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RP chapter 7!

Out in record time!

Chapter: 7 part 1
Claimer: All characters are ours
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Yaoi, hinted yuri, drug abuse, a bit of violence, probably some language

The military men had barely left the building before Faustino was flying down the stairs and out of his hiding place. His mind felt numb and he was picking through the bodies strewn about before he knew what he was doing, dropping to his knees beside Donavan's lifeless body. "Donavan!" he cried out, forgetting his orders and shaking the limp man's shoulders, getting blood all over his hands. "Donavan. wake up, please!" As he tried in vain to awaken Donavan, he broke down, beginning to sob wretchedly. After everything horrible that he had just been forced to watch, he couldn't believe that even Donavan was dead. It couldn't be, it just couldn't be...but yet, here he was, drenched in blood, and Faustino gave up, collapsing over the bloody corpse, and crying miserably. He couldn't bear to think that yet another person in his life was dead, and in such a horrible way...feeling horribly alone, Faustino didn't know what else to do but cry.

Donavan’s temples were pounding, and his skull ached tremendously. His ears rang acutely and he could feel a dull throbbing at the base of his neck. Apart form the pain in his head, the rest of his body smarts sorely as well, as though he’d taken a fall. He could also feel a stifling weight on his chest, and tried futilely to relax his breathing in the hopes of lessening the weight. He then started to open his eyes, and at first, all he could see was a blinding red. Gradually, he managed to regain his vision, but could see nothing but the high arched roof of a building. He felt took weak to turn his head at the moment, and instead he attempted to lift a hand to his head to sooth his throbbing headache. It was difficult however, because his limbs felt heavy and he could barely coerce even a finger to move without some effort. He felt horribly lethargic and longed to close his eyes and sleep, but he knew that something was probably wrong. He could feel a hard wooden floor beneath him, and was trying to work out in his mind what exactly he’d been doing. Everything seemed hazy, and it took him a little wile to work out that he’d taken a fall. After remembering the fight, he realized he must have been shot, though the details still eluded him. Recognizing this singular fact however, he came to the conclusion that he was suffering a mild anemia, and needed to stop his bleeding as soon as possible.

Immerging from thought, Donavan became aware of the muffled sound of crying. Slowly, painfully, he dragged his outstretched arm towards his body, flexing his fingers slightly as he did so. As he brought his hand to his side, it connected with another object. Struggling to lift his head to see what he’d touched, Donavan grunted with the effort and squinted as he tried to make out something beyond the flashes of light red that seemed to be exploding in front of his eyes. When his vision cleared, he just managed to make out the shape of someone lying on top of him before his head dropped back to the floor. Making another connection, (his brain seemed to be recovering at last,) Donavan realized that it was the weight of a child he felt, and knew that it must be his charge. “Master…Esparanza…” Donavan grunted, feeling as though he’d choke on the words and the effort it took to speak them.

At first, when Faustino heard the words, he thought he must be imagining things, but he then realized that Donavan had moved, and immediately moved off the man with surprise. "Donavan! You're alive!" he cried, flooding with happiness. He was so relieved to know that Donavan had survived that he couldn't think clearly again for another moment before realizing that meant that something needed to be done about his wounds.

Trying to think quickly, the child untied the large ribbon from around his neck and wrapped it around Donavan's head as a makeshift bandage. Having done that, he wanted to make sure there wasn't any other way he could help. "Are you going to be all right? Do you need anything? Are you okay?" He was so overwhelmed with relief that he didn't even know what he was saying, he just wanted to make sure that things were going to be all right.

