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Chapter: 8, part 2
Claimer: 100% products of our strange minds. XD;
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Same as last time

Dragomir started abruptly, his eyes snapping open to confirm that the battle in which he’d just been engaged was only a dream. Relief crept into him as he took in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of his own room, and he sighed happily when he felt the weight of another on top of him and realized that he had Niles there with him as well. Niles’s head was tucked in the crook of his neck, and he’d somehow managed to wrap one of his legs around one of Dragomir’s. Additionally, some time in the night, Niles had taken hold of Dragomir’s arm and pulled it around himself to where he now held it firmly in place. The extent to which they were entwined was impressive, and Dragomir kissed the top of Niles’s head with a smirk and squeezed his hand lightly.

Niles squirmed a bit in his sleep, shifting so that even more of him was on top of Dragomir. As Niles moved into his new position, nuzzling into Dragomir’s chest with a cute little sigh, his leg brushed against a particularly sensitive part of Dragomir’s anatomy, eliciting a surprised grunt. Chuckling at the situation, Dragomir shifted his hips slightly away, and closed his eyes.

Niles felt sunlight streaming into the room around the curtains, and he knew, in his half awake state, that it was time to get up. He shifted a little, then let his eyes flutter open to reveal that he was in Dragomir's room. There was a moment of confusion, but then he remembered, he had slept over with Dragomir last night. That realization let to another, however, and he looked down to see that he was indeed still laying on top of Dragomir. When he saw his current entanglement, he blushed slightly, and realized he must have unintentionally attached himself to Dragomir in his sleep. Still, he was comfortable lying in Dragomir's arms, and so he laid his head back down on his chest and sighed contentedly. There was no point in waking Dragomir by moving, after all.

Dragomir felt Niles stirring on top of him and opened his eyes slowly. “Hey.” He said a groggily, blinking to get his eyes used to the light. He squirmed a little, arching his back to help a bit with some of the soreness. “I’m glad you made yourself comfortable.” Dragomir smirked as he fell back into the bed. “Did you sleep alright?” He asked, lifting Niles’s hand to his lips and kissing it softly.

Niles blushed and nodded. "Yeah, I slept really well," he replied. "I'm sorry if I got...um...in your way, or anything. Were you able to sleep all right?" He realized it was kind of awkward for him to keep lying on Dragomir this way, and, blushing embarrassedly, rolled off to the side and sat up.

“That’s good.” Dragomir grinned and pushed himself up into a sitting position as well. “I slept well, actually. I was remarkably comfortable…though I’m a bit stiff now.” He laughed lightly and rolled his shoulders with a yawn. Leaning back against the wall Dragomir’s grin returned as he looked over Niles’s lightly tussled hair. Dragomir maintained that Niles always looked good; the slightly messy quality his hair hand now only added to his curtness. “It’s nice to be so close.” Dragomir mused, his expression softening. Dragomir decided a kiss was in order, and he leaned forward slowly pressing his lips to Niles’s.

Niles melted into the kiss, his eyes sliding shut. He knew he must look horrible; his hair was mussed and messy, hanging limply around his shoulders, and his night shift was wrinkled and messy around his body. Dragomir looked so much better than him; somehow, messiness looked good on him, making him seem just as handsome, if not more so, than when he was neat and tidy Still, Dragomir didn't seem to mind, so he supposed he shouldn't either, and had no difficulty getting wrapped up in the kiss. He murmured contentedly, reveling in the moment; even if they couldn't always be this way, they were now, and he was going to enjoy it.

Viorica opened one eye a quarter of the way to confirm that it was indeed morning, and uttered a little curse. She hated getting up in the morning; it was always so hard to find the impetus to get out of her warm, comfortable bed. Lately though, she’d been better then ever about getting up on time. It was always such a treat to go in to work and see the Lt. Colonel, and so she’d been having far less difficulty rousing her self in the mornings.

Of course, today was different. Today would most likely be the Lt. Colonel’s last day in the hospital, and Viorica had been dreading it. She wished she could just stay in bed and that Lt. Colonel Delancy’s discharge would simply not come, but she knew it couldn't be helped and wanted to get up so that she could make the most of the time she had.

Even so, making the initial venture out from under her covers was extremely difficult and took her a great deal of effort and a good deal of time. The floor was, of course, freezing when she put her foot down onto the floor, and was just another bit of unpleasantness she had to deal with before she got going.

