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Same as before. :D

The Lt. Colonel did little more than to roll her eyes when Niles and Dragomir reappeared after lunch, Niles covered in red marks around his collar and Dragomir looking rather pleased with himself. After that, however, the day went slowly; she gave them a pile of boring paperwork as compensation for the break in the morning, and it seemed like days had gone by before they were finally released that afternoon.

They packed up their things in a hurry, and Niles practically skipped all the way to his automobile, not even thinking about it as he opened the door for Dragomir before getting in himself. The drive to the Hirleas' house seemed to take forever, but finally, they made it, and he jumped out of the automobile again to follow Dragomir to the door, bubbling all the way.

Dragomir couldn’t help but grin broadly from ear to ear as he made his way to the door with Niles right at his heels. It was all so exciting! He opened the door and held it for Niles as he looked briefly around the room. There was the general commotion of pots and pans banging together—a sure sign of Pierre struggling in the kitchen. Tatiana was not out on the sofas, so Dragomir assumed she was resting in her room. He decided it would be best not to bother either of them for now; he’d go pack up first before he told them the news. By that time, Viorica would be home as well, and he could tell them all at once. He flashed a grin at Niles, before leading the way briskly to his room.

It was very dirty, as he hadn’t thought to clean it since the last time Niles came over, so the floor was littered with clothes and other odds and ends. Dragomir kicked away the piles, clearing a path into the room for Niles, and offered him a seat on the bed while he retrieved the sack he’d used during his tour of service in Hispania. Dragomir set the bag in the middle of the floor and began hurriedly stuffing it full of all the clothes on the floor, not bothering to fold or pack them in any sort of order. Once the floor was packed, he removed the few clothes that were actually put away and shoved them into the pack with all the others. He straightened and smiled at Niles. “That looks like all of my clothes… I don’t think Tatiana’s done laundry for a while, so all of them should be here.” He pushed the bag lightly with his foot and smiled again. He had a few other odds and ends to get, but that was just about it. Making his way over to a chest in the far corner of his room, Dragomir opened it and began unloading various armaments, sorting them into two piles. He planed to leave some for the rest of the family, but there were several pieces he didn’t want to part with. Dragomir managed to stuff two rapiers and four daggers into his bag, along with one extra pistol. The rest of his considerable collection he replaced in the trunk before he got to his feet and hoisted the bag over his shoulder. “And that’s everything,” he declared with a smile, using his foot to open the door again and waiting for Niles to go out before him.

Niles hurried out the door before Dragomir to hold it for him as he carried his large sack out of the room. Once Dragomir was out in the hallway, he moved beside him, looking up excitedly. "Are you sure that's everything? Do you need my help with anything? I can carry something, if you want." The words came out of his mouth very rushed, however, because of his excitement, and he hoped Dragomir had understood what he had said. As excited as he was, he did want to be helpful, and continued looking up hopefully at Dragomir as they made their way back to the main room.

"Nope, this is all of it." Dragomir grunted, shifting the weight onto his other shoulder. "And I've got it," he added with a grin. "Just open doors for me?" At that moment, they heard the front door open and then close again. Viorica was home. Dragomir followed Niles down the hall and out into the main room, where Viorica had taken a seat. She got to her feet and smiled when she noticed both of them, but looked puzzled when Dragomir set the bag down.

"What's that for?" she asked curiously. Dragomir smiled, and was just about to answer her question when Tatiana appeared wearily in the frame of the hall.

"Hello, Niles, Dragos," she said cordially, but ignored Viorica. Viorica crossed her arms and ignored Tatiana as well, waiting for Dragomir to answer the question posed.

"Tatiana, are you out of bed?" they heard Pierre call from the kitchen, just before he stuck his head around the corner. Noticing Niles, he emerged with a look of exasperation. "No, you can't stay for dinner." He sneered. "I've already got it made and there's not enough for you."

