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RP chapter 8.5; Valentines Day

K, guys, listen carefully. YES, DO READ THIS BECAUSE IT'S IMPORTANT. In this mini-extra-chapter, there are actually 3 SEPERATE PARTS. They are meant to be read individually!! Yes, for once, it's meant to be divided! So warnings on each part will only be for that part! That means if one of them has warnings you don't like, you can still read the other two! And I would highly suggest you do at least read part 2, because it does have some vague bearing on the story. ^^; If you didn't read this, READ IT NOW. Yes, I am using capslock because I want you to pay attention! :D;; Anyway, on to what you really care about. Or don't care about. Either way. ^^;

Chapter: 8.5; Valentine's Day
Part: 1; Dragomir and Niles
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi (m/m) sex, a little bit of fluff [yes, this is mostly an excuse for porn. XD;]
Beta: yomimashou, who thinks porn with a little bit of fluff is just right.

Dragomir sat idly on his bed, staring at his copybook and trying to make some sense of the writing it contained. It was long before dawn of the fourteenth of February, Valentine’s Day, and Dragomir had awoken in the middle of the night to write his card for Niles. The problem was, he didn’t really know how to write. The day before, he’d purchased a card with a simple message, “I love you, happy Valentine’s Day,” or something dull like that (he wasn’t sure anymore; he’d asked someone, but forgotten already), and had, until an hour ago when he’d woken up thinking about it, been satisfied. Now however, he wanted so write in something himself…something to make it more personal. And so, he’d been struggling feverishly to decode the characters in his copy book to see if he could find anything he could use as a reference to write something in the card himself. He was looking for a love poem; surely the copybook had them, so that he could at least copy key phrases, spelling, and punctuation. He’d hate for his special message to Niles to be completely unreadable. However, things weren’t going too well, and he was having trouble making out much of anything. With a sigh, he decided the only thing he had left to do was struggle to write something himself, from scratch, with only the alphabet at the beginning of the book to use as reference.

By the time he’d finished his long illegible letter, he was running late. He stuffed the card into its envelope hurriedly and began frantically looking around his floor for his uniform. He found the various garments he needed, ones that were clean enough at least, spread about his room, and dressed quickly before stuffing the envelope into his jacket pocket.

Viorica, it seemed, had already left by the time he got out into the kitchen. She’d been leaving uncharacteristically early these days, and Dragomir was beginning to miss making her breakfast. However, on a day like today when he was already running a little late, it was lucky. He wolfed down the leftovers from dinner hastily before speeding outside to wait for Niles without giving his letter a second thought.

Niles, meanwhile, was currently stopped at his usual spot a block from the Hirleas' house desperately trying to fix his hair. It had chosen this morning, of all times, to be rebellious, and he couldn't make it lay the way he wanted. It hadn't helped that he had been up half the night trying to write his Valentine's Day card, either. He had purchased one long before; a card that had a blank inside for a message to be written, because he wanted to be sure to write something meaningful and personal. He had procrastinated, however, until the night before, worried that whatever he would write wouldn't be good enough, and had had to draft the letter several times on scrap paper before writing the final thing. Writing the actual card took twice as long, also, because Niles had to take extra pains to make his writing look pretty; he knew it was normally so ugly, all cramped and slanted to one side, and it was impossible tell his accent aigus from his accent graves, so he spent twice as long, writing extremely slow, in order to make his handwriting nice, or at least not as ugly as normal. At 3 am, he had finally finished and, though he wasn't entirely pleased, he knew it would have to do.

The card now sat on the table in the sitting room portion of his bedroom; he planned to give it to Dragomir there, so there would be less of a chance of any servants walking in at a bad time, and he was running late. Giving up his hopeless fight with his hair, he drove the rest of the way to Dragomir's to find him waiting outside. Realizing how late it had gotten, Niles blushed and apologized frantically as Dragomir got into the automobile. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize how late it had gotten, I'm sorry I'm so late!" Today was not starting off well, which was downright depressing, considering what day it was. "Happy Valentines Day," he added lamely, hoping he hadn't screwed up too badly.

