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Title: RP Omake 2
Claimer: Ours, not yours.
Pairing: Algernon/Perceval
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Crossdressing, boys smexing (yaoi, m/m sex, you know what I mean)
Beta: yomimashou

Algernon lay on Perceval's futon, staring up at the ceiling thoughtfully. He could hear Perceval's breathing in the dark, heavy and fast as he tried to get control over himself. Algernon smirked and pulled the slender body a little closer, placing a light kiss on the edge of his ear. He'd give Perceval a little longer to recover before starting up again; after all, it was only fair after Perceval was so good for him. Besides, he was still thinking.

Perceval had a large cherry tree in a secluded spot near the back of his property, and Algernon knew it ought to be about time for it to be blooming. He knew Perceval liked cherry blossom viewing, and he himself was somewhat fond of the occasion, though for arguably somewhat different reasons. Still, he was eager to know when the tree would be in full bloom, and so, pressing his lips back to Perceval's ear, he murmured, "Is that cherry tree of yours blooming yet, Percy?"

“What?” Perceval asked breathily. Right now, here with Algernon, he was in such a state of euphoria that he found it difficult to processes the information. “Oh, the tree… Yes, it should be ready in a few days…” He breathed somewhat absently, as he relaxed into Algernon’s arms. Even in his current state however, he remembered the formalities, and Perceval nuzzled a little closer to Algernon as he mumbled, “Would you care to join me for Hanami sometime?”

Algernon smirked, placing another kiss at the base of Perceval's neck. "I was hoping you'd ask," he murmured, trailing his tongue lightly up Perceval's neck. He squeezed Perceval for a second before rolling back on top of him to catch his eye. "Shall I bring the sake?" He trailed his fingers lightly down Perceval's chest, smirking again. It was so cute when Perceval got distracted when he was trying to say something, and he couldn't help but tease.

“A-ah!” Perceval couldn’t suppress the little noises of pleasure Algernon’s caressing elicited as he arched up slightly against him. “That would…” he gasped, “That would…be perfect.” Perceval managed at last, winding his fingers through Algernon’s hair. “I can make…” He moaned again mid-sentience before finishing, “…a bento for us.” He opened his eyes a quarter of the way, just enough to look up at Algernon, and panted, “How does shidashi bento sound?”

"That would be wonderful," Algernon breathed, leaning in to kiss Perceval hard on the lips. He rocked his hips down against Perceval's to hear him moan and cry before pulling back slightly. "I simply can't wait."

Perceval put the finishing touches on the final tier of the elaborate bento he was preparing. He’d decided to make five layers for this occasion, and each had a different theme. The one he’d just finished, the top one, was a light meal, with both a traditional seaweed salad and a western salad. Then in the second, he prepared several appetizers including tamago, manju, and gyoza. The third contained a sampling of several kinds of sushi, the fourth was seasoned rice with umeboshi and other tsukemono with smoked salmon, and finally the fifth concluded the meal with a multitude of traditional desserts and western confections. He was very proud of his work, and he’d taken care to arrange all the food elegantly in his finest red and black lacquer bento set. He set the arrangement aside and went to his room to change.

For the occasion, Perceval had chosen a simple, modern-styled yukata with a sakura-inspired print. It was a white cotton, with the palest of pink flowers arranged in a festive pattern, and he wore it only down to his knees with a thick red obi, which he placed carefully just under his ribs. The sleeves were long and elegant, providing a perfect contrast to the short length of the garment itself. Perceval preferred the modern-inspired yukata, with its cleaner lines, tight fit, and provocative length, and couldn’t be bothered to observe customs and wear a drab, geometric patterned man’s yukata. He moved in front of a mirror and stood for a moment, making sure everything was perfect, and smoothing out any imperfections in both his hair and garb. When he was at last satisfied, he set his wooden geta by the door to his garden and returned to the main room to wait for Algernon, arranging himself carefully on the tatami floor.