Hurrying across the icy floor, Viorica stepped into her slippers and began to dress in her uniform hurriedly. Usually by the time Viorica got out into the kitchen, Dragomir was already up and making breakfast, but Viorica had a feeling that he would be rather…distracted this morning, and so wasn’t counting on his being available to make food. Instead, Viorica had planed to stop at a bakery on her way to work and pick up something to split with Lt. Colonel Delancy as sort of a “celebration” of her discharge.

Just an hour after the arduous task of getting up out of bed, Viorica arrived, pastry in hand, and set about preparing for her last day with the Lt. Colonel. Viorica was even earlier than she usually arrived, so she did her best to be extra quite as she went about her business. If the Lt. Colonel was anything like the way Viorica was, she would not want to be woken up early.

Corinne rolled over in her cot and murmured annoyedly. The hospital rooms did not have the best blinds, and she could feel light coming in around them to fall blindingly on her face. Neither were the hospital cots comfortable, she rolled over again and pulled the covers over her eyes. She couldn't get comfortable, however, so she grudgingly opened her eyes and sat up.

Blinking and adjusting to the light, she noticed that he doctor sitting beside her bed and smiled. "Good morning, Dr. Hirlea...sorry, I didn't notice you arrived..." She laughed embarrassedly. "I'm not used to getting up without coffee in the morning." She yawned, blinking, still not fully awake, then reached for the table beside the bed to retrieve her brush. She considered herself fully able to take care of herself now, and didn't want to trouble the doctor to do anything for her. "Ugh...I'm hungry..." she mumbled, not really looking forward to the hospital meal. That was one good thing that would come from her discharge. She could have real food and her coffee again.

Viorica smiled weakly; she would miss helping the Lt. Colonel with her hair... Since Viorica always kept hers cropped short, it had been a pleasure to work with Lt. Colonel Delancy's. "I'm glad." Viorica managed a grin, "Because today I brought something I thought we could split." She retrieved the paper bag and used a napkin to withdraw the large frosted pastry. "I hope you like sweets, Lt. Colonel. I wanted to do something special since it's your last day."

Corinne smiled at the surprise, touched that the doctor would do something like that for her. "That's sweet of you," she replied with a smile, accepting her half of the pastry and a napkin delicately. "I'm really sick of that hospital food, thanks for thinking of me." She took a careful bite of the sweet, then looked up at the doctor. "Wow, this is really good," she complimented, "You have good taste." She smiled at her doctor for a second before turning back to her pastry, trying desperately not to think of the fact that this was very likely the last time that she would get to spend time together with the other woman. The thought, however, kept creeping back into her mind, and she remembered the conversation she had had with herself after her stitches had been done. She had faced the facts, but she still had to make the decision to act.

As she finished her pastry, however, the feeling of impending doom was too overpowering, and she set her mind. She was going to make sure things were all right, even if it was a little unorthodox. Since when was she one to be afraid of societal rules, anyway? With firm conviction, she smiled up at Dr. Hirlea. "Thank you again for bringing me food. Now I feel like I've definitively rejoined the world of the living." She laughed easily; though she was a little nervous about her decision, she was set to it. The doctor did not seem to feel nearly as happy, however, and Corinne wondered what was going through her mind.

Viorica smiled, glad to have picked out something the Lt. Colonel liked. “Well, speaking of joining the world of the living,” Viorica managed to smile, feeling miserable at the idea, “Why don’t I take a look at your stitches so we can see if you’re all good to go? Then you’ll really be back in the world.” Viorica stood and walked slowly over to the sink to wash her hands. She didn’t know why she was encouraging this to go faster; she should have been prolonging everything as much as she could. But then again, maybe it was better just to get it over with… She sighed and dried her hands and walked back over to her patent’s side. “Okay, let’s see how they’re doing.”

Corinne unbuttoned her shirt, for the first time feeling a little embarrassed about undressing in front of her doctor. Still, she was anxious to be recovered; now that she had her plan of action in mind, she no longer wanted to stay bedridden as long as possible. She pulled the blouse back off her shoulders and revealed her now-stitched injury. "It feels a lot better now," she commented, "I have most of my range of motion back, I think." She smiled, hoping to somehow raise the doctor's spirits. She seemed honestly upset, which really shouldn't have made Corinne feel excited, but did, anyway.

