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18 April 2007 @ 06:18 pm
Chapter 8.5 part 2  
Chapter: 8.5; Valentine's Day
Part: 2; Corinne and Viorica
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: yuri, fluff, parental embarrassing-ness. XD;;
Beta: yomimashou

Viorica was up extra early on Valentine’s morning to put the finishing touches on her gift for Corinne. Last night, she’d spent a great deal of time working on both a lengthy letter, and a small patch of needle point she was applying to a fine lace handkerchief for Corinne. Viorica hated needle point passionately, but she really wanted to make something nice for the Lt. Colonel, and so had endeavored to do it for her sake. Luckily for Viorica, Tatiana had been delighted to help, if not a little confused, and had gotten her started on the project.

Tatiana’s confusion was understandable; Viorica had yet to tell anyone in the family about Corinne, she wanted to wait until Corinne could meet them all. Tatiana seemed rather suspicious, but Dragomir appeared to be too wrapped up in his own romance to even notice. With a small sigh at the thought, Viorica finished the last stitch and carefully pulled the handkerchief from the wooden ring she used to keep the fabric taut and got to her feet. No one was up yet, which was probably for the best—Viorica didn’t want to waste any of her time with Corinne on silly “good mornings” to people she got to see all the time—and she left hastily without eating any breakfast.

She arrived at the medical building in good time; she was even early, and took a seat on the low wall where she usually waited for Corinne.

Corinne parked her automobile hastily, locking it behind her as she hurried off to the medical building. She wished desperately that she had had time for more than one cup of coffee that morning, but she had been too late; she had to leave extra early this morning, after all, it was Valentine's Day. She was very pleased with her gift, she had gone out and bought expensive chocolate earlier that week, which was waiting at her house with her card. The final touch of her gift was to be a surprise, and she couldn't wait to see how Viorica would react. They had the whole day planned out, they were going to go out for dinner and then back to Corinne's place after work. Now all Corinne had to do was wake up in order to meet her.

She came to the meeting spot in good time, and the thought of seeing Viorica was enough to wake her up. She smiled as Viorica stood from the low wall on which she sat. Taking Viorica's hand in hers, she pressed a soft kiss to it. "Good morning, lovely."

Viorica grinned brightly at the gesture and brought her other hand to Corinne’s, squeezing it lightly. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” She said softly as she leaned in and pecked Corinne on the cheek. They were outside, so Viorica knew she had to be discreet, but she felt Valentine’s Day warranted a little risk. Besides, no one appeared to be around, as it was still early in the morning. “How have you been?” Viorica knew it was a silly question to ask since they’d just seen each other the night before after work, but it was a delight to hear Corinne tell her about anything, and she was too excited to come up with a better topic of conversation.

Corinne smiled softly as Viorica kissed her, feeling her heart flutter slightly. "I've been fine since you've last seen me," she replied with a smirk, "Impatient for today, when I'll get to spend all my time with you." She smiled at Viorica. "How about you? Did you have a nice evening?" Corinne sat down on the low wall, feeling grateful for the extra time that they got to spend together.

“Yeah, it was pretty good.” Viorica smiled taking a seat close to Corinne and leaning against her slightly. “I stayed up a little late, and got up a little early, but seeing you makes me feel better already.” Viorica nodded decisively. “And I’m really looking forward to today!” She added happily, slipping her arm through Corinne’s and grasping her hand tightly.

Corinne snaked her arm around Viorica's waist - after all, no one was around, and it was Valentines Day - and smiled. "I'm glad," she replied, "I'm sorry you were up so late, but I'm glad I can make you feel better." Corinne couldn't help but admire Viorica's beautiful smile, the smile that had first caught her attention when she was in the hospital. "I'm looking forward to having you over this evening, so we can spend a little more time in private," she added with a smirk. "And besides, my mother really wants to meet you, after all I've told her about you, if you don't mind. She's a little weird, but she'll like you."

“Oh, that’ll be wonderful!” Viorica exclaimed. As family played such an important role in her life, she would be delighted to meet Corinne’s mother. “I’d love to meet her.” Of course, more importantly, Viorica was looking forward to the time they’d get to spend at Corinne’s house. They hadn’t had the chance to see each other in private outside of the hospital for Corinne’s frequent checkups, but even then, they always ran a certain risk of being discovered, and so it would be nice to be somewhere where they could be truly alone. Sighing happily, Viorica snuggled a little closer to Corinne. “I’m so happy to be spending Valentine’s with you, Corinne.” Viorica smiled contentedly.

Corinne smiled and squeezed Viorica a little, feeling contented. "I'm happy, too," she replied softly. "I love you, Viorica."