Donavan did his best to lift his head enough so that Faustino could wrap his injury adequately, but he remained a little in shock. The fact that he’d taken a shot to the head and remained alive to contemplate it was rather astounding. The bullet, he imagined, must have grazed his head, and the blood loss and the fall were the primary sources of his current pain.
Lifting a hand slowly, Donavan felt the sticky syrupy texture of the blood which ran all down the left side of his face and tenderly pressed his hand to the gash in his temple that could still be felt through the ribbon. Luckily, he could tell it had only penetrated the skin and not reached the bone. “I-I should recover.” Donavan stuttered slightly as he looked at the blood on his fingers. “We need to get out of here.” Slowly, Donavan managed to push himself up on to his elbows, and from there, he got into a sitting position. His head was spinning from the effort and the change in position, but he knew that they needed to get out of the building before any of the military men returned to check bodies. Donavan got to his feet and teetered precariously. “…I might need your help walking…”

"Oh, yes, sir!" Faustino exclaimed, hurriedly getting to is feet as well. He was only about as tall as Donavan's chest, but wrapped an arm around his waist and supported some of his weight as he wobbled unsteadily on his legs. He smiled at Donavan, trying to be reassuring, but it was also partially because he couldn't help but be glad that the man was alive. Still, he wanted to be anywhere but here, and Donavan needed medical help. "Can you walk now?" he asked concernedly, hoping that they would be able to make it out of this horrid place, "Where are we going now?"

Donavan returned the smile to the best of his abilities a lifted a hand gingerly to ruffle Faustino’s hair. “Thanks, this will help a lot.” Carefully, leaning into Faustino slightly for support, Donavan took a small step forward. “I think we should try and get to my cousin’s house… It’s closer than my father’s.” Donavan knew that his best bet was to get somewhere safe and relatively neutral among the Berceuse Malheureuse and stay in hiding until he’d recovered. Just because he had a lot of control and influence in the Berceuse Malheureuse didn’t necessarily mean any one of them would come to his aid; on the contrary, most of them would want to take advantage of his weakened state to advance their own standings. There were few people Donavan trusted in the world, and Perceval was one of them. If they could make it to his manor unnoticed, Donavan was confident that everything would work out from there.

It was slow and difficult work to get through all of the bodies that littered the floor, and they often had to make detours around the large piles that Donavan couldn’t make it over. When they at last got out into the night, Donavan directed Faustino over to the street. They were in a run down and nearly deserted part of town, but Donavan hoped that they would run into an unoccupied automobile they could take advantage of.

They’d been stumbling along for a long time before they at last came across a parked vehicle. The sun was just beginning to rise, and so it was a very lucky find. Donavan braced himself against the automobile and transferred his entire weight to it, before slowly sliding down to a kneeling position. He removed he dagger and fitted it carefully into the lock. “Pay close attention, Master Esparanza,” he instructed with a quick glance back at the boy. “After I get this open, I want you to open the passenger door.” Donavan slowed down and exaggerated his movements so that Faustino could se exactly what he was doing. A little twist to the right, a quick jerk upwards and to the left, and once again to the right. A little click sounded, and Donavan grinned. “That’s how you know you’ve got it.” He explained, offering the dagger handle first to Faustino before opening the door and pulling himself inside. “I know you can do it. This one’s old and a little rusted. Just try to do what I did. I’ll help if you get stuck.” Donavan reassured the boy with another smile. Now that the bleeding had been staunched, he was already feeling his body return to normal.

Faustino accepted the dagger and nodded, determined to do well. He was sure whatever they were doing, they had to do it to help Donavan recover, so he didn't hesitate to follow instructions, and had little difficulty opening the door just as Donavan had. He was surprised at his own skill, and blinked as he climbed into the automobile and shut the door, handing the dagger back to Donavan. "Was that all right?"

“Was that alright?” Donavan repeated, a broad grin forming on his lips. “That was perfect! Have you picked locks before, Master Esparanza?” Donavan switched his grip on the dagger with a quick twist of his wrist and inserted it into the ignition as he spoke. With another deft twist and jerk, he’d started the engine. Faustino had already proved to be much better than Donavan could have even hoped, and he was looking forward to instructing the boy more and more.

Faustino blinked. "No, sir, I haven't. I'm glad I did all right, though!" A grin found its way onto his face, and he bubbled slightly, glad that he had pleased.