"He wouldn't want it anyway," Viorica said snottily. Again, she was ignored by both Pierre and Tatiana. Dragomir hated to see everyone in such a state of dissension, but the feeling couldn't surpass his excitement to share his news.

"Actually, Pierre, I'm leaving," Dragomir said with a broad grin. "Niles has asked me to live with him, so I'm moving out." Dragomir indicated his bag proudly.

"What?" Tatiana gasped, "Leaving?"

"Oh wow, that's wonderful!" Viorica exclaimed. Pierre seemed too stunned to speak.

"I've got everything," Dragomir assured. "I suppose it will be like it was when I was helping Niles a while back."

"I see..." Tatiana sounded a little concerned, but didn't seem to be willing to make much fuss.

"Good riddance," Pierre said at last. "You're never around anyway; I hardly see the point."

"I think it's fantastic! I'm so happy for you both!" Viorica exclaimed.

Niles blushed slightly and smiled. "Thank you," he replied timidly. He was glad for Viorica's congratulations, ignored Pierre's remarks and hoped Tatiana's silence wasn't a bad thing. "I hope things'll be all right for you, too... The extra space will be nice, won't it?" Though he knew the primary reason for the move was that he wanted Dragomir with him, he figured he might as well play up its attributes for the Hirleas, too.

“Yes, you can have your own room again, Viorica.” Dragomir grinned at her, and she smiled back brightly.

“We’ll miss you, you know, Dragos,” Viorica said slowly after a moment’s pause, her smile fading.

“It’s not like I won’t see you.” Dragomir laughed a little uneasily. It would be strange; the idea of not living with his family when all his life he’d strived to do everything he could for them was almost frightening, but to be with Niles… He’d do anything to be with Niles. And really, he would still see them, of course, he’d make sure.

“What about the money?” Pierre cut in abruptly. Everyone, including Tatiana, looked at him sharply and he shrank back slightly. “It is a valid concern,” he defended.

“That will be the same,” Dragomir said flatly, glaring at Pierre. Tatiana nodded and seemed rather relieved. He felt bad that that was what both of them had worried about first, but with the baby on the way, he could hardly blame them.

“I’ve always known that you’d move out someday… But I guess it’s been so long after the twins left that I started to take it all for granted.” Tatiana said softly, speaking a complete thought at last. “It will be difficult, but I am happy for you.” She looked up at Dragomir with a genuine smile, and he felt consoled.

“I don’t think it will be hard at all,” Pierre said, folding his arms. “In fact, it will be better for everyone concerned. We won’t have to keep paying for your expenses, and we’ll get your paycheck. It’ll almost be as good as when you were in Hispania.”

Tatiana’s jaw dropped and Viorica turned to Pierre quickly, raising her hand as if she was about to slap him. He flinched back immediately and recoiled defensively, moving close to Tatiana.

“How could you say something like that?” Viorica demanded. It made Dragomir almost sick to his stomach that Pierre would say something like that to his face, but the last thing he wanted was to leave on such a sour note. As such, he refused to let his temper show.

“I’m glad you’re all happy and supportive of my decision,” he said, struggling only slightly to keep his voice level. Leaning forward, he lifted his bag back on to his shoulder and turned to Niles with a smile. He was elated; moving in with Niles was a dream come true, and he would allow nothing to tarnish his excitement.

Niles blinked at the situation. He could hardly believe it; Dragomir was moving away from his family, and all they could do was worry about his money. Niles was positively floored by their behaviour, and suddenly felt completely justified in taking Dragomir away. They made him sick to his stomach, and so, he hooked his arm around Dragomir's and began to turn on his heel. When Dragomir looked down at him questioningly, he looked back flatly and spoke carefully thought-out words.

"I think we ought to leave, and give your family what they want. After all, it seems that Pierre doesn't value his job." With a 'so-there' look to Pierre, he moved back to meet Dragomir's eyes expectantly.