Their time passed far too quickly, and soon, Corinne was forced to bid Viorica goodbye until that evening. She hurried to her office, feeling somewhat giddy with excitement for the day and love. She barely noticed that Hirlea and Christian came in late (god only knew what they were doing, anyway), and went through the day in a sort of uncharacteristic dreamy daze. Constant glances to the clock made time go extremely slowly, but finally, it was almost time, and Corinne couldn't wait any more. She let her men go ten minutes early and hurried off to get changed, then go meet Viorica.

Corinne generally didn't like long dresses; her uniform or some comfortable knickers were much easier to move in, but since they were going out, she knew she ought to dress up. She had brought a dress along, and hurriedly changed into it, struggling to make her hair presentable in the public bathroom in the building, then hurried out to her automobile and set off for the medical building.

Viorica only had a few patients that day, which was for the best because she was having a hard time focusing on her work, but which also made the day pass extremely slowly. During her many frequent breaks, she spent most of the time looking at the clock longingly. Her desperation for the day to be over must have been obvious because at a quarter before she was supposed to get out, the head doctor let her leave early. Naturally, she was extremely grateful, and hurried to the bathroom to change out of her uniform.

She’d decided to wear the dress Dragomir had given her for Christmas; it was one of the only things she could wear that would allow her to pass as someone not of the third class, and she would’ve hated to look out of place with Corinne when they went to a restaurant together. Apart from that, Viorica knew she looked good in the dress and wanted to make sure she looked her best. Once she had changed, she took a few minutes to make sure her hair looked alright before hurrying from the bathroom. She had no way of knowing what time it was, and couldn’t be bothered to stop and look at a clock, so she just had to assume she was still early. She arrived at their regular meeting place just in time to see Corinne walking towards her from the other building. Viorica waved eagerly to her, and started walking to meet her halfway.

Corinne smiled brightly, taking Viorica by the hand and spinning her around so that the dress flowed before taking a step back to look at her. The dress was a deep blue and made of a very nice fabric. Though it was plain, lacking any extravagant trim or decoration, it looked elegant, and, of course, Viorica looked beautiful in it. "You look amazing," she said, nodding. "That dress looks lovely on you...of course, you're already beautiful on you own." She smirked, taking a quick glance around to make sure no one was nearby before pressing a quick kiss to her cheek. Then, taking Viorica by the hand, she led her towards the automobile. "Come on, let's get going."

Viorica blushed a little, both from the complement and the kiss, as she followed Corinne to the Automobile. It was silly really, but her heart still skipped a beat every time Corinne kissed her, and she was still excited to the point of blushing. Corinne opened the door for her, and Viorica smiled at her happily and climbed inside, rearranging her dress about her as she sat. As Corinne got in beside her, Viorica asked grinning, “What sort of place are we going to?”

Corinne smiled to herself, Viorica was just so adorable, the way she blushed when she was kissed made Corinne never want to stop. "It's a nice place, not too big or noisy. I think you'll like it," she replied with a smile. "It's one of my favourites. Although it will be so much nicer eating with someone else, instead of all alone. Especially with such wonderful company as you." She flashed Viorica a grin before turning her attention back to the road.

“That sounds wonderful. I’ll be happy to be your company, Corinne.” Viorica grinned back. She was eager to go to a restaurant, as she’d never actually been to one before, and thought that experiencing it with Corinne would be one of the best things ever. She smoothed her dress out unconsciously and crossed and uncrossed her feet with excitement on the way, her smile remaining bright and cheerful. Then, looking over at Corinne, she admired her dress. “I’ve never seen you wear a dress before, Corinne.” Viorica commented. “You look really wonderful, though.” She added grinning.

Corinne laughed and blushed slightly. "Thanks," she replied. "I don't really like to wear dresses. They're so uncomfortable and provide for so little mobility. I'm so lucky I have a flexible tailor who will make me men's clothes to wear when no one's around." She laughed. "I'm glad you think I look all right, though. I think I look ridiculous, especially my hair." She motioned to it, in the half-hearted attempt to look nice and up. "It takes god-knows-what to get it to curl, and I can never get it flat, anyway." She smiled at Viorica. "You're lucky you're naturally cute."

They arrived at the restaurant in good time, and Corinne parked the automobile before getting out quickly to get the door for Viorica. She smiled, taking her hand as she got out, then closed the door behind her.

Viorica beamed brightly back at Corinne, thinking about how she might look in men’s clothes. As far as Viorica was concerned, Corinne would look good in anything and everything, and she knew men’s clothes would be no exception. The entered the restaurant and a waitress appeared to take them to their seats. Viorica had never been in a place so fancy before; everything was so luxurious that she felt a little overwhelmed by it all. Still, she was determined to act as if she was perfectly at ease, and it was easy to act comfortable around Corinne. They were each handed a menu, and Viorica scanned it quickly, unsure of what to order. On the one hand, everything sounded so fancy and delicious, but on the other, she was worried about ordering something that would be too big for her or too expensive. Looking up at Corinne she asked a little timidly, “What would you recommend?”