Algernon pulled up to Perceval's house and put his car into park, carefully opening the door and sliding out. He smoothed his suit and straightened his tie before reaching back into his car and removing the bottle of sake he bought for the occasion. It was expensive and a type he knew Perceval liked, and he tucked it under his arm as he made his way to the door. He pushed his ponytail back over his shoulder before knocking, putting on a charismatic smile.

Perceval rose quickly upon hearing the knock, and smoothed his clothes carefully before shuffling over to the door to let Algernon in. He smiled sweetly and bowed, stepping to the side and allowing Algernon to step inside. “I’m so glad you could make it,” Perceval said politely, admiring Algernon’s suit. He always looked exceptionally dashing in formal clothing, and Perceval practically shuddered with delight. He spotted the bottle under Algernon’s arm and smiled graciously. “Ah, thank you for bringing the sake. Can I take it for you?”

Algernon smiled. "Why, thank you, Percy," he replied, handing the bottle to him before sliding his shoes off and stepping inside. He followed Perceval through the house, admiring his kimono as they walked. When the reached the door to the garden, he put a hand on Perceval's shoulder turning him around to face him. "You look beautiful, as always, Percy," he murmured, fingering a bit of Perceval's hair before pressing it to his lips. "Quite stunning, I must say."

Perceval let his eyes flutter shut as he reveled in Algernon’s complement, the sensation of his hair being held sending a shiver down his spine. “Thank you,” Perceval cooed, swaying slightly as he slowly opened his eyes again. “I-I have to get the bento…” He sighed apologetically, deeply regretting pulling away. He gathered up the stack carefully and smiled at Algernon as he stepped into his geta. “Right this way, if you will, please.” Perceval gestured out into the garden. The single, ancient cherry tree was at the far end of his garden, and the short walk over to it was, Perceval hoped, particularly splendid. They crossed a small artificial stream that flowed into a large koi pond, and walked over the meticulously placed stepping stones through Perceval’s carefully manicured rock and moss garden and to the flower-lined path that led to the cherry tree. It was in full bloom, and bright afternoon sun shone through the blossoms, illuminating their frail white beauty. Perceval had already laid out an ornate picnic blanket in the shade of the tree, and he knelt down, carefully setting the bento aside. Smoothing the creases in his yukata, he looked up at Algernon with a smile. “Do take a seat,” he offered. “I hope the garden is to your liking?”

Algernon smiled, kneeling down opposite him and looking around, admiring the immaculate garden. "It's perfect, Percy. Possibly more perfect than it was last time you had it in this arrangement." He leaned forward, running a hand along the side of Perceval's soft, pale cheek. "Almost as perfect as you." He gave a lingering smile before sitting back and looking to the bento. "So, Percy, what have you made us today?"

Perceval melted into the touch, relishing Algernon’s smile before sitting back up and following his gaze to the bento, and returning to business. He pulled the stack over, situating it between them both and lifted the lid of the first tier. “I went ahead and made five courses.” Perceval smiled proudly. “I hope you’re hungry?” He asked rather cutely, passing Algernon a pair of matching lacquer chopsticks as he took down the top box so that it was more accessible. “I thought we could share.” He added with a smile and took up his own pair of chopsticks.

Algernon accepted the chopsticks with a smile. "I'd love to share with you, Percy." His eyes lingered on Perceval for a moment before he leaned forward to take a piece of seaweed in his chopstick and tasting it. "Perfect, of course; I expected nothing less of food you prepared," he complimented with a smile. Then, taking another piece, he held it to Perceval's lips. "You must try it yourself."

“Thank you,“ Perceval smirked for a moment before taking the seaweed into his mouth and running his tongue over the chopsticks suggestively. He was slightly surprised by his own boldness, but continued for a moment before pulling back slowly and licking his lips discreetly. “I’m glad it turned out so well.” Perceval smiled innocently.

