedule when he walked down the hall and noticed Niles waiting outside the office door. “Good morning Corporal,” Dragomir called, walking briskly to where his subordinate stood and offering a small nod. “It was a late night last night.” He commented. “I’m sure they’ll let us off easy.” Dragomir said with a smile. He wanted to reassure Niles at least slightly, as he was beginning to realize how flustered the Corporal seemed to get when he thought he was doing something wrong.

"Ah!" Niles was startled by his superior's arrival and stiffened, "Sir!" He bowed deeply, hoping his first reaction wasn't too disrespectful. "Ah-um-yes, sir, I'm sure--I mean-" Luckily, he was saved from further embarrassment by the door being opened by the Major. She blinked at them. "What're you guys doing out here? Come in?"

"Sir!" Niles exclaimed, bowing again. He followed the Lieutenant inside and shut the door behind him. The Major sat down behind her desk again and shuffled some papers. "The Colonel expects you in interrogation room 3 in 10 minutes, so you'd better hurry." She offered them a 'that's what you get for being late' grin and then looked back to her papers.

“Excellent. Thank you, sir.” Dragomir smiled congenially at the major and bowed politely before turning back to Niles. “Do you need to get anything while we’re here?” He asked, picking up a folder of papers and tucking them under his good arm. “I think that the papers in here are all we’ll need, really.” He picked up another piece of paper and handed it to Niles. “I bet this is our briefing on the information we need to try and get out of this guy. Why don’t you read it while we make our way done there and give me a summery?” Dragomir was pleased not to have to do the reading himself; he could only hope Niles wouldn’t ask him questions about it, as he was out of excuses.

"Ah! Yes sir!" Niles responded. Accepting the piece of paper, he looked over it hurriedly, knowing his inability to read while walking. "Are we ready to leave, Sir?" he asked, hanging hesitantly by the Lieutenant's side. At his superior's affirmation, he bowed to the major, then headed out of the office one more.

He had no idea where "Interrogation Room 3" was, so he let Lt. Hirlea lead the way, summarizing the contents of the paper as they walked. Finally, they reached the room they had been sent to. Lit. Hirlea was about to open the door, but Niles suddenly spoke. "Ah-Sir? I'm sorry...ah...what is it that I should do, sir? I've...never been in an interrogation before."

Dragomir paused, his hand on the knob, and looked back at Niles with a small smile. “That’s nothing to worry about. I’ll be asking the questions anyway. If you’d take notes, it’ll make writing the report afterward a lot easier.” He turned back to the door and opened it, stepping aside so that Niles could go first, disregarding the social taboo against subordinates walking in front of a superior.

The room they entered was small and dark, shaped in a perfect square. There was only one table, with three chairs. At the far end of the room, a guard was posted next to a heavy door. The guard bowed quickly to them both, (he looked to only be a private) and exited the room through the door, presumably to get Rutgers. Dragomir took a seat at the desk and pulled the other chair out for Niles as he did so, switching on the small desk lamp. “In all honesty, I don’t think we’re likely to get much out of this guy… he’s definitely not a very important member of the organization.” Dragomir smiled slightly at Niles, and looked back at the door which opened presently.

The private pressed Rutgers forward with some difficulty, as the man was bound—both wrists and feet—and pushed him into the chair. Rutgers fell into it gracelessly, and glared across the table at Dragomir. “Sir.” The Private bowed, stepping back to the wall. Dragomir caught sight of a small pistol and a musket, and realized the guard was there should Rutgers get out of hand. Dragomir wasn’t worried; a man like Rutgers looked like he would be easy to persuade. Dragomir looked over to Niles and grinned. “You ready, Corporal?”

"Y-yes, sir!" Niles agreed, dipping his pen into the ink and preparing to take down notes. He glanced over at his superior next to him, who was smirking confidently at the prisoner, before labeling the paper with the date and time and noting who was interrogating and being interrogated. It was all rather exciting, really, being, for the first time, in an interrogation, and he hoped he would do a good job.

Dragomir interlaced his fingers and allowed both arms to rest flat on the desk, looking at the man who sat across from them smugly. “So. Mr. Rutgers.” Dragomir smiled cruelly.

“I’m not sayin’ anythin’!” Rutgers interrupted.

“Now now. We aren’t requesting information, we’re demanding it.” Dragomir liked things to be on his own terms and wanted to establish that early on. “If you answer just a few simple questions, we can release you with out charge. Otherwise, you will be put before a court of law, and the information we require will be extracted from you.” Dragomir was drawing out certain words in order to emphasis his point clearly; there was no way Rutgers could avoid the situation. He either had to say what they wanted now, or they would make him spill what they needed later. The choice was the thug’s, but it was at Dragomir’s pace and discretion and he enjoyed the control.

Rutgers clenched his teeth and turned swiftly to glare at Niles before returning his gaze to Dragomir. It was obvious he was weighing the odds. “I know nothing about the Berceuse Malheureuse.” Rutgers was a poor bluffer, and he knew it. He stuck his chin in the air pointedly and turned away.

