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So! Since we couldn't work it into the normal plot, here's a special little log for Algernon's birthday. It comes chronologically between chapters 4 and 5, so if you're up to date, this comes now! :D

Chapter: 4.5; Algernon's Birthday
Claimer: Algernon and Percy are 100% ours.
Rating: NC-17! Not for the kiddies!
Warnings: On top of the normal yaoi and graphically written sex, it's violent. Er...the sex is violent. Yes. Not like...sex and violence. XD;; so. Don't read it if that would disturb you.

Algernon sat in his office, twirling his quill idly and wondering. It was late in the evening on December 17th, and he had not yet seen Perceval. He had already dealt with all sorts of irritating people, Alice Johnson included, and was now ready to see the only person who wouldn't get on his nerves. Not that he was impatient, Percy could take his time, there was plenty, but he was curious as to what gift he might receive from the Colonel. He had already gotten a hand-embroidered handkerchief from the Warrant Officer, which he planned to keep in his desk drawer and only use when she was around, as well as the well wishes from many higher officers with whom he had to work, but all of those things were mundane and he wanted some excitement. It was his birthday, after all. He deserved it.

Perceval walked down the hall to Algernon’s office, disguising his nervousness with a purposefully added extra gracefulness to his stride. Algernon’s birthday was a very very important day, and Perceval wanted to be explicitly careful that everything was perfect. He’d spent the last few hours in his office occupying himself by tying and retying a satin bow around a small, flat, rectangular box which he’d wrapped expertly the night before. He’d wanted to make sure that he waited until it was nearly dark before he went to visit Algernon, but the waiting had been especially hard. He was pleased however, that he’d gone over the bow so many times. It wasn’t until just a few minutes ago that he’d be satisfied by its appearance.

Perceval held the small wrapped box at his side and checked it every so often to make sure the bow and wrapping remained immaculate during the trip to Algernon’s office. Upon his arrival, he stopped in front of Algernon’s door and reexamined the present, adjusting the bow so that it fell gracefully over the corners of the box. Then, he ran his hands through his hair, pushing the length of it behind his shoulders and smoothing out his jacket and knickers before knocking politely. After he’d waited a perfectly timed few seconds, he opened the door slowly and stepped inside with the utmost grace. “Happy birthday, sir.” He said brightly, smiling his finest as he shut the door behind himself and stepped forward into the room.

"A very happy birthday indeed," Algernon agreed, setting his quill aside and rising, slowly walking around his desk. "Now that you've arrived, Percy. I've had to deal with such horrid people all day..." He let a slight whine ring in his voice, as he sauntered over to the Colonel, but smiled his regular smile and nipped at Perceval's neck when he moved to greet him. "Do come in, Percy, do come in." Moving back over towards the desk, he leaned on it and turned back to smirk at the Colonel. "What have you brought for me today, Percy?"

Perceval bowed low before rising elegantly and straightening his hair again. “Regrettably, I have no of business to discuss, sir. I do however have a birthday present for you.” Perceval beamed, stepping forward and holding out the package to his superior, bowing slightly as the other accepted it. “I hope it’s to your liking, sir.”

Algernon accepted the parcel with a smile, feigning surprise. "Oh, a gift, for me? Why, you really are too good to me, Percy." He looked over the package for a moment noticing that the wrapping was nothing short of perfect, the brown parcel paper tied tightly to the box with the ribbon, perfectly arranged and tied. Then, he carefully grasped the ribbon from the side and pulled, effectively ripping it from the package, and tore away the paper slowly, enjoying ruining the perfection.

Once the wrappings were removed, he lifted the lid of the small box and set it aside, lifting the sheets of tissue paper on top of the box's contents. As soon as he saw what was underneath, however, he smirked broadly. Laying, perfectly arrange on a bed of tissue paper, was a small, beautifully designed letter opener, with an ornate, slender, silver handle and a long, straight blade. Algernon gingerly lifted it out of the box, setting the rest of the box aside, and, upon closer inspection, realized that the blade was sharpened to the point where it would draw blood. A predatory smile creeping across his face, he looked up at Perceval. "Oh, Percy. You shouldn't have."

