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Chapter: 9.5; Donavan's Report
Claimer: Our retarded smut, damn you XD;
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Algernon/Donavan (yes, you read right)
Warnings: Um......BUTTSECKS? XD;; And cheating, if that counts ; it's like a fling sort of thing out of horny boredom...XD;; Don't take it too seriously. No major pairings are affected.
Beta: yomimashou, who totally guessed this pairing with only a few small hints. XD

Donavan adjusted the military-issued uniform jacket uncomfortably as he made his way down the long hall to Algernon’s office. It was a borrowed costume, Perceval’s uniform, and the sleeves were way too long, and kept sliding down over his hands. The shoulders, too, were very off, and Donavan was having trouble tolerating the poor fit. To his astonishment however, he received no curious looks from any of the officers he passed on the way, and couldn’t help but smirk with smug satisfaction. He could do anything he wanted and still he’d never be caught; he could sneak into the military headquarters itself even, and never would anyone suspect or question him.

It wasn’t all just for fun that he was paying a visit to the Commandant however. He had to report to Algernon how things had played out with the kidnapping of Niles Christian and Viorica Hirlea. Things had gone poorly of course, and Donavan was sure Algernon had already heard the news, but even so, Donavan wanted to make sure the general got the information first hand. Donavan was extremely disappointed in his own cowardice, and supremely saddened that both of the hostages had been rescued. Even so, he didn’t think Algernon would be too upset—as Algernon’s primary interest had been the mistreatment, to put it lightly, of Christian—and Donavan was quite certain that his hospitality had been above and beyond Algernon’s requests.

As Donavan reached Algernon’s door, he paused to straighten his long dark wig and oversized jacket. Then, remembering Perceval’s similar and ridiculously obsessive habit of doing the same, he checked himself and knocked heavily on the thick door before slowly pushing it open and letting himself inside. Donavan did have an appointment, and was sure he was expected.

Algernon looked up from his desk as the door opened, the bored expression sliding from his face and melting into one of delight. "Ah, good afternoon. Do come in; mind to shut the door behind you." He smiled charismatically and got to his feet as Donavan stepped in and closed the door. "Have a seat." He motioned to the sofa, then took a seat opposite him. "I've heard what happened, of course, and, though the results weren't exactly as planned, I'm still very pleased. But, please do tell me your account. I'd like to know the details." He smiled, crossing his legs and looking at Donavan in anticipation.

Donavan smiled charmingly and slipped his fingers beneath the scalp of his wig, gently working it off of his head and setting it neatly aside before letting his own hair down and running his fingers through it quickly. He shook it out, then smiled his apology as he leaned forward. “First and foremost,” Donavan began, unable to keep the smirk from his features as he spoke, “it was beautiful. It ended as a disaster, but my time with Christian couldn’t haven gone better.” Donavan took a moment to savor his own satisfaction before continuing. “It took a little longer than I had expected for him to break, but once he did, he crumbled.” Donavan chuckled cruelly and crossed his legs. “He begged to die, as all of them do after a few hours, but I don’t think he’ll soon recover.” he said smugly. His cool manner took on an air of agitation however, as he continued. “Hirlea caused more trouble than I expected though…and he had help. Another of your officers, it seems.”

Algernon nodded as Donavan spoke. "Wonderful," he commented. "I'm glad that you were able to crush him, it will make it so much easier for me." He listened intently to Donavan's finish, thinking over his words. "Another officer...? That is intriguing. Could you tell me anything about him? After all, he must be found and dealt with." Donavan, in Percy's clothes, with his hair down, was rather distracting, but Algernon knew to keep his focus, at least until business matters were summed up. At least he wouldn't have to worry about being bored anymore, he thought with a smirk.

“The officer?” Donavan repeated, raising his brows. He could feel Algernon’s eyes on him and purposely shifted slightly so that the oversized jacked slid a little down his shoulder. He disguised the flicker of a smirk that spread over his lips to the best of his ability and straightened the jacket again. “It was a woman.” He continued, “I recognized her from Perceval’s brigade, and one of my men confirmed it. I believe she was in charge of the operation that took place a few months ago at the church?”

Algernon watched as Donavan fiddled with his jacket, unable to keep a smirk from sliding across his lips. Donavan was doing it purposefully, he could tell, but, really, it was all the better for him. Still, business first. "Ahh...Ms. Corinne Delancy. I wonder how she got involved in all this mess...I suppose she will have to be eliminated, too. A shame, really, she was such a competent soldier. This is important information; you're so reliable, as always." Algernon smiled suggestively as he twirled a piece of his own hair in feigned boredom. "Thank you so much for coming out here to give me this report, and, of course, for doing me such a large favour to begin with."

