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So...I was lonely, so I wrote a bit of an emo-ish RP story. It's mostly Niles-centric, of course, and the main theme is solo, so...be warned. XD;; V says it's the perfect mix of hotness and emoness, so...yeah XD;;

Title: Alone

Claimer: Niles is mine, and Dragomir is mine by association, so there. XD;;

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Major solo, with mentions of yaoi.

Author's note: Um...I really just wanted to write a story with Niles masturbating XD;;;; Plus, I'm super lonely right now. T^T;

Niles lays on the bed staring up at the cold white ceiling, panting slightly. Dragomir has stayed late a work again; he's been doing it more and more lately, working tirelessly with their superiors to plan an infiltration of the next Berceuse Malheureuse meeting. Niles is proud of him, but he knows that he would be of no use, and Dragomir urges him to go home and relax, and that he'll walk home. Niles has never liked it, but Dragomir is so insistent that he doesn't disobey, and so now, here he is, laying on is back, naked, all alone.

Taking a deep breath, Niles squeezed his eyes shut before exhaling shakily. Slowly, his hands make their way tracing slowly from his neck down to his collarbone; his breath comes slowly as he does his best to control himself. It's the least he can do, as the act he's about to engage in is, in and of itself, a lack of control, but he can't help himself, he can't stand to be all alone every night this way. After a moment, his hands move lower; he gasps as his fingers graze his nipples, lightly for a second before pinching, hard. He squirms under his own touch, though he's nowhere near as skilled as Dragomir, if he distracts himself enough, he can pretend.

After a few moments, his hands move again, lower, tracing his stomach and pubic bones slowly. He mewls and murmurs to someone who isn't there before allowing his hands to move lower once again.

One hand moves to finger his now-prominent erection, lightly and insubstantially, he doesn't want to make himself too excited. The other returns to his lips and slowly presses inside his mouth to be met by his tongue. He licks his fingers carefully, slicking them fully before withdrawing them again. Rocking his hips up, he returns his hand to between his legs where, taking a deep breath, he fingers his opening hesitantly before pushing one, then two digits inside.

Niles bites his lip and squeezes his eyes shut even more tightly as he carefully stretchs himself, scissoring the two fingers before inserting a third. After another minute, he pulls out, at the same time ending the ministrations of his other hand and forcing himself to roll over slightly so as to be able to reach the night stand. There sits an item Niles hopes would never be found by anyone but himself, an item he keeps with utmost embarrassment, but also the utmost care. It is a particularly plain candlestick; bronze and lacking any decoration whatsoever. Niles had removed the wide stand when he had discovered its second use, and thus was left with the rounded end which usually slid into the stand. Now, once it is carefully slicked with lubricant, he clasps it decisively and, his breath speeding up in anticipation, returns his hands to his lower anatomy.

Squeezing his eyes shut once more and allowing his imagination to do its work, he presses inside himself, inhaling sharply at the initial penetration. After a second of adjustment, he pushes further inside, then pulls out slowly before thrusting in again, harder. This time, he hits the spot he's looking for and cries out, hurrying to slide out and thrust in again and again, speeding up as he develops a rhythm. He moans unrestrainedly, his lips sometimes forming a coherent name: "Dragomir!"

As his thrusts grow faster, deeper, he becomes suddenly aware of his aching erection. "P-please..." he begs to no one, and he willingly obliges, wrapping his other hand tightly around his length and stroking in time with his thrusts. Enveloped in his fantasy, he imagines that it is a strong, large hand, Dragomir's hand, touching him instead of his own small, slender fingers. It isn't too hard, however, because he breath is getting ragged and he's losing control, and soon he's coming, arching up to no one and crying out Dragomir's name in vain.

With his last bit of energy, he withdraws from himself and curls up in a ball, catching his breath. With his returning vision, the illusion fades, and when he doesn't have the energy to fight them back, tears find their way to his eyes and start streaming down his cheeks to stain the bed clothes. He is all alone again, all alone in the dark, empty room in the dark empty house.

The tears dry eventually, and he musters the energy to make his way to the bathroom to clean himself before returning to the bedroom and hiding the candlestick in the secret compartment in the bottom drawer of his wardrobe. He dresses blankly into his night shift and climbs wearily under the covers, welcoming sleep as a remedy to loneliness. He drifts off hoping that maybe tomorrow Dragomir will take a day off and come home early. Maybe tomorrow, he tells himself, before fading into a dreamless sleep.

When Dragomir returns home, he finds Niles fast asleep in the bed. He is hit by a pang of jealousy; he wishes Niles didn't have such an easy time going to sleep without him there. Still, he's glad that, at the least, Niles can get some rest while he's gone. He presses a chaste kiss to Niles' cheek before heading off to the bathroom. After all, after so long, he needs to take a long, well-deserved hot shower.
Tags: rp

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