Donavan then started the engine and they were off; his driving was a bit jerky and their speed a little out of control, but Faustino was generally amazed at Donavan's ability to drive having been injured so badly. The ride was long, but they didn't seem to attract any attention and were undisturbed for the duration of their trip. After a while, however, they were in front of a sprawling mansion, and Donavan was pulling the automobile to a stop. Amazed at the expanse, Faustino turned to Donavan. "Should I come with you?" he asked hopefully, excited for the chance to see inside such a nice house.

“Yes, of course.” Donavan laughed lightly at the idea of making Faustino wait for him. “Perceval certainly has enough room for the two of us, after all.” Donavan added jokingly as he pulled the automobile to a stop and pushed open his door. “I’m going to try and walk myself…You can help me if I fall.” Donavan stated, feeling a little bad to be making Faustino do so much for him.

Donavan used to door for support to pull himself to his feet, and leaned against the automobile for as long as he could. Once away from the support of the vehicle, Faustino was quick to get to his side, and Donavan smiled thankfully at him as he took his first shaky step. The main entrance wasn’t too far, and Donavan made it by leaning on Faustino slightly for the last couple of paces until he slumped against the wall by the door for support. Donavan was out of breath from the strain, but he managed to knock against the door hard enough so that a resounding echo could be heard from within the empty halls. They had to wait for nearly ten minutes before a servant appeared, bleary eyed, at the door.

Donavan recognized the head butler and greeted him cheerfully. “Good morning, Francis. Is Perceval in?” The butler’s jaw dropped and he stuttered tremendously, opening and closing his moth like a fish before swinging the door open wide and hurrying off into the darkened house to find his master. Donavan laughed at the butler’s antics rather cruelly before turning to Faustino with a grin. “After you, Master Esparanza.”

Faustino smiled at Donavan before stepping inside, but hurried to the side in order to provide any needed support. Following Donavan's directions, they made their way to s a sitting room. He took a seat beside Donavan, and assumed they would wait for Donavan's cousin here.

They didn’t have to wait long before the door was thrown violently open and Perceval stormed into the room. Three servants were trailing along behind him, trying to straighten his dressing gown, which looked as if it had been thrown on haphazardly with little regard for the details Perceval generally spent so much time perfecting. Another servant rushed in and started working at Perceval’s long hair, which had been hurriedly yanked out of the braid he kept it in while he slept and now hung limply over his shoulders and kinked from the braid. Perceval brushed them all aside however, and walked directly over to Donavan.

Donavan got up rather shakily, but managed an extravagant bow all the same. “Good morning, my dear cousin.” He greeted cheerfully as he straightened. Perceval shook, quivering silently for a moment as his skin flushed with anger. Donavan cracked an uneasy grin, but a second later, it was wiped clean from his face as Perceval’s hand connected with his cheek in resounding slap. Donavan, already unsteady, fell backwards into the couch, blinking up at his cousin in shock.

“Damn you!” Perceval yelled, turning away as he rubbed his eyes with the sleeve of his robe.
“Umm… Perceval?” Donavan asked weakly, holding a hand to his burning face as he tried to figure out exactly what was going on with his cousin.

“Call a doctor!” Perceval barked harshly to his servants. They all immediately scampered out of the room, clambering to obey him. “I can’t believe this.” He stated plainly, taking a seat in the chair opposite where Faustino and Donavan were seated. Donavan shrugged innocently for lack of any other response as Perceval glared at the two of them, saying nothing more.

Faustino fidgeted angrily, glowering at Perceval. Why did he hit Donavan? Especially when he was already injured! And then he had called a doctor? It didn't make sense. He was glad that Donavan was getting help, but he couldn't help but dislike this man. After glaring for a few minutes, he turned to Donavan and asked softly, "Why did you let him hit you? Why didn't you do anything about it?"

Donavan chortled in response to the question which Perceval, who was leaning forward angrily in an attempt to figure out what had been said, hadn't heard. Noticing this, Donavan leaned a little closer to Faustino and smirked back at Perceval before speaking in a low voice, “I let him hit me because I know he’s going to take care of us, and I didn’t hit him because he’s too fragile. I think he’d brake if I hit him too hard, don’t you?” Donavan snorted slightly and sat back up again, only to meet a dreadfully cold stare form Perceval, who sat tightlipped and stock-still, flushed with anger.