Algernon returned the smile with equal innocence, returning the chopsticks to his lips and licking them as well. The rest of the course was finished in relative silence; Algernon maintained an air of innocence but made a point of playfully knocking his chopsticks against Perceval's and taking the pieces of seaweed that he was about to take.

They then moved on to the second course, and, once again, everything was perfect. "Lovely," Algernon remarked softly, his eyes lingering on Perceval's as he slowly took a bite of tamago. "Once again, Percy, absolutely perfect."

“I’m so glad you think so,” Perceval murmured softly, basking in the complement. Carefully, he lifted an entire slice of tamago from the dish and took the length of it into his mouth, using his tongue to guide the food to the back of his mouth where he chewed it slowly, tilting his head back slightly in a sultry manner.

Algernon watched Perceval eat out of the corner of his eye, and he couldn't help but lick his lips slightly. He smirked at him as he reached forward just in time to take the gyouza that Perceval was reaching for, then sat back as he took a small bite. "...I do believe your cooking makes me... hungrier... than I was before I came," he replied slowly, catching Perceval's eye for a second with a suggestive smile.

"Oh my..." Perceval said, sounding concerned. "Well, I do so hope there's something that can be done to...satisfy your appetite." Perceval leaned forward slightly and let his lips part ever so slightly as his eyes slid half-lid. "If there's anything I can do, you'll have to let me know.”

"Of course, Percy," Algernon breathed in reply, running a hand down Perceval's cheek and over his lips. "I'm sure there will be... some way that you can help." He drew back with a lingering smirk; after all, it would be a waste not to finish eating all the food Perceval had prepared, and besides, Algernon was having a good time teasing him.

They worked their way through the stack of bento, taking their time and savoring each course until they had both had their fill at last. Algernon was finishing the final sakura mochi when Perceval reached for the bottle of sake and took out two elegant sake shot glasses, gracefully pouring a glass for both Algernon and himself. “Kanpai,” Perceval toasted rather casually, peering over the rim of his glass at Algernon as he sipped at his drink slowly. When he finished his shot, he set the glass down gently and refilled Algernon’s, smiling sweetly. “This is my favorite kind, thank you.”

Algernon smiled back as he accepted his second glass, taking a sip and watching Perceval out of the corner of his eye. He couldn't hold back a smirk that crawled across his lips as he drank his alcohol; he knew the effect that stuff had on Perceval, and he was in great anticipation. It was always fun to play when Perceval was inebriated.

However heard he tried, Perceval found it nearly impossible to simply sip at his sake. He went through shot after shot, faster then he knew he should have been going, and already starting to feel some of the effects. He was a little lightheaded, and filling the glasses now seemed to require a bit more of his attention. Even so, he wasn’t concerned. Perceval had a feeling Algernon appreciated the general lapse of restraint he experienced as he became tipsy. Perceval’s head was spinning a bit as he set down his glass—the most recent in an innumerable series—and looked to Algernon with a light smile. ”Any more for you?” he asked rather sloppily.

Algernon watched Perceval with amusement as he began to consume the drink more and more quickly, but shook his head politely when he was offered more. Though he never got drunk, he knew it was better to stay on the safe side. Smiling, he replied, "Please, if you like it, I'd prefer for you to have it. I'm fine, thank you." His smile betrayed his polite words for a second, becoming a smirk, as he sat back to see just how quickly Perceval would finish the bottle.

Perceval smiled and bowed gratefully as he started pouring himself another glass. "Jus lemme know if you change your mind..." He said after another few cupfuls had been drained. Perceval swayed slightly and fell against Algernon, looking up at him adoringly as he waited for permission to have another. There was hardly any left now, and he wanted to make sure Algernon was satisfied before he finished it off.

Algernon smirked and wrapped an arm around Perceval's waist, looking back down at his face, pink with the alcohol-induced blush. "I'm absolutely positive. It's better if you enjoy it." He reached for the sake bottle with his free arm and poured the remaining liquid into Perceval's glass and pressed it into his hands as he placed a kiss on his flushed cheek. "It's all yours."