“The Berceuse Malheureuse?” Dragomir questioned. Rutgers was now trapped. They hadn’t mentioned anything about what they needed information about. Rutgers seemed to realize his mistake all too late and looked about wildly, trying to find some sort of excuse.

“That’s vat you vanted to ask about, isn’t it?” he said quickly, his voice desperate.

“Perhaps.” Dragomir said ambiguously. Rutgers would dig himself in deeper. Dragomir needed only to sit back and relax. He glanced over to Niles and smiled. Things were going well, and Niles was doing the hard part. At the thought, Dragomir’s lips curled into a smirk, which seemed to intimidate Rutgers further.

“I-I haven’t vorked for them for more than a year!” Rutgers screeched. It was over for him now. They had him. “I only did it for the money, I svear!” He seemed to be begging even though he had no idea why, and Dragomir laughed lowly at his predicament. It was good to be one the other side of the interrogation.

“And in that year,” Dragomir began, “What exactly have you done?”

“Nothing!” Rutgers yelled. “Nothing illegal und I have not broken the law!” Rutgers sounded like he was trying to reaffirm his declaration to himself.

“We’ll let the law be the judge of that. However, it’s not what we’re interested in. Your petty personal crimes are not of importance.” Dragomir crossed his arms over he chest and reclined slightly. “If you can tell me in detail everything the Berceuse Malheureuse has had you do during the time you’ve worked with them, I can guarantee a lighter sentence for anything you may have done.” Of course Dragomir could make no such guarantees, but Rutgers didn’t know that.

Rutgers was eager for absolution, and as he proceeded in his account, he began to act almost as if it was a weight being taken off his shoulders, seeming almost relieved to be telling them. When He had finished his story, Rutgers fell forward on the desk and wrapped his arms around and over his face. It was a pitiful sight. All and all, the information had been useless, but Niles had taken diligent notes nonetheless, for which Dragomir was exceedingly grateful.

During the time they had spent with the man, Dragomir had grown restless and felt compelled to move around. He got to his feet and motioned for the guard who’d remained in the back of the room to take the man away. “Thank you for all the information you’ve provided today, Mr. Rutgers.” The guard picked Rutgers up from the table and started dragging him back to the door when another wild look suddenly came across the prisoner’s features.

“Vait! There is more! The vill be a very important meeting six veeks from now in the main vearhouse behind the port. I vas only just told two days ago.” Rutgers again seemed relieved to have passed on the information, and cooperated almost congenially with the guard as he was escorted back to his cell.

“Did you get that last bit?” Dragomir asked, turning to look down at Niles. “Out of all of that mess, I think that may have been the most important piece of information.” Dragomir grinned.

"Yes, sir!" Niles replied almost confidently. True, throughout the conversation, he had dropped a few 'the's and 'and's, but he had generally been able to copy down the entire conversation word for word. It was a strange talent he had, since he was unable to remember anything important, yet, when it came to useless information or taking notes, he could remember anything.

With the interrogation now done, the two headed to Colonel Rousseau's office to report. Upon arriving, they knocked on the door and waited for an answer. They were not held up long, for after a few seconds, the door swung open to reveal the Colonel.

Niles dropped into a deep bow instantly and didn't come up for a good deal of time. When he did, however, he began to notice something odd about the Colonel. He wore the same expression as always, and the same immaculate dress, but, today, part of his face was covered by a bandage, as well as his neck, and he appeared to be wearing his collar exceptionally high, as if to cover it. Niles pondered why this could be, but said nothing of it, and waited for the Lieutenant to speak.

Dragomir too noticed the bandages and instantly became very curious and decided that he had to ask about the nature of the injury. “Colonel Rousseau, may I chance an inquiry about the condition of your face?” Dragomir tried to put the question as politely as he could, purposefully using the most flowery language he could manage in order to cushion the bluntness of his question.

Perceval narrowed his eye coldly and ignored the question, stepping aside to allow them entrance into his office. “Won’t you come in?” Perceval was polite as always, but he spoke through gritted teeth to show his displeasure. Dragomir bowed again deeply, hoping to make even the slightest amends for his question, before stepping inside the lavish office. Perceval had fine, expensive tastes, and had spared no luxury in decorating his office. “Please take a seat.” Perceval said after they had both entered, motioning elegantly to a sofa placed just in front of his desk. Dragomir sat down to the far left of the couch, forgetting that Niles was meant to stand, and Perceval exhaled sharply at his mistake before sitting down himself behind his desk. He glared across the surface of his fine polished oak desk at Dragomir, waiting for the lieutenant to correct his mistake.