Dragomir looked back at Niles with a puzzled expression. Was he threatening Pierre? Dragomir could hardly believe it, but it brought a small smile to his lips nonetheless. At least he cared enough to stick up for him. Niles's steadily growing backbone, Dragomir thought, was always something interesting to watch take shape.

"What?" Pierre asked, stunned. "What do you mean by that? I-I said nothing of the sort!" Tatiana reached for his arm gently to calm him, and he let her have it, but seemed in no way assuaged.

"Please, Niles, he-Pierre didn't mean..." Tatiana said, trying to mediate and keep her voice calm and gentle.

They'd always accused him of being parsimonious, but to see them acting as such was enough to make Dragomir laugh, and they both turned to him quickly, trying to figure out if it was some sort of joke the two of them were playing. Dragomir shrugged at them both and looked back at Niles, slipping his free arm around his waist and holding him a little closer. He was curious to see how far Niles would take the threat.

"Well, I could only assume...that is to say, it seems only someone wanting to lose his job would insult his employer." Niles hesitated for a moment, almost not believing the words as they came out of his mouth. Tatiana and Pierre didn't seem to follow, however, so he continued. "Since Dragomir will be living with me, you will be following his orders, too. That is, if you manage to keep your job." Pierre paled visibly at this statement, so Niles decided to offer redemption; he had not intention of actually firing Pierre, but he did have to keep control. He had to get back into the swing of things after being disabled for so long. "Apologize, and you may keep your position." He looked to Pierre expectantly.

Pierre gulped and opened and closed his mouth like a fish for a few seconds. After over a month of leniency, Pierre had obviously forgotten his manners and wasn’t eager to return to being a tame little servant. Still, Dragomir didn’t think he was stupid enough to throw away his job out of hardheaded arrogance. Actually, Dragomir knew he was stupid enough to do it, but he hoped that Pierre would find it in himself to think of his family and speak carefully. Either way, Dragomir was thoroughly looking forward to Pierre’s reaction.

“I…” Pierre started, exhaling as though he were preparing for an extremely challenging event, “I’m sorry, Dragomir.” He said the name rather snottily, but with a sharp look from Dragomir, who was already imagining all the new possibilities of officially being his employer, Pierre amended his misconduct. “I mean, sir.” He added a little bow, just in case, and Dragomir smirked with satisfaction. Niles was really starting to toughen up, and Dragomir was quite impressed.

Niles grinned. "Excellent." He looked up to Dragomir, then back to the Hirleas. "Well, we ought to be taking our leave now...we wouldn't want to hold up your dinner or anything." He offered a smile, dropping his tough act. "We'll come sometime for dinner, if you'd like. I'll miss you all." Despite everything, he really did feel a little bad for taking Dragomir away, and hoped that they would still like him all right.

Dragomir raised his hand to wave, but changed his mind and pulled Viorica into an embrace. She seemed a little surprised, but hugged him back nevertheless before pulling away with a laugh.

“Don’t be so sappy.” She grinned jokingly. “You’re both coming to visit, or at least you’d better, so go off and celebrate together, or something.” She winked at them and then crossed her arms. “Besides, I have to start moving into my new room.”

Dragomir smiled at her, and shifted his bag again. It was really starting to get heavy… “Oh,” he remembered, “The chest in there is for all of you, just incase.” He grinned, and then looked to Niles. “You heard her—let's not waste any time.” Dragomir smirked, starting for the door.

Niles grinned back at Dragomir, and, with a final wave to the Hirleas, hurried to hold the door for Dragomir. Once they made it outside, he moved to open the boot of the automobile to allow Dragomir to heave his large sack inside before getting behind the wheel. As soon as Dragomir was inside as well, he was pulling away, hurried to get back home.

As they pulled up to the house, he smiled over at Dragomir. "So, after we unpack, how do you want to celebrate?"