Perceval smiled gratefully up at Algernon before bringing the glass to his lips and downing the last of the sake. Feeling satisfied and completely at peace, he leaned against Algernon and sighed contentedly. Everything so far had gone perfectly, and the whole event had been the perfect way remedy for a rather disappointing week. Until today, which he’d taken off, work had been a nightmare, and now that he’d accidentally recalled the horrors of the days previous, he was overwhelmed by the urge to rant. He knew Algernon understood, and counted on his ability to find some way to comfort him.

“I’m s’glad you came…” Perceval practically whined. “If it wasn’t f’today, I’m afraid thiz week would’ve been positively terrible! You wouldn’t even believe the idiocy I hafta work with on a daily basis…” Perceval then proceeded, in detail, to enumerate every problem with each of his agents, working his way right down from their performance on the job to way they spoke and the way they dressed, detailing every flaw and offering almost no positive feedback whatsoever.

“And y’know what?” He was reaching his conclusion at last, though he probably could have continued for even longer if his current, rather drunken state didn’t impair all coherent thought. “Hirlea’s got the worst taste in clothing I’ve ever seen.” He reiterated for the fifth time. “It’s old, worn, and ugly. I hated his tie yesterday, too.” Perceval pursed his lips and crossed his arms childishly as he concluded his little discharge.

Breathing sharply through clenched teeth, Perceval realized that he’d gotten so worked up raving about how terrible everyone was that he’d actually begun to feel quite hot. He knew he usually flushed with anger, but the fact that they were outdoors and it was now mid-afternoon made the extra heat from his mini-tantrum intolerable. Without thinking of any of the implications the movement might have, Perceval shifted in his yukata, pulling it open at the collar slightly. “It’s so hot!” he whined, pushing part of his garment completely off of one shoulder.

Algernon fought back his smirk and managed to look solemn throughout Perceval's rant, amused by all of the things that bothered him. He was slightly surprised, however, when he began to remove his clothes, though certainly not upset by it in the slightest. He traced his fingers over the exposed skin before leaning over to murmur in Perceval's ear, "I'm so sorry you've had to suffer through such terrible things, Percy...I hope there's some way that I can make you feel better." He kissed the exposed shoulder, sucking at the skin slightly before moving lower, pulling at the yukata collar slightly. "We certainly wouldn't want you to be too hot, either..."

Perceval shuddered against Algernon’s lips. “Bein’ with you makes everything better…” he breathed, trailing off into a little gasp of pleasure as he tilted his head back and let his eyes slide shut. He had a feeling that he was actually going to get a lot hotter now, but he was looking forward to it immensely. Besides, he still had Algernon’s hunger to satisfy, and as a host, he’d hate to disappoint.

Algernon smiled against Perceval's shoulder bone, nipping slightly once more before drawing back. "I'm so glad," he replied, his voice low. He found the position in which they were currently somewhat awkward, so, pushing the empty picnic things out of the way, he moved to lay Perceval down on the blanket before positioning himself over him. Pressing their bodies together slightly, he returned to kissing Perceval's neck and collarbone, moving slowly down as he fingered the front of the yukata, pulling it open further.

Perceval arched up against Algernon, partially because of the sensory stimulation and partially because the knot of his obi was uncomfortable beneath his weight. Squirming slightly, Perceval let out a little noise of pleasure, finding Algernon’s actions even more intoxicating than the alcohol he’d just consumed. His heart was beating hard against his chest with anticipation, and he spread his legs slightly, pressing his calf against Algernon as he tilted his head back further, wrapping his arms around Algernon’s neck.

Pulling back slightly, Algernon slipped his hands under Perceval to work his obi undone. It seemed to take forever, but finally, he managed to unwrap it from his body and cast it aside, quickly moving back in to finish the job he had started. He made his way down the exposed skin, kissing and nipping, until, satisfied with forming red marks, he returned to Perceval's lips, kissing hard and pressing for entrance almost immediately.