Viorica blushed and looked away as the Lt. Colonel began undoing her blouse. "Oh...that's good..." Viorica said vaguely as she turned back to examine the stitches. She made a special effort to look only at the Lt. Colonel's injury, and not at her face...or her body. It was difficult, but Viorica dedicated herself to the task at hand and managed to keep her focus. She ran her fingers lightly over the stitched skin, examining the way the threads pulled on the healing flesh. Everything looked ideal, and Viorica was confident that Lt. Colonel Delancy would make a full and expedient recovery. She debated for a short time about weather she should say that something was amiss, just so that she could keep the Lt. Colonel an extra day, but she knew it would be cruel, and decided against it. "It looks really good, Lt. Colonel. You can leave today for sure." Viorica smiled brightly and hoped that the gladness she felt for the other’s recovery showed instead of her sadness for her departure. "It will probably start to be itchy, but that's normal, and part of the healing process... Just be sure to let me know if anything happens... Don't hesitate to ask about anything unusual..."

Corinne smiled back, buttoning her blouse back up. "That's wonderful," she replied. Swinging her legs around to the side of the bed, she asked, "I assume I'm allowed to go, then?" The doctor nodded her response, and Corrine carefully pushed herself off of the bed to a standing position, amazed at how weak her legs were from disuse. She quickly realized how unfortunate she looked; she hadn't had a chance to change her knickers since she had first been admitted to the hospital, and she smoothed them out quickly and tucked in her shirt, feeling self-conscious. She then looked somewhat nervously to the doctor, who appeared to be filling out some sort of paperwork. This was the moment; this was when she had to act. It was now or never, and she knew she would regret it if she chose never. Hesitantly, choosing her words carefully, she spoke: "Ah, Doctor...may I ask one more thing of you?" She held her breath, waiting for the response.

Viorica looked up from the paperwork she had to fill out for the Lt. Colonel’s discharge, and tried to smile. “Oh yes of course, anything.” Filling out the papers and making it official was depressing; it was as if the Lt. Colonel’s leaving was at last set in stone. Previously, Viorica, as horrible as it was, had been holding on to the slim chance that something would happen to prevent her from leaving, but it was all really happening now, and it was difficult for Viorica to pretended to be happy.

Corinne didn't fail to notice the sadness in the Doctor's voice, and hoped that meant what she thought it might mean. She had to do it now. Taking a few steps over, she gently placed a hand on Dr. Hirlea's shoulder, causing her to look up. Touching her cheek softly, she whispered, "Kiss me.” Then, slowly, she pressed her lips to the doctor's, letting her eyes slide shut as she did so and hoping against hope that this would work out.

Viorica was in a state of shock. Her heart was beating extremely fast, and her cheeks were flushed beyond reason. Even so, she didn’t pull away. It felt good…it felt right, even, and though she didn’t know what to do or how to react, she didn’t really want it to stop either. Still, things had to be clarified…. Viorica pulled away slowly and immediately raised a hand to her lips, looking stunned and wide-eyed at Lt. Colonel Delancy. “I...I…w-what?” She said dumbly, unable to find the words to express the strange feelings.

Corinne pulled away slightly, half-smiling insecurely. Though it had been her hope, she wasn't expecting a very positive reaction; after all, not only was this surprising and out of nowhere, but completely taboo. But it was too late to turn back now, and so, looking the doctor in the eye, she said plainly, "I love you." When she received no response, she nodded slowly, accepting her fate. "But I understand. I'm sorry to have taken your time. I'll leave now." Oh, well, she thought to herself heavy-heartedly, at least she had tried. She wasn't sure how she was going to get by without her caring doctor, but she knew she was going to have to. She had survived before, she would survive again.

“Wait!” Viorica said quickly, surprised by the note of desperation in her own voice, “Don’t go.” Love? The idea of falling in love with someone seemed so foreign to Viorica… she knew it happened—in books, and of course her brother had Niles—but the thought had never once crossed her mind that she might have been in love too. Was she? She was—she must have been. That was why everything felt the way it did, why she couldn’t stop thinking about the Lt. Colonel, and why her heart always beat a little faster whenever they were together. “I...I love you too.” Viorica murmured softly. She reached forward, grasping Lt. Colonel Delancy’s good arm gently as she kissed the Lt. Colonel back.

Corinne's eyes widened in surprise, but slowly, she let them fall shut again and leaned into the kiss. She could barely believe what was happening, that the doctor was actually kissing her, but she definitely wasn't arguing. Still, she knew from experience that she shouldn't be too excited just yet - she had to be responsible. Her doctor was only a child, 20 at most, and she, as the adult, had to make sure she knew what she was doing. Reluctantly, she pulled away, putting a hand on the doctor's shoulder firmly and looking her in the eye. "There is nothing more that I could possibly want than for that to be true, but I need to make sure you're sure...I don't want to force you into anything you don't want to do...because I love you." The deep grey eyes that stared back into hers seemed so sincere, reassuring Corinne, but she kept steady and waited for an answer.