Folding his fingers neatly in front of him, Perceval tilted his head in a coy fashion and smiled sweetly. “I had hoped you might find it useful, sir.” He said innocuously. “I had the entire length of the blade sharpened, sir, especially to facilitate your important work.” Perceval stated with feigned innocence. “I do so hope it will serve its purposes suitably.” A flicker of a smirk slid across his features but he suppressed it with another small smile and a hand brought gently to his lips.

"Oh, I believe it will do perfectly," Algernon replied, nodding slowly and looking back at the knife before once again meeting Perceval's eyes. He set the blade down momentarily on his desk before moving smoothly towards the other man, walking around to the other side of him and running a hand along his cheek as he did so. Pressing the lock on the door behind him, he pulled on the Colonel's shoulder so as to turn him around to face him. "There, that's better."

He looked over Perceval for a moment, drinking in the perfection, before taking the other man's chin in his hand and pulling his face down slightly to look him in the eye. "Did I mention how positively stunning you look tonight, Percy? I'm tempted to say that you're absolutely... perfect." He pulled a little more, leaning up to kiss Perceval hard. Running his free hand down the side of his face, allowing his nails to cut in slightly, he smirked. "I think I'm going to have to ruin you."

The kiss had been intoxicating, and Perceval’s eyes slid half-lid as he drifted into the euphoric state he experienced under Algernon’s skilled touch. He shuddered slightly when they parted, the feeling of the hand over his cheek sending a shiver of delight down his spine. The added sensation of the nails elicited a small gasp of pleasure, as Perceval relinquished any sense of comportment. The momentary flicker of pain the small cuts incited was quickly washed away by the overwhelming satisfaction his proximity to Algernon caused, and Perceval moaned his invitation.

Algernon smiled, feeling the rush of the control he held over the other man. Leaning in again, he kissed, then bit at Perceval's neck, reveling in the way he shuddered and melted under each touch. "You like that, Percy...?" he murmured, lips almost brushing against Perceval's lips again, eyes sliding partially shut seductively. "You want more?" He slipped around to the other side of the other man, then looked over his shoulder as he began to walk back towards the desk. "Come," he ordered, gesturing vaguely with his hand. "Show me that you want it."

Perceval trembled, teetering on the brink of losing his balance and crumpling to the floor. Inhaling sharply, he regained a bit of his composure and managed to turn around, looking pleadingly across the room at Algernon for an instant before stumbling forward—shakiness betraying his lack of control. Perceval reached his destination and extended a hand meekly toward Algernon, biting his lip with a subtle sultry pout.

Moving so that Perceval was trapped between the desk and himself, Algernon smirked at the other man's lack of control. "Good boy," he murmured, taking a step forward and effectively pressing Perceval up against the desk. "Such obedience must be rewarded..." He pushed the other man backwards so that he was seated on the desk before moving to straddle his lap. Without breaking eye contact, he found the blade on his desk, and lifted it slowly before looking over it. "Such a beautiful thing... perfect to mar such a beautiful face." He smiled, lifting the knife to draw a straight, clean cut across Perceval's cheek. The cut itself was perfect for a moment, shallow and thin and deep red, before the blood began to flow from it, the same deep red colour, bright against the soft, pale skin.

Algernon took in the sight for a moment, admiring the sheer beauty of it, before he broke away for a second to replace the knife in its box and knock the whole thing from his desk, murmuring, "Musn't lose this..." under his breath. Moving back in, he admired the cut for another moment before licking at the wound, tracing the blood down Perceval's cheek until he reached his lips once more. Nipping a little, he kissed harder, deeper, letting Perceval taste his own blood on his lips.