“No problem.” Dragomir exhaled, having only just caught his breath. “I was running really late too, I only just got out here as well.” He added with a smile. “Happy Valentines Day to you too,” he then said quickly. It seemed an awkward sort of thing to say, especially since this was his first year celebrating the occasion. Of course, he was eager for any excuse for romance he could get, and the holiday seemed like the perfect pretext. Leaning over, Dragomir brushed Niles’s cheek lightly with his hand, angling his face so he could capture his lips in a kiss.

Niles blushed and leaned into the kiss, letting a hand fall to rest on Dragomir's shoulder. He had never really thought about Valentine's Day before, but since it was giving him an occasion to spend more time with Dragomir, he certainly wasn't complaining. His worries about his card were momentarily forgotten, and he was happy.

When they pulled apart, Niles started the automobile again, apologizing again. "I'm sorry, we're going to be late..." He ran a hand unconsciously over his hair and pulled away from the curb, and began to drive a little bit faster than normal towards work.

Dragomir shrugged, grinning happily. “It doesn’t matter so much, I haven’t been late in months, and you never have, so they’ll let us off,” he rationalized. He didn’t want to be worrying about that sort of thing now; today promised to be such a great day anyway, and he didn’t want to spoil the morning with worries. He patted his breast pocket, unconsciously checking for the letter; tonight he was going over to Niles’s house where they would do their exchange and that was all he was concerned about.

Dragomir watched Niles’s fretting over his hair and smirked. It wasn’t quite how it usually was today; somehow it was a little off. Still, it looked good, as it always did. “Did you do something different with your hair? It looks pretty good,” Dragomir said truthfully.

Niles blushed. "Oh, thank you," he replied embarrassedly. "It wasn't doing what I wanted it to do, so I'm glad you think it looks all right." He felt a lot better for Dragomir having said something, and stopped fussing with it.

They arrived at work only 10 minutes late and hurried to the office, hoping that Lt. Colonel Delancy was feeling lenient. When they went inside, they found here smiling to herself and humming as she went about her paperwork, and, when they bowed and apologized, she simply smiled and replied cheerfully, "Good morning!" Niles wondered why she was so happy, but didn't think much of it as he went to his desk and set about some papers he needed to finish, just glad that they weren't in trouble.

The morning went excessively slowly; Niles kept checking his pocket watch only to be disappointed that only 10 more minutes had gone by. He sighed and tried not to wish it were that evening with little luck; there wasn't much he could do to suppress his excitement.

Dragomir almost fell asleep a few times during the day. It was so hard for him to concentrate on anything, and since he’d been up so late, every time his mind started to wander to the fabulous evening he was sure to have that night, he’d start to drift off. Luckily, he never actually fell asleep, and eating lunch with Niles woke him up enough that for the rest of the afternoon, he felt pretty good. Still, it took a seemingly extra long time for the Lt. Colonel to dismiss them, even though, when Dragomir looked at his pocket watch, he realized that they were leaving early. He vaguely wondered what their superior was up to on Valentines Day, but didn’t give it another thought. This was his night with Niles, and he couldn’t be bothered by what anyone else was doing.

Getting up from his desk, Dragomir made his way quickly over to where Niles was finishing paper and grinned at him broadly. “Are we about ready to go?”

Niles finished the paper hurriedly and put his things away. "Yes, I'm ready!" he replied, standing up quickly and pushing his chair in before following Dragomir out of the room. He was excited that they were finally leaving, finally going to have time alone together. He was more than a little excited, and, though he felt silly, he didn't care.

The drive home felt long, as it always did when he was planning something with Dragomir, but they arrived in good time, and Niles didn't hesitate to deposit his automobile with a servant in favour of getting inside. The servants were all used to Dragomir by now, and no one batted an eyelash as the two came inside. However, as they made their way through the front room, Niles spotted the door opening from the west wing, and knew who it must be. "Good afternoon, Pierre," he greeted with a smile.