"I think I'm sure..." Viorica said slowly. How could she really tell though? She had nothing to base it on... but in her heart, she felt that she was truly in love, and that was what mattered. "But I do know that it's what I want." She said definitively. "I-I couldn't stand for you to leave... It feels like just in the short time I've been working with you, you've come to mean so much to me... And I think that what I've felt all along is love."

"I couldn't stand to leave you," Corinne replied, nodding slowly. "And I understand. You're so young, and I know this is anything but...ordinary...But I care for you more than I've ever cared for anyone." It was strange, saying it out loud, after she'd sworn so many times never to fall in love. But she supposed this was different, this was completely different, an option she'd never even considered before. Still, she had never been one to be stopped by social opinion, and she knew that the doctor made her happier than anyone else. Laughing slightly, she added, "It's...it's kind of strange for me too...I vowed never to fall in love, but..." she paused, blushing slightly, "That was before I met you." She felt strangely apprehensive, but hesitantly pulled the doctor into an embrace. "...Thank you for understanding. If you don't want...this...just...just tell me, and I won't be upset with you. I promise, I'll never hurt you." She squeezed the other woman slightly, never wanting to let go.

“I want this; I know now that it’s what I’ve wanted all along.” Viorica squeezed Lt. Colonel Delancy back, burying her face into the other’s shoulder happily. She was feeling so at peace and contented right now, it was the most amazing feeling she’d ever experienced, and she didn’t think she could get enough.

When they at last pulled away, Viorica held on to the Lt. Colonel’s hand and looked up at her, smiling excitedly. She gave the hand she held a light squeeze, and feeling something cold against her fingers, she realized it was the ring she’d been fretting so much over lately. “Lt. Colonel…” Viorica ventured, “You weren’t ever in love before…? I just assumed that the ring meant you had someone special.” Pausing, Viorica looked down at the floor a laughed a little. “All this time I’ve been worrying about that ring, you know. What’s it for, if you don’t mind me asking?”
"Oh, goodness, no," Corinne laughed embarrassedly. "I'm sorry, I didn't even think of that. I bought that ring when I decided never to marry, and have always worn it since then. I don't want to allow a man to control my life, and so I vowed never to fall in love. That's why I had it." She fiddled with the ring slightly, then put her hand softly to the doctor's face. "I'm so sorry to have made you worry." In truth, she was very flattered that Dr. Hirlea would worry about it at all, and felt a slight rush of happiness surge through her.

Another awkwardness soon followed, however, and, blushing slightly, she asked, "I...I don't believe I know your first name, but if you care to tell me, may I call you by it?" That even sounded awkward. Why hadn't she thought of this before she confessed?! God, she was acting practically male, and she couldn't believe herself. Still, she knew the doctor's first name must be something pretty, and she desperately wanted to know.

Viorica laughed and smiled. Wearing a ring was a brilliant way to avoid unwanted attention from the male gender, and now that she realized that's all it was, Viorica found herself thoroughly amused. At the Lt. Colonel's next question however, Viorica felt a little embarrassed. How rude of her not to have given her name. "It's Viorica." She nodded. "And I think it would be wonderful if you called me by it." She paused for a moment and looked up again at the Lt. Colonel. "May I call you Corinne?" She asked hesitantly and bit her lip. "I read it on your papers." She added. It was such a beautiful name, and Viorica hoped she would be allowed to use it freely.

"Viorica," Corinne said, slowly, letting the name roll off her tongue. It was such a pretty name, so unlike the bizarre Gallian language at all. She smiled. "What a beautiful name. And yes, of course, I would be absolutely delighted if you would call me Corinne." She hesitated, still feeling somewhat embarrassed, then carefully asked, "Viorica...May I kiss you again?"

“Yes.” Viorica nodded slowly. “That would be wonderful, Corrine.” It sounded awkward, but Viorica was determined to get to the point where the name flowed freely. It was so exciting, to be allowed to say “Corinne;” she’d known the name since Corrine’s admittance, but had been too worried about going against the socially accepted pattern to use it, or even think it to herself. Of course, they were breaking so many social rules now, nothing mattered. It was a strange feeling, but the idea of doing things so differently, especially since they felt so right, seemed empowering to Viorica. Smiling, she let her eyes slide shut and took a small step forward, leaning in slightly against the other.