Faustino glanced to Perceval, then back to Donavan. "Oh...I see," he replied, nodding slowly. Perceval was a very strange man, it seemed, but he was getting Donavan a doctor, so Faustino guessed he couldn't hate him. He yawned, feeling a little tired, but tried not to feel sleepy as the doctor had not yet arrived. Just as he thought that, however, there was a knock at the door, and the butler brought the doctor in, bowing deeply to Perceval. Faustino blinked, hopping to his feet and looking to Donavan for any orders.

Perceval got to his feet and smiled sweetly at the doctor as he straightened his dressing gown. Donavan figured his cousin had only just realized how sloppy he looked and was trying to discreetly fix himself up. “Thank you for coming on such short notice.” Perceval bow slightly to the doctor, and he bowed back graciously.

“It’s not a problem, Monsieur Rousseau.” The doctor assured as he looked around the room Donavan got to his feet and teetered for a moment before regaining his balance and cracked a wry smile at the doctor. “I’ll need a room.” The doctor said, catching sight of the injury.

“Of course. My butler will escort the two of you.” Perceval’s voice was polite and dripped with extra sweetness. He turned sharply to Donavan and the false tone dropped from his words. “Can you walk, cousin?” He asked through clenched teeth.

“Well enough.” Donavan smiled, stumbling forward to follow the doctor and the butler out of the room. He paused parallel to Perceval and offered a grateful smile. “Can you give him a room and breakfast when he wakes up?” Donavan asked gesturing to Faustino.

“I don’t have much choice, do I?” Perceval grimaced. Donavan surged and turned back to Faustino.

“Perceval’s going to lend you a room while we’re here, Master Esparanza. I’ll come find you as soon as they’ve got me patched up.” Donavan smiled reassuringly before turning back towards the door and hobbling over towards it. As he was about to leave the room however, Perceval garbed his arm to stop him.

“Don’t…die again.” Perceval’s voice was shaky and he didn’t look at Donavan as he spoke.

“I don’t plan on it.” Donavan smiled, oddly touched by his cousin’s odd little sentiment, before exiting the sitting room.

Perceval turned back to Faustino and wiped his eyes, just managing to coat his voice with another layer of sweetness. “Let’s find you a room, shall we?”

Faustino blinked up at Perceval, surprised by the sudden change in his tone. "Yes, thank you," he replied politely, following Perceval back down a corridor. The hallway seemed to go on forever, but finally, they came to an unoccupied room, in which Perceval specified he could stay. Faustino thanked him, then entered the bedroom as the door was shut behind him.

He didn't really realize how tired he was until he was laying down on the bed, but once he had, he was falling asleep almost immediately. His last thought before he drifted off was that he was glad that Donavan was going to be all right.

Corinne's first conscious feeling was being stiff. She couldn't recall why she should be stiff, or why her muscles were all aching so badly, or what that throbbing pain was in her shoulder, but it didn't feel very good, and she shifted her weight slightly, trying to get more comfortable. She was halfway through the process of shifting, however, when the memories of the undercover operation hit her like a rock, and she sat up suddenly, her eyes snapping open.

She wasn't upright for long, her head began spinning and she was forced to lie back down on what she realized was a hospital cot. She managed to turn her head to the side, however, to look around.

She was indeed in a hospital, and now, it seemed, the doctor was coming over towards her, since she was obviously awake. The doctor seemed like a friendly enough woman, she was very attractive, and though Corinne was sure she had never met her before, she looked vaguely familiar. As she made her way over, Corinne looked up at her from the cot and asked plainly, "Were my men able to make it out?" They must have, if she was here now, but she wanted to know if they were all right. It was her fault they were hurt, after all, and she needed to take responsibility.