"I think I'm going to have the lamb," Corinne replied, "But really, everything they do is very good." She grinned at Viorica's hesitance. "Really, don't worry about the price or anything like that. You can have whatever you like." It made her happy to indulge Viorica; the girl deserved it, after having to share everything with such a big family for such a long time.

“Really?” Viorica asked eagerly. “Well…If you’re sure…” She said feigning indecision and smirking slyly before concluding, “I’d really like to try the venison.” She’d never had it before, but she was sure it would live up to all that she’d heard about it, and was eager to sample something so fine. Besides…as long as Corinne didn’t mind, Viorica wanted to see what it was like to get something really fancy. She felt a little guilty for making Corinne indulge her, but she didn’t want to stand on hospitality, either.

A waitress came and took both of their orders, and at the same time brought out a small plate of appetizers. Viorica had built up quite an appetite, and grinning at Corinne, took a small bite. “It’s really good,” She said excitedly. “And thank you so much for taking me out today. I love you.”

Corinne smiled. "I love you, too. And there's no need to thank me; it makes me happy to treat you." She also helped herself to the appetizers. "I'm really glad you like it."

After a little while, the waitress returned with their entrees. Corinne sat back for a moment, watching Viorica to see how she reacted. It was almost a guilty pleasure, but Corinne liked to make her happy, and wanted to see if she would like it.

Viorica gingerly sampled a small bite of her meal, and was impressed by just how delicious the meat was. It definitely lived up to her every expectation, and she quickly helped herself to another bite. She realized Corinne was watching her expectantly, and looked up with a grin. “It’s amazing!” Viorica said eagerly. The meat was tough and rather chewy, but it had just the right accents of flavoring and salt to make it simply perfect. Viorica had never tasted anything quite like it before, but she knew it was very high quality stuff. “Umm, how’s yours?” She asked with a smile.

"I'm glad you like it," Corinne said with a smile, then took a bite of her own food. "It's very good," she said before taking another bite. Dinner passed relatively quickly; Corinne was very glad to be in Viorica's company, as well as happy to be treating her to something nice.

Once they were done, Corinne paid the bill, then led Viorica back out to her automobile. She was excited that they would be able to get to spend more time alone, and the drive seemed to take horribly long. When they finally arrived, however, she showed Viorica to the sitting room and sat down beside her, handing over her gifts. "These are for you, love." She placed a kiss on Viorica's cheek, then waited to see her reaction.

Blushing, Viorica smiled back gratefully at Corinne. “I have a few things for you too.” She grinned, extracting the card and a small parcel which she pressed into Corinne’s arms. “I’ll go ahead and open one of mine first.” Viorica said excitedly. It was a small box wrapped in brown paper and tied with a fine satin bow, which Viorica untied carefully before tearing off the paper. “Ah, Chocolates!” She exclaimed happily as the box was revealed. Turning the package over in her hands, she realized they were very high quality candies and turned beaming back to Corinne. “Thank you.” Viorica said softly, leaning in and kissing Corinne lightly on the lips.

Corinne grinned. "I'm glad you like it. I was hoping you would." She pecked Viorica back, then looked to her own gift. Carefully, she peeled open the card, then began to read. As she read, she couldn't help but let a smile slide across her face. It was all so sweet, and she was very touched that Viorica felt this way. As she finished reading, she slipped the card back into the envelope and looked up to press a kiss to Viorica's cheek. "You're sweet," she said lovingly before moving to open the small parcel. Pulling away the brown paper, she withdrew a lace handkerchief with a flower embroidered in the corner. She held it up, smiling softly, then clutched it tenderly. "Did you embroider this? It's lovely."

“Yeah,” Viorica smiled, hoping Corinne wouldn’t look too closely at the stitching. “I’m not very good at it, but I really wanted to make something for you.” She blushed and scooted a little closer to Corinne. “I’m glad you like it.” She added with a grin. Realizing she’d forgotten the card, she quickly set about opening it and reading over it carefully. She was blushing again by the time she finished, and turned to look at Corinne again, beaming. “I love you,” she said happily, “”And I’m so glad we get to spend Valentine’s together.” She let her eyes flutter shut as she leaned forward and pressed a kiss softly to Corinne’s lips.

Corinne wrapped an arm around Viorica's waist and pulled her closer, kissing her back. Deciding to take a risk, she ran her tongue across Viorica's lips, and when they parted, deepened the kiss fervently. It was an amazing feeling, and she was reluctant to break the kiss, even to breathe. Finally, she gave in and drew back slightly, smiling softly at Viorica. "I love you, too," she said. "And, as a matter of fact, I have one more thing for you." She slipped the ring she always wore off her right finger and took Viorica's hand delicately in hers, sliding the ring onto her finger. "For you," she murmured, pressing a soft kiss to her hand.