Dragomir leaned over and pecked Niles on the cheek. “I don’t know,” he said grinning as he pulled back. “Just being here with you is enough for me.” Opening the door, he put a foot outside and started to climb out when an idea hit him. “We could make something.” He said brightly, leaning back in side the automobile. “Do you have an ice cream machine?” Dragomir asked, smirking, but with a voice that betrayed his sheer excitement at the idea of the extravagant dessert.

Niles brightened as he climbed out of the automobile and handed the keys over to the waiting servant, mentioning Dragomir's luggage in the rear. "Three," he replied eagerly, hurrying over to Dragomir's side as they walked inside. "I think I have bits of chocolate, too, and fruit, if you want to make something."

The discussion was interrupted by the arrival of a few servants, who Niles informed of Dragomir's staying, and he ordered them to bring another wardrobe into his bedroom. He informed another servant to send a wire to the tailor informing him of "slight change of plans," and the servant, luckily enough, seemed to understand what he meant. That being done, he led Dragomir upstairs to begin unpacking.

Dragomir deposited his bag on the bed and looked around, slightly in shock. The fact that he was really going to be moving in was just starting to sink in, and as he looked around, he realized just how big Niles’s room was. He hadn’t ever thought about it when it was just “Niles’s Room,” not even when he’d been staying with Niles all the past month, but now that it was going to be “Their Room,” it seemed enormous. Dragomir had never lived in any space like it before, and he was relieved he would be sharing it with Niles.
They watched as the servants finished placing the wardrobe before bowing and hurrying from the room quickly. Dragomir realized that he’d never really used a wardrobe before, and began to feel a little worried. He didn’t want to be responsible for cluttering up Niles’s room—their room—but it would be a difficult thing for him to get used to. Dragomir smiled tentatively at Niles before opening his bag and riffling through its contents and scooping out anything that looked wardrobe-worthy. He found two spare uniform jackets and a few assorted pairs of knickers, all of which he wadded up into a ball to transport across the room. Dragomir dumped it onto the floor, and with a hesitant look back to Niles he opened the wardrobe and hung one of the articles of clothing. He hoped he was doing it correctly.

Niles smiled as he watched Dragomir unpack. His clothes were wrinkled and messy, and Niles was guiltily glad that now they'd get a little better care. He wasn't sure how much wear they'd get for much longer, however, if his appointment with the tailor worked out the way he had planned. He smiled to himself; he was glad to finally have the excuse to do something nice for Dragomir without it being taken as charity.

Coming back to reality, he realized he ought to have asked if he could help. Hurrying over to Dragomir's side, he smiled sheepishly. The room layout suddenly seemed so different with the addition of another wardrobe; it hardly seemed to Niles like his old room, but somewhere completely different. After all, it wasn't just his room, anymore, it was Dragomir's and his, and, as he rested his head on Dragomir's shoulder and looked up at him contentedly, he decided it was definitely a change for the better.

It hadn’t taken them long to get Dragomir unpacked and situated; in fact, with the two of them, it’d taken only just under an hour to get everything together. After they finished, they returned downstairs to discover that Niles’s cooks had prepaid an especially elaborate feast to commemorate the occasion. Whatever reservations Dragomir had held before, they were completely assuaged now. After moving in and spending the evening with Niles, everything felt as it should, and they slept together contentedly. Dragomir didn’t wake up at all during the night, and he opened his eyes to a feeling of contented bliss. This was how things were meant to be.

Rolling over, Dragomir draped himself on top of Niles. It was the weekend, so they had all the time they wanted, and Dragomir wanted to savor their perfect morning together. No obligations, nothing that had to be done, no reason to get up; just the two of them, together.

Niles awoke to the feeling of Dragomir holding him, and smiled softly to himself. He didn't feel like opening his eyes just yet; he was comfortable and contented, and snuggled slightly against Dragomir and sighed. This was perfect, this was wonderful, and this was how it was going to be forever. It was an exciting thought, and he could barely believe it was true. But it was true, and so he basked in the awe of it all.