“It’s been my pleasure, as always, of course.” Donavan smiled, watching Algernon’s fingers work though his hair and allowing his eyes to slide closed slightly, in a sultry manner. The meeting was over, that was certain, but Donavan had no desire to leave just yet…not with how Algernon had been looking at him, and how he looked now. Donavan could already feel the subtle ache and stirring, and licked his lips.

"Oh, but please," Algernon started slowly, rising and taking the few steps so that he could lean over Donavan, "Allow me to make it up to you. I really must, after everything you've done for me..." Algernon gave Donavan a final smile before closing the distance between them in a hard kiss. He only waited a moment before deepening it, and was delighted to find Donavan responding readily. He pulled away after a few seconds, however, and placed a finger over Donavan's lips. "Mustn't tell Percy," he murmured, waiting to make sure he had Donavan's full consent.

Donavan smirked against the finger and ran his tongue over it teasingly. “I wouldn’t dare,” he breathed, pulling Algernon by his vest forward on top of him and meeting his lips with a bruising kiss. When Algernon again pressed for entry, Donavan grated him access only briefly before pushing back himself, struggling for dominance as he snaked his arms around Algernon’s waist.

Algernon was vaguely surprised when Donavan pushed back; he supposed he was just used to complete submission. Still, though he would not be dominated, this would be fun. Placing his hands against the back of the couch on either side of Donavan's head, he rocked his hips forward and pressed his body against Donavan's, winning over the kiss for a brief moment before he pulled away. He repositioned himself slightly so that he could slide Donavan's jacket off his shoulders and tugged off his cravat before moving in again to suck at Donavan's neck. He bit softly, then ran his tongue over the spot, pleased with the red mark forming.

Donavan moaned with pleasure and worked Algernon’s jacket off his shoulders as he tilted his head back to give him more access. Blindly, he managed to find Algernon’s cravat and untie it before he felt his way down Algernon’s chest and began unbuttoning his vest as he continued to squirm with pleasure below him. By the time Donavan had finished with the buttons of Algernon’s vest, he’d grown impatient with Algernon’s mouth at his neck, and grasped Algernon by the arms, roughly rolling him off and onto the couch next to him. Donavan clambered over him and kissed Algernon urgently on the lips, forcing his entrance. Donavan knew he could maintain dominance for only so long, so he broke the kiss abruptly and moved to Algernon’s neck, undoing the first few buttons of his blouse as he bit and licked at the sensitive skin fervidly.

Algernon grunted softly as Donavan moved on top of him; it was a novel feeling to say the least, and he decided to let it be for a little while. He made a few small noises of pleasure as Donavan kissed him, and set about ridding him of his clothing. As soon as he finished unbuttoning Donavan's blouse, he wrapped his arms around his shoulders and pulled him down, flipping so that he was on top. Smirking wickedly, he tugged the articles of clothing off before moving back in to nip and kiss the revealed flesh. He slid his hands down Donavan's sides, only hesitating to tease his nipples, before hooking his thumbs under the waist of Donavan's knickers and sliding them down a little lower.

Donavan gasped at the touches, squirming and bucking his hips up encouragingly. However, just because his brief time on top was probably all he was going to get, he wouldn’t simply sit back and let Algernon run the whole show. Smirking, Donavan unbuttoned Algernon’s blouse and leaned up, catching a nipple between his teeth lightly and running his tongue across it as he teased the sensitive spot. Falling back again, Donavan shifted so he could lay back flat on the sofa and pulled Algernon roughly into a kiss, spreading his legs and lifting one to press against Algernon’s. From there, Donavan ran a hand down Algernon’s chest, clawing lightly at the bare skin with his nails before slipping his hand deftly under the waist of Algernon’s knickers and pressing teasingly against his erection.

Algernon inhaled sharply when he felt Donavan touch him, and rocked his hips slightly. He wasn't used to such bold moves, and swallowed before sitting back on Donavan's hips, smirking at him mock-scoldingly. "Now, now," he murmured, ghosting his fingers over Donavan's skin. "Let's not get too hasty." With a triumphant smirk, he roughly pulled Donavan's knickers from his body and leaned in, taking Donavan's length into his mouth and running his tongue along it, hoping to get a reaction.

Donavan let out a yelp of surprise as he felt the rush of warm wetness surround him and grabbed at Algernon’s hair as his hips unconsciously thrust upwards. Gasping, he managed to get a hold of himself and check his reactions as he wound his fingers through Algernon’s hair, working it out of the ribbon and letting it fall across his shoulders. Donavan refused to be outdone, but right now the sensations were too overwhelming and he let out a throaty moan of pleasure, dropping his head back against the seat of the couch and resigning himself to be overtaken by the sensations.