Corinne slid her arms around Viorica's waist, pulling her close, and pressed a decisive kiss to her lips. It was intoxicating, dizzying, and she almost felt the urge to pinch herself, to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She didn't, however, because, at the moment, nothing is the world could have convinced her to pull away from the girl in her arms. She wished the moment would last forever, that they would never have to part.

When they finally broke, she sighed wistfully. "I wish I was still hurt, so I could stay longer," she said with a sheepish laugh, embarrassed at her own childishness. Then, with determination, she asked, "When can I see you again? I...I know you have a family that you probably have to tend to and everything...but...?" She trailed to a hopeful question, hoping that she would be able to see Viorica again soon.

“I’m glad you’re better, but it just means we’ll have to find some other way to see each other… I’m here for the day shift just about every day, in case there are any emergencies… Can you come in the day?” Viorica paused for a moment, thinking, and then smirked deviously when an idea came to mind. “Can you come to get checkups? And, we could meet outside of work, too, right?” Viorica could barely contain her enthusiasm; not only was everything working out perfectly between them, but they were also going to be able to continue to see each other. It was amazing, and Viorica felt jittery with excitement.

Corinne grinned. "You're a genius. I think I might just need checkups. After all, we wouldn't want anything to go wrong with my recovery." She thought a moment, then added, "I don't suppose you would want to come to my house, or I could meet you at yours? I live alone, so it wouldn't be any problem for you to come over any time, but I don't know if it's out of the way for you. I have an automobile, though, so I can come to you, if you don't think it would be too much trouble with your family and all...or, I guess, I can pick you up, if you think that would be better." Corinne was willing to go to any lengths to get to spend any more time with Viorica; it would be worth it.

“I’d love to go to your house.” Viorica grinned. “No place is too out of the way!” She reaffirmed. “But I probably would need a ride…we don’t have an automobile.” She added with a small sigh. “Though, I’m sure it would be alright if you wanted to come to my house, too. Warrant Officer Christian is over all the time, so I’d sure it’d would be fine, even for dinner.” Viorica nodded excitedly before adding, just in case, “And Dragos would be happy to see you out of work, too, I bet.” Viorica was now bubbling with excitement; she could hardly believe her good fortune. All these days she’d spent dreading this day, and now that it had come it was one of the most exciting and wonderful days of her life.

"I'd love to come pick you up," Corinne assured, "But I would also like to come see your home, if you wouldn't mind, sometime." She smiled softly at Viorica's enthusiasm, it was cute to say the least. "It would be nice to spend more time talking to your brother, too, and I'd like to meet the rest of your family." She hesitated. "You don't think they'd...well...they'd dislike me, or...anything?" She knew there were downsides to being so far from normal, and, though she wasn't worried about her side (her mother was her only living relative that she recognized; she had not spoken to her father since she was fourteen), but it would be really sad if Viorica's family were to dislike her.

“Our house isn’t much to see, actually.” Viorica said with a little embarrassed laugh. “But I think it’d be great if you wanted to meet my sister at least, and I don’t see why she wouldn’t like you.” Viorica grinned. “My older brother in law is horrible and obnoxious though; you wouldn’t really want to meet him.” Viorica rolled her eyes. “But everyone ignores him anyway, and aside from him, I know they’d like you.” She said confidently. The prospect of really getting to see Corrine outside of work in a casual setting was enough to completely eclipse any of Viorica’s worries about Pierre; by this point the whole family liked Niles, and so she was confident Corinne would be held in the same graces.

Corinne smiled at Viorica's confidence. She wanted to believe, and, if Viorica's family was anything like her and her brother, then things might work out. "Well, I'd be happy to meet them, and I'm glad to know you think they'd feel the same way towards me. You don't have to worry about any of my family, because my mother's just the way I am, and the only people besides me in my house are the two maids and the cook." She laughed lightly, then added, "Um...so, can I see you after work today...? When do you get out? Could I pick you up?" She was anxious to see Viorica again, since she knew they would have to part ways soon.

”Yes, that would be amazing!” Viorica smiled happily. “I get out at five.” She said quickly. It’d be so nice to get a ride, with Corrine no less. “I’d really like to meet your mother at some point, too.” Viorica added. “I’m sue I’ll like your mother, if she’s anything like you.”

"Wonderful," Corinne smiled warmly. "And I'm sure you can meet her some day, if you'd like." She sighed, smoothing her knickers unconsciously. "Unfortunately, I really ought to b heading back to work...I've got to prove to my men that I'm alive. But I'll see you at 5, all right?" Forgetting all the previous awkwardness, she pecked Viorica on the cheek before taking a few steps towards the door. "I don't look like hell, do I? Oh, and do I need any release papers from you?" She turned back around, smoothing her clothing again and looking tentative.