Perceval granted it, mewling, and worked his fingers into Algernon’s hair, freeing it from the tie that held it back as he pressed fervently back against Algernon, reveling in the kiss. Melting as he always did into Algernon’s every touch, Perceval ran a rather shaky hand across Algernon’s cheek and to his shoulder, where he gently began working Algernon’s suit coat off of his shoulders.

Algernon drew back from the kiss slightly to let his jacket fall off before he moved back in, pressing another quick kiss to Perceval's lips before once more moving down. He pulled at the yukata collar again, exposing more of Perceval's chest, and decided to indulge before moving any further, trailing kisses and bites down from his collarbone, only pausing to tease his nipple with his tongue. He rocked his hips forward slightly, testing for a reaction.

Perceval cried out, Algernon’s action reminding him of just how much he longed for contact of that nature. He was practically experiencing sensory overload with Algernon’s mouth against his chest, and Perceval continued to writhe and squirm beneath him, crying out his pleasure unrestrainedly as he continued to arch up against Algernon, seeking more friction.

Algernon smirked against Perceval's skin, pulling back a little before sliding his hands down to Perceval's waist. Carefully, he undid the small belt that held the yukata closed and lifted Perceval by the waist slightly so that he could cast the clothing aside into the grass. That being done, he pressed back against Perceval, moving to suck at his pubic bone and hips before trailing lower. When he reached Perceval's underwear, pink lace panties that Algernon didn't remember having seen before, he smirked again before hooking his thumb under the waist band and removing them, also. Then, without hesitation, he took Perceval's erection into his mouth, running his tongue along his length and moaning softly.

“Ah-Algernon!” Perceval gasped, his hips bucking up unconsciously as he gripped Algernon’s arm firmly, trying to steady himself without much success. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly, his mouth falling open, gasping and crying out as Algernon’s hot mouth enveloped him and his tongue worked its way down his length. Perceval felt he was already lost to ecstasy, and moaned his every pleasure without restraint.

Perceval's cries were arousing to say the least, and Algernon felt the amazing thrill of power that only Perceval could give him. He took Perceval deeper into his mouth, humming deep in his throat in hopes of eliciting a reaction. Still, his own clothes were growing increasingly uncomfortable, and so, with a final teasing lick, he drew back and began removing the rest of his own clothes.

Perceval whined desperately when Algernon pulled away, but he knew it was for a good cause, so his clamped his mouth shut and opened his eyes slightly with the intention helping Algernon out of his clothes. Perceval was already shaking and breathing hard however, so when he propped himself up onto his elbows, the best he could do was whimper and look at him longingly, begging for Algernon’s speedy return.

Algernon smirked as he finished pulling his pants off. "Patience, Percy," he murmured, but moved back on top of the other pushing him back into the blanket and pressing a hard kiss to his lips, deepening it almost instantly and grinding his hips against Perceval's. When Perceval broke away to moan, Algernon pulled back again, retrieving a small tube from the pile of discarded clothing. Applying a generous amount of the lubricant to his fingers, he slid one, then two inside of Perceval, scissoring them and stretching him out before pressing in farther and curling his fingers slightly, aiming for spot he knew would reward him with a reaction.

Perceval’s hips bucked up again, and he cried out loudly, curling his toes and grasping at the blanket beneath him reflexively. As he regained control of himself, Perceval thrust up slightly, squirming beneath Algernon‘s touch, desperate for more, and knowing it was only a matter of time. Moaning loudly, Perceval hoped Algernon was almost satisfied with his preparation, and managed to lift his head enough to look across his heaving chest at Algernon with a look of near-desperation.