Perceval winced slightly, the chill of the cool blade sending a shiver down his spine as it effortlessly sliced his cheek. The contrasting stimulations of Algernon’s warm mouth and the taste of his own blood mingled in their passionate kiss caused Perceval to moan slightly as he allowed the various sensations of pain and pleasure to mingle together into ecstasy. He ran a caressing hand over Algernon’s chest before slipping his other hand into Algernon’s hair and delicately working the bow out so that it fell forward in a smooth cascade of white gold.

Algernon slowly pulled out of the kiss, nipping slightly at Perceval's lip as he did so. Rocking forward a little on his hips, he looked over the other man for a moment before smirking and running his hands along Perceval's shoulders and back, slowly removing his jacket. He then began to work on the vest, carefully undoing each button. How much he would have liked to rip through the cloth, but he knew, considering the options, he would do better to wait. After all, there was all of that perfect skin, just underneath a few layers of cloth. He smiled to himself and moved back in to suck at Perceval's neck, finishing unbuttoning the vest one-handedly and without looking.

Perceval gasped with pleasure, pressing up against Algernon and squirming slightly to aid the other in the removal of his vest before moving to ease Algernon’s jacket slowly off of his shoulders. When the jacket dropped to the floor, Perceval’s hands lingered and ran idly over Algernon’s chest and shoulders before sliding up and entwining with his hair.

Finishing with the buttons on the vest, Algernon moved on to the blouse. After unbuttoning the first four or five, however, he decided to give in to desire, and pushed the clothing out of the way in order to nip at Perceval's collarbone. When Perceval gasped, he smirked up at the other man, taking his chin in his hand and moving his face down so that he could see it. The cut, now closing nicely, was really done well, and he was pleased with the way it stood out against the pale skin. Shifting slightly, he allowed Perceval to take his thumb into his mouth, and continued unbuttoning one-handedly.

Perceval moaned and worried at the thumb lightly, sliding his tongue over it while mewling softly as he tried to shift positions to get the friction he craved. He was breathing rather hard and tried to calm himself down a little; he wanted to last for as long as Algernon required. Perceval slipped his hand from Algernon’s hair and let it slide over his cheek and catch the collar of Algernon’s shirt, which he sought to unbutton. He found his hands to be too shaky to accomplish much of anything however, and moaned apologetically dropping his arm and allowing his hand to slide over Algernon’s chest once again.

When he had finished unbuttoning the blouse, Algernon slid it off and let it fall to the floor. He then repositioned himself on Perceval's hips and pushed the other man back onto the desk, moving to lean over him. Once more attaching himself to Perceval's collarbone, he allowed himself to lick and bite his way down the other man's chest, leaving a trail of deep red marks. Upon reaching his waistline, Algernon began undoing the first few buttons on the knickers, then latched his thumbs under the material and began to slide them down, eventually revealing Perceval's hips and pubic bones, which he quickly moved to mark up, as well.

The hard wood of the desk was cold against Perceval’s skin, and the sharp pain from Algernon’s biting provided an immensely pleasurable contrast. He arched his back excitedly, seeking the feel of the Algernon’s body pressing down against his own. When Algernon started at his knickers, Perceval convulsed slightly and whined piteously when the other stopped only midway down. Bucking his hips up unconsciously, Perceval grabbed at Algernon’s hair once again, trying to restrain himself.

"Patience, Percy, patience," Algernon murmured, smirking slightly. After a moment, however, he sat back again and finished the buttons, effectively ridding Perceval of the rest of his clothing. A pleased smirk on his face, he leaned back in for a moment to lick the length of the other man's erection teasingly before sitting back up to work on his own clothing.

Perceval bit his lip hard trying to stifle a yelp of surprise and pleasure. To at last be free of the restrictive and tight knickers was good enough as it was, but Algernon’s teasing was almost too much. With his eyes firmly shut, Perceval squirmed on the desk, his sweat causing him to stick slightly to the polished surface. He was panting heavily now, and wishing desperately for the return of Algernon’s touch; he didn’t want to seem impatient, but his dick was aching and he longed to feel Algernon’s skin against his own.

