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XD; Porns.

So, we decided to do an extra mid-13 of the porn that is cut out XD;; We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Chapter: 13.5
Claimer: Our porn XD;
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic m/m sex :DD

Dinner passed quickly; Niles and Dragomir found quite a few things to talk about since they had been separated all day. Once the table settings were cleared away, Niles helped Dragomir back onto his crutches and followed him back to the bed, sitting down beside him and sighing wistfully. It hadn't really occurred to him until now, but... "Since you're injured, and you're not allowed to do much physical activity...I don't know what I'm going to do with myself until you get well again." He blushed as he said it, but it was the honest truth—he was feeling the need for physical contact, but at the same time, he didn't want to make Dragomir's condition worse.

Dragomir smirked broadly at Niles’s statement. He too had been reflecting on that particular unfortunate side effect, and had been working on a way around it. Grasping Niles by the arm, Dragomir pulled him into a kiss, deepening it almost immediately as he ran his hands over Niles’s still fully-clothed form. When they broke apart, Dragomir explained mischievously, “I never follow the rules, you know. I think we can manage, if you help me.” He grinned slyly and slipped the leather straps off of Niles’s shoulders. If Niles had brought it up, than he must have been just as eager as Dragomir, and the prospect excited him further. “What do you say we experiment a little bit?”

Niles blushed deeper, surprised by Dragomir's sudden movement. Still, he certainly wasn't complaining, and, if Dragomir thought it was okay, there was no way he was going to say no. Hurriedly, Niles helped him remove the article of clothing, unbuckling it and shrugging it off to fall on the floor, before leaning back over Dragomir to kiss him on the lips again. They broke apart a few moments later, gasping for air, and Niles grinned embarrassedly, bracing himself against the bed so that he could stay closer to Dragomir. "I say I'd love to."

Dragomir smirked, wordlessly undoing the buttons on Niles’s uniform coat as he went over his plan again. It should work, as long as Niles was willing to do a little extra, and Dragomir was looking forward to the experiment. Decisively, Dragomir pulled Niles on top of him by his now unbuttoned coat and claimed his lips in a kiss to distract himself from the pain of the additional weight on his leg. Soon they’d have to work around it, but right now, Dragomir felt the desperate need to throw caution to the wind; he longed contact, and he’d get through the pain if he needed to in order to get it. Wincing, Dragomir bucked his hips upwards and broke the kiss to gasp at both the pain a pleasure he derived from the action. It really was all going to be up to Niles from here, but Dragomir had every faith in his ability.

Niles pulled away only for a moment to shrug off his jacket before moving back to lie on top of Dragomir, kissing him again on the lips fervidly. Spreading his legs as Dragomir deepened the kiss, he rocked his hips down again moaned against Dragomir's lips. After a few moments, they pulled apart to breathe again, and Niles suddenly realized everything he was going to have to do himself. Sitting forward a little on Dragomir's hips so as not to stress his leg, he began unbuttoning his own shirt, pulling at the buttons clumsily before finally pulling the article from his back altogether and discarding it to the floor. Moving back in to kiss Dragomir on the lips again, he pushed Dragomir's robe back on his shoulders before beginning to work at his shift, anxious to get things done.

Dragomir smirked at him, enjoying the tease, and growling impishly as Niles’s hands grazed his chest. It was an entirely different experience, sitting back and watching, and Dragomir was thoroughly enjoying it; almost to the point that it made enduring the injury worthwhile. Niles’s clumsiness, while amusing, was also downright adorable, and, as with most things Niles did, it turned him on. This escapade, Dragomir was sure, would prove to be an unparalleled experience.

Niles was forced to pull away from Dragomir slightly as he moved lower down Dragomir's body to unbutton his nightshift. He carefully put his weight on his knees to the sides of Dragomir, not wanting to hurt his leg. By the time he reached the last buttons, he had gotten even more clumsy with desire and hurriedly pulled the fabric away, hoping Dragomir could sit up slightly to remove it completely.

He hadn't really been thinking about it, but he was suddenly aware that, after the shift, Dragomir was not wearing anything else. Be blushed brightly, trying to think of what he should do, since he hadn't planned this ahead of time. It didn't take too long, however, before need and impulse took over, and he leaned forward to tentatively take Dragomir's now-prominent erection into his mouth, carefully running his tongue along his length as he tried to take in as much as possible without gagging. He blushed again, somewhat surprised at himself, but he owed it to Dragomir to do his best, and, besides, he wanted to do anything to distract him from the pain that he was probably feeling right now.

Dragomir gasped as he felt Niles’s mouth on him, squirming at the sensation that came as such a relief to the pain he was enduring. But this…this was definitely worth it all. Dragomir squirmed slightly, getting up onto his elbows so that he could watch Niles through half lidded eyes. Really, for his first try, Niles was doing damn well. With the visual stimulation of watching Niles work his tongue over his aching dick, and the immensely pleasurable physical sensations, Dragomir unconsciously let out a hiss of pleasure and thrust his hips up, gripping the shits beneath him tightly.

When Niles had taken as much of Dragomir into his mouth as possible, he began to suck, applying light pressure to the underside of his length with his tongue and hoping he was doing all right. He continued that way for a moment before coming to the vague realization that his own erection was aching with need, and he still hadn't gotten out of his knickers. It was a testament, he supposed, to his own inability at this, but he was determined to do his best, and so, with a final unintentionally-teasing lick, he pulled back, moving to work at the buttons of his knickers. He was just getting to the bottom button when he realized, to his embarrassment, that Dragomir was watching him unreservedly. He went bright red again, or, at least, redder than he already was, but tried not to think about it as he slid off the bed to remove the rest of his clothing and retrieve the lotion.