Viorica’s head was spinning with the intoxicating pleasure of the kiss and she couldn’t help but whine slightly as Corinne pulled away. But as she felt the ring slip over her finger, she felt another swell of happiness as her heart skipped a beat. “Really?” She gasped with excitement, flexing her finger so that the light caught it and made it shimmer. “Oh Corinne, I hardly know what to say!” leaning forward, she wrapped her arms around Corinne’s waist, squeezing tightly and pressing against her. “Thank you so much, this really means a lot to me.” She bubbled as she sat up with a smile.

Corinne smiled warmly to see Viorica so happy. "You could say 'I love you'," she pointed out teasingly, squeezing her and pressing a kiss to her cheek. "But, really, it seemed to me that, since I'm no longer planning not to fall in love, I ought to give the ring to the one who deserves it." She smiled softly, taking Viorica's hand in hers and looking at the gold ring on her finger. "I'm sorry it's nothing fancy, but it is real gold. I'll buy you something prettier later, if you like."

“No, this is perfect.” Viorica assured her, returning the kiss with another light peck on the cheek. “It’s so special, since it belonged to you, I couldn’t be happier with anything else.” She smiled warmly. Then, pressing another kiss to Corinne’s lips she murmured, “I love you.”

Corinne smirked before kissing Viorica back, pulling her closer and deepening the kiss. Pressing Viorica back against the arm of the sofa, she murmured softly against Viorica's lips, before pulling away, moving to press light kisses down her neck. Upon reaching her collarbone, she nipped lightly at it, then sucked, pleased with the red mark that was forming. Nipping and trailing kisses back up her neck, she returned to Viorica's lips, kissing her fervently once more.

"So, you'll wear a dress for your girlfriend, huh, Corinne?"

Corinne started and stood, glaring. "Mother! What are you doing?" she asked exasperatedly. "At least knock before you barge in!"

Corinne's mother grinned in a way much like her daughter. She was tall and had graying blonde hair, and seemed generally in good shape for her age. "But Corinne, I thought I'd just come in and see if I could help you with anything."

"I don't need your help!" Corinne burst annoyed. "Now shoo. Go try and help in the kitchen or something." She gave Viorica an apologetic look, then went back to glaring annoyedly at her mother.

Viorica was startled out of the almost trance like sate of sheer pleasure she had been absorbed in when Corinne sprang up off of her and to her feet. Standing up as well, Viorica smoothed out her dress and, blushing furiously, curtseyed to Corinne’s mother. “It’s nice to meet you, Miss Delancy.” Viorica straightened and bit her lip, still feeling thoroughly embarrassed as she moved a bit behind Corinne. She was very happy to be able to meet Corinne’s mother, but she hadn’t really expected it to be in this situation, and only hoped she still appeared presentable.

Mrs. Delancy grinned. "It's a pleasure to meet you, too, Madamoiselle Hirlea," she replied with a curtsy. "It's good to see that you and Corinne are...getting along so well." With a knowing look at Corinne, who flushed furiously, she then spun and headed towards the door. "Well, I'll leave you two to each other, then. I wouldn't want to get in the way of true love, and I'm sure they need my help in the kitchen." With a last grin at them, she was gone.

Corinne looked back to Viorica, ignoring the loud clattered that came from the kitchen a moment later and blushing annoyedly. "I'm sorry for my mother...she's...out there," she apologized. "I promise, she'll leave us alone now."

“Oh, umm… okay.” Viorica said, her blush lessening a bit but not subsiding completely. “Umm… well, it was nice to meet her.” She said offering a small smile. “And she seems kind.” Viorica added truthfully. “You two seem close, too. I bet that’s nice.”

"Yeah, it is," Corinne replied exasperatedly. "She was the one who inspired me to join the military and fight so strongly for women's rights. But enough about her." Corinne smiled, walking around to wrap her arms around Viorica's waist. "I don't want my mother to spoil the rest evening." She dropped back onto the soft, pulling Viorica with her to sit on her lap, and pressed a soft kiss to the back of her neck. "After all, if is Valentine's Day."

Viorica grinned brightly allowing herself to be wrapped up in Corinne’s doting. “That’s true,” she said at last before sliding off of Corinne’s lap so she could face her. “And I don’t want to waste a second of it.” Viorica concluded pressing an eager kiss to Corinne’s lips.

Corinne smirked slightly before kissing back fervently, wrapping her arms once more around Viorica's waist and pulling her closer. After a few moments, she pulled away to press a kiss to Vioria's neck, nipping and sucking at the soft skin. Pleased with her job there, she trailed butterfly kisses up Viorica's neck to return to her lips, kissing her softly before pulling back slightly. Grinning, she murmured, "No, we certainly wouldn't want that."
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