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This stemmed from a discussion about my valentines day fic. Read at your own risk. XD; It's an AU RP omake.

Title: RP Omake 1
Claimer: All characters are ours :D
Rating: PG-13 to R for brain-breakage. XD;
Warnings: AU, yaoi, dress-up (XD; )

Niles wandered from the train station, looking about him nervously. He had been to the Hirlea's residence before more times than he could count, but he could never quite get past the...sketchy manner of the neighborhood. Still, he wasn't worried about reaching his destination. For once, he didn't have to worry about being on time; he had been out shopping in Akihabara and, on a whim, had taken a train to visit his boyfriend on his way (even though Dragomir lived on the other side of town).

He arrived at the apartment building in fairly good time and made his way up the stairs to ring the bell to the third-floor apartment. Shifting back and forth anxiously, he clutched his bags and hopedthat someone was home.

Viorica was seated cross legged in front of the tv sucking on the end of a pen as she pored over a large text book. The ring of the bell caused her to start slightly, as she was expecting no visitors that afternoon. Flipping off the television, she got to her feet and made her way to the door, opening it cautiously before realizing who it was. “Ah, Niles!” She exclaimed happily, holding the door for him and ushering him in. “What brings you here?”

Niles smiled at Dragomir's little sister, glad to be inside. "Hi, Viorica." He laughed embarrassedly, following her inside and setting his bags down. "I was just dropping by on my way home from shopping to see Dragomir. Is he here?" He hoped Viorica didn't think him odd for showing up without warning.

“Oh no, I’m sorry. He hasn’t gotten back yet,” she explained as she tried to get a look at what was inside his bags. “But he should be home soon, if you wanna wait?” she added quickly. Dragomir would be disappointed if he ended up missing Niles, and apart form that, an idea was beginning to from in her mind. “Do you want to take a seat? I can go get us some snacks.” She hoped and assumed he would stay, and so dashed off to the kitchen to throw something together without waiting for his answer.

"Ah-All right," Niles agreed with a hesitant smile, sitting down on the couch and looking around. Viorica's textbook lay open, full of medical terms he was sure he couldn't understand, and the room was generally somewhat cluttered. "I'm sorry to be imposing on you," he added after a moment. "Thanks for letting me wait."

“Not a problem.” Viorica grinned, popping her head out of the tiny kitchen for a moment. “Is soda okay?” She called, grabbing two bottles of it anyway and slamming the shabby refrigerator shut. Managing to grip both the bottles in one hand and the small tray of rice crackers and carrot sticks in the other, Viorica made her way to where Niles was stilling and used her foot to drag over a small table to put everything on top of. Seating her self next to Niles, she reached forward and grabbed a few crackers. “Don’t stand on ceremony.” She smirked before stuffing the snacks into her mouth.

Niles smiled appreciatively for the thought. "Thank you," he said, helping himself to one of the bottles of soda and fiddling with the cap for a moment before getting it open. He sipped politely, munching quietly on a few carrot sticks for a little while before feeling slightly awkward. "So, how are you?" he asked congenially, smiling at the girl beside him.

“I’m doing alright. I’ve got an exam coming up, but I’m glad you’re here. Any more studying and I think I might have passed out.” She joked, drinking some of her own soda. They made light conversation until nearly all the snacks were gone, at which point Viorica leaned back and allowed a broad smirk to crawl over her lips. “Niles,” She started deviously, “I have an idea. Something I can help you do for Dragomir before he gets back. Are you game?”

Niles blinked curiously. "Um...yeah, sure," he agreed after a moment, wondering what exactly Viorica might have in mind. However, she said it would be for Dragomir, and Niles didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to do something nice for the other man, so he smiled. "Yeah, I'll do it." Besides, he was rather curious as to what Viorica had in mind.

With Niles’s consent, Viorica’s smirk broadened still and she got to her feet. “Excellent,” she said slyly. “I’ll be right back, then.” She went quickly to her room and retrieved a plastic bag, hurrying back to where she’d left Niles and tossing the bag to him lightly. I bought some stuff for you a while ago, and now we’ll finally have the chance to use it.” Viorica grinned. Then, realizing Niles probably still had no idea what she was implying, she added, “How do you feel about getting a little makeover?”