Pierre scowled at him and did not respond. Niles continued to smile, however; somehow, he had managed to tame Pierre, and was very pleased with himself. "Since today is Valentines Day, you make leave now, if you like. I won't dock your pay." He knew Pierre would not refuse, and sure enough, the other man's scowl did not lessen any, but he replied, "Yes, thank you." His tone wasn't exactly pleasant, but Niles didn't care, so long as he wasn't harassing anyone. He felt he owed it to Tatiana to let Pierre leave early today, but he would also be glad to have Pierre out of the way for the rest of the evening.

That taken care of, he smiled up at Dragomir. "I have my card upstairs...I figured we'd be less likely to get interrupted there."

Dragomir smirked uncontrollably at how Niles had managed to train Pierre to be so obedient, and was thoroughly impressed. His smirk turned to a warm smiled as Niles spoke to him however, and he nodded. “Yeah, I think that’s probably good. I have mine with me.”

They headed up the stairs and into Niles’s room, where Niles directed him to the small sitting area inside it. Dragomir took a seat and pulled the envelope out of his pocket. During the day, it had gotten a little bent and tattered, and Dragomir started to worry and feel self conscious about the card again. He did his best to smooth it out before he held it out for Niles, blushing slightly. “I hope you don’t mind its…condition.”

Niles smiled and accepted the card. "I don't mind at all," he assured, setting it in his lap and picking up Dragomir's. "This is for you." As he handed it to Dragomir, however, one very important fact hit him and he suddenly flushed with embarrassment. "Oh my God, I forgot!" He clapped his hands over his mouth, feeling absolutely idiotic. "I can't believe I forgot...I'm so sorry..." This was quiet possibly the worst mistake of his life, and though he was pretty sure Dragomir would forgive him, he felt horrible for it nonetheless.

“What?” Dragomir asked quickly, feeling a little shaken by the suddenness of Niles’s outburst. Of course, then he realized what Niles must have just remembered. “Oh…that.” Dragomir said slowly. He bit his lip and looked up at Niles. “Really, it’s no fault of yours. I’m just sorry I won’t be able to read it…” Dragomir said sadly. He paused for a moment before looking back up at Niles. “I’ve never gotten a card before though, so it is very special, regardless.” Dragomir smiled. Really, he was just happy to get something so precious from Niles, and even if he could only look at the writing, it meant a lot to him. “And I’m sure I can…try to figure it out somehow.” He added, trying to be reassuring.

Niles bit back tears and nodded. He wished there was some way he could make up for his stupidity...and then, suddenly, it hit him. "Oh, I know! I-I can read it to you, if you like," he offered, taking the card back from Dragomir. This would be embarrassing, but it was the only way to let Dragomir know what the card said, and Niles would be able to feel a little better that way. Opening the card, he cleared his throat, then began to read.

"Dear Dragomir, happy Valentines Day. Before now, this day never had any meaning to me, but now, because I have you, I'm glad that it's here. It gives me an excuse to say in writing that I love you more than anything else in the world. You mean everything to me, and without you, I could never survive. You bring me more happiness than I ever thought possible, and I hope that I can somehow repay the sum to you. You are the most important thing in my life, and I love you so much. Affectionately, Niles Christian." As Niles drew his reading to a close, he knew he was bright red, and he was feeling very embarrassed. He didn't really need to read the signature; Dragomir knew what his name was, and why did he put his last name on, anyway? It was really stupid, but oh well, nothing to be done now. He smiled embarrassedly, waiting for a response.

Dragomir too felt himself blushing, but didn’t care. Hearing that from Niles, Dragomir felt his heart flutter and overflow with love for Niles. The whole letter had been so sweet and amorous, and Dragomir felt like he was about to melt with love and appreciation. “Thank you,” he said softly, his voice feeling a little weak. “I love you so much…” Dragomir smiled, gripping Niles’s hand tightly in his own as he leaned over and place a kiss gently on Niles’s lips.