As he returned to the bed with the bottle in hand, a realization dawned on him: he was going to have to prepare himself for this. The idea was mortifying, especially since he knew Dragomir would be watching him, but what could he do? Intently avoiding Dragomir's eyes, he situated himself behind Dragomir's hips and opened the bottle, emptying a bit of the contents onto his fingers. Then, with a deep breath, he allowed his hand to move between his legs to finger his own opening tentatively before hesitantly pressing inside.

The discomfort was something he was quite accustomed to, and so at least that didn't bother him as he began to stretch himself, inserting a second finger and scissoring them carefully. He was still trying to figure out what he should be doing, however, when he pushed his fingers a little farther and suddenly received the incredible feeling that he should have known to expect. He couldn't help but cry out softly, embarrassed that he had evoked such a reaction in himself, and quickly withdrew his fingers before reaching for the lotion again. He figured it would be easier if he were to apply it to Dragomir, as well, and began to do so, carefully rubbing the lubricant against his skin.

When Niles got up, Dragomir managed, somewhat painfully, to get into a sitting position and shrug off both his robe and shift, tossing them to the floor before Niles returned with the lotion. Dragomir then watched fervently as Niles prepared himself, working hard to keep himself in check. It gave him a rush to watch, and Dragomir couldn’t get enough. Of course, it only got better as Niles ran his slicked fingers over his length, and Dragomir squirmed against the touches, impatient for more.

Once Dragomir was fully slicked, Niles set the bottle aside before taking a deep breath and getting up on his knees. Moving forward slightly, he lined himself up to the best of his ability, and, with a final tentative look to Dragomir, he lowered himself down, pushing Dragomir's length deep inside of him. He gasped at the feeling and bit his lip; it made his legs feel like mush, and it took all of his strength for him to rise back up part of the way before sliding down again. Niles cried out; the upward motion had taken most of the energy he felt he had, and so, he had lost control on the way down, ending up thrusting Dragomir inside of him harder than he had intended. The feeling, however, was intoxicating, and before Niles knew what he was doing, he was speeding up the pace, forcing himself up before slamming down again, over and over.

Dragomir moaned loudly and without restraint; Niles’s lose of control, and the fact that he had no say over the pace whatsoever made the experience exhilarating. It was wild, unpredictable, and Dragomir loved it. The speed and the force were enough to make him howl with pleasure, and he gasped sharply, slipping his arms around Niles’s waist. He opened his eyes once again briefly, only to close them and open his mouth in a silent cry of pleasure as Niles slammed back down again, getting him deeper still. Dragomir knew it wouldn’t last, it was too intense to go on for much longer, but damn was it good.

Niles found it impossible to keep quiet, crying and moaning and gasping with pleasure and he thrust Dragomir inside of him again and again. He became suddenly aware of his own throbbing erection and quickly indulged himself, wrapping his own hand around his length and stroking in time. The additional feeling was overwhelming, and he cried out even louder, moaning Dragomir's name unrestrainedly.

Niles’s vocalizations served to heighten Dragomir’s unsurpassable pleasure as he joined the in chorus, moaning huskily in a state of ecstasy. He longed to participate more fully than he was, but he could hardly muster the will to do anything; Niles, though probably straining himself, was going above and beyond Dragomir’s imagination, and the intense sensations and overwhelming feelings were quickly pushing him to his edge. He knew his leg probably hurt like hell, but he was beyond the state of being able to feel anything but Niles, hot and tight, moving around him and crying out his own pleasure.

Dragomir's moans were a source of confidence for Niles; knowing he was doing all right and giving Dragomir just as much pleasure spurred him on, and he moved faster, harder, wanting to hear Dragomir moan again. Soon, however, he was coming, arching up with a strangled cry as his muscles clenched around Dragomir and his vision went white with ecstasy.

As Niles’s muscles spasmed and clenched around him, Dragomir cried out, gasping Niles’s name as he thrust his hips up slightly, coming deep inside of Niles, in a state of rapture and bliss. As his vision cleared, Dragomir blinked up at Niles, grinning unreservedly for a moment before the pain of the strain of activity started to catch up with him. “I love you,” Dragomir murmured, squeezing his eyes shut again to block out his leg while he savored the feeling of perfect completion a moment longer. Then, opening his eyes again, he gave into it as he looked up at Niles with a weak smirk. “Are you alright? You really went for it.” He chuckled lightly, running his hands over Niles’s skin. The sight of Niles only a few moments earlier was something he’d always remember. “Thank you, it was amazing.”

Niles collapsed forward onto Dragomir, felling completely limp and drained. He wrapped his arms tiredly around Dragomir, smiling weakly. "Yeah...m'okay..." he mumbled into Dragomir's shoulder. "You're welcome...m'glad you liked it..." Looking up at Dragomir, he placed a soft kiss on his cheek. Though he was feeling completely worn out, his legs and rear end were already starting to ache, and he was covered in sticky cum, he felt completely satisfied, and he had made Dragomir happy as well. Snuggling into Dragomir's arms, careful to avoid his bad leg, he murmured, "I love you, too."

Dragomir sighed contentedly, kissing Niles gently as he placed his arms around him, settling back into the pillows. He could feel Niles’s breathing slowing as he began to drift off to sleep, and Dragomir didn’t blame him for being exhausted. Still, Dragomir had enjoyed himself immensely, and sincerely hoped Niles would be up for it all again tomorrow night.
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