Viorica smiled brightly and reached up to touch her cheek as she savored the feeling of Corrine’s soft lips. She’d have to go a little while now with out the other, so she wanted to make sure she could make it until that afternoon. “Oh, here are the papers you need.” Viorica said quickly snapping to attention as she got the release forms and leaned over to inspect them. “And I think you look great, considering how long you’ve been stuck here.” Corrine had always looked good to Viorica, even when she first arrived seriously injured. “I’m sure you can just go home today too, if you need to. And I’ll put a note here that says you need to come see me.” Viorica smirked as she straightened up to pass them over.

Corinne accepted the papers with a smile, lingering for a second to admire how beautiful Viorica's smile was. "Thank you," she said, looking over them for a second before returning her gaze to Viorica. "I'll be here for you at five...would you like to go out for coffee or something before I take you home? My treat," she offered, hoping for some extra time before they were separated for the day.

“Really?” Viorica asked enthusiastically. “That would be wonderful!” Her family never went out to eat as they were always short on money, and getting to go relax in a café and enjoy coffee with Corrine sounded amazing. Viorica knew from her conversations with the Lt. Colonel that she loved her coffee, and so she was especially excited that Corrine wanted to share something so important with her. Everything was almost too good to be true, and Viorica felt like she was floating.

"Excellent," Corinne replied with a smile, glad that they would be able to go out together. Taking Viorica's hand in hers, she kissed it softly before turning to go. "Then, I'll see you at five. Until then, I'll miss you." She gave a last lingering smile over her shoulder before leaving the room. Though she would miss Viorica in the short time they were separated, she was looking forward to seeing her men again, and proving that she was indeed alive. She couldn't have them thinking her weak, after all.

Alice sipped her tea silently, nodding as if she were interested. She was really wishing she were anywhere but in the company of the most vile monarch ever to rule Gallia, but she knew, for Algernon she had to do this. Still, as if it wasn't hard enough to pretend to be 18 and of a higher class than she was, she also had to pretend to agree with the Queen's horrible feminist ideas. It was really disgusting, and she had to work hard to make it at all convincing. Luckily, she was a good actress, and so far, it seemed as if she was doing a good job.

The conversation shifted from fencing to expensive fabric, and, for once, Alice had something to contribute to the discussion. Putting on a smile, she nodded enthusiastically. This wasn't so bad; and she was helping Algernon.

Lucette Merril looked down at her tea, taking careful note of Queen Cecile’s guest’s change in manner. Lucette didn’t care for Alice Johnston in the least; something simply seemed out of place, and she always seemed fake, as if she were acting just to get into the queen’s good gracious. Of course, it seemed everyone did that, and Lucette didn’t consider her self an expert judge in character by any means. As Cecile’s lady in waiting, it wasn’t her place to judge the Queen’s guests. She tapped her spoon lightly against the rim of her glass, and a servant instantly appeared to refill her cup. It was her one of her favorite varieties—a rare leaf from the east—and so if nothing else, Lucette could at least enjoy her tea.

Cecile Marie Beaumont laughed lightly and sipped her tea. Of all the people with whom she had tea, she found Alice Johnston one of the most enjoyable. She didn't come across as petty or self-centered, and though Cecile could tell she was lying about some things, it was certainly better than a lot of people that the Queen dealt with daily. Smiling at the redhead, she nodded. "I agree entirely, one should never wear sapphires with gold. They just shine so much better with silver." She beckoned slightly and nonchalantly, and a servant instantly appeared, handing her the plate of tea cakes. She helped herself to one, then motioned to Alice. "Can I tempt you to have another teacake, Alice?"

As she focused most of her attention, however, on Alice, she could tell, out of the corner of her eye, that Lucette was unsettled. She knew how overprotective her double was, but really, how much trouble could Alice cause? Still, she knew she ought to smooth things over with Lucette as soon as the tea was over, and made a mental note to do it as soon as possible. "Lucette, teacakes?"

“Oh yes please.” Lucette said delicately, perking up at the offer. “They’re my favorites.” She added with a small smile. It was always especially nice when Cecile acknowledged her, as she generally found it difficult to get involved in the conversations. She really didn’t mind just listening however, as it gave her the opportunity to study the queen’s every move. She made a point to know exactly how Cecile sat and ate, and what sort of things she generally said; Lucette’s duty of impersonating the queen when the situation called for a double was of the utmost importance to her, and she was extremely dedicated to her charge.