Late last night, Major Delancy, as Viorica had learned her name was, had been brought in with a shoulder injury and bloodless, and Viorica had jumped at the opportunity to be of service. With the aid of a supervising doctor, they treated her wounds, bandaged her, and gave her some assorted medicine for pain and infection. Viorica was excited to be working with her first patient, even more so because the officer was a woman. Additional, Viorica had a theory this Major was her brother’s commanding officer, which only added to the excitement.

After Major Delancy’s admission, Viorica had stayed to monitor her progress long into the night, only going home to sleep a few hours before returning early the next morning. After running a routine check, (the Major check out fine, she was recovering quickly,) Viorica had gone to get something to drink and was on her way back when she caught site of her patient sitting up. Striding over to attend to her needs, Viorica was surprised by the Major’s fist question.

“Um, yes, most of them are going to be just fine.” Viorica smiled. “I don’t have the details, but just from what my brother mentioned, it seems like things went as well as they could have, considering…” Remembering her duty, Viorica straightened up and assumed an official sounding voice. “You received a shoulder wound in the fray and lost a considerable amount of blood, Major.” Viorica explained, as per the custom. “You’re wounds have been treated, but we need you to stay here for a while so we can monitor your recovery and prevent infection as we make sure your full range of motion is recovered.” Viorica nodded sympathetically. Then, remembering the protocol she’d spent so long memorizing, she added hurriedly, “I’m Doctor Hirlea, and I’ll be your attending physician.” Viorica curtsied politely and smiled again, hoping she’d be able to get used to the specified bedside manner quickly.

Corinne sighed slightly in relief when she heard the news about her men; she was glad that her losses were not too large. If most of the men had made it out alive, then at least one part of the operation was a success, and she could find out all the other details later.

Thus satisfied with that matter, Corinne looked up at the doctor again and smiled. "Thank you, Doctor. So, you're related to Lieutenant Dragomir Hirlea?" This woman must be one of Dragomir's sisters; Corinne knew that the Lieutenant had a large family, but had never known much about them individually. It was funny, she decided as she looked up at the doctor, she had never really thought of the Lieutenant as attractive before. Strong and capable, yes, but never attractive. But yet, in his sister, the same qualities were pretty; she was feminine yet strong at the same time, and that struck Corinne. Forgetting her previous experience, she tried to sit up again to get a better look at her doctor, but shooting pain in her shoulder and dizziness sent her back to a lying position.

"I lost a lot of blood, huh," she murmured, more to herself than to Dr. Hirlea, rubbing her head. Then, looking back to the doctor suddenly, she asked, "Will I still be able to fence after I heal?" She couldn't bear it if she couldn't serve any longer because of a stupid injury.

Viorica nodded in response to the Major’s question, darting forward as the Major began to sit. Major Delancy lay back down however, and Viorica relaxed, answering her question. “There are no guarantees, but you’re prospects are good, and as long as you avoid infection, I think your right arm will be back to normal in approximately a month.” Viorica smiled, trying to imbue the expression with confidence. Truth be told, there was an equal possibility that the Major’s arm wound ever be quite what it was; injuries to the joint were always much more difficult to manage than anything else. Still, Viorica was determined to make sure her first patient recovered completely, and the fact that this Major Delancy had already overcome so much just by being a female officer in the army filled Viorica with admiration. To Viorica, helping the Major to regain full health was more then just an occupational obligation; Viorica genuinely wanted to do everything she could as a matter of personal pride for all women in the service.

Thus determined, Viorica decided she ought to run a routine checkup. “I’m going to take another look at your arm now. Please try to hold still, and let me know if it hurts any.” She smiled again and moved forward, gently pressing against the wound. The Major had been lucky in that none of her bones had been broken, but the wound was sizable, and precautions needed to be taken. Viorica lifted the arm gently, feeling around both sides of the wound to check for bleeding. It looked to be dry now, but the Major had bled more overnight, and the bandages needed to be changed. “Major, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to change your bandages now. Military specifications don’t require fresh ones until after twenty four hours, but…it’s my personal opinion that they need to be changed as often as possible. The infection can grow in the blood if it isn’t cleaned…” Viorica explained carefully. She didn’t want to get into trouble for wasting supplies, but it was important to her that she took every precaution, and the Major was her prerogative, as long as she agreed to treatment.