Finally, when he knew he ought to be getting up, he let his eyes flutter open and smiled at Dragomir. "Good morning," he murmured softly, leaning up to peck him in the lips. "How are you feeling?"

“Perfect.” Dragomir smiled, kissing Niles on the lips again and holding it briefly before pulling back, his smile having turned into a grin. “And you?” He let himself fall back into the pillow so that they were nose to nose and admired Niles’s futures—he was always extra adorable in the morning. Dragomir couldn’t imagine things being any other way; he really was feeling perfect, and now that they were going to be like this forever, he knew that the feeling was only going to get better.

"Wonderful, since I'm here with you," Niles replied. He was content with Dragomir, but, remembering the appointment with the tailor, he knew that they had to get up. Rolling over and sitting up, he smiled apologetically at Dragomir. "Unfortunately, we have to get up...I forgot to tell you, I have an appointment with my tailor today...I figured, since you're here, you might as well try a few things on, too. Would that be okay with you?" He looked at Dragomir in anticipation, hoping he'd agree.

Dragomir blinked up at Niles. A tailor? Was he serious? Dragomir knew all of Niles’s beautiful clothes were custom made and fitted, but he couldn’t actually be serious about letting him try some of the clothes on? He could never afford them. Beside, as far as Dragomir was concerned, he’d look positively ridiculous in anything too fancy. Nothing ever really fit him anyway; he had to do a lot of his own tailoring and often found himself taking out seams in the shoulder area of his blouses so that his range of movement while fencing wouldn’t be compromised. Dragomir hated sewing, however, so from a purely selfish standpoint, it would be extremely handy to have a tailor…

Dragomir bit his lip and slowly sat up. He’d been looking forward to not having to do anything this morning, but he couldn’t help but feel a little curious about the whole situation. “I-I guess so,” he said a little uneasily. “I’ll try some on, maybe, if he has anything in my size, but I don’t really need anything new right now…” Maybe someday he’d get a jacket or something nice, but all of the clothes he had now he’d only just purchased after he returned from the war, and they were all still new by his standards.

"Oh, I'm so glad!" Niles replied, throwing his arms around Dragomir in excitement. "I promise, you won't regret it! It'll be wonderful!" He climbed out of bed quickly, spinning around once before moving over towards his wardrobe and picking out an outfit. "We should get dressed, then," he added melodiously, bubbling. He was excited to get to dress Dragomir up and buy him some nice things, and he couldn't wait.

After dressing quickly and fixing his hair, he hurried over to Dragomir to help with his hair as well before taking hold of his arm and leading him downstairs. Niles could barely make it through breakfast for his excitement, and he hardly touched his food before leading Dragomir eagerly to a large sitting room, where the tailor would be waiting for him.

He burst in eagerly and introduced Dragomir to the tailor, who had, on instruction, brought slightly larger things as well for Dragomir to try on. He explained how the boxes, which were piled all around the room, were laid out, and Niles listened eagerly. Turning to Dragomir, he grinned. "All of that-" he gestured to a large group of piles of boxes, "is for you to try on. Go ahead, you can choose anything." He smiled eagerly in anticipation.

Dragomir felt extremely overwhelmed and entirely out of his element. He was just supposed to choose something? And there were so many boxes! He didn’t know how he could possibly handle all of this… But all morning and through breakfast, Niles had been so excited about the occasion that Dragomir simply couldn’t stand to let him down. He had to do it; for Niles he’d try on all the clothes in the world. However, he didn’t want to choose a box and pick the wrong one, or something, by accident, so he looked sheepishly over to Niles. “Will you pick one for me? I don’t really know what I ought to do…”

Niles blinked, then broke into an excited grin. "Of course I'll pick for you," he replied, scurrying over to a box and pulling off the lid. He dug through the articles inside for a moment before pulling out a jacket, followed by a vest and a pair of knickers. The jacket was a deep red with gold trim and buttons and accents, and it had pleats in the back. The vest was a deep golden colour to match, and the knickers were a reddish-brown. The tailor eagerly pointed out that there were shoes with bows to match, and that a hat could be made, too, if Niles wished. Niles nodded to him before hurrying over to Dragomir and handing him the outfit. "I think you'll look good in this one!"