Dragomir had no idea what he had done wrong and so assumed that Perceval had meant for him to begin his report. “We’ve just concluded our interview with Mr. Rutgers, sir.” Dragomir stated after glancing up quickly at Niles, wondering why he had yet to sit down. Perceval pursed his lips drastically and narrowed his eyes further; refusing to acknowledge Dragomir’s report until he moved to the center of the sofa. Dragomir’s initial question had put Perceval into a very foul mood, and he refused to ignore further lapses in polite behavior on the part of the lieutenant. Dragomir’s sitting towards the left offended Perceval’s sense of symmetry, and he would not tolerate it.

Under the Colonel’s steady glare, Dragomir suddenly became very self-conscious. He did his best to smooth out his uniform one handed, and crossed his legs in what he thought was the elegant way one was supposed to sit, hoping his knickers didn’t appear too rumpled. Perceval shook visibly with controlled anger and gestured for Dragomir to move over. Finally grasping his mistake, Dragomir scooted to the center of the couch.

Satisfied, Perceval forced his expression into a grimace and interlaced his fingers on the surface of his desk. “You were saying, lieutenant.” The Colonel said sweetly, his voice chilling after the harshness of his former treatment. Dragomir was speechless after seeing the drastic shift, but regained control quickly.

“Uhh…yes.” Dragomir started again awkwardly, “We just finished with Mr. Rutgers...” Dragomir paused for only a split second before remembering to include the crucial form of address, “Sir.” He concluded. It really hadn’t been that long of a pause, but it was enough for a vein to protrude on Perceval’s temple.

“I see,” Perceval managed to keep the tone of his voice high and steady as he struggled to ignore just how distasteful he found the idea of the peasant, Dragomir, sitting on his couch. “And just what did Mr. Rutgers tell you?” Clearing his mind, Perceval focused on the pleasant thought of Algernon and his expression softened, at last matching his voice.

Dragomir found this latest adjustment of the Colonel’s expression even more eerie, but did not let it show. “Well sir, all and all, I get the idea that he is a very low-ranking member.” Dragomir debated weather or not to say that he thought bringing the man in was a waste of effort, and decided against it. “He did however, have one piece of information.” Perceval leaned forward slightly in his seat, feigning curiosity. “He mentioned that the Berceuse Malheureuse are having an important meeting in six weeks.” Dragomir waited for the colonel to say something, but Perceval only raised his brows and turned his head slightly, so Dragomir continued. “My subordinate took careful notes, and if you’d like to read them before we submit our report, please feels free to do so, sir.” Dragomir finished with a little sitting bow, which he knew to look very clumsy. Sitting up, he saw Perceval clench his fists just before the colonel turned to face Niles, his expression neutral.

“That will not be necessary.” Perceval said vaguely. He appeared to be examining Niles carefully, and though Dragomir was rather perplexed, he took advantage of the Colonel’s distraction to examine the bandages. There wasn’t much to see; Perceval had done a through job of covering up whatever wounds he had received, and Dragomir became even more curious about how such injuries had come about.

Perceval returned his attentions to Dragomir, who started, hurriedly focusing on a paperweight which sat on Perceval’s desk, in order to appear innocent. With a quick scowl, Perceval got to his feet and Dragomir did the same.

“If that is all, you may take your leave.” Perceval said pleasantly, a fake smile gracing his elegant features.

“Thank you, sir.” Dragomir said as he bowed low. He was tempted to try and ask again, but refrained, turning to exit the room with Niles at his heels. Once the door was safely shut behind them and they were a few paces away, Dragomir eagerly looked down at Niles. “So,” he said smirking, “What do you think happened to the Colonel? Do you think he got hurt in a duel?”

Niles, still somewhat shaken from the interview (and he didn't even have to say anything!), blinked up at his superior. "Ah?" The question, however, was something he had been wondering about, and, so, after making sure that they were out of the Colonel's earshot, returned his gaze to Lt. Hirlea. "I'm not sure, Sir," he responded thoughtfully. "That is a good suggestion, though I would imagine that the Colonel would be a fairly good duelist, don't you?" He thought for a second. "Maybe he was in an automobile accident. Or he was mauled by a vicious dog?" None of those seemed very probable, however. Niles crossed his arms in thought, consequently causing him to trip and fall onto the floor and earning himself a nice scrape on the cheek. He stood with a grin, however, wiping the blood with the back of his hand. "Here's an idea, Sir. What if the Colonel has a secret lover who gave him those injuries?" He half-laughed at the ridiculous nature of his statement. "Just kidding. Sorry, Sir."

Dragomir was rather surprised by Niles’s proposition; the Corporal always seemed so mild mannered about these sorts of things. Nevertheless, Dragomir was highly amused by the suggestion and laughed abruptly. “Now that’s an interesting idea.” Dragomir shook his head slightly and grinned deviously at Niles. “But I must say, I think the Colonel is too uptight for that sort of thing.”

Niles nodded. "I agree, Sir. It doesn't seem like something that would be happening with the Colonel." He thought for a moment. "I really have no idea what could have happened to him. He's usually so careful and precise about everything." By now, they had reached the office, so Niles knocked on the door, then stepped aside so that his superior could enter first.
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