"I know," Cecile replied with a smile, nodding to the servant to present the tray to Lucette. She let her eyes linger on her double for a second, admiring the way she smiled with such sincerity. Lucette was never fake to her, and she appreciated it more than anything. After a minute, however, she returned her attention to Alice. She would catch up with Lucette later, right now, Alice was the guest and the main priority.

Alice declined the teacakes with a polite smile, annoyed at the obvious fact that the Queen could eat whatever she liked and not gain weight. She was feeling rather fatigued from all the faking, anyway, and decided to excuse herself. "I do apologize, but I need to be on my way, actually. Thank you so much for the lovely tea. She smiled as the Queen beckoned for a servant to show her out, and, after curtsying, breathed a soft sigh of relief to be led out of the room.

Cecile stood, and more servants immediately appeared to clear the table. She stretched her legs, the grinned at Lucette. "Sorry to make you put up with all this, Lucy, but you know how it is. Still, I don't think Alice is al that bad, now."

Lucette drained her cup, not wanting to waist any of the precious tea before getting to her feet as well. “Oh no, it’s fine.” She said meekly, smiling at the use of the pet name. “I…I don’t like her very much though, majesty. I think she’s lying about an awful lot of things.” Lucette bit her lip and looked down. She hated disagreeing with the queen, but there were some things that had to be said. “I just hope you’re careful around her, my lady.”

Cecile shrugged, waving it off. "She hardly seems like a threat to me, Lucy. I mean, she's probably just another wannabe like all the others, who want to win my favour or get me to give them things." She rolled her eyes, thinking of the seemingly thousands of girls who sucked up to her weekly. Softening the expression, she added, "But if you think I ought to be careful, I'll be careful. Still, I don't think she's anything but another clingy groupie." She took a few steps, then, her face lighting up, changed the subject. "Hey, I think I'm free for a little while! Let's go fence, okay?"

Lucette smiled softly. At least in fencing, she could be sure that know real harm would come to her queen, as she always made a special effort to be exceptionally careful. “Alright, that sounds lovely.”

Viorica sped through the last bit of her paperwork for the day a top speed; it was nearly five, and she was practically bouncing out of her seat with anticipation for the coming time she’d get to have with Corinne. Signing the last paper in her stack with a hurried flourish, she stood abruptly and made it to the door with a skip and a bound. In almost no time, she was out side of her building and looking anxiously in the direction from which the knew Corinne would come.

Corinne had returned to the office to receive a warm welcome from all of her subordinates. It was so good to see all of them, and she was definitely glad to be back. After the novelty wore off, however, she found herself checking her pocket watch every few minutes, waiting for 5. She was more than a little anxious to see Viorica again, and so finally, finally, when the hour came, she left abruptly, hurrying out to where she had parked her automobile and climbing into the driver's seat.

She reached the medical building in a matter of minutes to find Viorica waiting outside for her. Her heart rate sped at the thought of being cared for, and she climbed out to get the door for the doctor. When they were both seated, she leaned over to place a quick kiss on Viorica's cheek before pulling away from the curb, heading for her favourite coffee shop. "So, how was the rest of your day?" she asked conversationally, smiling at her for a second before looking back to the road.

Viorica was still blushing a bit from the kiss, but she managed to respond laughingly, “Dull, compared to this morning.” She smirked. “I spent most of the day looking at the clock, actually.” Viorica said a little embarrassedly at her admittance of the fact. But really, that’s how she’d spent her time; waiting for the minute hand to go around the face of the clock so that she could know she was at least an hour closer to seeing Corinne again. “How about you, was yours alright?” Viorica asked with a smile. “I bet it was nice to see all of your men again. Your arm didn’t give you any trouble though, did it?” She added unable to suppress her medical training.

Corinne smiled. "It was really nice to see everyone again, and make sure no one was getting into trouble while I was gone. I did end up spending a lot of my time checking my watch, however." She grinned at Viorica playfully. "My arm's feeling fine, thank you, though I won't stress it for a while, I don't think. I don't want to reopen the wound. However..." she trailed, continuing her playful tone, "I really would feel more comfortable if I came back for check ups fairly frequently. Don't you think so, doctor?"