Dragomir accepted the outfit reverently; he could tell it was made from the finest of material and began to feel even more self conscious. Dragomir loved the color of the jacket Niles had picked though, and was surprised to realize that he was almost a bit excited to try this outfit on. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad… Niles always took so much time with his clothes and always looked so good for it, perhaps he ought to make an effort as well. He knew he’d look out of place, but maybe, just maybe, he could find a way to fit the look. “Thank you,” he practically choked. With a small smile to Niles, he turned and left the sitting room to find some place to change. Next door was another room, and Dragomir striped and dressed quickly before spending a few moments to make sure the outfit was in order.

He’d had the notion in his head for some reason that the sort of fancy clothing Niles wore would be restrictive and uncomfortable, but it was quite the contrary. Not only did he love the color, but the material against his skin felt incredible. The fit was a little off, of course, but Dragomir could tell it would only need a slight adjustment, and Dragomir was impressed. He was thoroughly looking forward to Niles’s reaction now; there wasn’t a mirror in the room he was changing in, but he hoped he looked as good as he felt. He made his way back into the other room quickly and ran a hand self consciously through his hair. “What do you think?” He asked, biting his lip and looking to Niles nervously.

Niles gasped in delight, looking Dragomir over. The colours against his skin looked amazing, and the fit, though it was slightly off, was gorgeous. "You look fantastic!" he replied excitedly, walking around Dragomir to get a back view, too. "It's simply amazing!" He gave the tailor a pointed grin before hurrying back over to the boxes and withdrawing another outfit. This one had a deep burnt orange jacket with burgundy cuffs and trim and gold buttons, as well, with a matching burgundy vest with gold embroidery. The knickers were a pale brown, and there were matching shoes for this one, as well. Making his way back over to Dragomir, bubbling, he announced, "Try this one next!"

As Dragomir left the room to change, Niles turned to the tailor and smiled. "We'll take that one, but I want it to be a surprise, all right? When he changes out of them, I'll have my servants take them away, and then I'll pay for everything at the end. I need to buy a few things, too," he explained. The tailor was cordial and agreed to his plan, and so he grinned and waited for Dragomir to return.

Dragomir’s confidence was restored; if Niles thought he looked good, then it was good enough for him. This next outfit that he was trying promised to look equally good, he thought at least, and he was really pleased with the styles and colors of all of them. It was an interesting experiment to be sure, and in the back of his mind, Dragomir was beginning to look forward to purchasing one of the outfits, someday. As Dragomir dressed, he realized the fit on this one was much better, and he felt rather pleased with himself. He wanted to impress Niles, so as he entered the room again, he did his best to look confident and smile charmingly at Niles. “This one fits a little better.” He stated the obvious for want of anything more interesting.

Niles practically squealed with delight when Dragomir reentered the room. "You look so handsome!" he exclaimed, hurrying over to look him over. No matter what anyone said, Niles definitely thought Dragomir looked stunning in high quality clothes, and was delighted that he would finally have the chance to wear them. "This colour looks good on you, too," he added with a nod, "And it does fit much better. I like it on you."

That being said, Niles hurried to find another outfit for Dragomir to try. He chose one with a navy blue jacket with a bold brocade pattern and a beige vest to go with it. The knickers were light, also, and the sample hat was made to go with this outfit; it was blue with a beige feather, and so Niles brought it along, too. He deposited the things with Dragomir, and, once he had left the room, rung for a servant. Two arrived promptly, and he asked them to retrieve all of the clothing that Dragomir changed out of and to put it in his wardrobe. They nodded and left, and Niles smiled to himself, proud of his plan.