Corinne blinked. "Oh, yes, of course. Whatever you need to do, doctor," she replied. Carefully, she managed to prop herself into a semi-sitting position against the headboard of the hospital bed, then began to unbutton the military issue blouse which she had apparently been given as a replacement to her soiled clothes. She felt vaguely awkward undressing in front of the doctor, but years of training and working with men had taught her to set her modesty aside, and the last thing she wanted was to appear weak. Besides, she didn't want anything keeping her from making a full recovery, And so, generally unperturbed, she removed the shirt and set it aside so that Dr. Hirlea could look at her bandages, wincing a little in pain but trying to smile congenially at the other woman.

Viorica blushed slightly, looking pointedly not at the Major as she removed the blouse, only to look back at the other woman when she was finished and blush even more. Major Delancy was, well proportioned to say the least, and Viorica found herself stricken with the thought of how attractive the Major was…to men especially, Viorica reasoned. Turning to wash her hands thoroughly with soap in the large basin provided for that reason, Viorica made sure her blush had receded before turning back to her patient.

She attempted not to think about the Major’s appearance, or really look at the Major at all, as she gently began removing the bandages. Viorica unwrapped the strip of linen carefully, going to special pains to make sure she did not touch the Major’s bare skin in the slightest. Once it was removed, Viorica set it aside and retrieved a large swab of cotton and a bottle of alcohol. “This is going to sting a lot.” Viorica warned as she prepared the swab. Major Delancy seemed unperturbed, and Viorica applied the medicine to the open sore, thoroughly and yet tenderly cleaning the wound in its entirety.

As Viorica began binding Major Delancy’s shoulder, she came to the conclusion that talking, even just a little, would elevate the awkwardness at least slightly. Still, she wanted to keep everything formal and business like, since it was only her second day, and selected a topic of medical relevance to the Major. “The wound needs to drain so that an infection doesn’t grow. That’s why we haven’t done any stitches yet.” Viorica stated plainly. It wasn’t much for starting a conversation, but she felt a little better even so.

Corinne winced slightly at the burn that the alcohol, but nodded. "Thank you for keeping me informed, doctor. I trust you'll do whatever you need to do." She managed a smile, and it seemed to make the pain lessen. She was very glad to have a female doctor, because it would have been just dreadful dealing with some arrogant man telling her she should have stayed home. Dr. Hirlea, however, somehow seemed to be making her feel better all ready.

Corinne hadn't, however, failed to pick up on the doctor's slight blush and the bit of awkwardness in her manner, and smiled playfully. Though she wasn't modest, she imagined, though the doctor may have been trained not to be, that didn't mean that she still wasn't a little embarrassed. It was...strangely almost cute, but Corinne felt a little bad about it, and decided to say something. "I'm sorry to embarrass you," she apologized with a small smile. "I suppose you weren't trained to take care of women as much as men." She hoped her entire apathy towards the situation might help the doctor calm down; since Corinne wasn't embarrassed by it, maybe she wouldn't be, either.

Viorica finished binding and trimmed the remainder of the cloth before neatly tucking it in and pinning it in place. "Yeah, I guess that's part of it. I'm sorry; I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable..." Viorica said uneasily, taking a step back so that Major Delancy could dress. "I suppose I wasn't really expecting to be working with many women, though. The way my brother talks, he makes it seem like everything’s too dangerous for women to be involved." Viorica paused, crossing her arms a little indignantly. "But he really admires you, Major." She added with a smile. "I think it's amazing that you have so much influence, even over all the men you have to work with...you must be a really incredible person." Viorica bit her lip and looked down, realizing she was blushing again. ”How does your arm feel?" She asked quickly changing the subject. "Can I get you anything?"

Corinne was surprised to find herself blushing at Viorica's compliments and quickly looked away, retrieving her shirt and pulling it on quickly. "It feels a lot better. Thanks," she replied hurriedly, looking pointedly at the buttons on her blouse as she did them. Quickly pushing thoughts of her doctor out of her mind, she instead focused on what she had said.