Niles smiled softly as they pulled apart, a faint pink blush still visible on his cheeks. "No need to thank me, it's exactly how I feel," he replied softly, "I love you, too." With a final lingering smile to Dragomir, Niles then moved to open his card from Dragomir. He carefully peeled the envelope open and slid the card out. When he opened it up, he was surprised to find, scrawled messily around a pre-printed message, a hand-written note from Dragomir. "Oh...my goodness..." he breathed, looking up at Dragomir. "Did you write this?" When Dragomir nodded, he melted into a smile. "For me? Oh, that was so sweet of you to try so hard." He felt loved to know that Dragomir would go through all the trouble of trying to write for him. Unfortunately, when he looked back down at the message, he realized that the writing was completely indecipherable. Smiling apologetically, he said, "I'm sorry...I can't read your writing. But it was absolutely lovely of you to write something for me." He knew how much trouble it must have been, and even if he couldn't read it, he was touched that Dragomir had tried.

Dragomir smiled and looked down. “I didn’t think you’d be able to…But I really didn’t want it to just be the printed thing.” Dragomir explained. “And…I would read it to you, but I don’t think I could either.” He laughed at how silly that seemed and looked up at Niles. “I don’t think I’m quite as articulate as you are anyway, but…” Dragomir smirked and scooted a little closer to Niles. “But I still wanna make up for it.” Dragomir moved so that was practically on top of Niles and pressed a kiss to Niles’s lips, holding it for a minute before pushing deeper inside. He ran a hand down across Niles’s chest and slipped it under his jacket as his other hand moved to entwine with Niles’s hair. Dragomir knew he couldn’t say anything as eloquently as Niles, but he hoped he could demonstrate his love equally well in a more physical way.

Niles felt himself blushing as he wrapped his arms around Dragomir's neck and kissed back; this was definitely just as good as any card. He pressed a little closer to Dragomir and murmured against his lips in hopes of letting him know that; he knew Dragomir had tried very hard on it, and the last thing he wanted him to think was that Niles loved him any less for his illiteracy. When they at last pulled apart, Niles smiled at him warmly and whispered, "I love you," before pressing his lips back to Dragomir's.

Dragomir deepened the kiss again, still craving further exploration. He then withdrew his hand from within Niles’s jacket and began working his way up and undoing the buttons. As he reached the last one at Niles’s collar, Dragomir broke the kiss and began working the jacket down off of Niles’s shoulders while he caught his breath. With the high collar out of the way, Dragomir moved to Niles’s neck and kissed it lightly just above his collar bone. He began to worry lightly at the skin, sucking and biting as he slipped a hand under the high waistband of Niles’s knickers. He started working the tucked shirt out, taking care to press against Niles’s skin as much as possible.

Niles exhaled sharply, his breath now coming in short gasps. He tilted his head slightly to allow Dragomir better access to his neck and clutched at Dragomir's back. With trembling hands, he pulled at Dragomir's jacket, pushing it off his shoulders, the pressed closer to him, craving contact.

Dragomir finished untucking Niles’s shirt and pulled back briefly to wriggle out of his own jacket. It fell discarded to the floor behind him, and he returned to Niles’s lips hungrily. He started undoing the buttons of Niles’s blouse, but his patience was running out, and so by the time he’d gotten halfway up, he was just about ripping the shirt open. He pulled away and grunted an apology before he started sliding both the shirt and Niles’s jacket off of the other’s shoulders. He became too distracted by Niles’s newly exposed skin to finish removing them entirely however, and moved to caress his chest as he continued his work at Niles’s neck. He made his way gradually down to Niles’s chest, sucking and biting, and placing kisses every so often before stopping to tease his nipples lightly with his teeth. Dragomir’s hands worked their way down Niles’s sides, and he hooked his thumbs on the waistband, working the knickers down slightly lower.

Niles gasped sharply at Dragomir's touches, squirming the rest of the way out of his jacket and shirt. By now, Dragomir had him pressed against the arm of the sofa and was practically on top of him, but Niles still wanted more. He longed to feel Dragomir's skin against his own, so he began working at the buttons on Dragomir's vest, and was having a little trouble. He managed to get it part of the way undone, however, before he felt Dragomir's hands at his waist. He gasped slightly, surprised but not at all upset by the feeling, but Dragomir stopped at the noise, seemingly having taken it the wrong way. Niles whined, looking up at him with needy eyes, silently begging him to continue.