As Dragomir left holding the new outfit, he couldn’t help but think how good they’d look together if they were both dressed nicely. Niles liked blue and wore it often, so it was especially easy for Dragomir to imagine the two of them dressed to match. It was a really silly thought, and Dragomir laughed to himself at the ludicrousness of it as he changed into the navy outfit. Placing the hat on his head, he completed his look and exhaled in preparation. Niles’s noise of delight had been enough to make his day, and he hoped he still looked good enough to elicit such reaction. As he entered the room, he smiled again and took off his hat, bowing majestically to Niles and sweeping his hand into a kiss.

Niles giggled as Dragomir kissed his hand. "You look breathtaking!" he bubbled happily, watching as Dragomir straightened. He moved around Dragomir to examine him again, nodding and making complements the whole time. "It really looks good on you, and I think it fits well, too. And I love the colour," he finished with a smile.

That being said, he darted off to find another outfit, opening a new box and digging around. "Oh, I like this one!" he announced as he withdrew a jacket. It was a deep purple, with silver accents, and the vest to go with it was a complimentary shade of lavender with silver embroidery. They both appeared to be made out of very nice silk, and Niles had a feeling that it was imported. The knickers to go with were a chocolate brown, and there were boots, as well. Niles presented Dragomir the outfit with a smile, excited to see him in the new clothes.

Dragomir put his hat back on and accepted the garments with a smile. These ones felt amazingly smooth to the touch, and he couldn’t wait to see how they’d feel against his skin. He changed quickly; now that he was more accustomed to the style and cuts of the clothes he found them much easier to slip on. He was beginning to think that maybe it wouldn’t be quite as difficult as he’d always imagined to wear something like this on a more daily basis. He found the idea rather intriguing, in fact, but pushed it aside. He didn’t have that kind of money, and he couldn’t possibly ask that of Niles. As he walked back to the room, he admired the way the cut of the jacket fit him and the feel and delicate swoosh the cloth made as he moved. All and all, it looked and felt amazing. Stepping back into the room, he strode with his best semblance of confidence over to Niles and smiled. “What do you think of this one? I worry I must look a little out of place and quite ridiculous in all of these…” Dragomir bit his lip and laughed lightly. “But still, it is kind of interesting. I like the cut and the color.”

"I'm glad!" Niles replied excitedly. "They don't seem strange on you at all; you look lovely! It seems like you were meant to wear this kind of thing!" He looked over Dragomir again, noticing how the colours accented his skin tone nicely. Leaning up and placing a kiss on Dragomir's cheek, he smiled. "Really, you look amazing."

Returning to the boxes, he found another outfit he thought would look good on Dragomir. The jacket was a golden yellow colour, and the vest was a chocolate brown, both with gold buttons and accents. The knickers were a lighter brown, and there were boots of the same deep brown colour. Returning to Dragomir, he handed him the new outfit with a smile. "I think you'll look good in this one."

Dragomir grinned; pleased Niles thought he looked all right. He knew Niles to have impeccable taste, so he believed his assessment. Someday, maybe, he would make the effort to dress up a bit on a regular basis. He accepted the newest outfit with a smile and hurried to try it on. He liked the boots—they were especially comfortable, and he experimented moving around in them. The outfit, too, was very comfortable and completely unrestrictive. He was starting to see how the clothes could be functional and good looking and it seemed like a perfect combination. Returning to the sitting room and to Niles, he smiled again. “I like this one,” he said, nodding.