Algernon would have smirked if he could, but settled for taking more of Donavan into his mouth, moaning slightly deep in his throat. He pulled back slightly, then moved forward to take even more, expertly ignoring his gag reflex. Though he was mostly focused on pleasuring Donavan, he managed at the same time to work his own knickers off his hips. That being done, he pulled away, moving quickly to his desk drawer and retrieving the necessary vial of lubricant. He returned to pin Donavan down before he could try anything, grinding his hips against Donavan's as he slicked his fingers. Moving back on his hips again, he slid one, then two fingers inside, scissoring them before curling them and pressing them further, hoping to elicit another reaction.

Donavan couldn’t hold back the small cry that escaped his lips, and he writhed beneath Algernon’s expert touches. Never before had he allowed anyone to have such control over him, but right now, here with Algernon, he felt a twinge of envy for Perceval. To give himself up so completely to someone was an experience he never thought he’d enjoy, and yet it felt amazing. Moaning unrestrainedly as Algernon’s fingers found a particularly pleasurable spot; Donavan yanked on Algernon’s hair and pulled him in for a desperate kiss, which he broke of his own accord with another moan of intoxicating pleasure.

Algernon smirked and nipped softly at Donavan's lips before pulling back again, removing his fingers and reaching once again for the oil. Once he was sufficiently slicked, he lined himself up and slowly pressed inside Donavan. Inhaling sharply, he let his eyes slide shut with the amazingly pleasurable sensation. Donavan was so tight, and he had to consciously keep himself from letting go and thrusting in unrestrainedly. Once he was sure he had control over himself, he slid out slowly, then thrust back in, slowly working up his pace and penetrating deeper with each thrust.

Donavan practically howled with the initial penetration, and his hips jerked upwards erratically. As Algernon established a pace however, Donavan managed to get control of himself and arched up to meet each of Algernon’s thrusts, letting out husky, involuntary groans between gasps of pleasure. As he began to become accustomed to the movements required for being on the bottom however, he grew a little daring and slammed up against Algernon’s hips, gasping as he flexed and drew Algernon a little deeper inside.

Algernon gasped slightly with pleasure as Donavan arched back against him, and increased his speed further. Grasping Donavan's thighs and hoisting them over his shoulders, he leaned forward, bending Donavan and allowing himself to penetrate even deeper. He wanted to see Donavan lose control and become overwhelmed with pleasure, and he was confident that he could accomplish it.

“Ah-Algernon!” Donavan sputtered. All capability of coherent thought slipped form him as he was engulfed by the feeling of absolute ecstasy. Gasping, he bit his lip hard enough to taste blood to keep from himself from crying out, and managed just barely to lift his head to look up at Algernon. He whimpered, holding Algernon’s gaze for just a second before falling back against the sofa and he squeezing his eyes shut. His dick ached so badly, and he knew he was getting close to the edge. He was desperate for contact—anything, and he was willing to beg; Algernon had him completely at his mercy. “Al-Algernon…” he somehow managed to whine pleadingly, hoping Algernon would understand what he needed so desperately.

Algernon smirked at Donavan. Reaching out, he brushed his fingers up the length of Donavan's erection, barely toughing the skin. "Is that what you want?" Donavan whined, and he took that for a yes. However, Algernon wasn't going to be so indulgent so quickly, he had control over Donavan now and he was going to make the most of it. "Show me you want it. I want to hear you beg," he said lowly, leaning over against Donavan's ear.

Donavan inhaled sharply as he felt Algernon’s hand on him, and only just managed to open his eyes a sliver so that he could look beseechingly up at Algernon. He was gasping for breath and his lips quivered slightly as he swallowed hard. He hated to beg, but he didn’t think he could take it much longer, especially after Algernon had teased him already. Grunting and trying to find the words, Donavan disentangled a hand from Algernon’s hair and grasped weakly at his arm. “P-please…” he chocked urgently, arching his back and squirming in his desperation. “Algernon,” Donavan voice was husky and he lacked the clarity of mind to think it coherent sentences. “Please…” He whined pathetically, gasping as he again arched up against Algernon.

Algernon smirked. "Since you asked so nicely," he murmured, reaching forward again, this time to wrap his hand around Donavan's erection. He began stroking in time with his thrusts, making a point to penetrate deeper, harder, slamming in and out of Donavan. He knew Donavan was nearing his edge, and he was eager to achieve his prize.

Donavan bucked up into Algernon’s hand, pressing against him urgently and arching into his thrusts as his cries grew louder. As Algernon continued to penetrate deeper inside of him, Donavan felt himself begin to loose all semblance of control, and with a strangled cry, he came, gasping as he was overwhelmed with pure ecstasy.

Algernon watched Donavan writhe beneath him, pleased with himself, before thrusting in a final time and allowing himself to come deep inside Donavan. He waited a moment for his vision to come back, then pulled away and padded over to his desk, pulling a towel out of his desk drawer before coming back over to clean himself and Donavan. Satisfied that his office furniture would remain unstained, he climbed back over Donavan, nuzzling softly against his face. "Thank you again for all your efforts...I do hope that I could sufficiently pay you back."
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