Algernon quickly removed his own clothing, smirking at the man squirming beneath him. Pressing back up against Perceval, he kissed him hard and ground their hips together. The action was brief, however, and he soon pulled away, leaning instead to open one of the drawers in his desk. Withdrawing a small glass vial and dangling it for Perceval to see, he smirked and explained, "Mustn't keep you waiting." Positioning himself between the other man's legs, Algernon quickly applied the oil before slowly pressing a finger inside of Perceval. After a moment, he added a second, then pressed the digits farther, hoping to elicit a reaction.

“Al…Algernon…” Perceval struggled between gasps, moaning loudly as Algernon hit a particularly pleasurable spot and clawing at the furniture beneath him. Perceval’s toes curled and he kicked weakly, attempting to keep himself in check. Propping himself up on his elbows slightly so he could see Algernon, Perceval did his best to smile before dropping back down onto the desk and raising a hand limply to his lips biting down in preparation for what was soon to come.

Algernon smirked in response, prodding the spot once more before withdrawing his fingers and finding the oil once more. When he was sufficiently slicked, he lifted Perceval's legs and positioned himself before pushing inside. He felt his own eyes slide shut at the feeling, it was so hot, and so tight, but he was still in control. He hesitated a moment, allowing Perceval to adjust, before pulling out slightly and thrusting back in at a sickeningly slow pace. He was in control, and he wanted to hear Perceval beg.

Perceval whined pathetically, hoping to illicit some small amount of pity from Algernon, but knowing it was unlikely. Reaching forward blindly, he grasped Algernon’s arm for support and bucked upwards against the other, inhaling sharply as he flexed and tightened, aiming to please Algernon as best he could.

Algernon inhaled sharply at Perceval's sudden movement, surprised and pleased. Deciding to be obliging, he began to thrust harder, faster, penetrating deeper. Shifting his weight slightly, he moved to wrap one hand around Perceval's erection and stroke in time. "Do you like that, Percy? You have to let me know," he said lowly, smirking wickedly. "I want to hear you."

Perceval gasped, his hand falling from his mouth and dropping onto his chest. He found it nearly impossible to contain himself now, and moaned loudly and without restraint, crying out and squeezing Algernon’s arm harder in response to the increased speed. He drove his hips up hard against the other, arching to meet his thrusts, and reaching out to wind his fingers through Algernon’s hair.

Algernon leaned forward, bending Perceval almost all the way over, in order to penetrate even deeper. It was thrilling, have Perceval flushed and crying and writhing beneath him this way, and he couldn't help but feel a rush. Running his free hand along Perceval's thigh, he dug his nails in and dragged, drawing blood to the surface. Letting go, he reached to run his hand along the other man's face, smearing blood along his flushed cheek. Suddenly taken in by the beauty of it all, Algernon smirked to himself, looking forward to seeing that face overwhelmed with pain and pleasure.

Perceval bent easily, his breath coming in short gasps as he felt himself nearing his edge. He let out a sharp cry, the pain from the cuts in his leg registering, and shuddered violently when Algernon slid his blood-slicked fingers across his cheek. Perceval bite his lip hard, tasting and smelling blood, his senses overwhelmed. With a strangled cry and Algernon’s name on his lips, Perceval arched up against him and came, his hips jerking erratically.

Having achieved his prized, Algernon watched for a moment before allowing himself to come with a final hard thrust. He blinked away the blurriness in his vision and, after catching his breath, rearranged their bodies so that he could lie flat on top of Perceval. He could tell the other man was still recovering, so he leaned forward and began licking the blood from his face softly. "You're beautiful," he whispered, idly winding his fingers through Perceval's now-mussed hair. "The best birthday gift possible."
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