Niles grinned. "I like it too. It looks really good on you!" It seemed Dragomir was beginning to like the idea of the new clothes, and he was happy that he'd like the gift once he got it. Niles continued to bring a few more new outfits for Dragomir, all of which he liked, before moving on to try on clothes for himself. He, also, needed some new clothes for the spring, and was excited for the occasion as well. He found the outfits he liked quickly; he was used to buying new clothes and knew what he liked. Soon, they were both done, and he sent a servant to the safe in the cellar to retrieve the two hundred fifty thousand dollars to pay for the clothes. Once the tailor was thanked and paid, he smiled to Dragomir. "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Dragomir laughed, taking a seat on the sofa and reclining. “No, not at all, really,” he admitted, offering Niles a seat next to him and wrapping an arm around him. “But, not to be miserly, wasn’t that a lot for what you bought? I know they’re high quality, and all, but…” Dragomir couldn’t help himself; he was always running figures through his head, and to him it seemed the amount of gold the servants had brought was surely enough for twice the outfits…but he didn’t want to spoil the moment, so he laughed and shook his head. “I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re happy with them all. I think they were all really nice.” He grinned to reassure Niles that he wasn’t quite as concerned as he may have sounded. “And I actually enjoyed myself trying everything on," he added shiftily, as if he were admitting to a crime.

Niles smiled to himself, pleased with his plot. "I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself..." he trailed, placing a kiss on Dragomir's cheek. "Now, come upstairs, please? I have a surprise for you." He grinned, looking up at Dragomir and hoping he wouldn't be too suspicious.

“Oh?” Dragomir asked with a smirk, curious as to what Niles could possibly have for him upstairs. He was eager to find out, as he had absolutely no idea what it could possibly be, and so followed him quickly but the stairs and back to their room. When Niles indicated his wardrobe, Dragomir looked at him quizzically, but opened it as he was instructed. Inside were all of the outfits he’d tried on that morning, all hung and organized perfectly with each of the pieces and all of the accessories placed with their corresponding outfits. Dragomir gasped and turned quickly back to Niles, speechless. Now he knew why it had cost so much, and he hardly knew what to say. He was bubbling with excitement at the idea of owning so many beautiful clothes, but he was having trouble coming to terms with the fact that Niles had spent so much money on him. “I-I-” Dragomir stammered. “This is incredible,” he finally managed. He ran his hand over the purple silk jacket he’d admired so much before turning back to Niles and smiling softly. “You really shouldn’t have spent so much… But it means a lot to me.” He pulled Niles into an embrace and squeezed him tightly. “Thank you so much.”

Niles leaned up and placed a kiss on Dragomir's lips. "I'm so glad you like it. I just really wanted to be able to do something nice for you." He wrapped his arms tightly against Dragomir's waist and rested his head on his shoulder. "I love you so much...I want to be able to give you things you like." He smiled up at Dragomir. "I'm so glad you like them, and you do look so handsome..." He giggled softly. "I want to make you happy."

“Everything about you makes me happy,” Dragomir smiled, kissing Niles back briefly. “And I’m really very grateful. I want to look good for you, and I know nice clothes will help.” He laughed lightly and gave Niles another squeeze. “I don’t think I’ll be able to pay you back, though,” he said with a grin, poking fun at his own retentiveness. He knew Niles didn’t expect anything in return, but he couldn’t help but think about it, and mentioning the fact made him feel better somehow.

Niles shook his head and gave Dragomir a light whack in the head. "You're always saying this to me, but you ought to listen to yourself. You repay me just by being you, and by being here with me. Okay? I love you." He squeezed Dragomir slightly and smiled. "So repay me by just being happy."

“All right, that I can do.” Dragomir smiled slightly. “I owe you so much though…you always make me so happy and feel so wonderful—really, you make a huge difference in my life. I love you so much; I wish I could do more for you.” He strengthened his smile and added, “But know that I’m always happy when I’m with you, and I’ll do my best to keep doing all that I can for you.” Pulling Niles closer again, Dragomir kissed him on the lips and held it, hoping Niles understood.

Niles smiled and kissed Dragomir back. Dragomir was always so wonderful to him, and took such good care of him; Niles always felt that he owed him for all that he brought into his life. He leaned up and pressed closer into the embrace, hoping Dragomir understood.
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