Inserting a third finger and stretching a little more, Algernon smirked before withdrawing his fingers. Reaching again for the lubricant, he sufficiently slicked himself, then lined up before pushing slowly inside Perceval. He inhaled sharply and squeezed his eyes shut; even though he was still in control, it never ceased to amaze him how hot, how tight Perceval was, and he had to consciously resist from slamming into him mercilessly. He kept control, however, and instead slowly slid out before thrusting back in, deeper than before.

Perceval gasped as Algernon moved slowly out of him and then let out a breathy cry as he pushed back inside once again. To Perceval, the initial pace seemed sickeningly slow and his hips jerked upwards erratically, the control of his muscles seeming to be beyond his current mental capability, as right now, all he could feel was the intense pleasure and satisfaction of having Algernon inside him.

Algernon inhaled sharply as Perceval rocked his hips up against him, smirked slightly. "You want more, Percy?" he murmured, teasingly tracing his hand lightly along Perceval's erection. He kept his pace sickeningly slow but continued to thrust deeper, teasingly. He wanted to hear Perceval beg.

“Ahh-” Perceval whimpered, biting down on his lip to keep himself from crying out louder as he felt Algernon’s hand against his erection. Frantically, he reached down and clasped Algernon’s hand, directing it towards his aching dick forcibly enough to surprise himself. He wanted this badly enough that he was willing to do exactly what Algernon wanted. “Oh please…” he moaned, pressing Algernon’s hand to his erection with a gasp before thrusting up hard into his hand and against Algernon’s hips, doing his best to get a reaction strong enough to encourage Algernon to pick up his pace.

Algernon withdrew his hand from Perceval’s with a smirk and touched Perceval on the nose with a fake-scolding voice. "Now, now, ask nicely and you'll get what you want." However, he returned his hand, wrapping it firmly around Perceval's erection and began stroking in time with his increasing pace. He began to thrust harder, faster, grasping Perceval's legs and hoisting them over his shoulders in order to penetrate even deeper. "Is this what you wanted? You must let me know."

Perceval nodded weakly, his head lulling back as he moaned breathily, swept away by the overwhelming sensations. Reaching forward blindly, Perceval grasped Algernon’s hair and wound his fingers into it, driving his hips up against Algernon’s and arching to meet his every thrust, crying out unrestrainedly and relishing the new pace.

Algernon pressed forward further, bending Perceval almost in half as he thrust harder and deeper, matching his thrusts with the pace of his hand. Leaning forward, he bit down on Perceval's shoulder as he increased his pace, tasting the sweet blood and knowing with satisfaction that it wouldn't be long before he got what he wanted.

Perceval allowed himself to be bent forward, breathing hard as Algernon penetrated deeper and he neared his edge. He yelped abruptly as he felt Algernon’s teeth sink into his skin, but the feeling of pain was overwhelmed and served only to heighten and intensify his pleasure. Consumed by ecstasy and crying Algernon’s name, Perceval arched up against him and came, feeling the rush of release even as his vision blurred and his muscles spasmed, contracting and flexing irrhythmically as his hips jerked upwards.

Algernon exhaled contentedly as Perceval came, watching his flushed face cry out in pleasure. Lingering for a moment, he thrust in for a final time, allowing himself to come as well, spilling his seed deep inside Perceval. He only waited a second for his vision to come back before pulling out and moving to lay flat on top of Perceval. Licking at the blood on his shoulder, he then moved to kiss Perceval on the lips, softly, letting him taste his own blood.

Perceval kissed back fervently, savoring the taste of Algernon’s mouth and his own blood as he traced shaky hands across Algernon’s back. Regrettably, he had to break the kiss prematurely so that he could catch his breath, which was still coming a bit short. He would have said something, but he didn’t want to spoil the moment and swallowed instead, looking up at Algernon through blissful, half-shut eyes. Perceval smiled softly, basking in Algernon’s presence and the feel of his body against his own, satisfied and hopping he’d managed to surfeit Algernon’s appetite at last.

Algernon smirked, pressing a soft kiss to Perceval's neck. "Thank you for having me, Percy...I do believe I finally feel satisfied."
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