Niles looked at the bag, then back up at Viorica. "A...makeover?" He wasn't quite sure what Viorica had in mind, or why she had been buying things for him in the first place, but he was still curious to know what she would do, and he couldn't think of any reason why he would mind. "Um...all right. Whatever you want to do." He smiled with a shrug.

“Really? Anything?” Viorica smirked excitedly. She had already assumed he’d let her do anything she wanted, but his consent served to amp up her excitement. “Alright then. Go change into the close in the bag,” she instructed rubbing her hands together in anticipation of the task ahead. This was going to be perfect. Getting to dress Niles up and play with his amazing hair was going to be fabulous; way better then studying for an exam. Plus, Dragomir’s reaction was going to be hilarious, though she was sure that in the end, it would pay off and be worth the effort for Niles as well.

"O-Okay," Niles replied, wandering back to the room he knew to be Dragomir's, and therefore vacant. He quickly removed his own clothes and carefully folded them, then removed the garments from the bag Viorica had given him. Looking them over, he blushed with embarrassment. She certainly couldn't expect him to put these on? He stared at them for a moment, then decided that he may as well, because he told her he would. He still wasn't really sure what she was planning, but he did as told.

Once the clothes were on, he looked over himself. They were very different from his normal style; the pants were low and tight and black, and the shirt was also skin-tight and red, with a black heart in the centre. It seemed that the clothes were also a little too small, as the hem of the shirt sat about 6 inches from his waist, and the pants were a whole different story. Feeling next to indecent, Niles made his way, blushing, back to Viorica. "Um...does this look okay? I-I think they might be a little small."

“Oh no, they look perfect!” Viorica laughed, walking around him to get the full effect. “They’re just the right size. You look really good. Dragomir is gonna flip when he sees you.” She said as she crossed her arms in a satisfied manner. “The fit is fabulous. I’m so glad I picked out the right size for you.” She commented before walking around behind him. She undid his ponytail and arranged his hair over his shoulders. Moving back around in front of him again, she made a few final adjustments. “I think this will work perfectly.” She smirked. “But you’re still not done yet. Follow me; we have to do your hair next.” She took Niles by the arm and started in the direction of the bathroom. Already he was looking excellent, so when she got all the finishing touches done, she was sure he’d look exceptional.

Niles followed her confusedly, sitting down on the chair Viorica pulled out for him in the bathroom. "Um...what're you doing now?" he asked as she began combing a gel into his hair.

"This'll make your hair soft and shiny," she replied matter-of-factly.

"Oh-okay," Niles replied, letting her do her thing. After she was done, she plugged in a straightener and began flattening his hair, brushing it as she went along. That took longer than Niles expected, but, when she was done, he was amazed at the effect. His hair did shine, and looked extremely nice. Even Niles, who was very talented at doing his hair, was surprised. Next, Viorica set about tying a thin red or black ribbon on either side of his head in a bow, leaving the ends long to entangle with this hair. "There you go!" she announced with a grin. Seeming to read Niles' hesitant expression, she added, "You look great. Trust me."

Viorica then knelt to retrieve a rather large box of cosmetics. She dropped it imposingly onto the sink counter so that it made a loud and rather intimidating sound. “Are you ready for some make up?” She smirked, opening the boxes dramatically and removing her set of eye make up. “You’ll look even more amazing after this!”

Niles was rather intimidated by the makeup, but did as Viorica said and held still while she applied it. After some powder, black eyeliner, and a lot of mascara, Viorica stepped back to show him his reflection. Niles blinked, stunned at how different he looked. It didn't seem necessarily bad, however, so he smiled sheepishly at Viorica. "Now what?"

"Dragos should be home any minute now. You should go wait for him," Viorica replied. "Here, come on." She ushered him to Dragomir's room, then ordered him to sit on his bed and wait. "You'll be able to hear when he gets here. Try to look like a model or something, okay?"

"O-okay," Niles agreed confusedly, sitting down as told. He blushed at the thought of Dragomir seeing him this way, but he assumed Viorica knew best, and tried to follow her instructions.