Dragomir smirked down at Niles below him, relieved that the other wanted this as much as he did. Really, he hadn’t meant for things to go quite this far—he’d wanted to wait until he was sure Niles was comfortable with it—but now that they were as far as they were, Dragomir didn’t think he’d be able to stop. Niles’s look was all the encouragement he needed, and he dipped down over Niles for a quick kiss before sitting back and working at finishing what Niles had started on his vest. He got it off with out breaking any of the buttons and tossed it hurriedly to the floor. By the time he got to his blouse however, he was fed up with buttons, and had no patience left to spare them. He pulled at the blouse roughly, undoing a few but breaking most, and tore the shirt off of his shoulders, ignoring the rest. He leaned forward again over Niles, pushing a bruising kiss to his lips as he relished the feeling of his bare skin against Niles’s chest.

Niles mewled into the kiss, arching up against Dragomir, desperate to feel his skin against Dragomir's. Tangling his hands in Dragomir's hair, he worked it loose out of its ribbon, letting it fall handsomely around his shoulders. As they broke apart for air, Niles moaned softly, trying somehow to get closer. "Dragomir..."

Dragomir grunted lightly as he moved to straddle Niles so that he could press closer still and kissed Niles again as he traced his figures over the contours of Niles’s skin, working his way down to where his knickers started. Keeping their lips locked, Dragomir began undoing the buttons of Niles’s knickers slowly, forcing himself to do each one individually. As he got lower, he made a special effort to press against Niles teasingly through the thick fabric until he’d finished the last one. He pulled back slightly so that he could utilize both hands as he worked the knickers down around Niles’s hips, pausing to press a quick kiss to Niles’s navel. “You ready?” Dragomir grunted huskily.

Niles writhed and cried out at Dragomir's teasing touches, rocking his hips up in vain. By the time Dragomir posed the question, Niles was extremely anxious to be rid of the article of clothing, and nodded vigorously, wiggling his hips in order to help remove it.

Dragomir smirked, thoroughly pleased with the reaction his touches had elicited, and took advantage of Niles’s frantic squirming to pull the knickers the rest of the way down. He ran a hand over Niles’s erection, leaning forward again and engaging Niles in a brief but fervid kiss before he pulled back, getting off of Niles slowly and stepping to the floor. He pulled Niles’s knickers the rest of the way off and leaned over him, cooing into his ear, “If we’re going to move, we need to do it now.” He pecked Niles quickly on the cheek before slipping his arms beneath the other and lifting him smoothly. Judging by Niles’s current state, he wouldn’t have been able to move by himself, and Dragomir knew he himself would only last for so long.

Luckily, it was a short distance to the bed, and Dragomir placed Niles down gently before stepping back to remove his own knickers. Thus liberated, he crawled back over Niles, pressing close, craving friction, as he kissed Niles again with renewed vigor.

Niles kissed back fervidly, arching up against Dragomir, desperately grinding his hips against Dragomir's. All coherent thought had fled his mind, and all he knew was that he wanted Dragomir, and wanted him badly. He moaned against Dragomir's lips at sensations, then let his head fall back against the bed to cry out as he pressed his hips up again.

Dragomir moaned back throatily in response, dragging his hands over Niles’s skin as he pressed closer, desperate for more contact. He sucked and bit at Niles’s skin unrestrainedly, hungrily exploring Niles’s body with mouth and hands. “Niles,” he managed with some difficulty, “We’re gonna need something…” I was hard for Dragomir to speak; his brain seemed overloaded with pleasure and he was having difficulty finding the words he needed. His voice was strained and husky, but he managed to grunt, “Do you have…some lotion?”

Niles tried to process what Dragomir was saying, staring at him blankly for a second. "Um..." he finally managed, figuring out what Dragomir was asking. "O-over there." He pointed towards his dressing table, where he knew he had a bottle of lotion somewhere. Niles whined slightly when Dragomir rose to go get it; though he knew whatever he needed it for must be important, he wasn't sure what it was, and he wanted Dragomir back with him.