"I'm disappointed in the Lieutenant for talking that way to you, though,” she said decidedly, frowning. "Anything that's not too dangerous for a man to do isn't too dangerous for a woman to do. We're just as good as them, don't you think?" She suddenly broke into a grin at Dr. Hirlea, finishing the top button.

Viorica grinned brightly at the Major. She really was impressive, and that sort of confidence and assertion was exactly what Viorica herself had always believed in. She was liking Major Delancy more and more by the minute. “Yes, I agree.” Viorica nodded in agreement. “I think it’s silly for anyone to think otherwise, and I imagine you’re perfect testament to that fact, Major.” Viorica laughed lightly, though she really believed it to be true. Major Delancy was the only woman Viorica had really heard much about, and she figured that it was probably because the Major was one of the few females with power and influence in the military. Smiling, Viorica added, “I’m pretty lucky, getting to work for you.”

Corinne blushed again and scolded herself for it. She was lucky to have gotten a doctor who so strongly believed the same things that she did, but there was no need to get embarrassed about it. Someone was actually appreciating her accomplishments. She was proud of herself; why couldn't she just agree and say thank you?

Changing her focus back to Dr. Hirlea, the first thing she noticed was the smile on the other woman's face. It was so innocently, purely happy that Corinne was taken in by it. Smiling back, she took the perfect opportunity to return a compliment. "You have a very pretty smile, Dr. Hirlea." She hoped that didn't seem random, but it was really the truth.

Viorica blushed and brought a hand to her mouth without thinking. "Oh ummm, thank you." She replied, laughing lightly. Viorica didn't receive complements often; if seemed that generally, she didn't quite fit the normal standards most people tended to appreciate. And to receive a complement from someone as prominent as Major Delancy made Viorica feel all the more special. She decided however, to change the subject. "So, I have some books here, if you'd like, since you'll be here for a while." She went to retrieve a bag and withdrew a book she thought the Major might like. "I don't know what kind of books you read, but since I'm going to be here with you for most of the time, I thought I'd bring in some for both of us." Viorica simile and held the book out for the Major, adding quickly, "Only if you'd be interested, of course."

"Oh, of course, that's so thoughtful of you,” Corinne replied, forgetting her injury and reaching forward to accept the book. Pain immediately shot though her shoulder, and she clutched it, retreating back to her braced position. The sharp pain faded, but a dull throbbing took its place, and she winced, biting her lip and trying not to seem as if it were too bad. "I-I'm sorry," she managed, looking up at Viorica. "Looks as if I won't be moving around very much for a while." She tried not to sound too bitter, but she was really quite upset about having to be bed-ridden and the prospect of not healing fully didn't strike her as much fun, either. And on top of it all, the pain was really getting to her.

Viorica quickly set the book down and rushed to the Major’s side, “Oh, I’m so sorry! I should have brought it to you.” She said concernedly. “Are you alright? I shouldn’t have made you move…” Viorica mentally reprimanded herself for being so careless and cast around for something to ease the pain she’d accidentally caused the Major. “I’m so sorry, just tell me if I can do anything for you,” Pausing, Viorica remembered some of the drugs she’d been issued. ”If you’d like, I can give you something to dull the pain? It will probably make you sleep for a while, too… would you like some of that?” Viorica felt terrible for causing the Major pain, and knew it was all do to her inexperience. As happy as Viorica was to be working to help Major Delancy, she felt bad that the Major had to put up with her carelessness.

"Yeah, that'd be great," Corinne half-grunted, teeth clenched in pain. She hated to make the doctor feel bad, but she was really in pain, and she wanted anything to dull the sharp hurt. She accepted the pills that Doctor Hirlea handed her and swallowed them dry before easing back into a lying position. "Thanks," she replied, smiling through the pain. She was so lucky to have such a caring doctor, and, even with her shoulder throbbing, she felt better knowing that she had the Doctor there with her. As sleep began to weigh on her eyes, she looked contentedly at the other woman, glad to have someone so caring taking care of her.
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