Dragomir had been stuck in traffic, but at last, he’d gotten through the worst of it and was on his way home. He hated trying to get anywhere during rush hour, but it simply couldn’t be helped; he never got out of work early, and he was lucky when he got out on time. Today had been a boring day though; he hadn’t received and tips on the yakuza gumi he was currently following, and he was happy to be getting back home relatively on time. Parking his car inside the nearest parking garage, he made the short commute to his apartment and kicked off his shoes unceremoniously as he announced his return. Viorica greeted him from the floor in front of the television where she was studying for her class, as usual. There was something different about it, however. She had a particularly mischievous grin plastered onto her face which gave Dragomir so cause for suspicion. However, he didn’t think it was anything worth mentioning and so ignored it, depositing his stuff on the kitchen table and heading towards his room.

Without paying much attention, he opened the door, stepped inside, and closed it, intending to relax for a while until Pierre and Tatiana returned from job hunting. Instead, when he at last looked to his bed, all thoughts bolted from his mind. Not only could he not think, but he couldn’t even find any words to express his shock, nor did his body seem to function at all. He new his mouth must have been open, but he could do nothing but stare at Niles dumbfounded. He looked…beyond description-dropdead-hot. Blinking and swallowing stupidly, Dragomir took a step forward. “Niles…wow.” For a moment, that was all he could manage as he moved closer to make sure he wasn’t delusional. “You look amazing.”

Niles blushed bright red at Dragomir's reaction. "I-I'm glad you think so," he replied, shifting slightly on the bed and batting his newly-long eyelashes the way he had seen Viorica do it a few times before. "I was hoping you would." Though he was feeling rather embarrassed, seeing the way Dragomir reacted towards him did make him feel strangely happy. Deciding to go for it, he stood slowly, fingering a strand of his hair. "I did it for you."

Dragomir felt a hot blush spread across his cheeks, but even that involuntary reaction couldn’t keep a smirk from showing. Niles’s comments and movements seemed to have revived his thought process, as well as illicit some other, stronger feelings which couldn’t be ignored. “I see.” Dragomir said huskily, pushing himself to take another step forward and reaching out to run a hand over Niles’s bare shoulders. Then, moving a little closer, Dragomir snaked his arm over and around Niles’s exposed waist, pulling the other forward against himself. Grunting lightly, Dragomir pressed a deep kiss to Niles’s lips as his hand continued to travel over Niles’s lithe form, which the tight fitted pants accentuated so delightfully.

Niles pressed his body against Dragomir's, leaning up into the kiss and mewling softly. Letting his eyes slide shut and wrapping his arms around Dragomir's neck, he felt himself smile into the kiss slightly. Before all coherent thought failed him, he made a mental note to thank Viorica later.


Pierre stormed up the steps, down the balcony and into the apartment with Tatiana close on his heels. They’d been unsuccessfully job hunting for sometime now, and Pierre was fed up with the unproductive searching. Kicking his shoes off angrily, Pierre stumbled inside, nearly tripping on Viorica and collapsing on the couch. Tatiana sunk down next to him and placed a condoling hand on his shoulder. Pierre took the hand in his and kissed it lightly before moving to kiss her tenderly on the lips. Pulling away, he turned to see what Viorica was watching.

“What’s this?” he asked loudly over the television. She had turned the volume up to an almost unbearable level, and it was making he feel even more upset.

“Dunno, I’m studying.” Viorica shrugged.

“Then why do you have it on, and why on earth is it so damn loud!?” Pierre yelled to make sure he was heard. “Where’s the remote?” he demanded. Tatiana handed it to him and he turned the set off.

“I had it on, Pierre, to respect their privacy," she said haughtily.

“What? Whose?” Pierre questioned sharply. Then, of course, he heard a noise and registered who and what Viorica was talking about. Hurriedly, he turned the television back on and put the volume up to max.

“Oh my.” Tatiana giggled. Pierre glared at her sharply, a look of utter disgust frozen across his features. Viorica sat up and turned to him with a broad smirk which could mean only one thing.

“You did this, didn’t you.” Pierre fumed.

Viorica’s smirk took on a frighteningly innocent quality as she replied, “Who, me? I didn’t do anything.”
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