Dragomir managed to find the small bottle and returned on weak legs, collapsing onto the bed. He ached terribly, and it was extremely difficult to walk, but he knew that they could not progress further without the lotion. He had a feeling Niles didn’t know just what it was for, and that was all the more reason it was necessary. He moved back over to Niles and situated himself between the other’s legs, unscrewing the cap and setting it aside. Dragomir then applied the lotion library to his forefinger and pressed lightly against Niles’s opening, hoping to prepare him a least slightly for what was to come. Leaning forward over Niles, Dragomir caught his lips in kiss as he pressed the first finger inside, waiting to gauge Niles’s reaction before he applied the second.

Niles squirmed a little, initially registering the discomfort, but chose instead to focus on the kiss. He assumed Dragomir knew what he was doing and he trusted Dragomir completely, so he ignored the slight pain and instead kissed Dragomir back decisively.

Dragomir pressed the second finger in, carefully stretching the tight muscle, before easing both fingers inside a little further, and searching for the spot he knew would make the pain worthwhile for Niles. He curled his fingers slightly, pushing against the spongy area he hoped would drive Niles crazy.

Niles cried out, thrusting his hips up against Dragomir's hand. He vaguely understood now what Dragomir was doing, but didn't bother to think about it, instead squirming and arching up against the other. "Dragomir..." he moaned, hoping the other would understand that to mean he'd hit the right spot.

Dragomir smirked, feeling Niles’s pleasure as his own. He knew this was his first time, and Dragomir wanted to make sure he did everything right. He added the third and final finger and spread them slowly, stretching the muscles before easing out carefully. Dragomir then moved slowly off of Niles, leaving a lingering kiss on his lips as he drew back and once again fumbled with the bottle of lotion. He applied it generously over his length and, repositioning himself, spread Niles’s legs a little further. Lining himself up, he ran a hand reassuringly over Niles’s thigh. Then, gripping Niles’s hips for support, Dragomir slowly pushed inside, grunting slightly with pleasure at the feeling.

Niles bit his lip and squirmed a little in discomfort, however, he tried to relax. He rocked his hips slightly, both trying to earn another noise from Dragomir and try to get the feeling he had felt earlier.

Dragomir inhaled sharply, extremely pleased with Niles initiative, and pulled out slowly before pushing back in a little faster. He wanted to ease Niles into the rhythm he was trying to establish, and gradually picked up the pace. With each thrust, he penetrated a little deeper, and he shifted to angle his movements, increasing his accuracy. As Dragomir managed to get deeper and deeper inside, he began to feel overwhelmed with the ecstasy, but managed, in a moment of coherency, to remember Niles’s needs as well. He encircled Niles’s erection with his hand, pumping it in time to his thrusts.

Niles arched into Dragomir's thrusts, moaning loudly as he rocked his hips, trying to allow Dragomir to penetrate deeper. When he felt Dragomir touch him, he cried out unrestrainedly and began to move his hips faster, thrusting into Dragomir's hand desperately. "Dragomir..." he managed to moan out, grasping blindly for the other and managing to find his shoulders to which he clung tightly, feeling overwhelmed with pleasure.

Dragomir let out a strangled moan, panting as his breath came in short gasps. He was close to the edge now, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep his rhythm steady. The deeper and harder he pressed, the more desperate he became. Dragomir slid out slowly before slamming back in without warning, just managing to keep the same pattern with his hand, and stifled a small cry, desperately close to his climax.

Niles cried out as Dragomir slammed inside of him, his hips involuntarily bucking up to meet each thrust. The final, particularly hard motion was enough to send him over the edge; he came with a strangled cry of Dragomir's name, arching up and spilling his seed all over both Dragomir and himself.

Dragomir moaned Niles’s name loudly as he felt the other’s muscles clench and convulse around him, Niles’s orgasm triggering his own. Dragomir’s mind went blank with ecstasy as the release came, and he slumped forward onto Niles, easing out slowly and gasping for breath.

Niles's vision slowly returned to him, and he smiled softly at Dragomir collapsed on top of him. He felt an overwhelming sense of happiness, and wrapped his arms around Dragomir gently. Letting his eyes slide shut, he murmured, "I love you, Dragomir..." He laughed softly to himself, then added, "This was just as good as any card."
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