“Oh yes, definitely.” Viorica smirked, faking seriousness. “The more you can come in, the better, I’m sure.” She added with a little laugh. She exhaled contentedly, feeling so glad to be back with Corrine again. It had only been a day that they’d been apart, but Viorica knew that it was going to be the start of much longer gaps of time they weren’t together, and she was having trouble coming to terms with that fact. Still, she was so happy what whatever she could get, and going out for a treat with Corrine promised to be fabulous. “Where are we going?” She asked excitedly.

"Here," Corinne responded with a smile, pulling into a parking spot off the street and parking the automobile. Hurrying out of the driver's seat, she hurried to open the door for Viorica and take her hand to help her out of the automobile. Leading her into the cafe, they quickly found a table and a waitress made her way over. Corinne was glad she had been able to change into her uniform before going out with Viorica, it would have been rather embarrassing to go out looking like she had looked.

Corinne ordered her coffee, then looked to Viorica, curious to see what she would get. She would have to remember, so she could treat her to things she liked more often.

“I’d like a coffee, too, but with lots of cream and sugar, if that’s okay.” Viorica asked the waitress tentatively. It was such a rare treat to be out to eat, but Viorica was a little concerned about the protocol and she hoped it would be alright to ask for something extra. The waitress nodded and left however, so Viorica relaxed and leaned back into her chair. Corinne, she noted, looked much better then she’d even thought possible now that she was all cleaned up. She looked stunning in her military uniform; it gave her a sense of authoritative and commanding power, which seemed to suit her perfectly. Smiling softly, Viorica extended a hand slowly across the table and took Corrine’s hand in her own. “Thank you for bringing me here.”

Corinne smiled back, pleased with how happy she seemed to be making Viorica. "I'm glad you like it." She smiled, mentally noting that Viorica must like sweet things, and added, "I'm glad I know what you like now, so I can treat you more often." She gave the other a lingering smile before she turned to look to the waitress, who was returning to the coffee. Corinne accepted hers and didn't waste any time taking a sip. It was her first coffee in a month, and, even after just one sip, she immediately felt more energized. "Ah...coffee," she sighed happily, then laughed a little at herself. "Do you like coffee, Viorica?"

“With enough cream and sugar, I love it.” Viorica smirked as she filled the cup to the brim with cream and proceeded to add several spoonfuls of sugar. “I don’t have it very often though, because Dragos thinks it’s too frivolous.” She rolled her eyes as she lifted the cup slowly, having to be extra careful to keep it from spilling. She took a small sip, as it was still very hot, and grinned happily. “You like it a lot, right?” It would be so nice to be able to keep going out with Corinne like this, especially if it was something the other really enjoyed.

"Yeah," Corinne replied with a laugh. "I couldn't get up in the morning without it. I'm not a morning person at all, but I love coffee, so it helps." She grinned at Viorica's adding of sugar and cream, sipping her coffee again. "I drink it black. I suppose you're a morning person though," she added. Viorica always came to work on time, and was never late, unlike her brother.

“Hardly,” Viorica snorted. “I hate getting up in the mornings. But I like to get to work early…I guess though that it was mainly because I wanted to make sure everything was ready for you when you woke up.” Viorica blushed and drank more of her coffee. “It’ll probably be hard to get going again since I won’t be getting to see you first thing in the morning…”

Corinne blushed slightly, touched Viorica had taken such pains for her. She wished there was a way she could keep making her mornings worthwhile...But there wasn't any way she could leave her office before lunch...And then it hit her. She didn't have to leave if she hadn't gotten there yet. If she simply went to work a little early, she could meet Viorica in between their buildings, or something of the like. Grinning, she said, "Well, I'll just have to do something about that. What would you say to meeting me at 7:30 somewhere between our buildings? Just to...you know...say good morning." She sipped her coffee again, but didn't take her eyes off Viorica, waiting for an answer.

Viorica’s expression brightened and she sat forward abruptly. “Really? You wouldn’t mind doing that? That would be wonderful!” Viorica said excitedly. “You don’t mind getting up that early, though?” She asked quickly, wanting to double check. “Because if it’s really hard for you then…” Viorica trailed. She knew she’d be able to get up a little early if it meant seeing Corrine first thing, but she also didn’t want to impose.

"For you, it would be no problem at all," Corinne responded with a smile, winking at Viorica. "You're an exception to every rule." She sipped her drink, then added laughingly, "I'll be fine, so long as I have coffee." She lowered her voice slightly and leaned forward a little, smiling. "Of course, you're better than coffee, or anything else in the world."

Viorica couldn’t help but blush a bright shade of red, but she smiled happily nevertheless. Her mornings were just about to get a whole lot better.
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